Sunday, January 7, 2018

Refocusing on Christianity and Race

Race and Christianity will be the focus of this blog in 2018 and beyond. I have come to believe this is the most important area not properly addressed by current white nationalists, and I will rectify that, with the mission of explaining why white people won't defend themselves.

Alex Linder
7 January 2018

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Inverting Safe Space

Standard Meaning Inversion: 'Safe Space'
Twitter bans bunch of pro-white or not-anti-white accounts. Jewsmedia gleefully writes about their fleeing for "safe space" of Gab. Deliberately inverting the meaning of the term. The definitional safe-spacers are those pushing Dorsey to ban people for 'hate,' which is their term for any position but theirs. No disagreement allowed. Land of No Second Opinion. The accounts kicked off were people who didn't push for banning others, who liked debating others. Black always becomes white in the (((media's))) mouth. Everything is twisted to become anti-white, thus promoting The Agenda, which in a nutshell equals global jew supremacy and white genocide.

The Loyalist
Dylann Roof reads Bitcholini. THATS WHITE.

First and foremost, before trying to play at a really high level, I got to take care of my body and work really hard so that every single Sunday I can go out there to the best of my ability and that’s the first step in trying to provide a return on investment for this team.” --Kirk Cousins THATS WHITE

Never Enough Witchburning for Left
RS article. They're the out fit that jew-published and jew-lol-reported the fake rapes at UVa.

David Irving
People ask me about “setback” of the Lipstadt Trial: it was not unexpected, though not all the sequelae were foreseen. After that Trial, my roomy Mayfair apartment, my home now worth over five or six million pounds, where I had lived and raised my family for forty years, was seized with all my furniture, library, and archives, and this persecution has continued. In March this year my Key West bank cancelled my account after twenty years – without explanation; people using their credit card to buy books or to join my annual real history tour in Poland and Europe, did not realise the funds were frozen and inaccessible for seven months, until I found a new bank. PayPal canceled my account on the same day, so now I pay a forty dollar U.S. bank fee to send money to my children; eBay now bans my books, and uses the passive voice to tell people that “books by David Irving is [sic] considered to be a form of propaganda.” A Jewess, Irene Lancaster, has started a nationwide campaign in Britain to get major universities to withdrew my books; Manchester University refuses, but my erstwhile publishers sit back, mute and embarrassed by it all.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"Worked in the New England Produce Center 1975-80.The truckers strike of 1977? was centered there. Found what a crazy world hauling produce coast to coast was and is. Want to be mean to yourself? Haul produce as an owner/operator ? Your better off falling down a flight of stairs carrying a stack of dishes blindfolded."

"crypto currency adoption is still very low, but with BCH, it's going to become a thing, the nerds at ETH and LTC can't do this, neither can BTC core faggots, they are too nerdy, they need a Steve Jobs like guy who can push this onto the public, enter Roger Ver, hate him all you want"

These were the stats on my Twitter account the day before it was suspended. 
Twitter will no longer provide a platform to those who challenge political correctness, Marxism and Islam. R.I.P free speech. 
Cheerio Twitter, hello @Gab 😁

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Notes: Jew head and wife of largest Canuck pillco, Apotex, found dead under unclear circumstances, in their home in Toronto. 

Sherman has also been an active philanthropist, including donating $50 million Canadian (US$39 million) to the United Jewish Appeal. He had also become an active fundraiser for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal party in recent years, 

.  This is the first of the fully SJW Converged Star Wars movies.  Force Awakens just tried to score some Diversity Points here and there. But Last Jedi positively panders to the SJWs.  From the Body Positive Asian Chick.  The lectures on social inequality on Rich People Planet.  To Benicio del Toro's monologue that was heavy on nihilist equivocation   This movie turned around, bent over for the SJWs and announced that Star Wars was open for business. 

Make no mistake, what they've done with Luke's character, the Force, and the Jedi is intended to send a clear message: get out of the way cis white boys, and take your morality and ideas about western civilization with you. This is the age of diversity, of the feminine, of no morality save the command to seize wealth and power not earned. And judging from the plot holes...which are so large they call the rest of the universe into question, including any need to ever build a Death's also the age of stupidity and mindless feels.

On Gab You'll Find...

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Yeb, the Goyworld Were Mis'ry Till Thatum Jebus Squirted Out

Always interesting to see the non-professionals take on "what is wrong with white people?" Invariably, half the whites they name, usually the first and top, are, you guessed it, jews. Blacks, or blackskins writing for jew-backed mainstream sites, make no distinction between jews and whites...when it comes to attacking whites as whites. Here they call jews Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer

Linder on Fields: The Deeper Meaning
The judeo-left desires courts achieve the state of journalism: facts don't matter. Guilt or innocence determined by ideology alone. How else to explain upgrading charge against the guy to murder one? HE WAS ATTACKED. First. Before anything else happened. Meyer and her crew were in the street bashing his car. And it's on film. The people placing the charges know this. They know the video will be used by the defense to dispel charges of premeditation - or even of manslaughter. Is it not legal to drive cars in streets? What is the guy supposed to do when he's under assault? How is Fields guilty of ANYTHING? The only sane answer is that he's not. Any conviction can only be political.

[in box from a smart guy from Eire]
Anti-Goy Programming in Christmas Songs 
'O Holy Night:'
"Long lay the world in sin and error pining." 
These are are Aryan ancestors. The same who build the pyramids, and Newgrange and the domed Pantheon - Today's Pantheon or 'Church of Saint Mary and the Martyr's is a replica of an older building that I think burned down. 
The same who invented Metalurgy and medicine, whilst the contemporary Jews did nothing of note.
This song tries to convince us that are Aryan ancestors were in sin and error and wretchedness pining for the Jewish Moshiach or Messiah. Sin and error only came into the world when Christianity was spread. Hypatia, for instance, was stripped naked, cut into pieces and burned - holocausted - by Saint Gregory of Alexandria, just as Jephthah's daughter was in the Tenakh. In another book of the old testament, the god thereof demands his share of virgins. This would have been their fate, too.
In "When a child is born", this song tries to convince us that nobody knew the race of the Christchild, and, moreover, nobody should care. 
Our Lord Jesus Christ was a first-century Jew, and we actually know what they looked like, racially: see enclosed image from Cesar's blog.

Gab's Torba Says...

"A lot of folks expect Twitter to just ban a bunch of people Dec 18th. That’s not how this will go down. It will be “banning by 1,000 cuts.” 

They will first do waves of 12 and 24 hour long lockouts. They want to train you to not misbehave like children."

"In Russia, the Jews led a Communist Revolution then fled to America. In Germany, the Jews led a Communist Revolution then fled to America.  
Huh. I wonder what they did in America?"

Did You Know Jews Are Parasites?
Allow a professor emeritus in medicinal chemistry to inform you... link. Jan Tollenaere. His father was a Nazi. Good blood and thoughtlines, then. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Killing Fields with Murder One Bullshit

Prole Summary: Filing Charges against Fields. They're going for murder one, not manslaughter. The description of the video is the opposite of the video I've seen. It would be nice if there were any honest reporting in the US, but there isn't. Thomas fire in So Cal fourth largest in state's history. Dropping standards for kwaps in Minnesota. You can have discoloreds or standards. "The city of Minneapolis may fire its police psychology evaluator because his tests screened out too many minority candidates, despite already lowering psych evaluations far below the national standard." Just after their somali is let off for shooting the Australian woman. Mohamed Noor, the officer who shot Damond, is Somali and was one of 200 cops approved by Gratzer’s standards over the past five years, which were already far below the national standard. Pretty amazing. Abandoning all truth, reason and sanity - to make murderous literal retards feel at home. That's the minny (white) way. Supposedly one in four California kids is a freak. Because that's what you get when you have public education in public schools. They're schools. What they do is educate people. Until they change sexes.

- Holohoax denial laws are affirmative action for jewish lies

Linder: No More Proxies
Every group except whites openly advocates its interests. Time for Whites to do the same. Every time we guess or hope someone (Trump, Moore) is a proxy for our interests, we're wrong. Of course the media (jews) will delegitimize our advocacy but that's simply the state we've fallen to by abandoning our position. The straight way is the hard way is the short way is the effective way.

Silicon Valley
It’s no longer worth it to vocalize controversial beliefs. Silicon Valley has become a PC echo chamber. I can’t say what I think without fear of reprisal
These are not convictions I personally hold but ones which I’ve heard expressed with increasing volume from people I know well and people I don’t know as well, in public spaces and in private conversations. Often these sentiments are voiced by 30 – 50 year old white men (and women) of economic privilege. I say this not to discredit their feelings or observations but because (a) it does seem to be relevant
[Article isn't worth reading, just the snippet, because author doesn't understand the force behind the Thought Police.]

Petrodollar Decline Coming?
"The economic law that honest exchange demands only things of real value as currency cannot be repealed. The chaos that one day will ensue from our 35-year experiment with worldwide fiat money will require a return to money of real value. We will know that day is approaching when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil rather than dollars or Euros."
"Under the current petrodollar system, all global oil sales are made in dollars. However, the Chinese government recently announced a new mechanism that will allow oil producers anywhere in the world to trade oil for gold." 
"The petrodollar has allowed Washington to spend astronomical amounts of money on welfare and other benefits for over half the population. This gives Americans a much higher standard of living than they would have otherwise. Most of them don’t know this or understand how it affects their everyday lives."
"As the petrodollar dies, gold is going to replace it as the go-to currency for the oil trade. That makes the yellow metal the single best way to profit from this major shift in our monetary order."

New Mexico School Shooter Says
“I used to think that this was a phase and we’d get over it, but I have now come to realize that I was born into a literal dystopia.”

"In Houston, the Livestock and Rodeo is huge. Some years ago she entered an arts competition for K-12 students, with grade categories. Home schoolers were allowed to compete. At some point we learned that home schoolers were not allowed to win any position that includes scholarships. You see, home schooling families were too rich and did not need the college money. We were shocked. What a crock and a lie. We stopped supporting Houston's Rodeo."

Trump Tweet

"In 1960, there were approximately 20,000 pages in the Code of Federal Regulations. Today there are over 185,000 pages, as seen in the Roosevelt Room."

Thursday, December 14, 2017

One Week Till Solstice

Prole Summary: BitCoin driving people wild with regret and speculation. Recriminations and celebration over Moore loss continue. Wildfire going big or going (to your home) in So Cal, may consume Santa Barabara, one of the four best places for human life on the planet, I read years ago. Jewed Disney buys 21st Century Fox for 50 billion. Fox keeps only news and sports. Supposedly the average age of Fox News for Adult Children viewers is 68. That hardly seems possible. Centralization in industry is same as politics - facilitates one-point control. Disney is now the biggest power in Hollywood, says Ringer. We know Disney, begun by a noble goy from Missouri, not fifty miles from where I type, was taken over by jews, and they use his company to promote all kinds of racial-sexual degeneracy. "Just from a general standpoint, decreasing the number of studios that make movies and TV in turn decreases the amount of creative voices or perspectives." That's the streamlining Orwell noted, a subtler version, as the political contents have been vetted for anti-white 'correctness' for decades. More boring, jejune, antiwhite, comic-book kiddie shit is what (((Disney Reich))) will purvey. There will be innovation only in sexual degeneration. ... Ryan going to quit after 2018; Frankengroper hasn't specified his departure.

Actual News

- Torba on today's FCC Net Neutrality hearing

Jews for Blacks Media: The Root
The Root was started by a Jewish investor and Henry Louis Gates Jr. back in '09 right after Obama's inauguration. The book "Roots" was written by Alex Haley under the direction of Playboy editor (((Murray Fisher))) and plagerized "The African" by (((Harold Courlander))). "Woke" is a Jewish creation
Lines from Various Fathers

"Feminism was a dirty trick used to convince women to trade motherhood for a few trinkets. 
It's the worst fleecing since the sale of Manhattan for beads."

"Our speech is violence; their violence is speech."

"Racism is just what Identity Politics is called when White People do it."

"Increasingly, I realize, blackmail is the precious metal currency of politics. When the shit hits the fan, everything else is just fiat currency, and the pros all know it." 

"One of the worst deals America ever made was to trade an economy based on honest industry and quality goods for the culture of consumption, promising endless growth but at the cost of always requiring more output, needed or not. 

We chose quantity over quality. A mistake."

"Bitcoin is no more of a "Tulip Bubble" than the major fiat currencies. 

The only difference is bitcoin is backed by math riddles while the major fiat currencies are backed by the implied threat of applying dilapidated twentieth century military technology."

"There's nothing merit based about what Jews are doing. They infiltrate boards, they come in as investors, & they scheme against goys running them. They oust them and replace them with other Jews. If 1/10 people on a list for potential new CEO's is a jew, that jew will be chosen. It's called nepotism."

"It's much harder to reconstruct the family now than it was to sustain the institution. You have multiple generations of children who've grown up not only not seeing families in operation, but who lack the feelings and memories that help. People are colder and harder."

The Will of the People Only Matters in Hungary
"Hungary is the only country in Europe where politicians had the courage to ask people of their opinions on migration and immigration, he said." 
Jews for Jesus at Megachurches

"You should go to a mega-church sometime when the Jews For Jesus organization speaks. It's a massive sales pitch, and when they are finished you're encouraged to go to the lobby and buy their books. It's obscene. They turn the foyer into a Jew Barnes & Noble, and the congregation just laps it up!"


My guess is this neo-liberal will go on a massive privatization spree, declare the need for immigrants to “increase the GDP,” and open the borders while Poles are distracted by short-term economic prosperity (fueled by high-interest credit). 
Then when it’s time to pay the bill, Poles will be broke, ankle deep in negroes and Arabs and unable to do anything coherent about it.
Sounds crazy, but Poland isn’t as “based” as you might think. Once the older generations die, bougie careerist women who exclusively consume (((American media))) and are taught at George Soros University will begin ascending to power with the EU’s support. The amount of NGO investment towards this end is unreal, and Poland isn’t doing enough to fight it like Hungary is.