Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lindercast 0003

Lindercast 0003: Throwing Fields Under the Bus

Topics: Spencer/Kessler stupidly underlined the (((media's))) false narrative (big lie) about what happened in the Heyer situation when the facts, laws and politics are on our side.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lindercast #0002: Charlottesville and Reaction

Lindercast #0002: Charlottesville and Reaction

- CNN/Fox coverage. Fake histories 1.0 and 2.0, promoted by (((cucks))) and (((leftists))).

Friday, August 11, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-11-07

11 August 2017

Update: Charlottesville,

Listen: Gab's Andrew Torba interviewed on what Gab can do to beat Twitter. Jew Molyneux has interview with James Damore, the Google memo writer. He's a very mild, friendly person you can instantly tell. As well as being a witch. Black Pigeon on Google cult.

Roundup: Review of Dunkirk.

Comprehensive Propaganda
Over time you come to see that all branches of learning can be perverted to serve The Agenda (always anti-White) and The End (White Genocide). One of those branches is anthropology. The Useful Lie is Out of Africa - that all humanoids ultimately trace to Africa.
The problem with this paradigm is that, using the same set of criteria proposed by those scholars pushing for an African origin for modern behavior, it seems to have originally appeared in Europe instead, when modern humans first arrived there and replaced Neanderthals. Furthermore, the so-called modern behavior in the African Stone Age is not qualitatively different from that of Neanderthals, who were supposedly replaced by cognitively-advanced modern humans.
Cultural Marxists = jews. True, not all CM are jews, but jews stand for CM as mankind includes women. Jews created marxism, all its variants, and are the drivers and users of it. That sick and deviant whiteskins and discoloreds join them should never be used to conceal this most basic and most important fact. 

What Happened In This Country
Essentially, the jews fused with the remnants of the worst sort of post-Puritans, the northeasterners who created the public school system and pushed the insanity of abolitionism. So you get a jewish agenda with a Puritan ambiance. Snarky moralizing combined with no-platforming. The judyleft says you have two options: join our cult or be crushed by us. There's no space for normal whites. This is currently engendering a revolution. Human things don't move at light speed. Just as with the 'civil war,' this new war shaping up has been building for decades. The left simply cannot tolerate any different way of thinking. It refuses to make any provision for those who reject it and would go their own. No, says the left, you can't do that. You must play ball or go under. War seems inevitable, given the mentality of the (((left))).

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-08-06

6 August 2017

National Socialism
Decent Anglin article. Some points:

1) Hitler underestimated the danger posed by christianity (and to call him a practicing catholic approaches eyeroll). To respect Hitler is not the same as ignoring his mistakes, and his underestimate of the danger of organized christianity was one of his larger ones. I think real history proves that. The church superficially tipped their hat to the power that be'ed, but under the surface was hiding jews and working to undermine NS every way it could. You can't pretend xtianity is neutral to racialism when the church put out Mit Brennender Sorge, and denounced racism/nazism publicly - and also denounces racialism in its very catechism. The church isn't neutral toward white racialism, it is actively hostile to it - and it was back then every bit as much as it is today. WN today must not make the same mistake Hitler did - it must acknowledge the church is its enemy. Average christians live at their levels of dupe- and dopedom; church leaders are necessarily hostile to racial worldview because it's competitive with their doctrinal (unchangeable) universalism. The church can't be a racial organization because racialism supersedes universalism.

2) Historically, enemy activity/inability to thwart it is #1 organizational obstacle for WN. It is a very common mistake among 'our kind' to think we are different, either by personality, principle or organization. There's not much new in the world, and the alt-right isn't 10% different or better than what came before. What's different, more than any other factor, is the political situation has ripened. The anti-White shriek and discrimination and media mistreatment has grown louder and stronger, the violence more common. You really think new you have hit on something George Lincoln Rockwell didn't? Or that you're smarter, better read historically, or face less opposition? White nationalist orgs did take off in the 20th century. Then they were thwarted by jews working with the federal government. See the revived Klan (1920s). See National Alliance and Chester Doles. The NA was growing pretty well when Pierce went down (some think by foul play; that he was poisoned by his last girlfriend, a woman of unknown provenance). Most importantly, the US political situation was far less ripe fifteen years ago than it is in 2017. That's the open and shut of it. All the concern about infighting etc, what Anglin says is correct, it's not good, but it's not the real problem - the real problem is external, and always has been. How do we prevent the jews/feds from destroying our men and organizations? That's the problem. Not that we somehow organized incorrectly. I mean, organizing isn't that hard - without interference. The only thing that makes it hard is that the central government and the lol-private communist-kike groups are trying to destroy it the minute they become aware of it. True history of WN is that VNN and others struggled in the 2000 to 2005 period simply to stay online. VNN got to 10,000 on Alexa in short order - with one writer. Then it got a second, a real talent, and a monied backer. Then the (((media))) went to work, drove out the backer, drove out the funding for the second writer. Then blogs appeared... Etc. The point is, every threat DS has faced VNN faced first. Anglin simply ignores this. There is nothing unique about the treatment Stormer has received, every single attack the jews carry out today they carried out back in 2000 when we started. Back then, the main focus of attacks was denying pro-Whites common utilities, particularly servers. But we had our paypal cut within six months...well more than a decade ago. There is nothing new about leftist strategy and tactics. They shame, smear, isolate, cut off funding. If there's any real-world activity, they infiltrate, set-up, sometimes even murder or put people in position to be murdered (see FBI in '60s and later with COINTELPRO, see Rounder's history of what happened in Greensboro, where the feds set up nationalists to be murdered by communists - even though the nationalists ended up killing the communists). The technical environment changes (blogs, then social media) but the same dirty game remains eternal.

3) Ok, a third point. I have to say again, I don't get this incredible hostility to principles. Principles protect people. They're not a luxury in work like this, they're a necessity, like a backbone. Somehow they've become associated with cuckservatives. Well, cuckservatives may use the term but they aren't principled. Or, their principle, one and only, is doing what their boss jew tells them in order to preserve their paychecks. But principle itself is a good thing, not a bad. It's big-tentism that doesn't work. Rising movements are intolerant not open to all comers. Pragmatism is for the non-essentials, not the basics. If you say, sure jews can be alt-right, as Vox Day (a redskin) does, then you're going to get burned. As history shows, if you'll listen to it. It is absolutely essential to figure out who WE are, and who are THEY. Right-wing movements featuring christianity can't do this. I advocate the dual litmus test: jews MUST be recognized and named as the enemy, and our CAUSE is RACIAL. Only. Not a political position, and economic doctrine or a religion. Otherwise we let the enemy in the door, and he controls the organization, and either subverts it or destroys it for white-positive purposes (see Republican Party, etc etc). The only thing xtians have that our cause should embrace, because it doesn't belong to them and its right, it serves our race, is sexual normality. No need to define it closer than that. Anyone who can produce that social good will get the vast majority of the white 'vote,' whether that vote is cast in a ballot box or via spinning axe, aka Billy Butcher style. ... Realize also, the political situation has matured. The numbers have gotten white-worse. The left has gotten more aggressive, much more aggressive. It openly promotes white genocide and black murder. There comes a "we are the new majority soon" feeling. Same time, the natural numbers change has been augmented by extremes of invasion injections, featuring dark hominids from the furthest reaches of the planet injected all over America, until no one can miss what's going on. All these things have produced an awareness among average whites that wasn't there even ten years ago. This accounts for the rising success of alt-right more than any individual genius or great new plan. As I said back in 2000, ITZ COMING. Well, in some measure it is now here, at least the beginning of the war for racial control of North America (and Europe). Our labors have not been for nothing, as far and white the youngsters identify our position with the Red Pill (reality), vindicating that our analysis is fundamentally correct: jews are THE problem, everything else is symptoms. Jew understanding is virtually ubiquitous on the Internet, and pretty much any MAINSTREAM still-free comment section will bear this out. We achieved, thus, probably the most important thing we could have, we who are of the VNN generation. The understanding is there, among a wider number than ever before. And that number will and must keep growing, and we will keep helping that to happen. Thanks to all the nameless people who have helped grow the circle of knowledge, or provided support in any way. It is not for naught, the fight continues. We must win - and we will win.

Charlottesville, August 12th: Operational Security
Good advice from Weev, and it pertains to any rally.

How Things Have Changed in Last 15 Years
Different climate, as Dave Chappelle learns. How dare you mock trannies, they are to be worshipped and celebrated. They're not freaks, freaks are normal. People who mock them are freaks, but not in a good way.

The Response to the Polite, Rational Google-Engineer Piece
Notice the way reality ceases to exist for these people. Facts are hate. Opinions are violence. when you 'think' like that, your only option for dealing with dissenters is censorship. the original piece bends over backward to be polite and factual - but it reaps the same response as if he'd proposed torturing and killing every wimmin and minority at google. there is no reasoning with these people, they are childish, effeminate totalitarians. these are high-IQ people comfortable with dismissing factual arguments as hate and garbage. no need to 'engage,' the other guys proves he is wrong and morally evil because he disagrees with sainted us. we're the only ones with a 'human soul.' Google is a jew company, but this mode of thinking is protestant, puritan: we are the good, the elect, the pure - anyone who opposes us is evil and must be stamped out. judeo-puritanism is an ugly, destructive thing. ... It would be nice if someone wrote a comprehensive piece on how a utility like Google can fuck with people. There have to be fifty different ways. Google can't simply admit what it's doing: censoring in service of a cult. It wants the illusion that it supports freedom, free speech, openness, honesty...but the reality is that it actively censors and discriminates against those who don't share the ideology of its cult. It wants to be one thing, while enjoying the reputation of another. You find this mentality in many women. They want to be cheap with money, while appearing generous and liberal. Essentially, Google and its ilk feel profound irritation that their services are most useful to those who disagree with the other mass media (((orthodoxy))). They can't stand seeing nonbelievers (enemies) use their service and thrive on it. So they move to shut them down. This is all that's going on. Censorship masquerading as free speech, doing bad masquerading as "doing no evil." Google's reaction to the world in general, as well as the employee's anti-PC document, exhibit its fear and frustration at the puncturing of the charade of the left: that all good people agree with us; those who don't are a tiny minority. To keep this illusion on life support requires eliminating free speech, and google does this many ways, but one of them is simply by mass-disappearing comments. Metocur talks about this around 9:45 in his video thru this link. Youtube (and all jews/leftists) are engaged in foisting a false-majority view on the actual majority. Trump's election, like nothing else, has exposed this sham, tho Trump nor nobody but me calls it by its real name. Jews have always affected to speak for the community. The jew says "We (sic: jews) love diversity! Everybody is welcome!" as he stuffs a bunch of (Somalis into Minnesota, for typical example), against the will of the majority, which is never consulted. The comment section, as I observed in Linder's Media Laws (three of them) is ALWAYS to the right of the System writer/editor/producer who posted the piece. The majority (white) view is never represented. The comment section pretty much everywhere shows the charade. There is a wild, crazy-huge canyon between what hte people who write the papers and produce the TV shows believe and what normal white American majority believes. Now the race is on to see which of these will prevail. Can the jews silence the majority long enough for it to become a weak minority? Or will the majority identify jews as the enemy and crush them and their anti-white genocidal endgame? Stay tuned.

Self-Esteem vs Self-Criticism
Niggers don't keep it real when it comes to their opinion of their monkey selves. They are delusional.

Verbal War: Reporters
Typical gaslighting. What reporters actually do is conceal. You can conceal things various ways. By not mentioning them. Or by misrepresenting them. Good example here. Neutral, objective journalism is a great cover for leftist political activism. Just as 'science' is a great cover for 'socialism.' (Global warming cum climate change.)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-08-05

5 August 2017

News That Matters: Youtube doing the usual discrimination, that's the big story recently. It's almost funny how they quite drily write about all the nasty things they're going to videos that contravene their leftist standards? - to videos that comply with their standards. Essentially, the (((left))) wants to end comment sections. They are anti-semitic because they allow non-jews to talk to each other instead of listening to boss jew. One-way lectures called "dialogues" are the jewy way. Bring the Internet under control, like tv and radio. This is the goal. The jews sat back and watched something unexpected evolve in the Internet; now they're moving to crush it. Technically, legally, socially, politically. There are many ways to suppress without technically censoring. (As a side note, the distinction between suppression [private] and censorship [government] doesn't make sense any longer. It should all just be called censorship. ADL working with Google whether that is government or not is irrelevant.] Vox Day and others are saying that is just as bad a censor as youtube is bent on becoming. Not a valid option. But it opens the field to Gab - if Gab can take advantage of it. Gab has only two engineers, best I can tell. Three if you count the founder Torba. ... Illegal to run for office in France if you're not leftist. Someone at Google hints at reality. Who remembers Ralph Reed these days? He was young enough then, you'd think he'd still be around. He was a baby-faced chuckie-dollic waxy manlet; more significant than his corporeal little-creepiness was his total and complete jewcuckery.

On Crampus
White student wins - staff to be trained not to discriminate against white stoodents. Yayish? Top 60 schools for jews. Again on jews in Lakewood, N.J., which the greedy thieving kikes have done their best to destroy. Here on orthoyid arrested for jerking off at kids' movie.  Tucky handles an anti-white black-framer.

Verbal War: Reproduction
This is not so much a weaponized term as a term in commonly used leftist parlance. Leftists believe all bad things come from wrongly structured society. Identify the institutions or mechanisms perpetrating the hellscapes, usher in nirvana. One of these hellscapes, one of their mechanisms, as dreams were to Freddie Krueger, is kindergarten - and 'heteronormativity' (treating the 99% of sexually normal as, well, normal, i.e., men or women, with respectives lusts for pussy or dick, is all that stupid, pretentious, jargonicious term means). Yes, we must destroy heteronormativity in preschool - that evil is 'reproducing' Bad Attitudes, the source of all evil. Only a PhD education major is dumb enough to believe this sort of thing. And sure enough, that's who's pitching it. And by pitching I mean parroting. Systematically disabling 'mechanisms' always traces back to the mind and the sense organs. The only way to, say, stop 'racist' (propaganda term) attitudes from 'reproducing' themselves is to prevent whites from observing niggers - or discussing their behavior. And this is exactly what the left tries to do. They can't, yet, simply murder the human vectors carrying Badthink, as they did in the old Soviet Union, pardon (((USSR))), so they must content themselves with shaming and brainwashing, and pushing these mechanisms of dementation as far as they will go. Christ, they're about an inch from putting anti-racist, anti-homophobe posters on the wall of the birth canal.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-08-02

2 August 2017

Notes: Been under it lately after getting back from trip. August will be full of turmoil, I will post what I can. Plans are to record the NOI Leo Frank book, then most like the Kevin MacDonald trilogy. I will be Lindercasting. Short, free-range commentaries on usual suspects and subjects.

Piling on Whites
Corporations follow academia. It becomes popular to shit on whites, corporations see which way the wind's blowing, turn the same way. In this instance it's Procter & Gamble. Shitting on whites isn't just morally correct, it's good business. Isn't it great when all motives come together? We can do well by doing good, the Anglo's highest ideal. That's win-win for everybody except humans.

Science Fiction About Black Nation in America
Why believe  your own eyes when you let jews to tell you what is and could be going on?

Youtube Says Yes to Jewish Censorship
When people search for sensitive keywords on YouTube, they will be redirected towards a playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages.
So instead of getting what you want, you get what (((jew))) want. So the you in youtube is actually a jew. Literally every single comment (that I read) disagrees with youtube's get-jewed position. So if businesses pursue maximum profit, it's odd that that always seems to to entail doing the opposite of what most of their customers prefer, at least wherever politics or culture pops up. An explanation closer to the truth would be the truth: corporations put jewish politics ahead of profits. Few things are as repugnant to me as people who occlude or reverse reality - liars. Gaslighters. In actual reality, Antifa formed to shut down the free speech of Nazis. We remember that article about the SA originally being called the meeting hall protection detachment (or similar). Why did the meeting hall need protection? Because COMMUNIST JEWS sought to physically beat up attendees and prevent the pro-Germans from being heard. SAME AS IT EVER WAS. Also SAIEW is Peej and the boys pretending the people who fought communists -- certainly a lot harder than any American conservatives ever did -- actually are communists themselves. The Germans had a plan to conquer America in WWII. It was mostly pull Uboots up on sand at Myryle Beach and scream take me to your sauerkraut at the golfers. Youtube = google = ADL = "trusted flaggers." With their announcement ADL will be allowed to censor all posted videos, "youtube" has turned its name into a gaslight. As the internet matures, as in any industry, there's consolidation at the top. All the main utilities enforce the same (anti-white) code in pursuit of the same (anti-white) agenda. But so long as we retain legal freedom, this opens/locks in a market serving the actual desires of the white population. is taking investments, and plans, over time, a rollout of the same video capabilities jewtube has.

They dummied a door number with peanut butter and were gone in a jiffy. Sweet home Alabama, where the prison wards are rubes.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-31

31 July 2017

Thought: If most people didn't believe in luck-fate-chance as opposed to causality, a lot of the bullshit explanations we see wouldn't be spread. I.e., we're doing it to ourselves. Or, popular with convervative cowards from time immemorial, it's just something in the ether (the zeitgeist explanation). All this shit just comes from somewhere, never nailed down, for no reason. Versus the explanation that satisifes Occam: itz da joos.

You Must Never Notice the Jew
White liberation means giant heaping piles of dead jews. Guy gets fired for pointing out two jews are top presenters on BBC.

Paranoia Privilege
Margaret Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale. I picked this book up decades ago. It was so boring I quit reading, which is unusual. Nothing but juiceless feminist paranoia. Nothing funny, plausible or thought-provoking. But because her type controls the media, or the type that controls the media is sympathetic to her nuttiness, finds it useful, this dry as Death Valley tortoise dung novel is made into a movie. A better example of far more plausible paranoia would be novel about a future in which jew pseudoscientists claim to have located racism in the brain -- pardon me, the white brain (only) -- and lobby supine Congress to pass a law forcing all whites to have political lobotomies. Now there's some rational and filmable paranoia! Call it Schnarffman's Tale. ... another example of PP is the Russia horseshit. There's literally no evidence of any crime. Yet the media harp on the no-it-there for months. Jews don't need evidence, reason, anything - because they control the press. They can fill it with whichever lies seem most useful. There's no cost to their lying, most of the time. Until the Internet, others could just grumble. But Trump used the Internet to win, and how the majority recognizes itself. Other people think the way I do! Self-recognition. Like a cow waking up and realizing it can stomp a mudhole in the herdsman. Other limelight experts (Kid Rock) with majority views realize they might well duplicate Trump's accomplishment, and act accordingly.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-29

29 July 2017

Do Jews Stop Lying When They Kahn-Kocht a Bible?
The bible isn't reliable history. Modern Lebanese = ancient Canaanites, if you believe in DNA rather than the bibble. I mean, the bibble is muh godd's word...and the DNA is fact. So...(this is me shrugging at jewed pewed you). ... Now, you show this good word to a religious chap...this is why we atheists loathe them: this duppery-do will have fifteen evasion excuses for God's First Book and why it doesn't square with reality. A christian making excuses for God is the forerunner of the liberal making excuses for niggers. The reason atheists feel contempt for christians is they will not hold to any standard. All they do is run away and make shit up and demand respect for their claims and hallucinations.

I Love McGregor's Swagger
In general I like men with swagger, they make life delightful by making me laugh. So CM wears NBA jersey of guy who texted lil May-nig's wife, which led to beating. Jersey now occupied by phresh nigballer who nigsults CM. He responds: "That's C.J. Watson mate. I don't know who the f--- you are. No disrespect tho kid. Keep hustling and stay in school." "Stay in school" lol. Rekt! as they say. Everything but condescending pat on fuzzy-wuzzy's raisinhead. ... Thinking of swagger, it really is a male thing, per biology. Sometimes you see it in females, though. One example is in Kingpin, a great movie, in which the very attractive woman responds to the clown's "you're not his type" with "Oh I'm every guy's type." TRUST ME BRO, I KNOWS WHAT THE PECKERIANS ARE AFTER, nod 'n' wink.

"Shark Attacks Female Tourist While Snorkeling In Bahamas"
Good news, sharks now breathe air, ocean may become safer. Bad news, land sharks may become a real thing. Fucking retarded urinalists.                           

The Rise of the White Hot Thot
She'll cause a your jorts, you trailer-park-dwelling racist scumbag!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-28

28 July 2017

Roundup: Free speech in UK? Yr kidn m8. Yr dugs a nasee - courts n jails 4 trainr. In Canada, they don't like library allowing memorial for woman Kulaszka (sp?) who assisted Christie and Zundel trial, at which the holocaust was exposed as a the holoHoax all honest men know it to be. That ain't nothing. That's an echt life achievement. Immigration policy is yet another tool the jews can use to torture the white community, like "diversity" and "integration." These are all laughing-up-(((their)))-sleeves terms for jews, who must find it difficult to believe whites are as gullible as history proves them to be.

On Crampus
Columbia promoting anti-whitism. As usual. Columbia is where bad ideas in what is wrongly called education get started. It has been a hotbed of kikes for 100+ years. Columbia trains the people who train teachers. It's the ultimate source of much bad stuff. In 2017, that means anti-white crap about privilege (whites earned nothing/stole everything), microaggressions (the nigger rapes and murders? why, that's nothing compared to your innocent question), challenging European pedogogical approaches (i.e., eliminating standards so niggers feel comfortable - dragging white children who can learn to the level of blacks who can't). Columbia takes the dumbest, most easily brainwashed segment of the white community (the type that becomes K-12 teachers) and tells the lemmings they're a change agents for a new world order. Very exciting to numbskulls. Muh Ahm on da cuttin edge. Public schools should be eliminated because they have no legitimate mission; rather, they are all about controlling people for the benefit of whichever party controls the state, and that's all they ever have been or can be. Force children to attend. Force parents to pay for them. Force teachers to use books and lesson plans devised by the central controllers, produced by their guidelines. It may be taken as an absolute rule: wherever blacks deviate from white standards (everywhere), jews will invent bogus deficits on white parts to counterbalance and restore the equality lie. For every black deficiency, the jew is profuse in explanations, extenuations, denials - but in the end he blames it all on the white and his rotten attitude. Yes, always it is the white man's attitude that is the real problem, not the black's behavior. So a white kid asking a nigger if she can touch her hair (typical sort of microagression these doltcogs are being Columbia-trained to sign papers saying they will boldly fight against) is worse than black kids daily attacking white boys and girls in the hall. Actual violence is overlooked - as any -- literally any -- white kid who went to school with large numbers of blacks and was attacked by them. Every single one will tell you the teachers/administrators refused to act on it, and most of them will say the same about their very own parents. This is the actual state of things, and has been for a long time. Reinforcing this anti-white System with fresh shit-memes like privilege and microaggressions is what teacher training is all about. And the big-grinning blonde-simps that become K-12 teachers just eat it up, because they're brainless parrots. If you think from the jew's POV, it's easy to figure out, in the abstract, what jews will do. They invent racism as a catchcall, general explanation for the white-black civilizational gap. Every other invention covers a particular subset of this general problem. But racism is imaginary. There are racial differences. There are people who observe these. Jews conflate these and turn them into the highest crime. Literally worse than murder - many blacks have gotten loose from a murder charge because they said the white they murdered called them a nigger. We simply cannot allow jews to live among us. They hate us, and they work as a team. They take over our mass media, which is the media that tells people what everyone else thinks. They use this to poison our minds. They also move into the schools. Teaching teachers lies, always anti-white. After decades of this garbage, indeed nearly a century, the culture has been destroyed by sexualization, and anti-whitism is everywhere and growing increasingly violent and openly genocideal. WHITE GENOCIDE IS (((THEIR))) PLAN, COUNTER-(((EXTERMINATION))) IS OUR RESPONSE.

Whites Were In America Thousands of Years Ago
I believe that is the most that can be affirmed with factual certainty. Certainly, evidence of whites being here before Asians is talked down and hushed up, but that in itself does not prove whites were in the Americas first.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-26

26 July 2017

Nazi-Germany-Approved Movie about Anglo-Boer War
Not something you see every day, this perspective.

What Jews Do
Continually create new bogus ideas and double standards and spread them thru the media and eventually educational system. Whites either stupidly accept them or chat in outrage about them. Jews are well aware these double standards are ridiculous and unfair. Have no doubt about that. They serve their purpose, though, which is to keep the dull-witted whiteskins forever on their back foot, jaws a-gapin'. So jews will just keep on keeping on bullshitting and winning. For our side, there's nothing left to discuss. Jews are what they are - which is what they always have been: a genocidal genetic clan of criminals. Jews aren't going to change. The only thing to do with them is exterminate them. Which is counter-exterminate, since they initiated genocidal hostilities against our kind. Grasping this is peak jew understanding. (((They))) are trying to white-genocide us, they've even reached the point they can admit that openly. At least their dumber use-group members can (niggers, etc). This is not a complex matter. Yet "we" (unclear antecedent) get caught up in christian religion, political positions and so on. None of that is relevant. The white nationalist/white racial cause is for whites who want to continue to exist as a group - without being controlled by other groups. How we live amongst ourselves is a distant, secondary matter. Trying to bundle in these other various social matters ON WHICH WHITES ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL DISAGREE is useless and counterproductive. They always say, how can jews, a 2% minority, possibly boss around the 98% majority. The answer is: because jews are a group, and the people they fight are just individuals. They win easily. The way to defeat them is to form a counter group.

What CIA-Special Forces Actually Do
They work for the jews. They train terrorists. Jews call these terrorists moderates in mass media. The boots on the ground are aware of this. They passively resist by refusing to train obvious radicals (ISIS and suchlike). Quite a System we have, aint it? Only a conscious group can defeat the jews. Building that group is the white priority, the groundwork is spreading and understanding of what jews actually are and what that means for non-jews, specifically for whites. Jews are so powerful, create such fear in people, that even when they attack people directly and by name, those people, in this case Gavin McInnes, refuse to blame the jews themselves, but blame their actual enemies. Now that is power. A great article by Eric Striker.

Not the article but the video at the bottom: golf traditionally teaches a straight-arm swing; Spieth great champion, doesn't do it that way. So what is the value of tradition? There is no way around it: thinking > tradition. "We don't have enough time to think about everything." True. But we certainly have enough time to think about everything that matters.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-25

25 July 2017

Creating New Double Standards to Apply to Whites
There's crime - the usual, normal, obvious stuff. But crime becomes politicized where jews are given political existence. Leftists (jews) invent hate crime. Hate crime is a bogus catetory that includes real crimes treated differently for political reasons and non-crimes made into crimes. Jew politics operates by way of categories. Special punishment and special preference and privilege are awarded according to the group in question, and its jew-determined relation to other groups. It's never hate speech or a hate crime when jews attack some group they're trying to destroy (whites), but always a hate crime when a member of a targeted group (whites) criticizes a group jews use (muslims, blacks) to accomplish their anti-white mission. In this instance, a white dared criticize muslims. So the cops show up at his door and arrest him. That's not white culture, that's jew culture. We lived in a jewed world - until we do something about it. There is nothing to do about it except exterminate jews. No other 'solution' deserves the name because no other solution solves the problem.

Jews Lie About Everything
"It is not enough to cover up - we must reverse." This is the chutzpah mentality applied to crimes, whether committed by jews (Jack the Ripper, Leo Frank, for two) or  members of groups jews are currently using (nigs, mexes, homos, feminists, etc.).

Media Coverage of Mayfield-McGregor
Thing I dislike about McGregor-Mayfield coverage/reaction most is the snarksharts pretending that the difference between boxing and MMA is as between tiddlywinks and rock climbing or chess or painting. Just completely different and unthinkably incompatible disciplines. Then why is McGregor taking fight? Why is he training extremely hard? If he thinks he can win, as he does, why is his view and behavior ridiculous and this vast army of ant-level experts correct? The fact is, punching is an element of MMA, and boxing is a variant of punching. They're not the same, but they're hardly unrelated or wildly different.

This Style I Cannot Stand
I don't know how long it's been around or where it started. I'd guess ESPN. This "what did we learn"...or "things we learned." Straight from kindergarten to the (((ass media))). Maybe natural evolution of Letterman calling his audience kids, a polite term for retards. Democracy produces people who don't want to be adults; for whom the idea of adulthood is horrifying.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-17

17 July 2017

Notes: I'm out this week. Daily posting will resume on 25 July. I plan also to be out one week in August, and then one week in September. I will be posting daily when I'm here. I will give you my investment tip in early September, before the 10th. ... The NOI book on Leo Frank is on the way, I will be doing an audiobook on that. And I promise, and this time I mean it, I will begin Lindercast-ing when I get back. That's free-range commentary many have asked me for (since we quit doing Goyfire) on passing/permanent issues.  Apart from those, I should be posting and taping daily, and adminning the forum, through the end of the year. ... Varg tells me the app that facilitated our Newsbot is no longer, due to corporate changes. He will find a new solution.

Roundup:  A patriarchal society is one that demands a rape occur before arrest, charge, conviction be made. Very old-school way of thinking: a criminal is someone who commits a crime, not someone who falls afoul of a woman's feelings. Like something out of a dinosaur museum, eh? To feminists, the accusation is the proof. But really, demanding proof itself is misogyny. My characterization of the feminist position and mentality is in no way an exaggeration - just read Jezebel on any one of these campus cases. Google up Jezebel Nungesser Columbia, and watch how Jez has treated the innocent man over the years vs the stupid broad who carried around the mattress. The woman in every one of these cases is referred to by 99% of the commentariat as the victim, even when her story has been completely destroyed, as in the case of gal whose lies formed the basis of the hoax perpetrated by the jewess Sabrina Rubin Erdely and the Rolling Stone. Those who believe in education should study feminism. These people cannot recognize a pattern to save their lives. Duke after Virginia after Columbia, the next hoax down the pike they'll have exactly the same reaction. This is putting ideology, or faith, over reality. The reality is that women do lie. Often. For various reaons. The reality is that rape is one of the most lied about crimes, not one of the least. ... Review of old movie Giant. There's no persuasive reason to believe jesus existed. Bible accounts are every bit as contradictory and bullshit-based as accounts of the so-called Holocaust. Casey on jew Yellen and quantitative easing. The key is not learning from your own mistakes, that's tard stuff. It's learning from others' mistakes so you can avoid them. If not, the cost could be your life.

I grasp the concepts of fun, of vice. But buying lottery tickets.... How is that fun?  The secret to understanding poor people is that they believe things happen randomly. They believe in luck. Anyone doing better than them is luckier. That's why if you loan poor person money, you probably won't see it again. After all, you did nothing to earn it. You just got lucky. If you didn't deserve it in the first place, you don't deserve it back.

Big-Tentism Doesn't Work
You let anyone in, you let in people who aren't big-tentists. People with principles they stick to, and once enough of them are let in by your non-existent doormen, they will take over your joint and refurbish it you to their taste. They'll redefine you right out of existence while using your name. This will confuse the stupid people, i.e., the vast majority. Although catholicism was jewed from day one, there were elements of it that were less jew-helpful than others. Namely, the desire for stable families led to the promotion of sexual control (1) and the cute little story, true or untrue, that jews killed christ and then, with typical chutzpah, said His blood be on us and our children (2). So there was some cathy-content that was less than jew-positive, let's say. But all that could be changed if, via some clownage like interfaith dialogue be instituted. So of course it was. Dialogue is a jewish propaganda term that appears to mean let's talk but actually means let me browbeat you until you sign off on this new policy I've written for you. Catholics opened the door to this type of bilge with Vatican II in 1964, now the jews are trying to force the church to change its theology to something jew acceptable. They already got the church to dump the jews-killed-Son-of-God charge, but nothing is ever enough for jews. They are now working to pretending any healing of rift with SSPX, a traditionalist catholicish sect. Because that might bring some jew-truthing back into the fold. So with typical chutzpathic effrontery, the jews respond "No" to the question is the pope catholic? No, the real catholic is whoever writes the lettesr and position papers for the catholics to sign, some functionary at Big Jew.

Niger Beat
All nigger problems are caused by witchcraft. That's not politics, that's science. Why are blacks fat? Your racism? Why are blacks stupid? Again, racism. There is no point of black failure that isn't explained by white racism. What whites think about blacks comes before the facts. White attitudes are never responses to black behavior. You should know that by now. Why do roses smell sweet? Because we think they do.

Kevin Kervick on his motivations. Rational, mild, right-wing stuff. But I haven't watched enough to taxonomize him completely. Says the hatred of whites has led him to gravitate to the alt-right, but he's worried about its anti-jew aspects. He's not about hate and racism, eh. Not our KK. There's no third K there, altho two is suspicious enough. Smells like a scared, awakening older white man. Believes white erasure and white genocide are real things. Race makes a better basis for society than religion. It's humiliating to the religious cultists to accept that. They prefer to deny it to preserve their pride.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-16

16 July 2017

Roundup: What happened to Canada. The usual. It got jewed. Sex deviants and aliens favored over normals. Rents and real estate prices driven through the roof in many areas by excessive immigration. Here from jew Makow's site on Protocols. Here Heartiste on Trump and Macron. Here on SSPX, and muzz-izzy resistance to any reconciliation with Bergoglio's leftist catholicism. Here on various marxist capital controls (one of his planks of communism) already operating in US. Here on stress of being a man, with a family. New Israel rule denies medical access to invaders. If a white nation did that... ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. Counter-exterminating jews is the only solution that solves. Cuckscreech allgeged-music video featuring Richard Spencer and beatdown of a 'hater.' Fuck the Sex Pistols / We're the Bollcucks, singin' about how life is so easy for the straight white man. Of course the ideology is reality-reversed and the assertions are counter-factual. This is communist, categorical, ideological hatred. Categories by ((( ))). Paddy Tarleton could turn this song around easily. Comments are great:

"Life's so easy when you're bent, You gargle spunk to pay the rent, Don't have to worry 'bout the HIV, Get my AIDS pills off the doctor for free.

Hamburg: Cops On Trial For Resisting Rage For the Machine Riots
They want everything the globalists do except, what?, nowier or faggier? Everything is upside down and inside out in Germany, thanks to whoever is ultimately responsible for Sau Merkel's decisions. Germans bad, niggers good. Rioters good, cops bad. This sick sad world must culminate in massive killings, I surthuse. Let's face it: modern indoors living is basically a German-British production. Once we murder these nations, we're going to be no better than some nigger sitting in the shell of an auto going vroom vroom, VROOM VROOM NIGGA. Thing about types. Like, your Anglo type, and American type is part of that, is all about Me Being Seen Doing Teh Good Thing. The German type is all about Me Doing Something Effective. Same politics result in preening on the first part, wearing a twatcap or such, versus blowing shit up or killing a banker or doing something else genuinely nasty-destructive on the second. Now I may have that wrong. The difference may be not Anglo-German but American-European. If it involves lit candles and teddy bears, it's ineffective quasi-religious symbolism, and I, for one, loathe it. But it is the AmeriKwan way, lo these last few decades. Imagine politics without personalities. It's not easy but you can try. It would be more like garbage management. Do people sit around talking about purity spiraling in garbage management?

Thought: So-called health care is based on the beautiful idea not of relieving misery and solving problems but of creating a second set of utility bills to charge you for living in your own body. Doctors and pharmcos as body landlords.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-15

15 July 2017

Roundup: Remember kids, when you're buying or selling illegal drugs, it's important to be polite and keep up your end of the bargain. Otherwise a kinky-haired Nardo might turn your head into a bowling ball. And bury your pins under twelve feet God's own Pennsylvania loam. Trump removes fed control of K-12. That's a real mitzvah. Historically education was a local thing. That changed under LBJ. For the usual reason: let's have only Washington, D.C., make decisions about everything for everybody. That's what centralization means. That's why centralization is always popular with pinheads and people pushing an anti-majority or anti-normal agenda (same thing). Christians are the type of people who yawp about #Gawd #Faith n #Family and then they stand by sucking their thumbs when Important Jews tell them they aren't allowed to have their christian ideals in schools. Something found nowhere in the constitution. Of course, neither is gunpoint-tax-enforced public education.  Strange that our braniest generation arose when public school system didn't exist. Private tutors is the older way, and the better way. If people want to learn, nothing in the world can stop them, especially with the Internet. If people don't want to learn, forcing them to attend school won't make them. But that's what public school is: forcing competent people to subsidize double-titted nitwits (public school teachers). The dumbest parrots on two wheels. Trump's move might kill Common Core; it's also pro-white, because white men dont need central government to wipe their ass or tell them what to teach their children. And if they do, they're just white niggerspinach, and to hell with them. Something is going on in Australia. Sobran on Islam. We are viewing the prime-time murder of Germany, unless some unseen force rises up to change things. Tucker and kike Boot, another useless warmonger, like the shabbos goy Peters, a jew turd-eater sans pareil. Vox Day on Clooney and the different way the very rich think. Video of (((Weinstein))) getting the white male treatment at Evergreen. Meanwhile, back in God's Country (Penn.), rich diversity, specifically alt-Romanians, is fertilizing a small town to no thanks from the hate-filled yokels who haven't been backhoed to double-dog-dig depth by DiNardo. Alt-same based coon (proud boi) threatens Unite the Right rally.

Unite The Right Isn't What's Needed
What's needed is Unite the White - but only around the right principles: pro-white, anti-jew. If it's about identity, if it's about race, why is the rally focused on some political position? Whites don't agree on politics, or economics. The White cause is for those who value race as the basis of a new nation. So there is no unity except for a brief time and place. Big tentism doesn't work. It's not "our" job to appeal to people but to figure out what we want, declare for it openly, and let people come to us who want it too. What will win the vast majority of people to the white-racial cause is seeing that it will back its words with actions. Brave leadership fronting for white racial defense and sexual normality. Whether this comes from a Hitler, Franco, whatever - the average white person won't care.

"Alt-Lite" is Dangerously Confused Misnomer
It should be called what it is: Alt-Same. Same old anti-racial (hence anti-white) professional (cuck 'n' jive) conservatism by jews (Rebel [read: Rebbe] Media) for whiteskins (suckers). It's not a lite version of the real thing, it's directly opposed to the real thing. IT SAYS THIS PUBLICLY. Christ, the alt-same is MORE principled than the alt-right! How pathetically ironically sad is that? What's new and needed in American politics is something overtly pro-white. That excludes jews and identifies them as the enemy. Not Washington Generals 2.0. Christ...why do you people continually make me feel like a cross-combo between Mr. Hand in Fast Times and the principal in Breakfast Club. What am I saying that is neither true nor easy to understand? REJECTING RACE = LIGHT VERSION OF RACIALISM...HOW? Are you that fucking stupid you need a black scholarship? NOT DECLARING JEWS THE ENEMY BUT ACTUALLY TAKING MONEY FROM THEM TO PROMOTE LIES IS NOT ANTI-WHITE HOW?? Do you even realize that jews operate by front groups? Do you not see that as National Review and the rest were mocked into oblivion by righteous contempt a new generation of Shekelberg's simp-foolers has been summoned into existence, as if by magic. CALL THINGS WHAT THEY ARE. The 'Alt-Lite' is the ALT-MOTHERFUCKING-SAME-OLD-SCAM. Ooh wow. The man stuck a dildo up his ass on camera. That changes everything.

Russia and Trump
All the claims amount to a ball of boring, paranoid jewish lying. This neverending cavalcade of jewcrap is exactly why politics and news in general are inherently boring. It's just jewish lies. There's no substance. Once you get "the trick," (i.e., you grasp that jews simply reverse reality -- and once you grasp their agenda (always anti-White). there isn't anything left to grasp. It's a matter of how to oppose it. When you research the history of the jews and their behavior across time, and the weak, wrong catholic/christian response to them that guarantees whites will always succumb and lose to them, you eventually come to the correct conclusion: only counter-exterminating them as a mass, just like the collective mad dogs they are, as reflected in that Russia story, will get the job done. Whites aren't willing to think that unthinkable (yet) because they've been brainwashed by christ-lunacy to think that turning off their sense organs is higher morality. Sunday School and jewish Monday School have tag teamed to turn them into unseeing dolts who parrot whatever they're told. White liberation begins in the head: seeing what jews are doing to us, understanding how we'd b wise to treat them; figuing out how to organize and do it.

Trump's Win
Has given a lot of people ideas, from jew Zuckerberg to, now, Kid Rock. And why not? Most politicians are lawyers. It's practically the defining feature of changed America, this excess of lawyers. Shows the new mentality. In my generation, practically anyone of serious brains who wasn't into science became a lawyer. That's not a good thing. At best lawyers protect things, but all too often they mainly try to steal things.

US Government Actual Departments
Endless Wars
Funny Money
Putting Land Off Limits

The Jewing of Lakewood
Jews simply ignore goy-law. It's always been this way. Keep it in mind when they whine about immigration and such - they never followed the laws they accused of being biased against them. Jews are always willing to cheat and lie to advance their own. Just as they are always willing to steal from goyim (you). In fact, it's mandatory, according to their Talmud. Judaism, as Yeager says, is not a religion, it's a composite fruit of dozens of ongoing criminal conspiracies.

Conor McGregor is Like Adolf Hitler
Hitler is not really remarkable to look at. He's not huge or muscular, and while attractive enough, not a matinee idol. So what is the there there? It's will. Conor McGregor has it too. Of course he has physical gifts in his line, as Hitler had gifts in his (oratory and leadership) but perhaps most significantly he had the will to see, to feel, what he could become, and the will to make that feeling into reality. So yes, there is a chance he can beat Mayweather. The left keeps clucking how he hasn't a chance in hell, but that's ideology talking more than genuine analysis. It has the feeling of spitting in the wind to me. They don't sound like they actually believe it themselves, they're just doing their usual asserting opp-reality and madly looking around at each other for nod-confirmations. If this were any other form of fighting, Mayweather would be taken out in round one, most likely. Mayweather has much more on the line, is an old guy and retired for two years, and he has to be very, very careful. That's how I see it. I would not bet on either side. The good odds on McGregor are already gone (because the public prefers to bet a little to win a lot, rather than let someone hold its money for a hour and get it back with dozens of times more interest than any bank will pay you [ie, bet the favorite]). They said a lot of shit about the greatness of MMA's Aldo before he lost to McGregor in basically the time it took him to get within punching distance. Of course McGregor can beat Mayweather. Odds are the spritey nig can dance around and outpoint the non-boxer fighter, but if McGregor can corral the shrimpy coon, he can certainly punch through his cajun drywall. McGregor is someone who, for all his 'narcissism,' pays extremely close attention to the man he's fighting. (Very similar to Donald Trump in this regard.) In the case of Aldo, McGregor stated exactly what he was going to do, and did it. Very rare, that. I personally lean McGregor because I think the black is going to feel the pressure not to run, and this will lead him to mix it up a little more than he might, and this might cause a knockout. I would certainly not bet Mayweather because if he were to lose, he could almost certainly make the same amount again in a rematch, whereas I don't think that would be the case if McGregor lost. To me, as a pure fight-for-money, it makes more sense for Mayweather than McGregor. Mayweather has continual tax problems. It's an interesting topic for analysis; there are very many ways to look at it - it's good for instructing someone on how to think. Which is: think like a jew. They're on top, in part, because they look at things from all angles. It's goyish naivete to look at things only as they are supposed to be (i.e., by the rules). I would not at all be surprised if McGregor knocked out Mayweather. He certainly believes in himself, all his background shows this, if you read up on him. He truly is a self-made man, very similar to Hitler. He did it by his will. Everyone has talents, but not everyone has will. It's easy to say will is a talent too, but will can certainly be developed by exercising it, and that's the parallel between these otherwise dissimilar cases. What I really believe will happen is either Mayweather cracks and gets busted in short order, knocked out. Or he does his usual dancing and jabbing, outpoints McGregor, who is forced to walk the line of illegality to corral him into the punching zone. That would be a very dirty, messy fight. I can see McGregor, who is very used to using his legs, finding it irresistible to lift his knees to slow down Mayweather's escapes. He'll also use his arms a lot and even his head.

Verbal War: Word Febreeze to Perfume Coontown
From a Gab poster: I hypothesized years ago that any older neighborhood containing the words "terrace", "gardens", or "heights" was ghetto. I excluded ones in newer communities like my current one. However, thanks to HUD, the neighborhoods like that here are now the source of the shootings, stabbings, and assaults

Thought: Your speech is violence (or hate); their violence is speech. Link.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-14

14 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville, Va.

Roundup:  Attempting to redefine West as what we have now, anti-White jewism. The west is disappearing because it doesn't believe, it lacks confidence, etc. Maybe it's just being murdered. When you define all opposition to yourself as extreme and uncivilized, it makes it hard to understand. All criticism of alt-right reads the same because -- just as it was for decades with white nationalist criticism -- the reviewer/critic is unwilling to seriously consider his own assumptions. This type of review has the form of intellectualism but not the content. Try it. I dare you. Why do whites, normal white people, have any political interest in forced association with jews and other non-whites? Try to answer that question. Here on CounterFundDickinson explained that he sees CounterFund as the linchpin of a parallel far-right economy. The alt-right movement shouldn't fund or depend on platforms that are hostile to their goals, he believes. CounterFund's website sports endorsements from Richard Spencer, the suit-wearing white supremacist who went viral after being punched in the face, and comedian Sam Hyde, whose divisive show Million Dollar Extreme was kicked off the air by Adult SwimDickinson is pitching CounterFund itself as a new kind of political party, one that cares for its community rather than pouring money into candidates' campaigns. It's hard to overstate the degree to which he's willing to take this project beyond mainstream acceptability. Dickinson compared CounterFund to Hezbollah: "Hezbollah is a government within a government. They collect garbage, they operate hospitals, they're an economy within an economy, and a government within a government."
Ron Paul says: The real unemployment rate is at least 50 percent higher than the manipulated “official” rate. Jewing the economy. Promoting violence against Whites. Tucker Carlson with Max Boot, jew. Joshua Bonehill languishes in prison for posting a cartoon on the Internet. You've probably heard the Proud Boys talk about it, them being defenders of free speech and all. NOT apologizing is WHITE. THINKING BEFORE YOU SPEAK is WHITE. Saying shit offhand then retracting it with grovels is conservative. Brave new world ushered in by jew pornographers, results in wrecked anuses of young girls, since jews heavily promote anal sex within their heavy promotion of pornography. The simplest solution to this problem is what I've been recommending for years: KILL ALL JEWS. There really isn't another way. Christianity is simply too weak to cope with judaism. That's obvious. Only an angry racial cause can defeat it, and that's why the jews, who do have most power in the west, tolerate christianity while execrating Nazism.

See, The Thing About Moslemism that jihad is mainstream in it. Except that implies it could be, from some event, sidelined or extremized. Not so. Jihad is a tenet of Islam. There might be slightly varying interpretations of it, but that's all they are - slightly varying. No one in Islam denies that holy war against the infidel is the heart and soul of the religion. Therefore muslimism is incompatible with...any group that doesn't want to be muslim. This is ignored by diversity promoters. Their ideology makes less sense than Islam. Either differences in beliefs and behavior among human groups are trivial (in which case why celebrate them or pretend they form the basis of society) or they are substantial, in which case bloody conflict is unavoidable. Multiculturalism is intellectually incoherent, and the jews who created it know this. It's put out to fool the ones who don't think, which certainly includes most whiteskins / public-school victims.

Parade of Lies
America is a horrible place where a jew can't rape and strangle a 13-year-old white girl without someone getting upset about it. Thank god somebody wrote a gorgeous play vindicating the truth.

Holidays - What They Mean to Leftists
Thanksgiving is about hating your relatives.
Christmas is about eating Chinese food and going to movies.
Halloween is about dressing up as your sex-deviant of choice and getting drunk.
Easter is called Passover, it's about celebrating the murder of non-jew babies.

On Crampus
Diversity scam pays wellAlthough the average salary for a diversity officer was approximately $175,000, at 15 universities the position offers remuneration in excess of $200,000, while in two cases the salary tops $300,000 per annum.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-12

12 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville, Virginia. Why Unite the Right instead of Unite the White? A goup made up xtians, ptards and racialists will fracture on those lines. Group must pro-white/anti-jew, neither negotiable, both public. Otherwise it will go the way of conservatardism.

Truth: Whites retain an immense amount of energy waiting to expend in something actually useful. But it must be overtly racial and overtly anti-jew or the white man knows it will be for nothing. It will either be coopted or sidetracked. The age of euphemisms, codes and proxies must end. We are #TeamWhite. Our enemy is #TeamJew.

Roundup: Sex robots are here and making money for their owners. Anti-White billboard in Saskatoon. We'll have a movement when people start setting fire to crap like this. Daily Stormer moves increasingly toward 100% ironic articles, which is a natural evolution of laying out the incredible, anti-white stupidity year after year. Time for a White Liberation Army. PCR on Russia. Why doesn't Trump fire the streetshitter for publicly contradicting him re Putin? Jews have to be destroyed, and the first step is to treat them as a class. National Review on Nagle's book on alt-rightNagle quotes Marxist critic Mark Fischer’s observation that the online Left is “driven by a priest’s desire to excommunicate and condemn, an academic-pedant’s desire to be the first to be seen to spot a mistake, and a hipster’s desire to be one of the in-crowd.” Forward calls jewess Loomer alt-right. Mike Peinovich divested himself of his jew wife, and he apparently checks out on the Geige counter. Weev was right about Etherium, tanking. Meanwhile gold dipped near 1200 and silver back down to 15. BitCoin around 2400. Here on Hungary, Orban and (((Soros))).

Riots by the bored and the clueless. What we see in Germany, among the non jews, is a stick-up-the-ass people/culture that has been been brainwashed for decades that it must obey the delusion - and has tried to do so, to the best of its very high abilities. That this leads to manifest insanities and absurdities - those are not things that Germans culture so easily recognizes. Europe simply has to have a racial army start fighting back, there's no point in pretending this can be done legally - not, at least, until the army is built and proven effective.

Media Front
Politics > profits. Jew organs will go out of business rather than cease publishing anti-White propaganda. This is true in movies, newspapers and comic books. Jewsmedia organs discriminate against whites. Every time you hear the (((media))) complain about old white men in the media, investigate how many of those shown are actually jews. It will always be most.

On Crampus
Standards are racist because niggers can meet them. You can have standards (civilization) or niggers. Not both. It's always people who are literally part of the System telling us how institutionally racist the System is. Words lose all meaning in mouths of leftists, it's why they're neither credible nor interesting. I mean if, like me, you've watched and dealt with them for four decades. They're simply liars (jews) and fools (whiteskins) and retards (niggers etc.). Where they can control anything, they're totalitarian. In the end, there's nothing to do but stomp them into the dirt.

Niger Beat
Withhold video because people might get the wrong idea about niggers. It how BART do. The reaction is the problem, you see, not the rhesus action. To the state, your safety doesn't matter. Your attitude toward niggers does.

Acting like an adult is anti-semitic.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-11

11 July 2017

Action: 12 August Charlottesville. The big one.

Investments: Gab taking investments now.

Roundup: Feds use bad behavior of Chicago niggers to curtail your white rights. Here jewstream media on neoreaction. Bannon called Megyn Kelly "pure evil." Nah, too weak. Just a scrote-cunt.   "Every single day we're seeing a black person murdered by a white devil caucasoid." Anti-swirl nigress says avoid the noyd coons, no swirling. Blacks use 'coon' as an apeithet. It's not the easiest to define. It has element of uncle tom, but also an element of simple manners, as we whites see it. But again, we must not project our mindset onto these animals for they don't think like our species. To them, the way Bakari acted (obnoxious, grabby, insulty) that's just nigger normal. So they never draw the lesson a white man would: quit acting obnoxious, control yourself. To them, NIGGER IS NORMAL. NORMAL NIGGER BEHAVIOR (as we see it) is just NORMAL BEHAVIOR to them. They seriously dont see anything wrong with him grabbing all the white women, cursing them for not responding and getting violent toward security after not stopping when asked to stop. Blacks simply cannot conceive of themselves as behaving offensively in the eyes of others. Even though all they do is take offense, as they've been trained, when whites try to treat them like humans or hold them to standards. "They didnt lay a hand on his caucazoid friends." And the nigger relates this to race rather than behavior. They truly don't see it. Or pretend they don't. The guy's own friends (white) told him to quit behaving obxnoxously. In this dumb nigger bitch's eyes, the white female caucazoid led the nigger to its being hit on obnoxiously by the nigger and rejected. This is what makes the third world the third world: they can't perceive reality. Need more time in the evolution oven, mon.

Media Front
Trying to form a financial cartel with Congress' approval, to go along with their opinion cartel. If we actually had a free press they'd simply go out of business (and you could read more than one POV on tv or newsstand).

Nazis: Two Female Test Pilots
We've heard of Hanna Reitsch, but there was also La von Stauffenberg. 3rd edition, revised and expanded, debunking of the holocaust nonsense, by Germar Rudolf. Why not just call the book The Holohoax instead of some name no one can remember?

Niger Beat
This is why #HeroDylannRoof is a hero. Every time a white man kills a nigger, God gives an angel a watermelon. They're all criminals or criminal factories or criminal support systems or doting criminal grandmas and grandpas. There are no good niggers. Here's an example, a racially motivated gang rape, by niggers, in Clermont, Florida. Victim: white woman. You remember that nigger who got killed in Greece recently. Plenty of pictures of him with white girls in college, and white simps on camera wet-eyed about the coon's demise. Now, anyone reading this should know how to read this type of story. There is more than 90% chance this nigger initiated some kind of problem that led to his getting his ass beat. And you also know the media will do its damnedest to cover that up. So let's see. I have seen it claimed on Gab the coon punched a white woman in the bar, which led to his beating. I don't have a link to a story on that. The controlled media continue to use the passive voice. A fight just happened. Just broke out for no reason. You know how they roll. But the truth will come out in time, it always does. And when it does, it confirms our views 99% of the time. After all, we didn't form our views until we'd seen some things, man. We're not the left, pressing our ideology on reality till it goes away. ... Niggers bear God's image. They reflect qualities of Him. Valuable ones. Really, of inestimable worth, according to the assay experts within the catholic church, if you can pry them off their children long enough to run tests. Here is some rolling stock of God's Own brand special dark hominid punching a white man. Unlike God, the knockout game does not exist. Keep that in mind. ... "Bakari" Henderson. Do you suppose that nigger's parent was trying to name him after Captain Morgan? Ah, so the rapee was a mudshark: The victim says she thought the men were her friends and was hanging out with them late at night on June 22nd. Whites just seem to naturally anthropomorphize niggers, particularly naive white women, and of course this is reinforced by 'public education.' What they need to understand, if only the hard way, is that niggers don't think like whites because they're a different species. Well, I'm mixing these stories up but no matter. The truth is right here in our forum. Bakari was nigging all over white girls at the bar, who rejected him. Rejecting 'a black man' is racism, so he got righteously violent. Then he got his ass beat, and, as sometimes happens in these things, one party got knocked down and cracked his noggin. In this case, it was the uppity coon. Oh what a tragic loss. A real Greek tragedy. Bakari was a nigger acting like a nigger and got, for once, the deserved response. We'll miss you, McCoon! Enjoy your undergound nig-digs! Maybe in 10,000,000 years a scientist will excavate you as a coony coprolite. Here on nigger violence in New Orleans. Here a white tutors a black, the black refuses to pay, called the coon a nigger, the nigger murders him, the jew refuses to prosecute the nigger murderer. Calling someone a nigger is worse than murder, under the current de facto laws of the United States. Whites aren't second-class citizens, they have no rights at all. They're slaves.What this means is that every nigger suspect will claim it was called a nigger to justify its actions. Of course, many niggers already do that, this will just make it commoner. More here. It's a general problem: the jewsmedia, by sympathetic coverage of outrageous black behavior increase the crime rate.

Jews Lie Always
Reading this book, it's a cartoon history of the world. By Larry Gonick. I haven't looked him up but I'm sure he's a jew. It's something from the '70s or '80s. I expected it to be full of lies, like everything else jews write, and sure enough it is. In the first 150 pages are the lies: 1) women invented agriculture; 2) Egytians were blacks (Hittites were barbarians); one figure remarks how unthinkable it is that whites rule over blacks; 3) says the Aryans destroyed ancient Indian civilization. Just a side remark, the book hasn't got into Indian history yet. Jews know very well that the Egyptians who created the stuff that still strikes us today were not Nubians. They know that. They deliberately lie about it - as they do about everything else. All their lies follow a pattern to make a point: to diminish white achievements and denigrate the white race. And exalt the jews as some kind of noble, civilization-founding people. But that part is yet to come.

It was not a mistake, it just wasn't much. It was a symbolic victory that in practice means nothing unless followed up with 1000 other decisions, mostly reversals. Blaming it for killing British nationalism -- there never was much of that in the first place, and it was civic not racial. Because it's literally illegal to say what needs to be said in the UK, at least directly. So, Britons are reduced to slaves of jews and the muslims they let in to destroy British culture. So quit worrying about politics, it's just war-lite. Time to get to killing the people who took over the island. #HeroThomasMair.

On Crampus
Mizzou becomes Mizzoo when niggers rioted in recent years, and now the school is paying the price in dropping enrollment.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-10

10 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville, Virginia. The big one.

Notes: I merged our two main Hush Crime threads, took Pamela Ross's name off, hoping she will reappear. They are now simply #1 Hush Crime thread here. 225 pages and counting.

Roundup: This african has complete contempt for Germany for its people having no balls. Everything he says is correct. The solution is to kill all niggers and the jews and cucks and christians who let them in. No other solution will work. Gab founder Torba talks about free speech. As Jobbik turns cuckward, Force and Determination rises behind it. Balázs László, one of the movement’s leaders, told the crowd of mostly black-clad muscular, tattooed men that Europe showed an ill-conceived tolerance in the face of peril from its existing minorities and the influx of millions more people. “Tens of millions are added to the ranks of the Arabs, Africans and gypsies who will show no tolerance once they realise the power that their demographic significance lends them,” he said. “Our ethnic community must come first … there is no equality.” Zsolt Tyirityán, another leader of the movement, used the Nazi ideology of lebensraum, or living space, to paint a stark picture of Europe’s present. “World history is made and lost on population, the fight for living space and the fight to hold on to living space,” he said. “Anyone who says different is either delusional or lying. Any way you look at it, the strongest always wins.” He added: “I have race awareness. I am proud to be a white European … And I reserve the right to defend that.”  That's Hungary, nigger! Stuff's going on... In Chicago too, where a precocious niglet has learned to rob people at six years old. That mah nigger! That old-school niggin'. And pre-school. Hey, not fair. He's a gentle midget. He be turning he life around befo he learn to walk. New Yorker stuff on alt-right. The controlled media/left will misrepresent anything actually pro-white as alt-right, no matter what the figures themselves say. Perfect example of my dictum: if you want the truth about a man, ask his enemy: you'll get the worst in considered relief:
Cernovich said recently, in a text message to me. “He fancies himself an outlaw intellectual when he's a soft-faced fame whore who’d be performing in off-Broadway shows if he had the musical talent.” (Spencer, for his part, has called Cernovich and his cohort “liars and freaks.”)
It's like a free consultant's report, eh? Yeah, fuck those "soft faced" fame whores, they should be more like us manly faced tranny-chasing fame whores. McDildo overtly states he's pro-Western, not about race. Hence, not alt-right. It's not socially dangerous to be pro-West, but it is socially dangerous to be pro-White. Most people don't look any deeper than that. They haven't actually thought about the central question: if the West doesn't have anything to do with whiteness, then what is the west? South America? Yet another interview with Nagle. The nonjew left has lost all ability to consider anything objectively. Why would whites want a white nation? To the left, it's obvious such a desire is motivated by something immoral, hence the question is unthinkable. There's no way of compromising with people who think like this. They are lockstep totalitarians who simply cannot conceive that other points of view are possible, just bad characters who need to be put down. Here a history of doxxing. On the deeper meaning of the childish G20 riots.

Big Lies: Christianity. If it put forward its story as a myth, we could cool story, bro and keep going. But it doesn't. So we -- must -- take it head it on. Absolutely essential. Did God turn into a man, die, then return from death? The question answers itself. But if you swallow this big lie, then why would you balk at swallowing any other? Your very soul is at risk when you accede in obvious lies. This is what Semitical Correctness has proved, in later versions of communism. A man who will repeat the lies the jews of the christian cult created for their Jesus character is not a man you can rely on for anything. Jesus turned water into wine? Do you believe that? Jesus walked on water? Do you believe that? Go to a mirror right and look yourself in the eye, and answer that questions. Because it does matter. It's not a light thing in any way, it's as heavy as things get.

Alt-Lite = Alt-Same
Isn't serious, just plausible. Which is all it needs to be. Is all any 'conservatism' needs to be. Because it's enough to fool the masses of whiteskin middle-class goyim, who take appearances for reality. From the white-racial perspective, alt-lite is a serious threat. There's a big market for near-truth. The way it works is, the professionals go up to the wall of off limits ideas. They peer over. They see what's going on, what people are saying. They take whatever they can use. They deball it. They turn it into Muzak. Or Thomas Kinkadery. They put it in their columns. They get reaction. They make money. They sell books. They get invited to give high-priced speeches. "It was all a game, a way of making a living." Which is all well and good except - it leads to where we are now. No genuine opposition to the jews. Just fake opposition that serves individual interests but does nothing for our collective race. Business as usual conduces to White Genocide. The way to break the cycle is to attack not just the jews who set up and run and benefit from the System, but the whiteskin fake opposition (usually called conservatives) who keep it propped up. That has always been my thesis, and it has proved correct. But the attacks should be stronger than they are, and they should be directed at all guilty parties. We should be simultaneously attacking not just the cucks but the church. Not just the jews but the christians. Any competitor for the mindshare of whiteskins is our enemy, Most dangerous are the ones plausibly seem to represent the interests, implicit or explicit, of same. Alt-Lite is dangerous because its people have talent and profile. They SEEM to be pro-white, or at least not anti-white, which feels like the same thing to the average white person in 2017. But we must destroy alt-lite. Our goal must be that the white population sees that we white nationalists are the only true opposition to the ruling System that all the fakes and pretenders are part of. The public must see the alt-lite is just another cell in the judeo-System dungeon for white folks. We must polarize the public between #TeamWhite and #TeamJew. Force them to choose, they'll choose us. Any other group that provides false hope, like the church or the alt-right, must be understood to be our enemy - and attacked. In a purely political sense, alt-lite is more serious than alt-right because the alt-light kicks racialists out of its ranks and overtly identifies them as the enemy, whereas many on the alt-right can't figure out whether alt-lite are their enemies or their friends. That you're competing for mindshare among a population and using some overlapping points does not mean white nationalism and alt-lite are on the same side, it means they are competitors. Rather, alt-lite is your enemy, using your pro-white talking points to push their anti-white, jewish agenda.

Thought: The purpose of propaganda is not to change what you think, but to change what you think your neighbor thinks. People all think they are special and unique but actually even the outliers are 99% like everyone else. So if they harbor reservations about obvious lies, they should be able to realize that so does everyone else. But they don't. Because they're different. They unthinkingly think. This is why propaganda actually works. So when you hear "Diversity is our greatest strength," you say "that's absurd" to yourself inwardly. Nevertheless, you assume that there must be a lot of people who actually do believe this, so you'd better keep quiet about it. And that's where they get you. Actually, almost no one believes this except the retarded portion of the community (public school teachers). Everyone else feels the way you do. Thus is a large-majority view stifled, dominated and politically extinguished by a tiny-minority view. A related conception is that the purpose of propaganda is not to get you to believe its obvious lies but to prevent you from publicly opposing them. They don't need your support, (((they))) need your lack of open resistance.

Plagiarism, An Explainer
This is an interesting subject, one I've never really seen written up properly. Maybe it is somewhere, but if so I'm not aware of it. It's not like these are earth-shattering observations but they are subtle points, yet valuable. It's kind of like street crime like white-collar crime, what I'm going to talk about. The one is visible, the other has to be tracked down carefully over many hours. Plagiarism breaks into two kinds. People only think of the first, because they are mostly oblivious. The first is overt copying of words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and more. Simple theft. Copying someone's words without attribution. Something the meanest intelligence can understand. MLK's Ph.D. thesis is a good example. It was about 1/3 simple copied from another student at the same school, as I recall. That's tard plagiarism. A nigger can do it. The second kind is the interesting kind. Those of higher intelligence essentially prospect for ideas. As few can think, this minority stands out. The clever will read them, steal their concepts, but work subtle emendations to hide the provenance. And this will fool 99% of the population, which is brainless and tone deaf. People who specialize in this kind of thievery, to name two, are Ann Coulter and Steve Sailer. I will write more about this in future days. This kind of dishonest to honest plagiarism is quite an interesting subject, and it ties in with originality. In my opinion, it is unethical to take ideas and phrases from others without accrediting them. I consider it dishonorable and unAryan and worst of all - it's just small. It's a stinky, shrimpy, ugly little thing to do. Don't do it.

Niger Beat
Dawg was a peacemaker an' shit.  He all about bringing people together...with weed. They havin a har time wrapping they head aroun his death and basic math. "A drunken bar brawl broke out" (passive voice indicates nigger guilt). Well, if you watch the news, that's one line of mulattos shut down before it got started. War in.

Bogus Concepts: Edgy
There's the truth, there's euphemisms and there's lies. The truth has undeniable power. It attracts people. People are where the money is. But if you can't tell the truth, and you want the money, what do you do? You hint at it. Wink at it. Talk in codes. Example of (((Laci Green))) (correction: Laci Green is apparently the union of an Iranian and a white Mormon, not a jew). Pretending to be red-pilled to make money once her marxist shtick grew stale and less profitable. Professional conservatism works along her lines. If you look at it objectively, it's the same thing as official leftism: anti-white masquerading as race-neutral. But the truth lies with the racialists: race exists, race matters. Anyone who denies that is not a conservative, no matter what he calls himself. Conservatism by definition is not ideological, it has no problem with facts of any kind, and is against denying them. It's a good label for jews to use, and this has been its professional reality since William F. Buckley justified the ways of Big State Central to Flover Man. As Willmoore Kendall said, "just another liberal rag." Which would make William F. Buckley and all his mini-mes "just another bunch of usless jew-fearing Semitically Correct leftists."

White Literature
What Mary McCarthy said about Lillian Hellman stands for the entire jew race. Every word they write is a lie, including 'and' and 'the.'  The Education of Henry Adams should be read. A man from the top, sharp mind, intellectual, with a genuine American pedigree. That's a perspective worth paying attention to. He knew what America was (had begun as) and he saw in front of his nose what America was becoming.  On Housman as maybe even a Thomas Kinkade of sorrow. Good background on Luther. Here on Evelyn Waugh.