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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-30

30 April 2017

My Corps, Your Corps, Our Corps, NOR-KOR
If there's one thing we love about klassic kommunism, it's the over-the-top ideologisms: running dogs of capitalism, the scurvy hyenas of consumer choice, the red-legged bandicoots of private farming. Anyway, Fatboy Slim threatens Israel, which we can get behind, with "merciless,  thousand-fold  punishment." I can dig it. Here's some video of AIPAC yids being the two-faced pieces of shit jews are. And here on the new generation of kikes swindling up under Trump. Funny, isn't it, that in our land of the free, not a single, literally not one, elected official will point out that the land we give literally hundreds of billions of dollars to has illegal nuclear weapons. Whereas "evil" North Korea will point that out. It's like, if we're free, why are we afraid to mention basic facts? If they're slaves, why do they speak freely?

Trump: Why?
Trump is of the toughness-obsessed generation, yet there's no connection in his mind between i'm-tough and his across-the-board inconsistency between what he said during the campaign and what he's done in office. Lot of ideas out there about why he has done what he's done. RT says Medvedev thinks Trump was "broken" by the establishment. I think it's a number of things. His ideas are vague more than specific, so he has no trouble changing them. The minute he thinks about obstinately sticking to his plan, he remembers he's this great negotiator. He's doing politically what most white men do with their opinions: read something they like, then forget that it wasn't their own idea in the first place. So he's led to do even the exact opposite of what he talked about during the campaign, yet gives no indication he recognizes this, let alone is disturbed by it. I also think his age is a factor. It has to be incredibly difficult to withstand hourly lies from the Judenpresse, which never gives him credit for anything, and gives him undeserved criticism for everything -- and this is no exaggeration, it is fact -- and hears the same crap inside his camp from his jew relatives and his emo daughter they married. Very easy for anyone, let alone a 70-year-old man, to wear down and lose perspective.

Site Review (Part 1): Vox Populi
This is Vox Day's site. The one I used to call Skunky McDoof when he was at WND, writing columns for Joe "Suckpoop" Farah. Farah continues to be a shit-lipped shill for Israel, but Skunky has matured, so I now call him Vox Day. His real fake name. Like Steven Barry, he reserved the right to grow more intelligent. I came across his site a year or two ago, and found it interesting, so now I read it daily. What's good about the site? Insight into publishing. VD is associated with Castalia House. I'm not sure if he started it, but he seems to be its main figure. He's out of Italy. He gives very good insight into science fiction, as a segment of the publishing industry, and the attempts of the left to, as he terms it, "converge" it - or destroy anyone who's not part of the cult. The goal of "Tor" and other publishers is to exchange literary values for political criteria, thereby lowering the quality of published material. CH exists to serve those who prefer literary works. It seems to be doing quite well, judged by the number of titles it puts out. And that's another remarkable thing about VD - he is able to do a prodigious amount of work, and provide a lot of leadership. He describes what is going on in publishing generally (the battle between the big NYC jew houses, maybe half dozen, and the independent self-publishers, via Kindle or Amazon or other), he describes how the money works, and he's uniquely positioned to know about Sci-Fi in particular. He has fun feuds with the clown John Scalzi, and sometimes others. Vox mocks the "dems are the real racists" meme, yet advocates variations of the same: calling the Antifa fascists and nazis, rather than commies and jews. It's not just dishonest in that it's counterfactual, it's confusing to ordinary people, who need to grasp the connection between yesterday's communists and todays jews-communists-antifas-anti-whites-cultural-marxists. The Oath Keepers are a pain in the ass to work with. There was some confusion in the morning bc they were telling people that "the neo-nazis" had been arrested, giving the impression it was Nathan's group. Turns out they use neo-nazi as an all-purpose slur and it was actually Antifa who were arrested... That's from a reader comment. What's so hard about calling communists communists? Name the commie. Name the jew behind the commie. More comments on Vox and his site tomorrow. Your main takeaway today is if you want someone who thinks ahead, works very hard, offers solid traditional Sci-Fi (and Wikipedia-alternative InfoGalactic, and games and, in future, comic books), a one-stop anti-cultural-kikzu shop, Vox has a lot to offer. Now that he is willing to criticize jews, I can respect him. That does not mean he is right in every particular, and I will get into that in coming week.

ESPN These Days
Striker is actually wrong here. People are leaving ESPN in droves, but not mainly because of its lefist anti-white politics. That just makes the decision easier. The main reason they are leaving is because cable is expensive, and they now can stream what they like online, legally or illegally, for considerably cheaper. The less they are forced to buy bundles, the more they can target their tv purchases. ESPN used to be cant-miss sports programming because it was fun and funny. It not only was the best at what it did, it was the only one doing much of what it did. But now everybody has phones and can get instant updates, highlights, whatever they want. So ESPN's advantage is reduced to live sports - for which it has overpaid. So that even slicing 100 writers and "front-facing" people off its payroll does little to reduce lost billions. But Striker is also wrong to say ESPN isn't profitable, it is still very profitable. But its future doesn't look bright because the "cord cutting" is going to continue, and the "sunk cost" of overpaid exclusive rights can't really be reduced. It's probably best put to say that ESPN's tiresome blacktivism lubricates the average whiteskin sports fan's "conscious decoupling," if we might borrow a term from the jew actress Paltrow. It just makes it that much easier and more satisfying. The white nationalist's job is to, as Striker does, keep emphasizing to whiteskins to QUIT VOLUNTARILY GIVING YOUR MONEY TO (((PEOPLE))) WHO HATE YOU, whether its cable channel, retailers or subservient politicians. What could be observed is the actual market opportunity for a White-centered sports channel or website. I have said this for decades. I'm sure Vox Day has noticed it too, since he follows Vikings and NFL, but he's already operating in a dozen sectors. It's a great idea for someone, for sure. There is at least one half-attempt, Caste Football, but it's mired in the fifties-conservative mentality and not real active last time I checked. It's not truly a racialist perspective there, just a racial perspective, if you see the difference. The White talent out there can easily defeat clowns like Jemelle Hill and Group Nog. Contrary to what many racialists believe, the NFL is not a black institution, even though the majority of players is black. The best brains in the league are white. The best players are too. There are many political points that can be made relative to the jewish owners. Many possibilities, indeed. As the Jesuits say, go out and reach men where they are, and lead them back to the true path. That would be a good job for someone. You know, the truth is that whites don't even mind nigger yelping, what they truly hate is that never is any sane white man allowed to make obvious counterpoints. How can someone even get angry about things professional niggers say when a child can see through their self-serving claims. It's just endless eyerolling disgust that the powers that be never allow a white child mental-equivalent to make the obvious counterpoints. It never ends or changes, it's just the same stupid-nigger-backed-by-lying-jew-owner litany. If you like professional football, or college football, then you're forced to put up with it, since ESPN owns many NFL rights. But don't have to pay for it. DON'T.

Somalis Spread Measles in Minnesota
How much do you have to hate your country to bring these walking monkeys into it for your own profit? The US government is illegitimate, and one reason for that is it deliberately and repeatedly exposes its population to avoidable dangers.

Movies & Criticism: Diversity Is The Opposite of Quality
Ooh, a 'film' about a gay nigger of youthness. How can that not win. Ooh, it do! Diversity is the opposite of quality.

Jews: A Doubled-Face Tribe of Liars, Nation-Wreckers and Warmongers
Vicious hypocrisy is par for the course with jews. But what you must understand (and what whites never can seem to get past) is this: they don't care. Appeals to fairness or consistency mean nothing to them, for they are not of your race. If they were white, your pointing out their double standard might work. But if they were white, they wouldn't act like that in the first place. Judaism is all about the Dual Code. That means you treat insiders (fellow jews) one way, and outsiders (hated goyEEM [actual pronunciation]) the opposite. Good old-fashioned kike paranoia here, re Cernovich, who is not a jew, nor a white nationalist, nor an alt-rightist, making a circle with his thumb and forefinger, which is an unambiguous sign of white satanism or something.

People Who Actually Think: Sandman
One of the most perceptive MGTOW, guy is loaded with thoughts. Interesting insights into a number of areas - real estate (in Toronto and elsewhere), future of automation and work, investments, and the right way to build a sex doll/market.

Honest Germans, Lying Jews
Never forget: WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. Jews are the bad guys. Man in the link is Alfred Schaefer, a podcast with him, discussing the holoax and was anderes.

Traditionalism Doesn't Work as Well as Thought-Based Action
Traditionalism is why jews have been kicked out 110x instead of 1x. There is no substitute for thought, not tradition, not hallucination (euphemized as 'revelation' by the religious).

Campus: Missouri Going Down Hard
They kowtowed to retarded niggers now they're shutting three more dorms. But then their medical school is busted for not admitting enough discoloreds. In my limited experience down there, every single intern was non-white, and most were female. But what do doctors matter. We can afford some affirmative action incompetence if it puts more money in discoloreds' pouches. Study finds Democrats are the least tolerant on campus, like anyone needed to be told that about the left, who are best categorized mentally as brainwashed cultists. Striker on the commies going after Damigo at Stanislaus.

Evaluating QBs
Kyle Shanahan (like his father) was unfairly abused by the judeo-leftist media for doing a damn good job helping black QB Robert Griffin succeed. He was abused, fired, but now he's back on top. After leading Atlanta's offense to the Super Bowl, he gets his first shot at running a team, in San Francisco. Good example of knowing what to look for rather than parroting conventional (read: jewsmedia) wisdom like the mob.

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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-29

29 April 2017

Conservatives Are Professionals
We focus too much on their despicable jew subservience and punch-pulling cowardice. Their 'upside,' for them, is they are professionals at draining and profiting from LWA - legitimate white anger. They prevent a revolution from gaining force by sidetracking it for their big business. This is why it is necessary, always, unceasingly, unstintingly, to ATTACK THE CONSERVATIVES. It must always be a two-pronged attack: on the jews who created the anti-White System, and the conservatives who represent the fake opposition to it. And that certainly includes fagofakes like Gayvin McInnes, which means Man of Many Dildoes in the original gaylick, and vagina-lipped Peej Twatson. Andrew Anglin says, "I hate the sickening Paul Joseph Watson/Gavin McInnes meme “conservatism is the new punk." It's alway a variation on this. Before Anglin's time (he is 32) it was P.J. O'Rourke and the Republican Party Reptile, who liked to sex and booze and drug. But Peej the First turned into a bitter old woman, pimping jews wars, just another whoreson courtier satirist, and very much more than willing to denounce his own racial kind and flatter Boss Yid. No, the Fake Opposition will be with us until the whole System goes down, and as they help prop it up, they need to be kicked out, just like jews proper. Ann Coulter is no different. Fawning words to jews, cowardice when it counts. And of course ritual denunciation of "racists" when it matters. She's out for herself, even Gary North can see that; he calls her a waffler on LRC today.

Jews, Communists, Pedophiles: Meet the Left
Are you willing to kill all these people? If not, do you realize they are willing to kill all yours? That's not theory, that's the history of the USSR et al. in the 20th century. Jews are natural born liars and murderers, and they hate whites worse than any other group. Exterminating jews is the only solution that can work.

NGOs on Tape Working with Smugglers to Flood Italy and Europe
As Orban advises, have to deal with these NGOs and the (((Soros))) behind them. NGO = Non-Governmental Organization. Notice the way government(s) work. If there's something they are forbidden to do by law, they either ignore the law or they use a private group, or a foreign governmental service, to do the thing for them.

Words New to Me: Boriqua
A native-born Puerto Rican. Boriqua supposedly name of island before Columbus arrived.

Bog People Are the Best People
Long, interesting one on bog people - people preserved in all their demineralized rubbery goodness in a northern band from Ireland across England to northern Germany and Denmark.

Real Dangers: Performance Throttling
Irish Savant explains Trump's withdrawing 'net neutrality' is his most dangerous betrayal yet. it's about what you access... Its power lies in the ability to apply discriminatory pricing and 'performance throttling' to offending web sites. Term to remember: performance throttling. It's like dreamhost: you can have "unlimited" bandwidth for ten dollars a month - but served thru the world's tiniest straw.

Rainy as hell here in the NEMO, not sure how it is hundreds of miles east in Kentucky, probably not too different. We'll see what happens with Heimbach and crew.

Real Progress: Antifa Database, Courtesy of 4Chan
They do it to us, they have nothing to complain about. Notice how maybe 2-3 doxes were enough to discourage their showing up for round three in Berkeley earlier this week. When taking your mask down has the same effect as cutting off your balls, maybe you're supporting a shitty cause, eh? But if leftists could think that hard, they'd be rightists.

Academia Loves Niggers + Communists and Especially Communist Niggers Who Are Convicted Criminals
Woods on the speakers they like. Nigger terrorist is feted where normal whites are firestormed. Keep in mind what Eric Thompson says: principles protect people. Not the reverse. You already enjoy free speech. What you need to do is advocate white interests. It's being aggressive vs being defensive.

Duterte to Cashier Rothschilds Banking Scum?
Well, he did for druggists, maybe he can do for dreydlists.

The Jew You Flatter is the Eew You Become
US is as dishonest as the jews whose boots it licks. Congress is 100% jew-servile, at this point. Maybe Ron Paul excepted.

The worldwide bleeder didn't fire any blacktivists. Jemelle Hill. Your classic affirmative action hire, no matter what anyone calls it. More on ideology having something to do with layoffs, though I don't grasp precisely what Linda Cohn is arguing.

Two Fences Are Better Than One Fence
Some girls' mothers...are bigger than other girls' mothers... Timeless truth me, baby. Don't know why this story reminds me of the song lyric.

Wait a Minute...Those Aren't Nightcrawlers
Evidence suggests girls have been brought to Michigan from around the Midwest to undergo the gruesome operation since at least 2005. According to the complaint, several Michigan girls have complained to authorities that they were mutilated by Dr. Nargawala in Dr. Attar’s clinic. Welcome to AmeriKwa...stay low, don't get beat.

We Need More Judiciary Jemiahs
As well as describing diversity as an “intrinsic good”, the report said the “lack of female and visible [black and ethnic minority] senior judges threatens to erode the public’s confidence in the judiciary”, warning it could be perceived to be “unfair” that in the Crown Court “those tried are disproportionately non-white, yet the judges are overwhelmingly white”. 
Niggers are an intrinsic good, like gold or silver or a giant pile of two-week old dead carp.

Oh an' Itz On
A non-racial but realist, Aaron Clarey, correctly, calmly explains to the left that (white) men have nothing left to lose.

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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-28

28 April 2017

Notes: weev's article about jew Gersh/SPLC lawsuit, completely fraudulent. Already tens of thousands raised... If you want to join VNNForum, feel free. I'm running it as dictator, that's the only rule. That means if I don't like your name I won't let you in. But I'm not that strict. I do check the admin daily now, so it won't take long. Transcript of Horst Mahler's We Are Fighting to Win. Gold has fallen back to 1260s, Silver back to 17, BitCoin continues to surge, around 1350.

Berkeley: (((Career Girls))) Attempt to Coopt Racial Anger for Fame and Profits
Nothing happened at Berkeley yesterday, Jew Ezra Levant runs a so-called "Rebel" media. He flies in his paid clowns, most notably Gavin McInnes. Who is overtly anti-"nazi" and anti-racist. He and some tits bravely stand up for free speech in their gay bike helmets. Few antis showed up, I think because they are afraid of being doxed. Ann Coulter gave her speech to the fake rebels. Of course, all these people aren't pro-white, and they misdefine America in the ordinary civic-nationalist way. The attempt of these and other PROFESSIONAL CONSERVATIVES is always to turn any widespread white sentiment into money for Conservatism, Inc. They reap money and fame while actually working against the racial cause. McInnes is the perfect representative: it's all about him and his career. Nothing else. It's a small parallel to Trump: you support them hard, they shit on you, while using you. You discuss the details, the blunt racial reality, they leverage the anger you raise among the people for their bank account and fame (or election to office). This is how the game has been played in the 20th century, and it will continue that way until whiteskins become White Nationalists and support their own political organization. When you see a Gavin McInnes, always remember Joe Sobran's words about professional conservatism: "[I]t was all a game; a way of making a living." That defines Gavin McInnes precisely. ... How much longer will it be legal to criticize jews? "Hate" comes to Iowa in the form of a wallet-sized card. The cops are called; the little people shudder and shrink in fear. Jews must be exterminated as a race - it is THE ONLY SOLUTION THAT CAN WORK. See the graphic below: average white people simply cannot perceive the depth and profundity of jewish lying - their entire culture is based on it.

Shit -- lies -- from Wiesel is fed to virtually every American child in the public school system. This is deliberate, overt mental abuse of children, and their parents are taxed at gunpoint to pay for it. Truly it is fair to describe Americans as slaves of the jews. Professional buffoon and jew shill Alex Jones doesn't have the last laugh, no, he gets jewed by his masters, aka his (((cuntex))).

France: Talking About Demographic Change = Hate
French mayor Robert Ménard has been fined by the government for hate speech after mentioning that French children were being “replaced” in schools in his town. Mr. Ménard, who serves as the mayor of Béziers, was sentenced to a fine of 2,000 euros... Meanwhile, in Austria, some clown insists all women wear head scarves to kill 'Islamophobia.' And at The Oxford, not looking a colored crybaby in the eye can be a hate crime too. Has the world gone mad? No. most people don't think like this. But they don't make the rules. The world has gone jew. Red Bull founder is starting some conservative media. Mateschitz is against immigration invasion. Here on Pueblo, Colorado, an unusual town for that state.

US Completely Under Thumb of Israel
...Congress sought to block sales of Boeing civilian airliners to Iran worth $16.6 billion even though it would have cost thousands of American jobs. More on general theme from PCR. Free F-35s for the little hate state that could.

ESPN Is Anti-White
Look who ESPN is turning the network over to. If you take Van Pelt, Smith, Hill, Greenberg, Beadle, Dan LeBatard, and Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre (who likely have a forthcoming show) as, broadly, representing the network’s new core cast, ESPN is looking less white and less male every day, a trend that will certainly continue. And, broadly speaking, these people are liberal. Decreases coverage of baseball and hockey, the whitest major sports by far. ESPN focuses on football and basketball, which are blacker. What's the racial breakdown in the firings? one asks. ESPN is not sticking to sports, its "public editor" says. No sir. It will expand aggressively into nigkultur via Undefeated. So you have the most expensive cable channel losing subscribers at rate of 10,000 a day, but it has no interest in developing a white-sports-fan equivalent of its black specialty section. But that is precisely where the real opportunity lies. Like every other mainstream (sic: jewstream) source, ESPN would rather go out of business than serve its main clients. Vox Day reaction here. Here on Richard Spencer wanting to ban football, and where he got his views on race and sports. Notice the (((media))) always call him a white nationalist now, which they consider more defamatory than his 'alt-right.' When a Mother Jones reporter told Spencer he had discovered that Spencer has dated multiple Asian-American women, and asked how that fit into his idea of America, Spencer replied, “I would rather you didn’t write about that." Thing about Spencer is, oddly, he's not really that intelligent. He is intelligent, he is certainly not dumb, but he is not extremely intelligent, as you would tend to suspect. An extremely intelligent person would not say something like "I would rather you didn't write about that." Do you think the jewsmedia are your friend? Or will listen to your request? There's some degree of naivete there, as there was in the street scene in which he was punched. He was not at all paying attention to his surroundings. What exactly are you getting out of this jewsmedia publicity? is the question he should be asking himself.

Yet More from Pomona: Discriminating Against Whites in Geology Class
My school bedungs itself almost daily now. Whatever can we do to make coons feel good about themselves? Provide more and fresher bananas? More remedial fingerpainting classes? What can we do to make #TeamDindu feel more at home? Tree dorms? As a competent grad of capacious mind, I freely proffer without expecting any recompense the idea that Pomona's many campus eucalyptus trees, girthy and tall, could be carved by competent arborsmiths into capacious, attractive fuliginous housing. If that aint thinking worthy of the designation #daringminds, then I'm not the Top Sagehen I think I am. Call it Koala Towers. Maybe get on the blower with San Diego zoo and import a few cushy bears to make the Jamaals feel at home. You know, kind of show them the ropes.

World's Most Boring Books
I've read thousands of books. Probably over 10,000, I'd wager. What are the most boring? I don't know, because I didn't finish them. But the one extremely boring book that stands out to me for sheer stupid awfulness is the dry paranoia of Canuck feminist Margaret Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale. Utterly unendurable. Pure leftist fantasy paranoia, and dry, absolutely boring, as dust. No, I did not read it all, it withered me quickly. It jejuned me from jump street. You know what was just forced on everybody? Not marriage and pregnancy and babies, but abortion. A leftist judge simply discovered it as a constitutional right and made it legal where it had, up until then, been illegal in every state in the union and the District of Columbia. Anyway, Atwood's unreadable 'noia-bilge has been made into a movie or tv series or something, which I won't watch because I know it will suck.

How to Cook Scrambled Eggs
A quick description. My "traditional" way is not as good as his. Most traditions are like this. Tradition is not some super valuable organic growth, it is brainless animal repetition.

Our Investment: Washington Redskins
Maybe not ours, but that's how I'm calling it. Former DL Francois had this to say about Kirk Cousins. “He hasn’t even hit his ceiling yet,” Francois said. “He’s not that Peyton Manning or that Tom Brady yet, but when he gets to that point, he’s going to be one of the scariest quarterbacks in the NFL. Look at his numbers. Tell me what he has not done yet. To do it in back-to-back seasons, that’s enough said. I respect him so much, he worked on the field, first man in, last man out, he was going to show you he was one of the best quarterbacks in the league.” That's a lot of faith. It underscores the point: the media always see higher ceilings for black players than whites, but the players on the field and in the locker room see the truth. Sports-media racial claims are simply political ideology/sports division. Cousins will play better in his third starting season than his first two - that's the way to bet, anyway. And the Skins got a very good DL in the first round of the draft, addressing their biggest problem, stopping the run. More good signs that our investment will succeed. As it is a bet that the Redskins will win more than a certain number of games. That's not just one number but of range of up to three, depending on how much risk/reward we feel comfortable with. The numbers are not out yet, but we know more or less where they will be. ... The NFL is a tough league; even if you're proclaimed, just fumble a few times and you're on the way out of town.

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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-27

27 April 2017

Notes: Ancient animal bones suggest humans in Americas 130,000 years ago. No human bones found, but it appears hungry hominids of some sort were grinding on mastadon bones. Coulter gives up speech at Berkeley, citing security concerns. The left succeeds again in using physical pressure to no-platform normals. (((Milo))) plans a Free Speech Week, sometime this fall, will last a month if admin doesn't get in line. Jew Ezra Levant is flying his team of rump rangers (fake Rebel Media) in to grab whatever spotlight is left. Trump unveils plans for largest tax cut ever and review of national monuments (he correctly calls massive federal land grabs). Is there any order the president can issue a judge can't block? Stay tuned. Yeager on Trump's obscene, disgraceful and factually wrong lies supporting YamHaShoa, which means HorsHaShit in English.

How Jews Destroy White Nations
Jews work all, and I mean ALL, angles simultaneously. To grasp what they're doing, don't think about jews. Think about how you would go about destroying a white nation. Then compare that with what's actually going on. See? Real easy. You'd promote everything that destroyed communities, families and individuals. You'd force-mix violent retards ('black mans') into white neighborhoods, you'd encourage white girls to see niggers as mates. You'd encourage homosexuality among white boys. You'd define the white character as Authoritarian (Nazi). You'd defame with fake history any force that dared stand up for whites against the jews. You'd promote anti-male sentiment among women. You'd teach them that their own fathers and grandfathers oppressed them, rather than created them and gave them everything they ever had. You'd encourage their higher-IQ women to have careers, thereby limiting their families to few children, and reducing average white IQ. You'd get the dumber ones hooked on drugs and alcohol and gambling, creating addicts and wrecking their lives and families. You'd get them hooked on credit cards with high interest, and sell their proles on middle-age "college" lol that would sink them in the debt of easy federal student loans. You'd open the borders, and bring in barbarian terrorists. Anyone who resisted you'd have special smear epithets for - racist, chauvinist, xenophobe. Anyone who resisted any point in your program would be demonized legally. You'd make it impossible to speak up, either by law or by immediate social ostracism via media spotlight. This is what has happened, as Trump goes to give a speech about how awesome jews are, and how we all stand in awe of them. We must uncuck our race, and that begins by observing there is...NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

Minimalism to get your values straight. MGTOW to avoid legal traps set by (((feminism))). White Nationalism to join with others to change the system. . . . Jews are The Problem. The Problem that creates the myriad small-p problems. But as time goes by, responses arise. And they are effective, even if they are decontexted, meaning that the people who come up with them don't understand the deeper context that gave rise to the problem their solutions address. If consumerism, debt, lack of time, and split-focus are major Westen problems, then minimalism addresses these. Whether or not the minimalists grasp that jews controlling the System are behind the garbage lifestyles the media promote. Same with MGTOW - the various men making quality videos about Men Going Their Own Way do not appear to realize that feminism is part of a broader racial attack, or if they do realize that, I have not heard one say it. To repeat, feminism seems like women attacking men, but is actually jews attacking whites, just as they do with immigration policy and forcing whites to pay and fight in endless wars for Israel. Feminism is a set of rules and attitudes produced by jews and aimed at destroying the white race by making it considerably harder to form and maintain stable families. This is done, technically, by changing the law, so that the myopic, fickle woman is legally empowered to make decisions that rightly, and historically, belong to the calmer, farther-seeing man. Responsibility is severed from power, with the power going to the woman, and the responsibility remaining with the man. This means that from a purely rational standpoint, a man is nuts to enter legal marriage - or even to have anything to do with a woman. And that realization has produced a burgeoning MGTOW not movement but circle of men who realize the implications of the legal/social milieu today, even if, as I must say again, they do not understand the actual cause and motivation lying at the very bottom. Nevertheless, a large number of men have realized what is going on, in practical terms, so many that they have worked out the various implications, and posted warnings to other men not to make the mistakes they did, lest they find themselves turned into slaves by the (((courts))). White Nationalism is the political solution that alone offers an all-embracing understanding of and counterdesign to the jewish system. It understands that it is necessary to oppose Team Jew with another team: Team White. Only white nationalism has a comprehensive solution to the social misery and disintegration inflicted on all white nations by global Team Jew.

Site Review:
This was the main site I read most when mass-public Internet became a thing. I started VNN in response to it, back in the summer of 2000. The better part of 20 years later, I still read LRC, though I stopped for several years. It remains what it was: solid body of knowledge and analysis - with the spine left out. The spine is the jew-explanation that makes it all stand up and move. Foolish WN attack libertarians, from whom much can be learned, when they should be attacking conservatives, as I first advised (in Attack the Conservatives, about ten years ago. The minute they started doing as I advised - victory. Although that victory tastes of ashes now, in light of Trump's collect-'em-all 180s the last two weeks. But the strategy remains correct: polarize the public between TeamWhite and TeamJew. Destroy the fakes in the middle, the conservatives, cuckservatives, controlled or fake opposition, Washington Generals, whatever you want to call them. Notice how carefully LRC, that is Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, and a few others, follow the alt-right, like a silent remora. They strip the jew, but they make a lot of the same points. They won't hammer Israel, but Lewpus will post without comment what the Daily Stormer's Eric Striker has been bruiting: the story that ISIS has apologized for accidentally attacking IDF soldiers. Libertarians offer solid technical analysis not just of the crooked money system run by the Fed, but of (((our))) foreign policy system as well. Ron Paul continues strong as ever, and accurate in his critique. The libertarians are right about most things, but they are essentially a political faction that personifies the truth of the old saw: courage is the virtue that brings the others to life. Without courage, you can't do anything. The libertarians lack that courage, and they more or less know it. They know what they should be saying but won't. But this doesn't make them our enemy, it makes them too weak to be real competition with racialism, and so the right way to treat them remains what it has been since 2000: study what they say, and use their valid arguments. They are not just great for technical analysis of the Fed and foreign policy, they have many good ideas for how whites can live among themselves, once the jews are vanquished. Of course they would never put it that way, since they are doctrinally individualist, but that is the deeper meaning of what they right. They offer good ideas anyone can borrow. So no need to hate them or do more than laugh at them for deciding to be little men rather than big, I always think of libertarians as interior decorators, with both the good taste and wimpiness that connotes. Just use them, use their arguments. They are not a threat to white nationlism - that's the conservatives.

WeSearchr Raising Funds for Anglin's Defense Against SPLC Barratry
Why Gersh v. Anglin is a flagrant violation of the rights of the whole Internet to criticize public figures. Tanya Gersh attempted to extort Sherry Spencer out of a building, and yet she gets to play the victim and try to silence her critics? In the complaint Tanya Gersh makes risible lies about how she was simply just trying to help Sherry Spencer after making public condemnations of her building funding racism in the press. If this is not fought, a major alt-right press outlet will die and history will record Gersh's wicked lies of just being a helpful realtor trying to faithfully assist Sherry Spencer, instead of the truth of her being a contemptible manipulator trying to steal from the mother of a man she would see silenced. Constitutional scholars unaware of the lies of Tanya Gersh are already noting the Constitutional problems with the case: The biggest problem for the Southern Poverty Law Center is that the worst comments are not made by Anglin himself, the defendant, but by third parties, Banville said. Legally, under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, anyone who publishes online isn't responsible for comments generated by others. Beyond that, the complaint doesn't even establish that authentic Stormers are even responsible for any of the threatening language Gersh took issue with. Just last month, ADL's Director Oren Segal was attempting to pin the blame on a contributor to The Daily Stormer for a series of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers. The FBI later discovered that these bomb threats were made by an Israeli national. We all know who is really responsible for violent anti-Semitic threats all around the world. It is the same people every time. Gersh's own people forged any and all threats to her. This case will be blown open so hard when Tanya Gersh's lies are revealed in a court of law. Destroying white institutions by getting them to waste money on lawsuits is an old jewish/SPLC tactic. I hope there is some way that Anglin and Stormer can countersue this jew Gersh for extortion, because her behavior, if accurately reported, certainly fits that bill. This would require the aid of Richard Spencer's mother, and she has already made air between her and her innocent son by saying she and his father don't like his politics. Never let jews drive a wedge between you. If you don't like your relatives' politics, take that up with them privately.

Keeping It Real Estate
Keeping it real videos...for men who might think about getting involved with women or houses... Sandman's ideas. Turd Flinging Monkey says courts don't care about your prior signed agreements (with a woman) (like a prenup), they will simply discard them and subject you to ordinary gynocentric law. "You can't fix it; just walk away," he says. Howard Dare on safeguarding your health, extremely important for men. More on ESPN spiral, after 100 layoffs yesterday.  They try to deny leftist politics has anything to do with ESPN's decline. It's not the main reason, but it is certainly a contributing factor. Whiteskin leftists don't think they're leftist, they think they're normal. Just as they couldn't understand how Trump won, when all their fellowesses hated him, they can't understand why normal white people (their audience) don't like uppity coons whining for special privilege.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-26

26 April 2017

Notes: Coulter speaks at Berkeley today, violence possible if not likely. YAF, who originally invited Coulter, cucks and ducks. Trump caves on wall. (Next year!) Judge blocks sanctuary city funding removal. Gold drops to 1260s, silver back to mid-17, BitCoin surges to 1280. Macron is Rothschild-groomed Bilderberger. How Trump works. The left feel they have enough institutional power they can get away with not following the law. The judge who rebukes the president knows he will be celebrated by his brother leftists in the press. To change this, the right must do something bold - either kill these judges or, from Trump's position, arrest them. Until either of those happens, the garbage will continue. Left media must be destroyed. Rise of Tucker - galvanized by being "destroyed" by jew Liebowitz. No one's safe from Facebook thought police.

Can't Help Niggers
You can't. That's all. You will likely go the way of Zaida Catalan if you try. But really, try thinking before acting. You want to "help" people who can't supply themselves with running water. Don't just blip over that, think about it. Tease out its implications. So if you set up a water system for them, why do you think they will be able to maintain it? If you knew any history, you would know that Africans are completely incapable of maintaining any kind of infrastructure. You can give them trains and diesels and whatever you like, but the minute they break down, the African is bereft. Because the problem is IQ. It ain't there. The only way to "help" an Africa is to treat it like a wild animal, and isn't the whole point of your ridiculous ideological fantasy that the blackamoors are "really" our equals? Maybe it's time to flush your headshit and accept reality, eh?

Jews Brag About Murdering Europe
We must counter-exterminate them. Jewsmedia cover up nigswarm on BART.

The Three Realizations

First realization: jews are the problem.
Second realization: counter-exterminating jews is the only solution (not demanding equal rights or expulsion)
Third realization: christianity is the main reason Whites have failed to defend their race.

We're 1/3 of the way there...

VNN 1.0 taught the world, as much or more than any other source, that jews are The Problem, and that all the other problems spring from them. That great truth, that first truth, has been accepted by the vanguard (whites on the internet). It is VNN 2.0's mission now to get people to grasp and accept the second and third realizations.

"Science!" Ejaculated the Liar
Marx. Mary Baker Eddy. Climate alarmists. What do they have in common? They can't sell their rotten vegetables as politics, so they sell them as science. But only fools eat them. Nearly everything claimed about mental illness is wrong, and most of it is lies. Brain imbalance is bs. Mental illness is bs. Low serotonin is bs. Your basic position should be disbelieving anything you hear from a psychologist or psychiatrist. None of it is founded in biology or honest research, it's all just a bunch of lies to sell drugs or sell the talking cure (sic).

Realizing they are pussies...
Antiwhites or communists (calling themselves Antifascists) start practicing their guns... Shitskin culture.

Pomona: Goddess of Fruits and Nuts (The Nuts Being Nigger Toes)
The cunkies are baying again. Don't hire "white" sociologist Goffman (Wild guess it's a jew). Yep, it's the she-offspring of a very famous jew sociologist, one who's cited in Ordeal of Civility, and possibly also Culture of Critique. Drop admissions standards for blacks, the blacks you admit will soon demand dropped hiring and performance standards as well. You can have civilization or coons - not both. Here on the white privilege conference, 18th annual, coming to Kansas City, which is home to at least one professional jew anti-white. This "Globalist Girl" thumbnail is precisely the type a school like Pomona produces.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-25

25 April 2017

Stay Off Them Fucking Head Drugs, Good White Men and Women
Not heroin and coke, but prescribed head drugs. Life is not meant to be easy, it is largely a struggle. You're not going to be happy 100% of the time, and happiness is nothing to aim at. If you have fallow or "down" periods, that's ok, perhaps even necessary, certainly inevitable. It's ok to be reflective. Happy, bubbly energy that wastes itself is what you're shown on tv, but it's ok to read and think and reflect. It's ok to be serious.

Colored "People"
All they are is a giant mouth. Out if comes stupidity, and loud. Into it goes food paid for by white people.

Events: Berkeley and Pikeville (Kty.)
Ann Coulter will speak at Berkeley on the 27th of April; Matt Heimbach and his Trad party will hold a conference in Pikeville, Kentucky, on April 29, and the communists plan to show up. The jew-left can only be compared to mad dogs. They insist on dictating to everyone else. They will not allow anyone else to speak, for they don't believe in any kind of tolerance. They don't care what thte law says. You either succumb to them or you physically fight them. The time has come to fight and destroy them, it is quite clear. And I'll repeat, so you know, they don't care about distinctions between our various tendencies. Whether you're a traditionalist, a royalist, a conservative, a national socialist - it's all the same to them. They hate you for your race and think your kind should be exterminated. Even though the differences between our tendencies do matter, and hugely, on the battlefield, we work together because it makes sense. If you're white, normal, and you like white life, then you are on the same side, like it or not. The rally starts at 2 PM EST at the courthouse in Pikeville.

Erase the Monuments > Erase the Men
Where jews rule, history becomes lies. Lies serve the coloreds who are brought in to replace the whites. More on New Orleans anti-White hatred. Arkansas proves it's more civilized than Europe. NBC asks whether tearing down monuments is like erasing history. I wonder what the answer will be.

Israel Controls America: Refuses to Extradite Caller Kid
Brazen, shameless, yeah we know all that. We give these jews tens of billions, they do nothing for us in return. The cover story is ridiculous - this kid and his father are connected to IDF and Mossad and high tech. ISIS apologizes for attacking Israel. Big surprise that the world's foremost torturers are on the same side - the side Trump backed with his bombing. Idiotic jew Friedman openly supports ISIS. Teresa May, a woman repulsive in all ways, with a face like a 20-day-old Danish, backs an expanded definition of 'anti-semitic,' the idea being that anyone who says something jews don't like may be thrown in jail.

Real Estate: America's Most Dishonest Industry
Real estate is the most shameful industry in the world. No other industry is so characterized by incompetence and deception. If you try to sell a pack of chewing gum on Ebay and you misrepresent it, you have to accept a return. But in real estate, it's not merely acceptable it is par for the course to try to pass off buildings with massive structural problems as quality items. Just redo the interior, throw in granite counters and a new sink, paint it, and maybe the sucker will bite. The used-car industry has always had a poor reputation, but it's real estate that actually deserves that far more. With used cars, you either get a "no warranty" up front, telling you to beware, or you get a checklist of guarantees the shop will stand behind if they prove inaccurate. That's exactly what real estate needs: a 23-point guarantee like Johnny Dingo's Mazda Emporium. Most houses on the market sell within 180 days, maybe even 90 days. So what I propose is possible. You need a warranty on the roof, the foundation, and the support beams/wooden infrastructure. That's the guts of it. The rest is cosmetic. What you have now is a massive waste of time. A seller in any other industry would feel a fool for quite literally not knowing what he or she is selling. All real-estate agents are is door unlockers and isn't-this-greaters. Waste of time. They are rolling the dice someone can be suckered into buying a house without structural integrity, so they can make their few-k commission. In vast swathes of the country, houses under, say 150k, are seriously structurally messed up. And the sellers has done a cheap, quick makeover on the interior to try to trick someone. A more absurd, dishonest industry is inconceivable. Here's a MGTOW with a bunch of financial advice. And starts to touch into minimalism. Let me put it this way. If you want to make a million dollars fairly quickly, here's the way to do it. If I were 18 and in great health, this is what I would do. Get a real estate degree. Find a reliable, capable inspector. Work out a deal to pay him to confirm your checklist for houses you'd like to sell. Build your client base around your being a non-clown agent: SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS SELLING. Don't try to trick anybody. Sell honestly appraised, honestly inspected, honestly valued housing. Within a few years, you will have a reputation that puts you far apart from the average real-estate dealer, who is not merely a hobbyist but a clown. A clown who at best wastes your time, and at worst is essentially engaged in a form of legal criminality.

Polling in France
In 2016 there was a new change in the law and now everything is on the web so everyone can consult it. Interestingly, now there is no more underestimation for the extreme right. Pa Le Pen weighs in with some criticism. "I think her campaign was too laid-back. If I'd been in her place I would have had a Trump-like campaign, a more open one, very aggressive against those responsible for the decadence of our country, whether left or right," 88-year-old Jean-Marie Le Pen told RTL radio. Funny how sticking to their guns works for jews, but silly goyim always throw away winning positions to appeal to jew-described moderates. Good example of loopy jew paranoia, from Joe Conason. Nothing is ever pro-itself, it's just anti-jew. There is no solution except to exterminate this race. They will not change, all history shows that. Everything they do is a lie, and everything is intended to destroy normal white life, which they defame in some manner in every article in their media.

Leo Frank: The Ongoing Lie
I have a "Leo Frank" news alert on google. Every couple weeks, a new article appears. If it discusses the case, it is a bunch of lies, like the article linked in the title. But most of the alerts concern a dramatic production called "Parade," which the jew is treated as the victim. The jew who strangles the 13-year-old white girl is the good guy, and the entire South (and White race) is the bad guy. Jews are a race of congenital liars. The only way to stop them from destroying our culture and genociding our race is to counter-exterminate them first. I post all new Frank-Lie articles in this thread.

Trump Admin Fullcucking for Israel
He really has turned out to be nothing but a fat jackass. He's like many who come into WN: he doesn't recognize the impersonality of the jews and their agenda, so he wrongly believes his personality will win people over. Anything personally distinctive about him will simply become a hook for them to hand their attacks on: they'll distort his character in their comedy (SNL), they'll attack his skin color and hair color, they'll make up lies about his intentions. Nothing must be allowed to interfere with the progress of the white-genocidal agenda. The takeaway for honest white men is that jews must be made extinct. That is the only way to deal with the problem they present. More here. Foolish talk about stamping out "anti-semitism," which jews themselves admit is a scam. It all begins with pride and self-respect, and you don't find those among christians.

College These Days
Auburnoids not even aware of terrible hush crimes and nigger football crimers on their own campus

New Trend in Faggoting
Does it involve endangering others for physical pleasure? You know it does! They're faggots! It what dey do.

MGTOW: "I'm just being truthful"
It doesn't always happen, but it happens often enough one must be wary.

Term: Convergence
Gab from Vox Day: Convergence: the process of transforming A into NOT-A, while still calling it A. It works well enough, but the correct name is really "revolution within a form." Or, from a well known movie, "Tommy Boy" (1995), Zalinsky (cheap jewy) parts inside a Callahan (top quality) box.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-24

24 April 2017

Notes: Le Pen will be in second round, along with Marchon. The entire establishment supports Marchon, to keep the EU scam in place and suppress the nationalists. Gold starts week at 1284, silver a shade under 18, and BitCoin at 1250. Gold went up 25x between 1971 and 1980 (35 to 850), and from 250 to 1930 between 1999 and 2011. New Orleans removes first of four Confederate statues.

Christianity = A Doctrine for Simps
Christianity is a reduced, weak man's reduction of judaism. It's for everybody, it has no real demands. This from Gab: Please say a prayer that Le Pen wins and for French that haven't voted yet to stop playing boules and go vote. I firmly believe our prayers were what got Trump those 50000 deciding votes. Prayer matters. Typical loserthink. Jews like Howard Stern talk about masturbating; the christian equivalent is talking about praying. Wow...Trump's family was into Norman Vincent Peale, the crank behind The Power of Positive Thinking. That really speaks poorly of him. Religion never has or will be anything but the weak man/little man's attempt to deny causation so that he can remove the burden of responsibility from his shoulders and live peacefully as an animal. Trump goes into cuck overdrive at WJC. We must never again those imaginary six million. Hey, Trump? How about calling for a return of the security money the jews were awarded based on threats that turned out to originate with a kike(s) in Israel? Jews are never held accountable for anything, you will notice. The correct policy toward jews, the policy toward jews that is good for Whites, is to exterminate them as a race. Nothing short of that will suffice. That is the lesson of history. It doesn't matter what people like MacDonald and Jones say, they are living in fantasyland.

Trump Does Not Understand the Media or Its Agenda
Thought press coverage would get better after he won.

Movies: The Red Pill (2016)
Can be torrented. Girl slowly wakes up to realize that feminism is a giant lie, it's men getting screwed by courts, lied about in media, having their serious problems ignored or laughed at by (((society))). She never really breaks through completely but it dimly dawns on her. Better than this movie, just watch a bunch of Karen Straughan videos. There are two main responses to feminism: men's rights movement and MGTOW. The latter are those who see the anti-male double standards in the System and so choose to avoid women and relationships, and focus on themselves. The men's rights people attempt to engage the Systems and move the rules back toward fairnesss. But feminism is entrenched, loud, with complete media support, so that it's difficult for a handful of men defenders to do anything. Perhaps the main point is that neither MRM or MGTOW understand, or publicly mention, that the reason laws are twisted in women's favor is ultimately a racial, not a sexual attack. The jews who have promoted (and usually written) these laws are trying to destroy white families, ideally by preventing them from being written. It's not women who created this legal infrastructure. But that is not easy to see because the feminists are out front. But even there, most of the leading feminists are jews. So, like conservatives blaming blacks rather than the jews who forcibly inserted blacks among us (bringing them to the Americas on the slave ships they owned, first, and then destroying the Constitutional right of free association, later), the men's movements blame women rather than jews. They're myopic: they don't see the biggest picture, which is this: feminism isn't an attack on men but an attack on whites that makes use of an attack on men. It destroys white families to elevate poorly reasoning, weak, fickle women over better thinking, long-term-considering, stable men. We can rely on MGTOW and MRM for specific ideas related to self-development and what is wrong with the system, but it takes a racialist to true-context these movements - it is not evident that any of the people in these two spheres truly grasp the elephant they're touching. FEMINISM IS THE SYMPTOM, JEW IS THE DISEASE.

Emotional Continence, It's Called
(((Dalrymple))) is right. Keep your problems behind your teeth. Everybody has them. Most's are probably worse than yours. When you want to cry in self-pity, keep this true statement in mind: Eighty percent of the people don't care about your problems; the other twenty percent are glad you have them.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-23

23 April 2017

Notes: French vote today. Erin Moran died. Couple more muslim rapes/judge let-offs in Sweden and US. Nasty faux-blonde jew Schlussel accuses Hannity of drooling at her. Retards held what-they-call science demos yesterday. Support jew agenda or you hate jews. Support leftist politics or you-hate-science. See the pattern? Leftism has only one approach: smear anyone who diverges from The Lie (called Narrative). When you oppose jew-left, you oppose morality and science. But only because you're an evil hater. Wide-ranging Salon piece by a dooga on 'White Supremacy." I don't want to read it, but it touches on everything (except, I'm going to guess, it being legitimate for whites to have racial interests and pursue them).

Things I Love: Good Weather
I love everything about good weather. I love getting up early with the sun or before it. I love the quiet. Even the filthy amateur-dogs called birds can't wreck it with their yipping. I love not wearing clothes. Just makes life easier. You can get more done in the 4-9am frame than any other time of the day, and it's more pleasant on top of it. What do the good people of the midwest do in the spring? They hunt turkeys. And morel mushrooms. They fry the mushrooms in butter and eat them. But only if they can't sell a pail of them to their fellow Middies for twenty or thirty dollars a bucket on Party Line.

Concepts: 'Nation of Immigrants'
The history here. This is a deliberately dishonest (no need to say that) political invention of jews, which they pay goyim to recite like retarded parrots. Good history tracing the origins and rise of the term. At the time of the nation-wrecking Hart-Celler act in 1965, only 1-in-20 residents were immigrants. What the fellow leaves out is that the ADL paid JFK to front a book based on the false meme, "a nation of immigrants." Here's JFK sucking hard, "We Are A Nation of Immigrants," speech delivered at ADL's 50th annual meeting (1963). I believe JFK allowed his name to be used on a book of same name (JFK had people write books for him, you cant trust any words are actually his). Jews always lie. They pretend to speak for your community, and part of carrying off this charade is falsifying your history.

What becomes of a continent that no longer acknowledges or responds to threats. A girl gets chopped in two in Sweden and a high politician says that's the price of an open society. This cannot last. It's going to break one way or another. Either sanity will reassert itself in racial nationalism or Europe will become Muslim. Pretty much everyone realized that by spring 2017. Another example of the daily outrage from Sweden.

Speech Pathology
Have you noticed all these things pop up in the last 20-30 years? Back in the 1970s, there were no 'autistic' kids, no ADHD. There were retards, but not teeming millions of 'special needs' fleas. Nor were there billions of "speech pathology" majors. Where did all this come from? Today, special needs teachers-slash-speech pathology majors seem as common as "education" majors. Just how many defectives are out there? Is half the country retarded? Where did all the tongue-tied come from? Who are these populations that need a speech pathology instructoress?

Army of Dunce
How many green niggers do you think realize the attitude of the Founders toward standing armies? Less than one percent is my guess.

The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution. just started this book. I've gleaned so far: the revolution was accomplished first in the MINDS of the people in the 1760-1775 frame. The main political vehicle was PAMPHLETS. Millions of them were written and printed. It was the perfect form back then. Great fear of POWER - man dominating man. It was felt that power was inherently oozy. It hates limits. It's very hard to limit. Figuring out how to limit it was great obsession. Finally - great fear of STANDING ARMY. Such as we have today with Our Paid Heroes. At best they are parasites. At worst, they become dictators.

"Case of the Heart"
Everything horrible about America summed up in this stupid statement from the president. Feelings > law. That's a fucking dictatorship. Just do whatever you feel, screw the written law. Our country and thinking have degraded to such a point that people don't even recognize what is wrong with this. In a mature democracy NO ONE is safe from the laws, which have multiplied like rabbits on fertility drugs. So there's always something you can be tripped up by. But at the same time, they could do the same thing with no laws because they just make it up as they go along. Just do whatever feels good to you and if you're pushing their agenda, the jewsmedia will back you up. These so-called DACA larvae broke the law when they came here. That makes them criminals. We the citizens have the right to expect criminals to be punished. Otherwise, what is US citizenship worth? Actual American citizens have less protection from the law than colored criminals. Good point here: Since DACA was an Obama executive order, it is entirely within Trump’s power to reverse DACA and issue another executive order in its place.

Eric Clanton, the left coast professor who attacks people with bike locks. List of videos from MGTOW is Freedom. Average guy burned by the System's take on divorce. Men tend not to pay much attention to women, but this is a mistake. Their entire being is oriented, biologically, toward manipulating men. Given a man-hostile legal infrastructure, there is no end to the damage they can do to you. Know this going in. That is the entire point of MGTOW - learn your lessons from others, not from your own bad experience.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-22

22 April 2017

Notes: French election pending. Gold 1280s, silver 17, BitCoin 1240.  NFL schedule released (important for 'our' speculative investment). 

The Culture of the Left is Systematized Lying
One reason politics is so uninteresting is the monopoly control the liars have over the media. They dominate the discourse with their gaslighting. What can be done except kill them? Not much, except on the internet, where we can point out their lies. This helps some. But at the same time, the left, greatly consternated by anyone anywhere being legally free or having the technical means to point out its lies, moves for a Great Gleichschaltung of social media, which is to say the Internet. "Shut it down," they cry. Don't let anyone point out our lies in any medium. Don't let anyone criticize the Soros-Merkel Muslim invasion of Germany on Facebook without being jailed. Don't let any Google search for the truth about interracial crime return valid statistics. Define all opposition to leftism as hate, and make it illegal. No one with the wrong attitude should be allowed to hold a job. Every hater must be identified, shamed, and silenced. This is the left. It is led by jews, and jews set its agenda. Defeating the left means defeating jews. Liberating whites means defeating jews. Pretending jews are liberals and stupid is the ploy of the fake right - the cuckservative career girls who exist to sell books and make tv appeparances (so they can make profitable speeches) by posing as fake opposition to The Rulers. Real White resistance begins with naming the jew and ends with the successful extermination of that species. Kicking the Kahn down the road, as has been done 110x, including by Hitler, just sets the stage for more white abuse. Hitler kicked the sex freaks and the Frankfurters out of Germany, all they did was set up shop in the USA. They gave thousands of their cohorts fake PhDs, spread them out all over the country, as "higher education" metastasized after WWII. This clever action allowed them to dominate the newly supersized academy. It was one of these booted Germans (Marcuse - see yesterday's LDC) that came up with the idea of "no platform for the right." Only the "marginalized" (ie, niggers, sex deviants, any other 'minority' class the ruling jews create or use to attack whites) should enjoy free speech - and always to criticize the imaginary establishment. Normal whites, now called right-wing extremists, haters, nativists, racists, ultra-nationalists, homophobes, etc etc, fresh bread baked daily, must be "no platformed." Decades later, the students are so brainwashed and hothoused they can't even tolerate some milquetoast speech from a fake conservative career girl (Ann Coulter, Milo the jew Yiannopoulos), let alone the real thing. They riot at the very thought of hearing something opposed to the lies they've been fed from kindergarten through college. The takeaway of all serious political analysis in 2017 is that Jews cannot be allowed to live in white countries. Jews cannot be allowed to live at all - everything they do destroys our kind. Vertical expulsion is indicated. Don't sweep them out, bury them under. Deal with Israel as we must, given its nuclear weapons. But get in a position where we can destroy Israel too with one solid attack. This is serious White politics. Everything else is clowning. The religious solution, to convert them to christianity (Sicut Judaeis Non, the catholic policy for 1000+ years) -- has and MUST (the important part) fail utterly. Because jews are not fellow men who need the "good news" about Jesus, they are a biological competitor with our species. And one who have made it clear they seek our genocide. Christianity is a clown response to a serious challenge. It must be dumpstered by men who are strong enough mentally to see that race is where successful social organization begins. We can only live truly among ourselves. If we're forced in with other races, the lowest common denominator drops to nigger level, as Putnam has showed. We clam up, we don't talk to neighbors, we live a half-life indoors, scared. Outside is ugly, confusing, often hostile. The mission of the left, which is (((left))), is to reduce whites to slavery and then nonexistence. The left opposes both the first and the second amendments - and if the freedoms in those laws hadn't been stated explicitly, they wouldn't exist today. But they are, and the left hasn't been able to do more than chip away at them. If they are effectively canceled (revoked or, more likely, revolution-within-the-form-ed [interpreted to reverse their plain, stated meanings]), then whites will have no way to defend themselves at all, and the endgame can play out quietly. What threatens the System is whites realizing that their race matters above everything else. Including the bogus universalism of christianity, which is the original reason whites wrongly think they have any connection whatsoever to other races. Christianity provides the spiritual/psychological basis and foundation upon which jews can construct their political lies, getting us to worry about red herrings like "race relations" and "racial gaps" and "inequalities" and "racism" and the rest of the garbage. Whites have no necessary connection to other races - all they do is drag us down. We must think solely in terms of our own interests -- what is good for Whites -- and that means getting rid of every last jew that infests our nations. That's job #1. Whites reachieving sovereignty over their own lands means exactly that - it is in no way differentiable from getting rid of jews. The school of thought that teaches these lessons is white nationalism, and no other. 

Left Very Afraid of White-Right Coming Together Globally
No links here just several headlines popping up on my Google news page, some of which are tweaked to my particular interests, I think (so that they might not pop up on yours):

Alliance of rightwing parties led by Putin, Trump
Why Are Far Right Parties Increasing Their Support Across Europe? A Note On The French Election
The Emerging Worldwide Alliance of Right-Wing Parties, Led by Putin and Trump
On Eve Of French Election, Trump (And Putin) Still Pushing 'Nationalism'

Hoppe on Government as Monopoly
This guy is always worth reading, and he's the number-one example of how reading libertarians is far better use of your time than reading traditionalists, ninety percent of whose works reduce to a puling for jebusism. Trads are mystagogues who won't come clean on it. Always their burning in the chest trumps your demonstrated evidence. Trads are anti-social, those who make a case are pro-social. This is why atheists can't stand religious types - because the religious case always reduces to muh feels. Which can't be argued. I can't tell you you're wrong about your hallucation (called revelation). But it's not something chest-burners can argue - but they do. They are cheaters. Who don't acknowledge that they're cheating. The advanced ones try to brazen it out, like jews. The burden of proof is on you, they say. You can't prove their theory that the world is governed by an imaginary koala bear is wrong. The religious isn't a man at all, he's a willful child with mental problems. Libertarianism is mostly a good thing. It's a sort of superior interior decoration for a well founded state based on race. Or a well designed body that would function very well if it's spine (race) weren't ripped out. Libertarianism is to our collective life as minimalism is to our personal life as MGTOW is to our life as a man. All these things have many powerful parallels. They're all worth following and thinking about. And then we have our racialism, which we already understand: that a society based on race is the society in which our kind can flourish. But in a society not based on race, we are likely to be under the thumb of other races, discriminated against, hated, and attacked purely for our collective superiority. We will not only be hated, we will be used, enslaved; our achievements denied even as our excess production is taxed and extracted for the benefit of inferiors. We have no interest in any forced association with non-white species - jews, blacks, browns, reds, even yellows. 

Which Country Interferes Most in USA Politics? Israel, of Course
The jewspapers are full of crank theories about Russia, but Israel is the perennial problem.

A Site Worth Reading In Depth
I'll be posting these from time to time. Sites you can spend hours reading back though. I thought I was the only one who used christcucks and crosscucks, but he uses it too. Had one christian so fucking stupid he asked me what that meant. Christianity really is for idiots. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-21

21 April 2017

Notes: Bill O'Reilly gone, replaced by family man and near-altrightist Tucker Carlson. Limbaugh thinks Murdoch's sons are trying to leftize Fox. An akbar shoots three police in Paris, Trump says it will affect election. Gold continues around 1280, silver 18, bitcoin keeps rising, into 1240s. Berkeley reverses on Coulter speech ban.

Free Speech Is a White Concept
Weev explains link with Nazis. Only whites -- some of them -- understand free speech. Coloreds do not. Free speech to them is disrespect, and they can't tolerate that. They hate us, they hate our culture, they demand our destruction. Jews force us to pay for them. We must destroy the jews to liberate ourselves. Hoppe on drive for world state. Investor Casey describes the EU, says it's going to collapse.

Term First Sighting: White Bloc
At Occidental Dissent. Name for altright pro-white forces opposing the Blac Bloc - violent communist punks, often associated with universities. Calling themselves antifa (antifascists), a less accurate term for anti-Whites. Imgur ID the violent berkies.

Kori Taylor and Interracial Crime
" 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence that involved blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85 percent of the time. This means a black person was 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. For Hispanics, the number is 8 times. (These are actually understatements because most Mexicans are classified as 'whites' in federal categories. Workaday dishonesty and discrimination from the government you fund with your earnings, just like a slave.)

Are BitCoins Secure?
Writer says WikiLeaks shows no. Criminals and CIA can get them.

Fred on Trump's Tergiversating Transgenderism
He's become Hilary.

Firemen, the Alt-Alt-Heroes
First there's Our Paid Heroes (green niggers), then there's serve and protect ourselves (blue niggers). Now there's the Fabulous Flamesmen. You have to step back to see it, but you should notice that everyone who works for the government, in virtually any capacity, is UNDERPAID and SOME KIND OF HERO. Never the guy who runs a McDonalds or Carpet Barn, they are selfish men of greed. But anyone who works for the government is pure of heart and never considers his own interests. According to the "private" media that function as professional cheerleaders for the state and its external expansion to fill unmet needs, as they are usually described. As always, if jew then lie. If jew media, then reverse to get the truth.

(((J)))'Accuse Marcuse
“Liberating tolerance . . . would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. . . .  if . . . tolerance had been withdrawn when the future [Nazi] leaders started their campaign, mankind would have had a chance of avoiding Auschwitz . . . extreme suspension of the right of free speech and free assembly is indeed justified. . .” That, of course, is Marcuse. Woods makes the point I made yesterday re the theoretical basis for denying normal whites (far-right extremists in judeoleftspeak) a platform...anywhere...anytime. Of course, being a libertarian he calls Marcuse a German when the significant term is jew. If he's a German, then why did he get kicked out of Germany? Hitler's Germany loved Germans. Libertarians are cowards. They all do what Woods does here, every time. Parallel to the way the controlled jewsmedia calls black criminals youths or teens. Libertarians and cowardly cons always calls jews Germans or French or whatever nationality they aren't but reside among. Cowardly evasion is one thing, something to be ashamed of, but it would seem particularly shameful for those who style themselves liberty-lovers and lip endlessly about muh freedums. At least, that's how I'd look at it. But you can't shame a libertarian, he's not man enough for honor.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-20

20 April 2017

Forum Update: our host had a physical problem with server. We are now on a temperorary server, will be moved to a new permanent one perhaps later today, with same host. The forum may be up but messed up for you; for me it is still giving a 1006. From what I hear, some posts were made yesterday, so it must be up for some. That's the best I can explain it right now. This host has been very reliable until this problem. They say:
Dear Customer,
We are really sorry for the server issue.
For temporary, we have migrated your server to the different Node.
It is up and running now.
As soon as we have the new server, we will move you to the new one.
When I know more I will post it here. I'm active on Gab. You can hit me there or leave comments on this blog.

Notes: Bill O'Reilly fired, Aaron Hernandez suicide. Article appears on the logistics of Spencer's Auburn speech, showing some nice cooperation among a number of different men and groups. Article subsequently taken down, it appears. Gold 1278, Silver 18, BitCoin 1218. Ann Coulter's Berkeley speech now canceled. Monkey see, monkey do. So far one judge has taught the colleges they can't cancel right-wing speeches because leftists can't control their behavior. We'll see what happens at Berkeley the third time...

Destroying America for Pay and Ideology
Picture really shows what America has become: obese ugly woman, no doubt working for government or one of its catspaws, lecturing a bunch of 70-IQ African invaders.

Concept: Turning Speech Into Behavior
This is an important concept to understand. Traditionally speech has been regarded as something separate from action: what you think and say is one thing; what you do is another. The left has tried to change this by talking about "speech acts" and calling words "violent." Their idea is to make a bogus equivalence between your opinions and their actions. So that your "racism" justifies their burning down Berkeley, or assaulting you, or destroying your property. They are then just defending themselves, with criminal, violent behavior, from your speech acts, which were the initial aggression. As you will have noticed the media always, literally every single time, obscure or reverse agency when leftists go criminal. So it's Donald Trump or Richard Spencer or some other evil white guy who sparks (or some similar term) the violence at his own event. The jewsmedia never straightforwardly put it: leftists attacked Trump supporters at a rally on Tuesday. It is always put in the passive voice - violence broke out. If right-wingers, racists, conservatives ever initiated violence, you can bet agency would reappear. In this way the jews provide cover for the criminals that make up the leftist support system. Liars in the media, thieves in the bureaucracy, cranks in the academy - all fronting for criminals on the street. This is how leftism rolls. You get to suffer the results -- and pay for them.

Race Mattered for Trump Voters
If you think niggers are lazy, you were more likely to vote for Trump. That's the most sense I can squeeze out of this WaPo whiner.

Meeting Hall Protection Detachment (Saalschutzabteilung): Original Name of SA (Brownshirts)
Vox Day, for a prominent one, thinks its good rhetoric to call leftists Nazis. Actually, it's bad rhetoric, it's historically the reverse of the truth, and it confuses people who need clarity. Just as it is today at Berkeley and Auburn, so it was back then: The jew-left initiates the violence. The right-normals respond. The National Socialists were a response to the horrors perpetrated by the jewish-bolsheviks - in Russia, but not just there - in Bela Kun's (a derivative of Cohen, a jew) Hungary, and in the brief Soviet Republic established by jews in Bavaria. E. Michae. Jones talks about the last; the horrors that period produced had a big effect on Pacelli, the later pope. The entire point about Nazism is that the Nazis were trying to prevent the same thing happening in Germany that had already happened in Russia and elsewhere. Being German, they were methodical and went to the root: getting the jew out of Europe. It wasn't about killing jews, it was about encouraging them to emigrate. The Nazis worked with the Zionists. Ken Livingstone in London has pointed this out repeatedly. It's something the jews lie about and deny today, and use all the media power to defame anyone who mentions it. The key takeaway for today's politics it that you should always tie the left, which is jews and associated criminals/discoloreds, to their true heritage - the jewish communists who conceived and executed communism - against our race, resulting in tens of millions of deaths. Same types, same blood, same heritage, same mindset, same intentions. There is literally no more dishonest, ineffective thing you can do than twisting terms to make the heroes who resisted jew-communism the bad guys.

Australian Citizenship
Claims it's most successful multicultural country in world, introduces stricter qualifications for would-bes. Must know English, not be a criminal, etc. Who knows if this actually means anything. A nation is blood or nothing. New Zealand supposedly "strengthens" too. These laws are based on civic nationalism. That means if a Muslim speaks English and isnt a criminal, he's a Good Citizen. And we can all get along. But nature knows a different reality. These comparatively tiny outposts of Anglo whites must understand just how large the various Asian populations are - they are in the billions (Chinese, Indians) and hundreds of millions (Pakis). They can swamp Whitelands in ten seconds if allowed. Know what you have, White man - and protect it. Unashamed. You would yield your dearest possessions because a jewish communist named Lev Bronstein called you a racist? Then you are a fool, and weak.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-04-19

19 April 2017

Notes: Spencer spoke at Auburn last night. Not too much violence. The Judenpresse, as always, blame the white man's speech for the violent acts of the stooge left. Meanwhile, a nigger in Fresno who called himself Black Jesus but also adopted some jihad jargon killed four whites because he hates "white devils." While the white-douchebag-named Steve Stephens nigger who murdered the old black can collector in Cleveland was caught up with in Pennsylvania getting his MacDonalds on, when he usefully offed himself. The documented anti-White terrorist group SPLC is suing  Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer for encouraging people to email the jewess in Whitefish who tried to extort Richard Spencer's mother. Gold continues a touch under 1290, silver in 18, BitCoin a touch under 1200. VNN:Forum continues down, hopefully it comes back online today since it didn't last night, as we were told it might.

The left is so far gone it will lie about things on videotape. Control of mass media means jews and their brainwashed accomplices can lie about anything and effectively get away with it, even though the White media is there online to correct them. In my fifty years of life, I have never seen a time when the simple facts mattered not in the least. The (((left))) simply doesn't acknowledge facts. All it does is promote its narrative, which is a longer term for reality-falsifying lies.

None of the Work, Half of the Assets (or More)
Alex Jones getting jewed by his wife. The same persona (granted, he's a bullshitter and liar and punch puller, but that doesn't lessen the point) that got her millions in assets, and 43k a month at present, will be used as the reason she should get his kids. This is par for the course where any politicized white man is dragged into the court system. Where being male means being guilty and being female means being victimized. This is why MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way, is surging.

Fake News on Berkeley
LA Times refuses to admit that leftists attacked first - as always.

Quick Critique of Spencer's Speech at Auburn
Washington Post fake news report here. I respect him for leading. That said, his speech was unfocused and lacking urgency. He says why make enemies when you don't have to, then he attacks a libertarian, even though the guy who invited him is one. Why not say, "Oh you're a libertarian - so you support free association?" And then point out that the denial of this Constitutional right, established by whites, destroyed by jews, locks whites in death cages with niggers like the one who just murdered multiple whites in Fresno. Spencer doesn't push love your race, but he calls himself a racial idealist, as opposed to a racial realist. I maintain the white cause is better focused on white racial defense. I would speak by describing our race as under siege, and identify the aggressor and the sources of its power, money and media control. We are now dealing with a judeo-left that openly celebrates its hatred of whites and laughs at their deaths. Identify the two teams doing battle. #TeamWhite vs #TeamJew. And get to the heroic, idealistic stuff at the end. But again, whoever does it in the field is the leader, and right now that's Spencer. He did a good thing by talking down football as a source of identity, something that football-obsessed Auburn kids badly need to hear. Lot of people worked together to nail the logistics for Spencer's speech, a very good omen.