Thursday, December 14, 2017

One Week Till Solstice

Prole Summary: BitCoin driving people wild with regret and speculation. Recriminations and celebration over Moore loss continue. Wildfire going big or going (to your home) in So Cal, may consume Santa Barabara, one of the four best places for human life on the planet, I read years ago. Jewed Disney buys 21st Century Fox for 50 billion. Fox keeps only news and sports. Supposedly the average age of Fox News for Adult Children viewers is 68. That hardly seems possible. Centralization in industry is same as politics - facilitates one-point control. Disney is now the biggest power in Hollywood, says Ringer. We know Disney, begun by a noble goy from Missouri, not fifty miles from where I type, was taken over by jews, and they use his company to promote all kinds of racial-sexual degeneracy. "Just from a general standpoint, decreasing the number of studios that make movies and TV in turn decreases the amount of creative voices or perspectives." That's the streamlining Orwell noted, a subtler version, as the political contents have been vetted for anti-white 'correctness' for decades. More boring, jejune, antiwhite, comic-book kiddie shit is what (((Disney Reich))) will purvey. There will be innovation only in sexual degeneration. ... Ryan going to quit after 2018; Frankengroper hasn't specified his departure.

Actual News

- Torba on today's FCC Net Neutrality hearing

Jews for Blacks Media: The Root
The Root was started by a Jewish investor and Henry Louis Gates Jr. back in '09 right after Obama's inauguration. The book "Roots" was written by Alex Haley under the direction of Playboy editor (((Murray Fisher))) and plagerized "The African" by (((Harold Courlander))). "Woke" is a Jewish creation
Lines from Various Fathers

"Feminism was a dirty trick used to convince women to trade motherhood for a few trinkets. 
It's the worst fleecing since the sale of Manhattan for beads."

"Our speech is violence; their violence is speech."

"Racism is just what Identity Politics is called when White People do it."

"Increasingly, I realize, blackmail is the precious metal currency of politics. When the shit hits the fan, everything else is just fiat currency, and the pros all know it." 

"One of the worst deals America ever made was to trade an economy based on honest industry and quality goods for the culture of consumption, promising endless growth but at the cost of always requiring more output, needed or not. 

We chose quantity over quality. A mistake."

"Bitcoin is no more of a "Tulip Bubble" than the major fiat currencies. 

The only difference is bitcoin is backed by math riddles while the major fiat currencies are backed by the implied threat of applying dilapidated twentieth century military technology."

"There's nothing merit based about what Jews are doing. They infiltrate boards, they come in as investors, & they scheme against goys running them. They oust them and replace them with other Jews. If 1/10 people on a list for potential new CEO's is a jew, that jew will be chosen. It's called nepotism."

"It's much harder to reconstruct the family now than it was to sustain the institution. You have multiple generations of children who've grown up not only not seeing families in operation, but who lack the feelings and memories that help. People are colder and harder."

The Will of the People Only Matters in Hungary
"Hungary is the only country in Europe where politicians had the courage to ask people of their opinions on migration and immigration, he said." 
Jews for Jesus at Megachurches

"You should go to a mega-church sometime when the Jews For Jesus organization speaks. It's a massive sales pitch, and when they are finished you're encouraged to go to the lobby and buy their books. It's obscene. They turn the foyer into a Jew Barnes & Noble, and the congregation just laps it up!"


My guess is this neo-liberal will go on a massive privatization spree, declare the need for immigrants to “increase the GDP,” and open the borders while Poles are distracted by short-term economic prosperity (fueled by high-interest credit). 
Then when it’s time to pay the bill, Poles will be broke, ankle deep in negroes and Arabs and unable to do anything coherent about it.
Sounds crazy, but Poland isn’t as “based” as you might think. Once the older generations die, bougie careerist women who exclusively consume (((American media))) and are taught at George Soros University will begin ascending to power with the EU’s support. The amount of NGO investment towards this end is unreal, and Poland isn’t doing enough to fight it like Hungary is.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December 13th, 2017 - Day After Xtian Zionist Ala-buffoon Moore Loss

NOTES: Kincannon, Ricky Vaughn, Matt Forney among others on Gab blaming Roy Moore's loss on his not making economic appeals, sticking to culture war. And also blaming alt-right for Nazi-larping. A certain sort of mind can't conceive politics outside of democratic elections. Ahead looms December 18, when Twitter is supposed to ban a fresh huge bunch in line with its antiright rules. Gab hopes it will benefit.

THE SUCCESSOR TO PM BEATA SZYDLO,  close associate of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the ruling national-conservative, Christian-democratic PiS party in Poland, has been identified as a half-Jew. [...]
Morawiecki defends that 3 million myth as do all Poles, which makes it that 90% of Polish Jews were killed, whereas in reality they were welcomed into the Soviet Union, a fact which has been covered up in order to defend the imaginary number of 3 million Jewish-Polish deaths.
Edward Jones refuses to make CODOH benefiticary
I  instructed my financial advisor last week at Edward Jones to make CODOH a beneficiary of the annunity I bought from him three years ago. Yesterday morning he called me on the phone and refused! 
I've asked him to put his reasons (which he framed in our phone conversation as "moral") in writing , but I haven't heard back from him yet. 
This doesn't seem right, or even legal to me, but he flat out refused to honor my written request included  below. I provided him with this beneficiary in responce to a request from his office that I recieved earlier in the year. Naming a beneficiary is basically just a formality to prevent the state stepping in and appropriating my investments income in the event I should die will less.  
Fan Letter
Hi, Alex. 
It's time for my occasional letter of praise for your Learning College efforts.
I just finished the Nation of Islam's Leo Frank book. 
I must say this...
Of all of the books you have related regarding this landmark case in American jurisprudence, this one is, by far, the most thorough and poignant.  It is remarkable how many hypocritical lies these learned and justifiable blacks unearthed in their researches.  Aside from the unwarranted praise they laid upon Rosa Parks and her obvious (jewish) communist affiliations, they were amazingly terse and erudite in their analysis of the Frank case. 
As always, I admire your endeavor with these readings.  I have imbibed every one thus far.  It is an effort which I'm sure goes mostly unappreciated on your end.  But, in time, these recordings will serve to enlighten our people as to the insidious workings of our eternal enemy. 
Keep up the awesome work.
Ever a faithful adherent,  
[name redacted]

Thanks very much. I plan to write and record daily in 2018. 2017 has been full of necessary trips that wasted loads of time and money, but 2018 should be better.
Two Stats I've Seen/Heard Recently

- black net worth in Boston area = eight dollars (no joke)
- 75% of public can't come up with 700 dollars for an emergency

Always like Magary making fun of Williams-Sonoma catalogue. When you don't know what you are or what you want, catalogs are there to help you pick your way through to the casket. Didn't some writer, I think Vonnegut, describe a character as trying to make sense out of life from items acquired at gift shops. That's not what he said but it's in the neighborhood.

Here on jewing of heavy metal.  "Nuclear Blast" is the label introducing SJW into the white enclave.

Jones > Moore
Everyone in Alabama knows that is what happened last night. A drive through the Huntsville or Birmingham suburbs or the wealthier areas of the smaller towns was enough to reveal that the country club crowd wanted Doug Jones to win. They all had Doug Jones signs out in their front yard. [...]
The result will be the death of the Trump agenda in Congress. In other words, the GOP is going to pass the massive corporate tax cut for wealthy donors, but when the 2018 midterms get here there isn’t going to be a border wall. More importantly, the mass rebellion proved that the GOP doesn’t care about the social issues.
New Jersey These Days
Rutgers University main campus in New Brunswick looks like New Hong Kong. Multiple Chabad houses along four blocks, third worlders everywhere and whiteys are total freaks.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Every hospital in the cuntree has at least one surgeon whose wife divorced him because she could enjoy 1/2 his money better without having to deal with his schedule.
Aryan Skynet put this all on the record starting the day that Trump announced. 
Jared Kushner is Mossad. His father was a Mossad sayanim that sponsored a US visa for Golan Cipel, a homosexual Jew Mossad spy that was buggering the closeted gay governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevy. McGreevy then put Cipel in charge of the New Jersey Department of Homeland security, allowing him to funnel anti-terrorism money to Israeli firms and to hire more Israeli plants into US government – as well as to cover up parts of the 9/11 terrorist investigations. There are all sorts of other stories about Jared Kushner’s father – these stories are documented, have been exposed in the mainstream media for 20 years, but few people remember them. 
It’s not Ivanka whispering in Trump’s ear. It’s not Trump playing 4-D chess. It’s Jews playing 4-D chess against the typical Breitbart & AltRight Trump fans who have extremely short memories and typically can’t play regular chess, much less 4-D chess.
Trump has spent his ENTIRE life as a front man for the Jewish mafia, for Israel’s Likud party, and for Benjamin Netanyahu personally. Trump was leading the Israel parades in New York City in 2002. Trump did TV commercials for Netanyahu’s election. Trump helped launder Jew mafia money through the cut out firm Resorts International in the 90s. Trump’s famous Twitter account was used for Obama’s entire administration pushing the most ridiculous Israeli propaganda, especially the retarded “birther” conspiracy theories from Israeli Jew Orly Taitz. Trump’s campaign was STARTED by three New York City Jew Democrat lawyers back in 2014. It was Jews that got Trump to speak at the CPAC conference during Obama’s second term. Trump’s political mentor, Roy Cohn, was a homosexual Jew that blackmailed all the closet homosexual pedophiles in New York. Trump and his very close friend Jeffrey Epstein have been trafficking teenage White girls and pimping them to wealthy Jews and Whites while secretly video taping them. Epstein had ten phone numbers for Trump is his diary, Epstein’s procuress, the Jewess Ghislaine Maxwell, herself the daughter of Robert Maxwell, also Mossad, recruited teenage White girls directly from Trump’s famous Mar-A-Lago resort.
All this is heavily documented, on the record, essentially “open secrets” going back decades. Trump has been saying that he would move the embassy in Jerusalem for his entire campaign, and he overruled not just the US State Department, but also all four branches of the US military and all the intelligence services because they all know this is nothing but abject humiliation for America, proving that Jews rule America, and will cause us another 20 or more years of constant warfare for Israel in the Middle East.
Trump’s not playing the Jews and the Jews aren’t playing Trump. Trump and the Jews are playing you.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

on the road, nigger

You can be at ease only with those people to whom you can say any damn fool thing that comes into your head, knowing they will respond in kind, and knowing that any misunderstandings will be thrashed out right now, rather than buried deep and given a chance to fester. --John D MacDonald

[on road for week. stay low, dont get beat. i will return.]

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Notes: Somebody cut 20 minutes out of an audiobook segment on Jones on jews in Medieval Times, made a video out of it, posted on youtube. Now Jones wants it taken down for copyright. 1) I don't know who did this, they didn't ask my approval. 2) I don't care. 3) I actually searched it and listened; the person appears to have edited it to remove all racial commentary, so it's just me reading Jones's text. But His name and mine are on the same intro screen, so Jones may be worried about association, even though I, as he, always make it clear I record and comment on his works without his approval and against his doctrine. Anyway, something that came up. I told him to tell youtube to take it down, although I don't see what rule it falls afoul of: his words, my voice, the poster's pictures. It's something that was just posted the last day or two, I think. 

Minnesota: If Hell Were Cold
Minny women have exciting choice of being shot or sliced by imported skinnies, cops or not, gropen by Fingers Franken, or keelhauled by kozy Keillor. You know I liked to quote P.J. O'Rourke describing GK as "terrifyingly unthreatening," and as I gabbed on Gab, he has more than a little of that Dahmer affect. Speaking of whom, his high school buddy did a graphic novel about their times in high school in seventies Ohio; you can pirate torrent it. And there's a tv show based on same, not sure if it's out yet. Mildly interesting. Just shows exactly what I experienced, stuff got degree by degree more controlled after about 1980-81. You could do or get away with stuff in the seventies that would be unthinkable today. War on drugs (80s), war on terror (00s), increased video and other technology, metal detectors, changing demographics - all combine to produce a rather different social atmosphere today. I can only guess how it is for so-called Generation Zyklon. 

Keillor always struck me as a big phony. He moved to NYC while extolling the virtues of hearty Midwestern living on his radio show. He extolled traditional family/community while being married three times (and having a fourth long-term relationship). He was nominally Christian while adhering to Christianity only so far as it justified his politics. 

The American christian:
know-nothing on jews
know-everything on muslims

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Audiobooks: Sec 6-8 of Did Six Million Really Die? And, end ch8 on Margaret Fuller in FAC.

Jew Wise Calls for Alabama to be "Destroyed"
If there were true white patriots out there, he would live in fear of being assassinated. At a certain level, it's what he wants, because he thinks it will make him famous.

Attention to Detail
Is the white way - if we wish to defeat the jews. Example from football. Even in football attention to the tiniest details pays dividents, in this case for Kirk Cousins. They call Cousins nerdy, he looks somewhat frail for an NFL player, but in a season in which a truly freakish number of injuries has knocked out most of the team's starters, Cousins has played every down. He has taken horrible hits while delivering crucial passes. He is, in fact, tough. White-tough. He is the one our investment is based on. The Skins are at 5-6, need to win 3 of 5 for the investment to pay off.

Markle and Fade

That Nigger Nurse
You know what she said that got her fired. More significant is the virtually 100% of Root readers agree with her, questioning only her intelligence in tweeting it.

You Can't Be Pro-White But Not Anti-Jew
If whites have no enemies, then pro-white means nothing. If they do have enemies, then pro-white must be against them. Pro-white and anti-jew are the same thing. People who say white can be something purely positive are fooling themselves or lying to you.

Markle and Fade
British royals give their opposable thumbs up to a monkey mixer. If you can't tell, Britain is on the way out. This way to the negress.