Sunday, November 19, 2017

- video of October 30 farm murder protest in South Africa. main takeaway is how completely sodden with and drenched in religion Boers are. they are surely the most religious whiteskins left on earth, apart from mennonites/amish. But they are waiting around for some unspecified thing creature or man or nigger to Do Something. While they focus on coming from a place of love. Because it's not about race. Stop slaughtering our Farms! A less noble type might suggest they use their incredibly strong, good-looking bodies (they are built like middle-linebackers, and many of the women are striking beautiful) to alter atomic arrangements in the tangible world.

- nobody the average bourgeois Americuck loved more than Margaret Thatcher. What a strong woman! In fact, she was a  tool of the jews. She and her cabinet destroyed Rhodesia. Which was just what the jews called for. The supercial paleo sites will say it's all about Mugabe and corruption, but no, it's front in a racial war between jews and unaware whites. When they become aware they go from whiteskins to Whites. 

MICHAEL HILL (LOS): On 4 March 2000, The League of the South held a Southern Independence Day rally in Montgomery, Alabama, which drew between 6-8,000 people. Not a huge crowd, but nothing to be dismissed lightly either. We (including elements of the SCV, believe it or not!) marched with Confederate flags and various State flags up Dexter Avenue to the Alabama State Capitol. On the Capitol steps we had a variety of speakers and had a signing ceremony for a Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence. Since this event was held on the same day as the annual negro commemoration of the Edmund Pettus Bridge march in Selma, we were guaranteed huge media coverage, which we got. Two of us, me and someone on the ground in Montgomery, arranged this entire event in two months without any benefit of social media. Think what we could do today with more planners, more lead time, and social media contacts. Should we do this again? I think we should seriously look into it.

GUESS WHICH CITY: The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that last year, with funds from a private donor, the city hired “Persistent Surveillance Systems” to provide daily aerial reconnaissance. The company flies a Cessna around in a loop in order to provide real-time footage of the combat zone to analysts on the ground. (Answer: One known for its 'Inner Harbour.')

pretty soon, all US prisons will be filled with 30 something hot teachers that will fuck anything that moves, there must be a way to get in there and sow my oats

“We don’t owe the Arabs and Africans anything. They have destroyed their continent through corruption, shenanigans, uninhibited multiplication and tribal and religious wars and are now taking away what we have built with diligence.” --German Leipzig prof in trouble for tweeting this

Baltimore can now boast a murder rate that is literally DOUBLE that of America’s foremost bullet-ridden city, Chicago. So far this year, it has suffered around 300 homicides.

The opioid crisis just keeps getting worse, in part because new types of drugs keep finding their way onto the streets. Fentanyl, heroin’s synthetic cousin, is among the worst offenders. 
It’s deadly because it’s so much stronger than heroin, as shown by the photograph above, which was taken at the New Hampshire State Police Forensic Laboratory. On the left is a lethal dose of heroin, equivalent to about 30 milligrams; on the right is a 3-milligram dose of fentanyl, enough to kill an average-sized adult male. 
Fentanyl, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is up to 100 times more potent than morphine and many times that of heroin.
Drugs users generally don’t know when their heroin is laced with fentanyl, so when they inject their usual quantity of heroin, they can inadvertently take a deadly dose of the substance.
"Justice League is pretty Poz'd. 

Opening scenes show America turning to shit because Superman is dead. 
The example they use to show America has become a hellhole? 
A bunch of skinheads harassing a Muslim woman in a hijab."

“I think every country should keep its identity,” he says, adding, “Millions of people have died for German identity. If you think they deserve respect, you must protect their country.” 

"There’s some things you can just say, 'This is wrong.' Nazis are wrong. Homophobia is wrong. It's a non-starter, non-conversational," a Twitter employee said over the phone Thursday. 

"Bulgarian proverb - To properly baptize a Jew he must be held under water for seven minutes."

Friday, November 17, 2017

[NOTES: Jan and I recorded a #TeamWhite, featuring news about Africa and USA. Will be posted here when it's up.]

Niggers: they're sorta shaped like humans but push it any farther than that it falls apart. See Malawi.

When he's not beating vampires to death (aka doctors with stethoscopes), the negro likes to relax with a fine cabernet. Here's a picture.

- Finally found a non-mud rapist in Sweden. Guess what, he's leader of Antifa.

Alt-Right Inspires Books
Of the three I'm aware of without researching, Hawley's is the one I'd read first. Nagle's sounds like you can get the gist from trailer.
Hawley notes the characterization of alt-right as a rebranding of radical conservatism is inaccurate as alt-right websites have little if anything to say about the Constitution, make no demands that everyone "support the troops," and evangelical Christians "are more likely to be mocked than defended." Many in the alt-right do not oppose abortion, viewing this procedure as a form of "inferior race" birth control, as black and Hispanic women have abortions at higher rates than white women. 
The alt-right despises gender equality and many of its adherents argue that women should be denied the right to vote. For Hawley, the alt-right is "a distinct brand of conservatism as we know it" and a destabilizing force in American politics. The alt-right is benefiting from the decline of traditional conservatism and is "working to expedite its final collapse."

“We denounce and decry every form of racism, including alt-right and any organization that advocates white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We acknowledge that we still must make progress in rooting out any remaining forms of racism...from our midst..."

The next step for a Twitter-like platform would be to explicitly network your account with another so you're following the people they're following. You'd end up with super accounts that act as content curators, which Twitter doesn't quite do by outside appearances.

If we are looking for the One True Platform, we are being delusional. All platforms will be under attack once they reach some threshold of efficacy or penetration. Gab, Infogalactic, and other alt-right-friendly platforms exist without the anglin-like hounding across the net because they are as yet relatively tiny and ineffectual. When they get enough visibility they will get similar treatment. One way to stop that I can see is to build out a parallel set of net infrastructure, since the era of an open/laissez-faire/disinterested infrastructure provider has ended. 

In what amounts to a major shift in Twitter policy, the company announced on Friday that it will be monitoring user's behavior "on and off the platform" and will suspend a user's account if they affiliate with violent organizations, according to an update to Twitter's Help Center on Friday.  
"You also may not affiliate with organizations that — whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform — use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes," the update reads.

So anyone associated with USG is out? Of course not. This is the thing with mass stuff like Twitter - there's no in-between. Either  you do the minimalist: post nothing illegal, and if we find you did we'll remove it and ban you. Or...there is no second option. Other than moderating every single joiner and every single post. Something over a modest size makes this impossible, even with thousands of helpers. You destroy the whole utility of the thing, but that's exactly what Twitter is doing. Only those with Semitically Correct opinions can post.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

[NOTE: going forward this will be everything worthwhile i find on the net and my own commentary in traditional spintro form. any recording i do will be linked up top. Jan and I plan to tape a #TeamWhite today, updating situation in South Africa. If something is in quotes or indented, it's from an outside source. I won't always link because I personally believe that though hyperlinks are valuable, the average reader won't visit more than one or two, even if 100 are included. You could say the links are good for historical reasons, if we go back and research, but that's why we have search engines.]

Stuff You Can Do For Your Body
Be in good health as you can, without devoting undue amounts of time to it. I have been doing this set of excercises from a doctor named Mercola since I saw it on It's not as easy as it looks, but you can do it in ten minutes, at least once every other day. It will do good things for your quads (top of your legs), in particular. Video. You build up to doing 3 sets of 4 exercises, 20 reps apiece. Good exercise for anyone middle-aged or older. I combine it with lots of pushups, for upper body muscles. Also good to do a lot of walking. Walking is about the best exercise you can do, except for maybe swimming, which involves more time and effort. Running is not a great exercise, but if you must, sprinting some sets of, say, 50 yards, is better than jogging. As we get older, it's easy for men to lose muscle off legs and butt, while stomach spreads. This Mercola workout fights that. If you layoff carbs, like I have trouble laying off soft drinks, which are pure liquid jew for your body, then you get a nice heavy feeling from muscular quads, light, tight stomach, and muscles up top from pushups and stretches. I don't think lifting very heavy weights is as good an idea as many on alt-right do. Some lifting is ok, a lot is not good or necessary. Basically, the older you get, the more you need positive work to keep as much muscle as you can, because good things come from having muscle and bad things from not. Mercola can do the sets in three minutes, it takes me eight, down from ten. Remember to breathe only through your nose.

Why Holo Claims Needn't Be Consistent
The Holocaust is either a religious belief or it's nothing. The minute you even begin to consider it rationally, it falls apart. Therefore making its claims consistent or plausible is beside the point. They would actually make it weaker, from the jew POV, in the same way and for the same reason that forcing people to comply with PC works better with absurd lies than baby ones. The bigger the lie, the more obvious to the subordinate, the quicker his mental-moral decline as he recognizes his role in The Falseness. Holocaust means Never Question A Jew. It's a litmus test for submission. A yoke you pass under or balk at. No greater meaning than that.

Kaepernick Affair
Two points never made in this year-long affair. 1) Tim Tebow was kicked out of the league after turning around a team's season and leading it to two playoff games. His career was in the ascending arc. Colin Kaepernick was on the decline from his high point as the QB of a team in a Super Bowl. As subsequent events proved, that was more due to the coach than himself. If anyone deserves consideration for blackballing claims, it's Tebow, yet the jews media, because they hate Tebows and love coloreds laughed down the blackballing claims as conspiracy theory when Tebow backers raised them - the very same claims they now take seriously when Kaepernick sues over them; 2) many people disagree that the blacks Kaepernick is standing up for by kneeling are victims. Many whites see them as criminals who have already got more soft treatment than they deserved. The Baltimore fred (an old Jesse Helms term for negras) is the perfect example: a drug dealing convicted multiple times who refuses to comply with legitimate orders, and we're supposed to cry that he died in a van. Subsequent trials of coloreds and whites result in zero convictions. There's no reality feedback. Just as with Michael Brown. The nigs backed by jewsmedia lie about "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" and when even the perverse criminals at the DOJ have to admit in a typed report that claims wasn't factually true, it goes unmentioned. One brief cycle of stories, then down the hole. The judeo-left moves from lie to lie, abandoning the one as it's disproved, on to the next. Once you see the pattern, you know the left is lying before their lips move. You can predict what lies they'll make. Control of the media means never having to say you're sorry. The media 100% did not see Trump winning. They don't actually believe he won. No one they know voted for him, to use Pauline Kael's old line about Richard Nixon, who won like 48 states in 1972. There was a brief flurry of "we must get into Flyover and meet real Americans" but it faded as quickly as it started. The few that attempted it merely reinforced their prior convictions. The left is not open to evidence on the ideological plane. The left will use any means, and the only place it lets reality intrude, sometimes, is when its dirty tricks aren't getting the job done. The bottom line with Kaepernick is that in the (((media))), blacks crying = injustice. Facts don't matter. Whites are ultimately responsible. It's a tiresome, stupid game, but it's never going to change so long as loxist jews control mass communications.

"Holy shit. Critical thinking is now derided as a "logical fallacy" known as "whataboutism" "
"Check this out, boys. 
Twitter is CENSORING the term "MakeApp" because the roasties became upset." 
Movies You Might Not Have Seen:  Wake In Fright (1970). An Outback horror film, recently remade in two parts for Australian TV (I think). Pretty typical rural-town-fucks-with-outsider type flick.

roastie noun [ C, usually plural ] UK informal. a roast potato (= a potato that has been cooked in the oven in a little fat or oil): roast beef withroasties and grave

urban dictionary
A female whose labia of their vagina resembles roast beef.

Jews are pathological liars.
Whites are pathological altruists.

Can you see what is wrong with this?

Roger Stone on Twitter, which has banned or deverified more people recently, of the usual stripe for the usual bogus reasons.

Parrott responds to Atlantic's Lost Boys article.

Word Trends: Microchip uses Merchant Right, which I like better as Merch Right, as improvement on Alt-Lite, ie the Cernolisp crowd. Then we've got roasties (above). And The Haggening, from the new MakeAPP.
It's time for women to regain their self-esteem. You don't need that make up!
Makeapp worked. Women are literally getting triggered over their own faces.


"We must free our brethren. Be he chad, omega, alpha or cuck - incel, manlet, beta or wizard. Even the lowliest numale must hear the rallying cry of the collective call to 'Liberation'.The tyranny of the thot must be exposed to all Men. "

Term: Backtutting: going back to vet shit for semitical correctness when it was created under different conditions; backwards moralizing. Very irritating. "Revenge of the Nerds" is problematic because the nerd rapes the cheerleader in the moonball room."

- Twitter on fresh round of ideo-purges presented as rules violations.
- classic ugly jew hypocrite Al Franken revealed as serial unwanted groper-molester
- the term 'human resources' is no joke. that's how govt sees you. and your kids. they are to be taken from you early, brain- and behavior-engineered to serve the state.
- Anglin and Enoch on Daily Shoah correctly observe jews treat our politics as tracing to some psychological or character deficiency since they cant win honest arguments
- Plants know when they're being eaten
- jewing of American lit 3/4 books he calls most overrated from jews. long said we need a content analysis of top 200 books assigned in american high schools to, say AP lit classes. total jewout

Term: "Axis of Semitism" - for Saudi Arabia and of course Israel

Sneaking out of the grave and turning Kevin Spacey into a pedo? That's just the sort of thing I'd expect Dead Hitler to do. Bad Dead Hitler!

"If they’re concerned about anything remotely “meaningful,” it’s usually related to the following six subjects: television, movies, gaming, their kids (human or animals), their job or “their” sports team(s)."

"I’ve had a professor actually tell me that Columbus sent salted Mayan children in barrels back to Spain for dog food."

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Learning: Down with rigor. Away with standards. Up with fatness. Of mind not just body. Sugar is food. Feeling is thought. Let me tell you about: The Feminization of American Culture, last two subsections of ch. 6, on hyms becoming more secular and sugary; and popular novels detailing bourgeois heaven. Link.

"I've been to China a couple of times. I can tell you. A white man in China gets treated quite well. I never saw a nigger on any of my trips until the last one. The Chinese I was with had never seen a black man before. Their reaction was one of fear and horror. Some literally ran away."

"Satan isn't necessary to the argument. They're jews. They run by the Frankfurt agenda: destroy goy society by sexualizing it. Push women to become sluts or careerists. Promote sodomy. Twist the laws to make divorce easy and family stability difficult."

Woke & Bespoke: The Karl Lagerfeld Story
"One cannot -- even if there are decades between them -- kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place," he told a French television show. "I know someone in Germany who took a young Syrian and after four days said, 'The greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust,'" he added.

Normally I don't go for "what he really means," but I do believe that irritating interpretations does apply to many things this particular Nazi-queer says. He always wraps his jagged points in some System cotton, just to protect himself. That is, I think he knows the holocaust is bunk, but he is using a pretended belief in it to make a non-PC point against the Holo-agenda. But it's important to say that's my guess, that's all it is.

But listen up, wait for it. Cernovich got 144 RTs. They are days away from building a Merchant Right™ social network that is going to be a game changer, believe me.
"the Left literally tries to bully and shame kids into being as degenerate as possible in order to compromise them, so that they can never turn their life around and speak out against our sick culture, for fear of having their own past thrown in their face
one reason the Left constantly pushes filth and Poz on children is so that if you did something dumb or degenerate as a kid, they can say, aha!, you're a hypocrite!! How can you be against X when you did Y and Z??  
we're all indoctrinated from birth into filth
it's a amazing when anyone escapes it"
Wow: There's a fake, mysterious robocall in Alabama out there from someone falsely claiming to be 'Bernie Bernstein,' a reporter from the Washington Post, seeking 'damaging' info on Roy Moore for $
Avoid Alice Springs. Full of coons who are a complete waste of space. A mate of dad’s lives there. They sit around doing nothing. They’re drunk or high most of the time. They invaded a new car dealership recently and keyed all the cars, stomped on them and damaged the premises. When the cops investigated, they said the place looked like it had been hit by a tornado.
Rural NSW and Victoria are better-populated by normal country people.
The Northern Territory is a wasteland populated by useless, feral darkies.

Truly His Mother's Son
This geshmoogele's paired up with a she-coon. Will redbeard marry it? Exactly the sort of trendy noble-me-ing his mother would have done. Look down the link: ALL the big british advertisers promote race-mixing in their xmas ads.

Nurturing the Plant of Anti-White Hate Produces Bountiful Crop of Crimes, Say Jews
FBI(-collected) stats are out for 2016.

Law is Racial Politics by Other Means
It’s only a short step from “all whites are racist, no matter their beliefs” to “all whites are guilty, no matter the facts.” All (white) property is theft (from discoloreds). That's Critical Race Theory, taught at progressive law schools. Here's how it ends, in South Africa. The central concern of any economic decision however small or large is to transfer wealth in the immediate term to the black population regardless of negative outcomes long term. International capital is fleeing the country with great haste. Link.

"Muslims should vote for pro-independence parties, as they need our votes. But what they do not know is that, once they allow us to vote, we will all vote for Islamic parties ... and as we begin to accumulate power in the Catalan autonomous region, Islam will begin to be implemented."

Female reporter: one who spends more time putting on her fake face than disseminating fake news

Pippa Bacca: Chewie's spunky younger sister

Charlottesville Aftermath
Youtube of panel discussing Charlottesville: Our Streets, a documentary about That Event. Article about this documentary, which is out but which will be redone as more information becomes available.

Amy Archie · 

I was there. I choked on pepper spray from both sides. I got hit by a bottle thrown by a nazi while ducking one thrown by antifa. They all had helmet shield and bat. the only difference was one had swastika flags of the old nazi Germany and the other had hammer and sickle flags of he old Soviet Union. My wife and I helped a disabled man that antifa beat with a flagpole. He has a rebel flag hatband. They kicked his cane away and when he couldn't get up hey beat him on the ground. I reported what I saw. People I went to church with told me not to say this because it "aided and abetted white supremacy " and "smelled like Trump" Wed gone to tris church for years. These were people who knew us. I'm not watching this movie cause from what this article said it won't show what antifa did. It won't show them beating a disabled man when he was down.

On second thought don't waste your time with the above shit. Read the article, screw the youtube. Panel of idiots. Over-feeling-caffeinated whiteskin glubsters and bathtub-IQ nigsters. 

Jews Attack Every Single Aspect of White Existence

Jews oppose literally anything that is good for whites. Like a nuclear family. 

Guy named Fatzick gets outed. He posted stuff like this while on government dime for VOA, Voice of America. A lot of the right-wingers in my milieu worked for that one, altho it was more of a neocon propaganda arm for Eastern Europe.

His misogynistic posts include calling his girlfriend’s mother “a cunt,” posting “SHOW YOUR FUCKING TITS!” on a woman’s swimsuit selfie, and saying Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska belongs “in the kitchen.” Fatzick defended the head of Amazon studios after sexual assault allegations were made against him. “If we can’t drunkenly tell women they’ll love our dicks at parties, I don’t think I want to live in this country anymore,” he said — doubling-down on his jokes about “grabbing some pussy.”

Verbal tics that make my skin crawls: "What do we think about X?" Ugh. Leftists do this constantly. Coupled with "What did we learn from Y?" Everything's a class, and they are teacher. Monday school or Sunday school, same thing. Only the missionary position is allowed.

“Did you know that the Catalan people are known as the Jews of Spain?” This is what one of the rabbis in my Beth Din told me when I converted back in 2004

Tampa serial killers strikes again. 'Suspect' is a tallish light-skinned nigger, operating in 10-15-square block area. Lone nigger > top cops. Or: black nigger 4, blue niggers 0.

March in Poland, reacted to by jew Anne Applebaum:

"Large contingents of Hungarian, Slovak and Italian neo-fascist groups came to Warsaw to join the march; for the first time, international alt-right trolls were also actively supporting the march on Twitter and elsewhere, “alt-right” being the modern-sounding term for neo-fascist."
"It never ceases to amaze me that you'll never see a white face--or, at least ,a white face without a companion black, brown, and yellow face--in any advert or op-ed. Unless they're talking about how it's morally wrong to have kids. Then it's only white babies, and nothing but white babies."

Florida Man: Armed White Father Fights Off Nigger Boy Criminals After His Daughter and More
They love to mock whites in the Sunshine State as 'Florida Man.' They won't use that here: a rich white father protects his beautiful white daughter from a gang of nigger criminals bent on - who knows? Kidnapping, rape, theft, murder... 

Andy Richter confirms Hollywood changes: chasing fractured, smaller markets. Less money around. Clearly, these people are noticing who gets the views: PewDiePie and such.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[Note: I will post anything I have on a day around 5pm - if I'm posting anything that day.]

Killer Plague
Spread by niggers. ... Notice how DM buries the doctor's saying that this plague can easily be prevented or halted in advanced countries. They jam that important fact in the middle of the page.

"Officials in Madagascar have warned residents not to exhume bodies of dead loved ones and dance with them because the bizarre ritual can cause outbreaks of plague" 

Niggers whine about hate crime stats. Bogus category. Bogus collection. Niggers still come out on per-capita top.

Reroute the blame... Never comfortable with (((them)))selves as the locus of legitimate blame, even if its only implicit, as no one mentions the sex degens in the news lately all buy synagogue tickets, jews still quickly find a new safe, popular target for blamerage: Roy Moore. He dated a teenager back in the day. His story occupies the news longer than the rest combined. Whether he actually did anything or not. All the cucks race to tell him to leave the race. And of course, the ultimate irony, Roy Moore is precisely the type and hero of the dirt-eating goobers who are quite literally the only subset of alleged humanity who thinks people like the media jews berating him are God's Chosen People, creators of Wunnerful Israel, which deserves all our money and lives. Does christianity make people stupid or attract stupid people? Undoubtedly both.

Notice this with both blame and credit. We see the blame above: get the cement spout dump off the jew onto the evergreen goy target. That's Good for Jews. Blaming The Usual Goy Suspects. But it works the same with credit. We see this in NFL. One of the few spots whiteskins occupy on defense is middle linebacker. Whenever a great one emerges, the media will indeed celebrate him, but soon they'll be throwing in one of his fellow black linebackers in the same breath. Every great white middle linebacker has a great black linebacker (or two) beside him.

"Let It Go"... Beale correctly analyzes it. The concept of the matrix is valid, but what is it? It's Gleichschaltung - total coordination of message. So that every official and easily accessible source -- everything you don't have to go out of your way to get or, put otherwise, can't easily avoid if you wanted to -- IS PREACHING THE SAME THING. You tell young girls No Rules! You put it in a great song, or a great melody. You're preaching them a message that if taken to heart will destroy them. Reality exists. Study it, understand it. Pay attention to others. When you tell people they're "special," the message they take is they're NOT like others. A very, very dangerous lesson. Even the outlieriest of us is 99% like others. But if you don't think you're like others, you think you can't learn from others. So you'll fall for the same mistakes that could easily be avoided if you accepted we're not special. We're very much like the others. We're like fish, almost. The same bait takes us every time, and we seldom learn to see the hook. ... How do you encourage people to destroy themselves? By teaching them to over- and mis-value themselves. Precisely what school and media do to women, even more than men. And teach them they are victims of some hazy, anonymous force. Obey no rules except your own whims...destroys lives. It's the worst possible thing to teach the young. And that is why it's made into a popular song and message by Disney. And why it meshes perfectly with the baseless self-esteem and opinion-equality taught in the public 'school.' NO AUTHORITY BUT YOUR OWN WHIMS. Bad advice for all subsets but worst of all for young females. Your instincts should be respected, but also controlled. They can destroy you and those around you quite easily. It never occurs to the receivers of these messages that they ARE listening to and submitting to an authority when they swallow these destructive lies. They are sold liberation, they are told that they are their own boss but in fact they are submitting to a veiled authority in order to carry out its wishes, not their own. Because of a movie like this, a certain percentage of white females will make bad decisions that will ruin their lives - and that is the intent of Disney and the jews behind it. "Let It Go" is pure Frankfurt School, promoting liberation, particularly sexual liberation, as a form of social control, ie goy-destruction. Because it's Good For Jews. In the original Grimm's Fairytales that are the model for all these movies, good morals were taught. Young goyim were taught - quite without christian moralizing - what the crissies would call consequentialism: you make a bad decision, you can even die from it. That's what children need to hear. Germanic stuff, and we are mostly Germanic peoples, advance their understanding by fun, blunt lessons. That's our natural way. Not by this shit I heard on radio today, some drycunt telling me that when I sin it's like sticking a knitting needle in jesus all over again.

Observation: Vox notes how astonishingly good young guitar players are - they learned it from watching videos on youtube. So it is with jew-knowledge. It's exploding. As I've said, my process took 25 years to complete, and that involved finding a key book as well as working inside professional conservatism. Today, understanding the jew question can be compressed into hours if not minutes. Minutes will teach you the points. Hours will teach you that the points are based on shit that sure seems to hold up under examination. Then a couple years more of reading will cement the first learning. One thing I noticed as a professional journalist in the 1990s, before the internet really took off, say 1992, was that people even in very small-slice areas -- say, guys working on telemedicine projects in prisons in Ga. and Texas  -- were unaware of each other. Today, just 25 years later, that's inconceivable. The internet is a true globalization, and one that can't be gone back on. Certain things in our world have irrevocably changed: ability to access true masters in all forms, to learn whatever lessons they teach. Other things remain timeless: being rebellious for its own sake is tempting but leads to self-destruction. There is legitimate authority. Not God, as the religious think, but reality. There is no private truth, truth is objective and external. Some of us fall off a cliff, but not because any of us disagree about where the cliff is located.

Sessions Puts the Dudley in Do-Right
So Sessions acts honorably with a woman who never acts that way. This is a perennial problem: honest well intentioned people are taken advantage of. How far do you go before you fight back with same? Certainly there in fact is enough to go after Hillary Clinton; the cunt was kicked off the Watergate Committee for being a lying cheating crimnial sleazebag - so described a jew! -- and that was back in the seventies. The jewsmedia won't treat Sessions as someone trying to be honorable, they'll see his action as weak and keep right on attacking him, even harder since he's, in effect, flinched. It's the investigation of Trump that has no basis. It was as purely jew-partisan attack as you will ever see in politics, the overt, brazen lie that he teamed up with Russians to steal the 2016 election. It always gets back to what wise jew Al Davis said. I don't have a link, and don't even remember his specific wording, which may have been different, but I always render it: treat others the way their behavior shows you'd be wise to treat them. In this case, never give an evil lying murderous criminal an even break. They'll just take you for weak, and with Sessions that surely appears the right way to take him. Little Jeffy, the Goober That Couldn't.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Linder Commentary

Note: I can't honestly claim daily commentary, so I removed the 'daily.' In my perverse way, this makes it likelier I will post stuff closer to that ideal than if I claim it. Anyway, I'm going to post good stuff I find as I read around, and any comments that seem necessary.

Excellent video. Summary: If you set up marriage laws screwing men, as the judeo-West has, men will turn from marriage. In response, the judeo-feminists behind the law will find ways to chase those unmarried men and seize their assets if they cohabited or had any kind of semi-serious relationship: "to persecute the single men as well." Getting involved with a woman is legally dangerous - across the West. Concept: 'de facto by distance' - if you stay in the other's home when in that area, you're subject to divorce rape. Common law: cohabit for a certain period of time, you're considered de facto married. Meretricious relationships: historically used for unmarried couples, as they have same issues when they split. Applies in Washington state. Domestic violence laws: Duluth model: most common DV program in world, used in 30+ states. Others pattern on it. Created 'civil' order - no crime need be proved. Woman just gets it from court, steals your stuff. 'Created to divorce rape unmarried men.'

MGTOW is interesting to me in the sense of watching an animal trace along a track to find something it could see right away if it simply lifted its head. MGTOW accurately describe the anti-male laws, legal structure, and motivation of feminists - but they really don't seem to see the great picture: that the stuff MGTOW was created in reaction to is part of a broader racial attack. Feminism presents as an attack on men, and it certainly is, but that's not its ultimate point and meaning: it is part of the jews' racial attack on whites. Just as open borders are. Just as, to stay in sexual sphere, the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism are. But even though MGTOW don't grasp the true context, that doesn't stop their videos from being demonitized and their channels from being banned. My favorite MGTOW is "MGTOW is Freedom," by a guy named John, in California. He's a big guy, like 6'7", ex military, regular German/Swede type descent, just like you or me. He makes daily videos. He doesn't talk about race. But he was banned two weeks ago. Youtube's people basically want their platform to be used by feminists and consumers.

Newsweek. Still exists? That's one's first question. Apparently so. Don't know about print version. The observation here is that the whatever-it-is writes about alt-right nearly daily. Clearly the result of someone's opinion. Not saying flavor of coverage differs. But someone sees alt-right as an area where there's interest and where extra coverage can separate Newsweek from competition. Whatever that is. To the (((MSM))), alt-right is anyone on right who isn't out and out neocon. So Milo and Cernovich qualify, even if the media sometimes make the alt-lite distinction.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Linder Commentary

Why I Write
My only interest has ever been in doing things others don't or can't; in making observations others haven't. It should go without saying - concerning things that need to be said, from a racial-cultural point of view. If I can't do this, no point in writing. There are now a huge number of people clued into jews and the problems they cause. To fulfill my function as vanguard, I now criticize christianity, as I consider it the main reason why whites don't want to/feel it is immoral to defend themselves as a race - when even the dimmest white is beginning to see that whites as a group are under attack. There are not fifty people pointing out that christianity is inherently and irremediably (unfixably) anti-White. So that is where I put my effort. And I offer other observations as they occur and seem worthwhile.

 “When you start labeling people as an ideology, you’re not really seeing them as a person. Let’s face it, not every conservative voice is what they've been charged within the media, which is homophobic, racists, Islamophobic. That’s just not the case. There are narratives out there that are being missed, so you need to have an open mind.”

"Airbnb is destroying families. Airbnb is suing white cities in Florida who are trying to pass laws to limit short-term rentals. Neighborhoods that were full of white families are being replaced with drunk hotel customers. Jewish lawyers have found a way to gut white neighborhoods." --Gab post

"The reason for this is simple – even the “anti-Nazi” Polish Partisan supporters hate Jews and Muslims. In fact, every single group there probably felt the same way. It’s varying shades of nationalism from your basic pro-Catholic anti-Muslim sentiment to straight up NatSoc ideology."

"In simple terms, Israel and Saudi Arabia want a war to destroy Iran because Iran is a regional competitor. And they want to have the United States do most of the fighting, which requires creating some plausible narrative that demonstrates how Iran is a threat "to the whole world" as Netanyahu keeps telling us. The first step in starting the regional war to get Iran will be to strike Lebanon, whose prime minister just fled to Saudi Arabia claiming that Iran is trying to take over his country (basically a lie). That will involve Syria (again) and possibly bring Russia into it. The war against Iran will be unwinnable in any conventional sense as the US has no real interest in fighting it, just like Iraq, Syria and Libya all over again. US interests would be best served by wrapping up action in Syria-Iraq and bringing the boys and girls home.-Phil Giraldi"

Notice the dates. This quotation proves jews acted as jews before Christ, hence catholic claims that jews only became jews by rejecting jesus is factually wrong. They are what they are by their biology, which their evolved culture is an expression of. Also remember the Talmud didn't congeal until around 500 AD. So even without a formal code, jews acted like the ratty creatures they have been known to be for their entire history. The problem with jews is biological. 

Cato study on PC.

Just how bad things are in Britain.