Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-31

31 May 2017

Notes:  Kike urges destruction of every last vestige of Confederacy, saying "burn it down." Cuck finds out he's buck. This is very interesting and bears thinking about - gold-backed money issued in Dubai, uses blockchain technology too. It's called OneGram. Because anything invisible that isn't God is unreal to the masses, jews can get away with counterfeiting (stealing) which is what paper money represents, as we quoted Ron Paul the other day. Money backed by gold can't be messed with nearly as easily. It keeps dishonest politicians honest, perhaps. Limbaugh on Twitter and its stock price. Alt-right Politics show, May 30. Attempt to force out info on dead Rich.

Defending Something
It begins with knowing what you're defending. Not inventing something as you'd like it to be. Rainbow or happytime Confederates deny the factual reality of what they're ostensibly defending, making them cowards and clowns. Whether the war to prevent Southern independence was about slavery is one thing; that the Confederacy opposed racial equality is undeniable. The Southern views that needed to be changed weren't their racial views but their religious views. Their racial views have borne out correct, but the idea whites can steward black development or improve darkskin hominids as if they were some loamy field, which even Thomas Jefferson had hoped for, proved impossible. There is no equality. But the myth is backed by laws now, and effectively those laws cut whites down to the black level since nothing can be done to elevate blacks. Even giving them money does nothing because it just runs through them back to the merchants. Whites' only choice is to embrace reality or enjoy enslavement by jews, with Sheeeitman as neo-(whip)cracker.

Democracy... based on many dubious assumptions but perhaps the least troubled over is the idea that votes can be counted accurately by hominids and their fancy electric machines. In theory, of course they can. In practice, not so much. And in double of course it's in the close elections, as opposed to the confirmation elections, that fraud is likeliest to appear.

On Crampus
Special discrimination for men at Harvard. More here on Evergreen, which is changing its motto from Morons Mulcted to #BixNood, per stoodens demand. Niggers understand fear and weakness. Just like any animal. Pretending they are capable of higher mentation is ridiculous. Alleged people who whine about Halloween costumes given awards at Yale. Don't forget Baylor, where white flesh is peddled to attract football niggers. This summer, whine and complain until your profs take some kommissar workshops, to learn how to be sensitive to retards of color who won't do homework they can't do anyway.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-30

30 May 2017

Notes: South Africa is heating up, though no one pays it attention since the majority of low-IQ coons now runs things. Zero Hedge offers a tard interpretation that socialism and liberalism is the problem, rather than niggers; ie, the Detroit explanation popular with the halfwits called patriotards. Comments show a little more intelligence. Jan from SA on what the Suidlanders believe. It's pretty wacky stuff, in the usual protestant judaizing way, based on prophecies from van Rensburg. It's basically the dispensationalist American fundamentalist millennialist End Times Tribulation Revelation horseshit transposed to an African key. Still more here, from ROK. Free speech? Not if you have an employer. Oh yeah and racism is losing its power. We've heard that for decades. Plagiarism rampant among Trump crowd. Brzezinski was a bad guy. Diversity bad for social cohesionU.S. researchers who in 2013 showed homogeneous or highly segregated neighbourhoods are almost always more cohesive than those which are diverse, reported that diversity prevents “the formation of dense interpersonal networks that are necessary to promote sense of community”. A Claremont conservative calls for decentralization? Did you run that by (((Jaffa))) the Hut (if that lumpy yid's still on the wrong side of the turf). Jews are paid money out of your pocket to wreck your nation. There are nine major federal refugee resettlement contractors. Graphic is HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant...)

PCR says Macron will complete the dissolution of France into a Goldman Sachs district.

"Protest sparks Texas lawmaker threats of gun violence"
Classic WP Headline. WTF does it mean? You read it ten times, you can't get beyond a vague idea. This comes of unwillingness to speak clearly: Alien beaners threaten Rep. Rodini, or whatever. Mass media are means of deceiving the goyim, as every jew knows. As every nitwit is instructed in j-school, always shift to the passive voice when Good Guys (jews, coloreds, queers) do something Bad. HIDE AGENCY ALWAYS where the judeo-left might seem guilty by traditional white-male standards. Runs Article by a "David Gellerman" with No Bio
This requires explanation. Remember:  not so many years ago, Richard Spencer was at Takimag where he was instructed to "get em down" by jew Paul Gottfried. "Em" being comments by white nationalists who were kicking faileocon ass. In comments DG says: My nationalism is Swedish nationalism and none other. It is no secret to the people who know me, that I am also a sympathizer with Jewish nationalism. This appears to be a very bad sign, or an indication of someone's true intentions. The guy's comments below his article are more telling than the article. Spencer has let a camel nose inside the tent. The guy is pushing the same crap we always see: we should allow jews the same nationalism we want for ourselves - ignoring that jews are against white nationalism and created the lies and laws that suppress it. A very bad sign. The vast majority of people in the media, politics and other weight-carrying societal institutions who have also orchestrated multi-culturalism are NOT Jews. Yeah, ok, buddy. Never heard that lie before. And this is run on the site as a featured article. Not good. Those who admit jews end up being coopted by them.

Speaker Denny and the Special Wrasslin' Holds: How Many Goypols AREN'T Perverts?
Good article by Anglin. He says: I believe that the overwhelming majority of powerful politicians who are not Jewish are some type of sex pervert. This is a theme Pierce used to sound. I doubt the overwhelming majority are pervs, but undeniably the majority are lawyers. Certainly the sex snare has always been big business behind the scenes, and certainly blackmail should be considered wherever we find a 'dog that didn't bark,' or someone coming out of nowhere like, of all things, a high school wrestling coach. Pierce himself had attempts to honey trap him by the FBI, he believed. But the main tool for goy control, from the jew POV, is bribery. It says this in Protocols. Most goyim will sell out their people for money, to advance their personal careers. This is what cuckservatism means, after all. So money and emoluments bribery is the first recourse of the controlling jews. Sex comes after. Of course, these days, everything electronic is recorded by the central state. So there aren't many secrets left from the rulers. Blackmail is technically easier than ever. Yet at the same time, public attitudes toward deviant sex have loosened, thanks to efforts from the same quarters. Several right-wing senators are known but not publicly admitted queers, but they're not really blackmailable because the public has been obedience-trained out of expressing disgust by the threat of being labeled homophobes. Jews must deal with the fact that destroying white society via loose sex does work, the Frankfurt Strategy for wily jews to overcome Authoritarian-Personality Aryans, but one downside of that strategy is the reduction of the power of sexual blackmail as a handle on the hated goyim. At this point, heterosexual affairs are probably more useful tools than homo activity for destroying right-wing conservative pols. (Think of Pence, or Sessions, if they were solidly anti-jew. What penis crimes would most easily sink them?) Normalized homo activity, which the jews have spent decades promoting, undeniably reduces its availability as blackmail fodder. Little is left of traditional repulsions except child sex. Even there, jews have made media indications the last few years they want to change the public's attitude toward pedophilia too. They've begun, as we noted at the time, to feature pedo-neutral articles in Salon and elsewhere, as the first step toward over pedo-positive ones. Just the first toe in the water, a sort of heat check, or public-hostility dipstick. But then, as soon as queer marriage (queer legal privilege over normals) was widely achieved, vindicated by the jew-heavy Supreme Court, jews decided that trannies were the next man up. They put the pedo-promotion on the back burner. So now the space that used to be reserved for promoting homosexual behavior is given over to gender fluidity and similar clown concepts. The NYT runs articles promoting puberty-delaying drugs for little kids. Why the jews went this direction instead of taking the next step by demonizing 'pedophobia' or some such, I don't know. I suppose tranny privilege seems like lower-hanging fruit. This switch also gave them a chance to hypocritically attack (((Milo))) like they themselves are opposed to man-boy love, as NAMBLA calls it. They aren't. The left is for liars, hypocrites and perverts of a thousand disorders. Anything goes except traditional families. But they will use homosexual behavior, let alone pedophilia or pederasty, against White-right opposition in a heartbeat. Leftists have no problem using laws or views they don't respect themselves against the opposition, and they couldn't care less if they are hypocrites in doing so. Judeo-leftism is about whatever gets the job done. You don't need to have a majority of the 500+ Congress being pedos or queers susceptible to blackmail, you just need a handle on the top guys, or a few of them. Hastert was Speaker of the House. Key position. Jews are always at the bottlenecks. Just as they don't need to own every last Rural Daily, just the main papers, so it is with politicians. Most of them can be bought with jewish money. Just get them to sign the AIPAC position paper on Israel in exchange for campaign donations, The few that can't be bought (on both sides) will have skeletons. Most people do. It's not that hard to find out what they are. Blackmail is available as a tool wherever money doesn't do the trick. "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime," as someone once said. Someone can be pure as driven snow, but the media are owned by jews, and they will portray him, uniformly, as gutter slush. If anything, sexual blackmail is probably less useful of a tool than it was back 100 years ago when, for example, someone could show up at Oscar Wilde's door and tell him that "a curious construction could be put upon these letters, sir."

Those Poor Scared Shitskin Illegals
Showing up on floor of Texas House, signs about being illegal yet here to stay. Threatening a white rep. Following the law is white culture. Parasiting on whites is colored culture. Shitskins already have several befouled continents, we should kill them rather than let them add ours. Another take. Guy has it right: the aliens start with mawkish muh family appeals, but immediately the teeth come out when you ask them to follow the law, and they make with the niggerish threats.

Impossible... underestimate the intelligence of the average AmeriKwan. Women, in Sweden, try to think, but it doesn't really come out right. Modern age garbage, a video collection of degeneracy.

No Such Thing as Cheap Labor
Hire white men, not Indians. Modest savings now = huge expenses on back end, as British Airways now knows. Hiring jihadists to masquerade as British citizens proves just as successful. But of course that's untrue. That's the standard bitch line spouted by conservatives: that the governments don't know what they're doing because they're stupid. They do know. They know full well how many jihadis they've let in, and they know full well what those jihadis will do. They demand it. 60,000 Haitians, avg IQ 67, allowed to stay in US.

On Crampus
More Evergreen (video). The stoodense dont want no homework, dawg. It's not even three minutes, has to be seen to be believed. When you tell monkeys they're people, they lose all respect for you. What "all this" shows is a civilization that has lost all confidence in its ability to grasp what's going on, make judgments and act on them. I doubt anyone in the video is capable of college-level material. Evergreen State College has long been known as a “hippie school” with no grades, no required courses, and a 99% acceptance rate.  It’s an example of what you would get with a Bernie Sanders-style “free education for all” policy of educational socialism. Some points on the war on frats, which is an implicit war on whites. Never heard this before: Theres a saying that goes "you wouldn't call your country a 'cunt' so don't call your fraternity a 'frat' " :) Funny. Kind of like 'Nazi' for National Socialist. But I see nothing wrong with shortening, it doesn't necessarily imply disrespect. It is the usual way of English. Cancel Sarsour - the writer fails to note that what ties the censors is they're jews or jew-tools like Prosemite Sham aka Gavin McInmeendo. Skip college, read Lovecraft. He fucked off high school, still messed around and got his triple double. Mike Rowe on Tucker on trades vs college and more. Someone 'offended' a Chinese, therefore suspended. In Australia.

Niger Beat
Myrtle Beach spends 1m to guard against Black Biker Week, which they don't call it for PC reasons. White bikers meet too - with no problems. Awful stuff and double standards in Baltimore, narrated by Flaherty. Massive long graphic of whites murdered by niggers/coloreds.

America's only high quality African had his life destroyed by niggers. Figures.

Women These Days
Cameras, not love, is all you need.  Jews at Disney pushing this on kids. Don't give them money.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-29

29 May 2017

Notes: Memorial Day Weekend took a terrible turn when an anti-semitic rock leaped out of the water and holocausted the mother of the jew running Uber, right off the poop deck. It was the lead story on Google News for hours, cuz dead jews' mas matter. The rock will be arraigned on Tuesday. There is a country with undue influence in US politics. Not Russ, but Izzy. Here Assad on how US politics actually works. Spit test identifies kikes. Here on Israel and Saudi Arabia, brothers in terror. Syria is the last secular Arab Ba’athist state in the world. Unlike in Israel, minorities have full constitutional rights and unlike in Saudi Arabia, all religions are tolerated. In Syria, women can act, speak and dress as they wish. Arizona legalizes gold and silver as currency. These kinds of simple actions directly threaten the power of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and any competition to the U.S. dollar undermines the central bank’s longstanding monopoly. Laugh at Ron Paul all you want but he has helped Whites and hurt jews by talking about the Federal Reserve for decades. Money control is one of the two jewish power bases, along with media control, the accession to which it obviously facilitates. Says Paul: “HB 2014 is a very important and timely piece of legislation. The Federal Reserve’s failure to reignite the economy with record-low interest rates since the last crash is a sign that we may soon see the dollar’s collapse. It is therefore imperative that the law protect people’s right to use alternatives to what may soon be virtually worthless Federal Reserve Notes.” Do elves make better slaves than niggers? is a question ancient theosophists battled over for centuries, but one we here at Integumentary Material take no position on. You know what else Paul said? Paper is not money, it’s a substitute for money and it’s fraud.” . . . Yemeni Houthis know what's up with the Jehudis. As the great philosopher Stonemeyer said, the people go to church but nature takes its course. As America's eminentest scientisticalist, I find the theory that oil is a sort of liquid plywood made of defunct dinosaurs highly dubvious. Probably the most pathetic story you have ever read, and it doesn't even involve a nigger. Nope, we whiteskins must claim credit for this winner. Jews believe non-jews are slaves or dead, just ask this rabbi. It is difficult for whites to grasp jew thinking because there's nothing in our culture or mindset that corresponds to it, and we just naturally think, assume or feel that others must be mostly similar to us. It is not so. Christianity tells whites, in effect, you must pretend to transcend. Judaism, by starkest contrast, is directly in line with nature. How do you measure cultural decline? How about by the inability to master the technik of waterslides. Yes, we have a larval human skipping stone at the new Dublin, Calif., place.  At least this piker escaped with a cement burn rather than getting Ichabodzed like the Verruckt youth in Kansas. 

Land of the free, as long as you sing along with the Going Line chorus. Free speech and national borders are now "far-right" positions, according to judeo-left. Keeping manwos out of female restrooms? Yep, that's far right too. 

Hot For Tots
One of the yiddles, Jacob Schwartz by name, working for DeBlasio, who is married to a nigger, is busted for child porn. (((Jacob 3000))) likes his "89 videos of child pornography, including pictures of baby girls as young as six-months-old." His fellow jews in the media are keeping this story on the underground low. But don't worry. Jake's jewpa says the lovely lad is already receiving "therapy." Yeah. The therapy. The talking cure. The good ol' joosty blatherscam. It will make jew Jacob not want ta watch the vidyas of six-MONTH-old girls doing with the sex not so much. Why shore it will. It's not a lie if you pretend to believe it, Jewsies. "Schwartz was the president of the Manhattan Really Young Democrats." Ya don't say.

  Jew Jacob can't wait to go home and strangle his Schwartzie to 6-month-old girls.

"He was released from jail on a $7,500 bail." Of course. He's a jew. He likes six-month-old girls. No threat to society there. 

Jew Perverts Through History
Our next Pet pervert under consideration is #LEOFRANK, about whom the NOI have published a book and articles. I will be audiobooking the book shortly. Today, if you do a google news alert for "Leo Frank," 90% of the hits will be mentions of a lying musical called "Parade" in which LF is portrayed as a victim. Even though he was a pedophile who raped, punched and strangled a 13-year-old white girl for refusing to allow him to debauch her (as he had many others). This graphic has the truth:

Behind the scenes, jews well know the truth about their boy Leo.

Even his top supporter, wealthy adman kike Lasker, knew the truth. Everyone did. Jew claims about Leo Frank are a perfect illustration of the Ultimate Brazen Lying jews celebrate as The hallmark of their 'culture': chutzpah. Their tribal tell, itz. Except it's not a tell because they openly brag about it. In a sense, the entire race, and its history, is nothing more than an extended piece of performance art. (Shia LaBouef-ing across the ages.) The art being lying. Notice that jews claim to be both the "father of modern advertising" (Lasker above) and "father of public relations" (Edward Bernays). If there's deception involved, the sperm is wearing a yarmulka. 

Nation of Islam (NOI) has a new article out: 


Read it here. Alfred Uhry is the liar who wrote "Parade." He is a jew. From Atlanta, like Leo Frank (at crime time); attended Brown (Leo Frank was an engineer from Cornell). Most associated with the piece of crap called "Driving Miss Daisy," which began as his play and he adapted for the movie. It is routinely claimed by newspapers mentioning "Parade" that its story is "true." Most of these stories include retarded goyim acting in the play goobering on about awakening to Teh Bigotry as a result of their "research" for their acting. Do you wonder that jews hold the whiteskin race in contempt? They are liars, we are clowns. We are rubes, they are Rubensteins. NOI says:  
It now appears that Leo Frank’s misfortune was quickly seen by Jewish leaders as an invaluable propaganda tool by which an invented history of Jewish oppression in America could be forged.
Quite correct. Jews mistreat everybody. This turns into everybody mistreats jews. All other nations, literally every other time and place and people, has uniformly hated jews. What's the common denominator? Jewish behavior - screwing other people, then lying about it. Jews aren't victims, they are criminals and perpetrators; falsifiers, scammers and propagandists. They are every bit as criminally inclined as blacks, but they prefer a different type of crime. And unlike blacks, they have the verbal ability and media access to hide the facts. A nigger walks up to an Asian, hits her over the head, and steals her purse. A jew falsifies history, and gets nations to pay it billions for the imaginary atrocities it suffered in the Oy!-locaust. That's the only difference: higher IQ affords jews a chance to steal on a higher level. 
...the book consults long-lost interviews and rare documents that reveal that some of Frank’s most ardent Jewish supporters not only were repelled by Frank’s abrasive personality but also believed he was in fact the murderer of Mary Phagan. They felt that if the murder conviction of such a high-ranking Jewish leader were allowed to stand, the image of the Jewish community would be dealt a severe blow. The combination of this fear and opportunism motivated the Jewish leadership to take on Frank’s case as a major cause célèbre. So Uhry’s Parade has little to do with the facts of the case: the play is instead crafted to maintain a 100-year fantasy and to satisfy a powerful Jewish community that insists on a sanitized view of their history for public consumption.
Well, NOI, given its perspective, is a little off here. The jews are using their lies, their bogus narrative history of Leo Frank, to indict White America as 'anti-Semitic,' their favorite scam-concept - guilty from the start. It has nothing to do with whitewashing themselves, it's purely a racial attack on whites. And an attempt to persuade whites of their original sin of racism. Whites must never defend themselves. They must leave their very children open to jew predation lest they be accused of anti-semitism, which is their dirty word for the natural reaction to being swindled and lied about. Of course, that goes for racism too, another jew-created scam-concept, as we see in the UK, where 1400 white mary phagans in ONE SMALL TOWN (#Rotherham) are pimped and whored out by invading muslims. It's all of a piece, and all with one end in mind: white genocide. NOI is far too generous in assessing jew motives. Jews are simply and always liars. Don't ever assume they don't actually know the truth - they do. They lie and lie calculatedly and deliberately, and they do it across generations. 

Note this from the NOI report, it is particularly significant: 
According to Lasker’s biographer, the men with him during that encounter took “a violent dislike to him [Frank].” Lasker “hated him,” and said, “I hope he [Frank] gets out…and when he gets out I hope he slips on a banana peel and breaks his neck.
So even though this jew absolutely loathes Leo Frank, he still sees Frank as a fellow jew, first, last and in between. He pays for all his post-trial appeals. He funds a coast-to-coast, even international, P.R. campaign to help him. He arranges private (goy Hearst) media and detective (William Burns) help to get him off. Even break the law (plant evidence) to get a jew HE KNOWS TO BE GUILTY off. Do the words "thick as thieves" come to mind? They should. That's what jews are - TRIBAL LOYALTY OVERRIDES EVERY OTHER CONSIDERATION. That is why this people is absolutely poisonous to every other - because all jews care about is other jews. You are your whiteskins are so many walking, talking kleenexes for them to jerk off on and throw away. Just like Mary Phagan was to Leo Frank, so is every single last one of us non-jews to the jew. Until we decide to bring this foul race to justice. Just as we did Leo Frank.

Christine The Unfair: Somewhere in the Dictionary Between Hunchback and Halfback Lies Heroine

Would you buy a used camel from this woman?

Look at the shoulders on that broad. You're not running inside on that linebacker. Christine Fair denies being a jew. I have seen no evidence she is, though many have claimed it. "Christine is not a typical jew name. Nor is Fair (unlike Ross or Green(e)), so far as I know. She certainly looks like one and acts like one. She has the mentality and works comfortably within their (((System))). But no need to call her a jew unless the charge is sustained with proof of lineage. Good news is cops are on this "hate" and "crime" like it's...uh...real crime, I guess. They have cameras! They lift fingerprints. They iknow who you are. They're icoming for you, filthy goy hate criminal with your nocent treeposting.

Carl Menger, Father of Austrian Economics: Not a Jew
He was called a jew by conservative retards who are actually socialists. A socialist is one of two things: someone who wants someone else to pay for everything; someone who wants to prevent others from doing things unless he personally approves it. That is a practical, psychological definition of socialism - it has little to do with economics, which are merely consequences of it. 
Later Carl Menger became the target of anti-Semitic attacks over his role in establishing the gold standard in the Austro-Hungarian Empire as a member of the Austrian Currency Commission. The specific charge was that in promoting the gold standard Menger was working for “the Jewish haute finance” – just as the progold (Republican) party in the United States was – opposed by the “silverites” under the leadership of William Jennings Brian (of “the crime of 1871” fame, whose plank to re-establish bimetallism in the United States was soundly defeated in the presidential election of 1896.) During the deliberations of the Austrian Currency Commission Carl Menger correctly maintained that the gold standard was the only monetary regime that would neither favor debtors at the expense of the creditors, nor would it harm them in favor of the creditors. Menger’s argument to support the thesis of the even-handedness of the gold standard bears repeating.                                      
Carl Menger's family were nobility. He dropped the 'von' from 'von Menger.' His family were Austrian; they moved to Galicia, where many jews reside, and a particularly nasty strain. So it was easy and plausible to call them jews, though as best I can tell they were not. At least, Carl was not. The point being, those who try to dismiss Austrian economics as jewish are factually wrong. Not that most of these critics care. Most whiteskins, including tardzis, are on the intellectual level of Baptists: anything written on paper is evidence as good as any other. If they want something to be true, then that means it is true. These lowfers are evidence-egalitarians, and that's a terrible thing to be. There are many critics of libertarianism, but they just use the term as an epithet. They can't deal with its ideas, I must assume. Most of its ideas are correct. Or they prefer to characterize libertarians as a bunch of pro-druggies and open-bordersists. Those are true for some. But the libertarians at are mostly pro-borders, exhibit personal control, and are highly knowledgeable not just about economic matters, but reliable on foreign policy and college shenanigans as well. 

Has come a long way Linderward, though I'm sure he'd balk at describing it that way. He now acknowledges jews as a problem, and weighs them, as a problem, pretty close to their true weight. He has one giant step left to make in his thinking, and that is realizing that christianity is not part of the solution, as he still contends, it is, rather, a large part of the problem. It is the reason whiteskins do not value or defend themselves, since not one of its doctrines values race. It is the reason whites misidentify themselves. Which wrong-thinking it does not originate it exacerbates. Christianity teaches whiteskins to identify themselves as Individuals Who Need Salvation, then encourages them to join the Body of Christ. All of which is entirely antithetical to racial thinking, which is basically common sense applied to everyday social life. We are a 'kind,' and we prefer our own. As do all kinds. Christianity obtrudes insane and adventitious speculative considerations (heaven, hell and like gunk). It devalues accurate perceptions. It shittalks sense organs. It is, in fact, liberalism itself, masquerading as its opposite and enemy. "Judge not lest ye be judged" - the single most destructive statement ever made in human history; an out-and-out attempt to lower humans to the level of the lesser animals. "See with your heart, not with your eyes." Where can these statements lead but to the willful blindness and spiritual promiscuity called christian "love"? These are the precursors for the meth of hominid egalitarianism. Instead of being white men and women, ordinary animals, members of a race and nation, they become special spiritual snowflakes - part of the "body of Christ," who died for all mankind's "sins." It's a very different way of thinking, and unavoidably at odds with racial particularism, as it is catholic - general. It's enlightened universalism before the term Enlightenment existed, and bogus for the same reason. Humans are different species collected under one name for political reasons, and christianity plays right into that snare and delusion. Vox's attempt to make a distinction between some true and eternal Christianity and what he laments with the awkward coinage 'churchian' as the modern form is spitting in the wind. The thing itself is the problem. Christianity is inherently and irremediably anti-White, and before he dies, Vox Day will reach that conclusion too. Cuz as I said from the start, and the last 15 years have born out, what with the rise of the alt-right, Over time, everything moves VNNward.

Niger Beat
Nigger murders eight in Mississippi.  Yep. Ziggies have dominated the shootings scene in 2017. Of the thirty-five deadliest shootings, twenty-six were committed by blacks, four by Latinos, two by whites, one Hmong, one Pakistani, and one Arab. Would you like to see video of what Africans do to each other, set to Taylor Swift song? It's called The Africa Pill. Here nigbutts get their comeuppance. The compulsion to steal other people's bikes is nearly as strong in the igobean as its tropism toward fried chickens carrying watermelons under their wings.

Bees These Days
You may recall tales from your grandpappy of a modest insect called the honeybee with a not so modest impact on the world of ag. Bees were devastated lo these last decades by colony collapses, caused by lack of faith and mites. Yes, bees, like Boers, turned away from God, and he rewarded them with tiny families and a terminal mite condition. Anyway, on a plant near me, full of small purple flowers, I have seen more honeybees in one location than I've seen in many years. That would augur well. But outside the me-crocosm bees are still in a bad state of things, according to this story. "It’s agreed nationwide that varroa mites are the number one enemy for bee loss,” said Steve Repasky, president of the state beekeepers group, who has 125 hives and has been a keeper for 30 years. “We had healthy bees before the mite arrived. They’re are transmitting 25 different diseases and viruses.” So: jews : whites as varroa mites : honeybees. But some bees chew out the knees of the mites and save their colonies. They're called "anklebiters" by beefolk. We Whites need to take a lesson and grow our own kikelbiters.

On Crampus
Evergreen...where a probably jew-leftist named Weinstein yet's in trouble with niggers for not vamoosing on 'whiteout' day as the coonstons demanded. Video related to that here. Universities have become not just tard factories, under the jew, but violent tard factories. More on Albee refusing to allow his play to be niggerized, post-mortem. “White culture is so stupid,” exclaimed an exasperated Hayes. “The culture is shifting, you’re outnumbered. Be open to it. Numbers aren't culture. Yeah, white culture is so stupid you have to steal their shift fifty years later and whine like a bitch when the artist's estate won't let you mutilate it.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-28

28 May 2017

Notes: Shoot a bunch of people, no problem - if you're a nigger like Malvo. And you get a nigger judge. Who cares if you shot 17, you were 17, and that's more important. More here. And here a review I wrote of a couple movies about the black snipers. A good proxy for how informed someone is is whether he realizes there are many black serial killers or whether he believes the propaganda, that nearly all serial killers are white. It's the confidence, unclouded, with which Joe Average parrots the media claim that always strikes me. Many people on this level not only don't question what they're told, they very much appear to believe that they are informing you of something special and true, and give no evidence by their bearing that it occurs to them what they're saying is repeated everywhere, and could be new to no one who has watched tv or listened to radio. Here on non-white serial killers. Latest alt-right political podcast. State Department doubles the garbage intake. Nice quick rundown and overview of South Africa's decline and white prospects, from Irish Savant. Here on prison gangs and their organization. Bunch more shitskin invaders let in by State Department. Anglin correctly emphasizes NYT breaks rules to hide from you that the H in HIAC stands for HEBREWS. That means JEWS are flooding YOUR WHITE COUNTRY with SHITSKINS while trying to hide that fact from you. And if you notice, you're anti-jew. No matter what you do it's wrong. Unless you kill jews. Then you're doing the right thing. WHITE GENOCIDE IS (((THEIR))) PLAN, COUNTER-(((EXTERMINATION))) IS OUR RESPONSE. 

A Stabbings in Portlington
Wet work by wild whiteskin in Portland, a town notorious for dopey conformist nonconformist zines n tats n meth n sherpcaps in other useless leftist shitkultur. But who initiated the assault, considering that word from a purely legal view. As always, media jews play games with agency. Your words > their actions. White words have magical powers to control black actions. That's how the media always play it where a normal person would see a black committing crime and, you know, hold it responsible. A conception taken as highly unsophisticated by witchhunting white-haters and other experts in occult causology. “It appears preliminarily that the victims — at least a couple of them — were trying to intervene in his behavior, deescalate him and protect some other people on the train when [the suspect] viciously attacked them,” Simpson said. So he was yapping, and they laid first hands. I mean, objectively, that's what it sounds like happened. Who knows what "deescalate" and "intervene" and "protect" mean in practice. It's not like the media can be trusted to tell the truth, right? "Hands up don't shoot" was repeated a billion times, yet turned out to be a Big Lie. The media will shade the truth if they can't overtly lie wherever any political advantage is to be gained. You may take that as an absolute. Jews will love that the stabbist is surnamed 'Christian.' LAT writes: Then police showed up, and an officer trained an AR-15 rifle on the suspect. Blackwood said the suspect tried to commit “suicide by cop,” but police were able to apprehend him without incident. “He didn’t put down his knife, and he was saying, ‘Do it, just shoot me,’” Blackwood said. He described the suspect as “incredibly agitated” and possibly high on methamphetamine. That is one serious failed carjacking of a suicide-by-cop attempt. LAT uses 'white supremacist' in headlines. All other motivations (and relevant facts) will disappear if the media thinks it can sell WHITE RACISM, the universal devil that turned your dad bald and your mom shrewish. ... Meanwhile, ten thousand useless niggers were picked up and brought to Italy last WEEK, because TRASH IS PEOPLE TOO. In UK, there will be a rally June 10 for Chelsey Wright, a white British woman gang-raped by Syrians and other invaders, The cops have been made aware of the rapists and done nothing. Signing petitions, though, is weak tea. What's needed is simply to kill the invaders - and the jews and allies who let them in.

Crank Book from Princeton Prof Painter: The History of White People
White people don't exist. But that doesn't mean they're not to blame for everything. Nell Irvin Painter is a nigger. Book came out in 2010. NYT review here.

All Ways At All Times
Goes for 'minorities' as well as women. Goes for all judeo-leftist 'protected' groups. They have a right to integration, but also a right to segregation. Jews will provide the cover illogic. It amount to this: whatever this group wants at a given time is what you must give it, facts, evidence, logic, existing law don't matter. And you have no like rights to protect yourself or pursue your interests. You must simply do what we say. We can't live with these people. It's that simple. Stupid, wrong christian universalism is the only reason we imagine we can. WEZ ALL IN GAWDZ BOAT HERP DERP. Since we're all God's creatures, according to this numbskullery, there must be some political way of managing everybody within the same state. All that does is subject whites to unnecessary violence and degrade culture down to jew-nigger level. It really is difficult to follow the logic of anti-Whites on the issue of segregation. They can’t seem to make up their minds. Let the Leftists try to reconcile their double-think on this and explain how segregation is “good for me but not for thee.” It's an exercise in power. Just shut up and do what they say. Logic, fairness and evenly applied laws are white culture. Jews don't follow the law, and never have. Law is something jews use against the other guy. Jews use white respect for the law to foster an "oh well, I guess I gotta" mentality in beaten down whiteskins.

Niger Beat
Robbing whites in Indy. Murder-carjacking results in freedom for guilty nigger. Baylor doesn't want to release records of its many coon rapists. Murdering a cop in Virginia. The best thing about the nigger roundup that will proceed when the last jew has been laid to pollute the soil will be the honking lamentations of the christ-simps. The next best thing will be the nationwide silence that will ensue: sounds of rap not being played, litter not being dropped, shitty cars not coughing exhaust as the negros case the hood for shit to steal or shoot. It’s not a very organized war, but it is a war nonetheless, and the reason for it is that the Jewish media is purposefully inciting them with insane lies that cops are just murdering them on the street for no reason. That's correct. It is widely believed -- and universally 'reported' -- that blacks are the victims of violence, when in fact the stats collected by the FBI (even though the FBI filters them to reduce the jaw-dropping figures) show that niggers are the producers of violence. Blacks are a low-IQ population, and when you tell them for 100 years they are the victim of some nefarious plot by another race, they learn to hate it and to target it. What jews have done is the definition of incitement, and they've been at it as long as they've been in this country. Stirring up blacks to hate whites results in whites getting raped, looted, attacked, stolen from, discriminated against, hated, and murdered. It is purely due to the insane white cult of christianity that jews are allowed to exist without being burned out of their synagogues, and taken out of their beds and shot and dumped in trenches. And be absolutely clear about (((media))) intentions. They report and repeat lies even after the facts have been established. "Hands up don't shoot" was proven a lie. No apology followed. That Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and was bashing his head on the ground was also proved. The jewsmedia continued to lie that "white man" Zimmerman was the aggressor. The facts don't matter. Jews don't go into the media to report facts but to falsify reality to lubricate their white-genocidal politics. Here a nigger murders a white women in Hinsdale, Illinois. In a jewed society, you can't even trust statistics. There is no neutral crime reporting, as this article shows, because recording the race of the criminal is in itself a game, not to say a crime. Any old arab or mexican or sundry non-overtly-nubian-colored shitskin is likely to be labeled "White," and that's how it will go down when the police statistics are forwarded to the DOJ's FBI for collection in the national report. More on stats, crime, niggers, Flaherty, Heather MacDonald. Flaherty is correct that numbers alone don't persuade people. That's not just because they're bloodless, no matter how great the disparity they reveal, but because people have been raised hearing lies about institutional racism, and they will believe that official government statistics are biased against blacks, even though the truth is the opposite. Nigger Laterian was born to steal.

White Needs: A Funding Mechanism
White sites draw the eyeballs, but jewish criminal activity prevents these sites from being funded. Which prevents them from expanding and professionalizing, since they must always battle to stay online rather than focus on their mission. This is politics in 2017. Was this way when VNN started in 2000. It's a money-making opportunity for someone, if nothing else, because anyone who takes a small slice of transactions will get rich quickly.

When bad things happen to bad people, we can all rejoice. ESPN is losing 10,000 subscribers every day so far in 2017. In the past six years they have lost 13 million subscribers and that subscriber loss is escalating each year. That is some serious shrinkage. can argue that ESPN has done what numerous (and especially elite) colleges and universities have done the past several years: create a hostile atmosphere for white male students all the while wanting them to be paid customers...

Trump fails to commit to Paris climate agreement as he concludes first overseas trip

Washington Post headline, good example of bias masquerading as reporting. He only 'failed' if he intended to sign the agreement in the first place. He did not. An unbiased editor would have chosen the verb 'declines,' 'refuses,' or 'rejects' as accurate and factual. 'Fails to commit' suggests moral defects on Trump's part, which is the intent.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-27

27 May 2017

Notes: Polish politician, female, Szydlo, urges Europe to rise from its knees. a good idea. Whose time has certainly come. “If you can’t see this – if you can’t see that terrorism currently has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us.“It needs to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our traditions.” The key is to blame and target not the muslims half as much as the jews and associates who let them in, fully intending the mess we have now. Not questioning motives is a known goy failure pattern. The elite running things, believe it or not, are every bit as smart as you are. If you can figure out that millions of Africans and muslims will terrorize the white natives, they can too. Calling these elites "stupid" is a way for Ann Coulter to sell books. Little man likes having smoke blown up his ass, but you and I should prefer to acknowledge and operate from reality. The elites are not stupid, they are anti-White, they have a plan, they are working that plan. Read Protocols first, if you would have an idea. ... Ben and Jerry's getting faggy down under. Tech thief Zuck gave a speech at Harvard. A veritable gallimaufry of anti-White, counterfactual nonsense. He cried about the story of an illegal alien, whined about the “climate change” hoax, demanded free money for everyone in the name of “equality” and claimed that we are all citizens of the world. Much as all these bastards like (((Zuckerberg))) hate Trump, his election, which most of them considered impossible, stunned them into thinking that maybe they could be elected too. Pretty much anyone famous for anything is now thinking that way, Here some disturbing picture and words about vagina-lipped Peej WatsonAbout to check out Prague's vibrant gay scene! Excited! Yeah, that pretty much scores a 9 out of 10 on the "happy as a fag with a bag of dicks" bathroom scale.

Global Jewish Cabal? Thatz Crazy Talk

Get Used to It, They Say
Do you think one of these politicians siccing muzz and other scum on Europe would tolerate for one minute terror directed against his family? These elite don't even tolerate criticism of their policies - while telling you to get used to seeing your sons and daughters run over by trucks and blown to smithereens. If this isn't a time for killing, then one will never arrive.

On Crampus
Crampus includes all schools not just colleges. So what would get a yearbook withdrawn and reprinted and what would pass: faggotry v. Trump support? If you can't answer that, you really haven't been paying attention these last couple decades. Faggotry is kosher. Because nothing says butt seks like rainbows and fake horses. Sexual degeneracy unravels white nations. You see the fruity shitbats out front; what you don't see is the calculating round table of vile kikes coldly plotting all this. But just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not there. I cannot over-recommend reading Protocols, where you will see the way jews actually think. The minute they have actual world power, they will shut all this degeneracy down overnight. They do in fact know it's degeneracy, and they are using it rationally to destroy our white nations and our white families. We must destroy them first. Subtler point: kids learn bad habits from peers. That's one reason the government is against homeschooling. And against public schooling of the old one-room schoolhouse form. Different generations together tends to have a stabilizing effect. Wouldn't want that. Remember, this goes all the way back to Plato. The basic idea, which is independent of jews though of course known to them, is to GET THE CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE PARENTS. Parents are seen by the System as bad-idea-installers. Parents corrupt the kids. They need to proceed directly from the uterus to B-30 (not just K-12, Birth-30yo) for the right software to be installed. Children are larval hominid resources. They must know the government is the bringer of all good things. They must have the right attitudes toward groups the government approves and groups the government would suppress. That's what 'school' is for - government school, anyway. Really, it's dubious you can maintain any kind of a decent system with forced public schools. The nature of the setup is against it: it's an easy job, it appeals to lazy, greedy, unambitious types. It's force funded rather than voluntary. Add to that that the worst sorts tend to lust hardest for power, you're going to tend to get a system that perpetuates crank nostrums (redundant) in service of an entirely criminal class. Think Clintons, Schumers, Podestas. In this particular case: This is the first time Atascocita High has published an LGBT spread in its yearbook. The parents object, knowing the meaning of this 'spread.' Then the kids get to feel righteously inflamed with new-age justice. The schools teach them, as they teach the teachers themselves as education majors at cow colleges, that they are change agents for a brighter new world. Many children will be susceptible to these lies. A wedge is driven between generations and family members. All in a day's work for 'public schools.' It's a terrible institution and should be done away with. Read John Taylor Gatto. Read Samuel Blumenfeld. Read Charlotte Iserbyt. Schools create such absurdities as 'gay-straight' alliances. Rather than teach kids the facts about homosexual behavior, a subject that perhaps should be introduced to older teens at earliest, these deviants are promoted as heroic, discriminated-against victims of blind hate. It's made popular, fun and cool to take the side of unreason, and dangerous and uncool to take the side of reason, tradition and facts. Now there's even a Gay Bowl, sponsored by NFL's New England Patriots. It's that groovy.

Concepts: Muh
Out of all the clever terms, muh is the winneringeriest. He began life as a humble appendage to an appendage. From honest, earnest Muh in Muh Dik (a #BixNood joynt), he grew to staggering proportions. Now he's, truly, the mock of the walk.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-26

26 May 2017

Notes:  Attempt to build European Army to harass Russia, put down potential native nationalist uprising. Media promoting stupid faggotry of male rompers. Drug wars do work. They make job openings for fresh gangsters and pigs in blankets. I put dealers in prison for over 1000 years and I only disrupted the heroin supply for two hours. Background on that 'body slam' bs. Or...punch a nazi, body slam a jew. US Belgium Embassy promotes invasion of Europe. So the kikes take 150k of your money, and put it out to anti-White NGOs to make anti-European videos whitewashing the intentions and behavior of the shitskin invaders the Soros / EU crowd are flushing into the White homeland. Reno housing is bubbling. Itz a little thing the watermelon-smasher Gallagher called style. On politics in France in relation to recent Macron election. The UK is meme-poor? Reconciliation Week in Australia, where humans abase themselves before grub-eaters. Trump foreign policy: give all the worst people more weapons and money in the name of stability and peace. What we should be doing: cut all ties with Israel and Saudi Arabia. Reduce our military budget 90%. Feral hogs, or piggers, are a serious problem in Texas. Like Compton niggers: “The hogs have gotten smart. They kind of recognized what those rotor sounds mean, and they’ve headed for heavy cover,” South Africa as Suidlanders see it. Whites have a remarkable capacity to ignore things. The leaders of the EU must be slaughtered before they emplace complete global tyranny. The Seth Rich conspiracy. Like the Alan Parsons Project but cooler. More on Rich. Country Slicker on media. US has weaponized credit cards.

Civic Nationalists/Patriotards/Cuckservatives/Alt-Lite = Underbrush = Impediment to Polarization
We must polarize the nations between Whites and Jews. Anything that impedes this is our enemy. As Griffin points out, these patriotards are actively working against racialists whenever they show up at the same rally (first in New Orleans, more recently in Gainesville). “The guy that leads American Warrior Revolution, Thomas Baxter, made a point of telling all of his people not to help me or work with me because I’m a “white supremacist.” When antifa were coming up to spit on the monument and try to deface it, I called on the bullhorn for the 3%ers to come help defend the monument. He kept them all sidelined. Again, jew-left masquerading as white right. Don't let it. Big tent doesn't work. Must start with the right principles - they protect you. Jews are enemy. And our cause is racial. PATRIOTARDS AND CIVIC NATIONALISTS ARE PART OF JUDEO-LEFT NOT RACIAL RIGHT. In good news, the Berkeley Bike Lock Commie is now jugged. By day, a humble ethics teacher. By off-day, an anti-fascist swinger of well tempered bike locks. Antifa vandalize statue in St. Louis now. The civic nationalists are making threats against Michael Hill. As I said, there are only two sides: Team Jew (includes civic nationalists) and Team White - racialists. CIVIC NATIONALISTS ARE ON TEAM JEW. The particular individual mentioned in that post has the look of an informer or SPLC operative, though I have no evidence to prove that. More on same theme: PATRIOTARDS ARE PART OF TEAM JEW.

Middle East
Whatever is bad and wrong, guess who supports and funds it? Bad guys: USA, Israel, defense contractors, Saudi Arabia (incomplete). Good guys: Iran (incomplete). That's the short of it.

Purity Spiraling Is a Strawman
Griffin may be waking up to that fact in the videos above. If you don't know who you are, as defined by principles, then anyone can claim to be you. They take your symbols and your name and advocate the very opposite of what you want. Jews do this all the time. It's their M.O. They didn't stop creating front groups because after 150 years someone figured out that the Republican Party defends jewish bankers and Israel, not normal whites.

Niger Beat
Hundreds of juvenile simians rioting in Philadelphia. I can remember stories from literally decades ago about niggers who, upon leaving school, would mob and steal or otherwise create problems in nearby convenience shops. Something like this went on pretty much daily, was the impression. It has not gotten better with time. Flaherty talks about not connecting dots and denying context. Which is of course true. But he does the same thing himself. He will tell you that mentioning that it's jews controlling media and misrepresenting race and crime is above his pay grade. Again, just watch Blues Brothers, where one of the "Illinois Nazis" correctly says that the jews are using the blacks as muscle to destroy white communities. "This kind of stuff happens in Philadelphia all the time." Yes. But who made it that way? Which laws allows blacks access to Whites communities that used to be able legally to exclude them? Who altered the laws or interpretations? Who owns and edits the mass media that consistently misrepresent things? Flaherty won't tell you. He stops at: THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME. Well, no shit, McSherlock. Sentence a nigger serial rapist, it curses at you. Niggers usually get minimum sentence, that's why they have a long rap sheet when they get caught the next time.

CIA-Media Connections
CIA funded many publications in 'Cold War'; in the mid-1970s, a director bragged that there was no significant journalist not under their control. Part of being a mental adult, a man, is knowing the source and intentions of what you put in your head - as well as in your body. Refuse to be someone's dupe. Be instead a White Man. The CCF’s flagship journal was the London-based Encounter, but it also published Preuves in France, Tempo Presente in Italy, Forum in Austria, Quadrant in Australia, Jiyu in Japan, and Cuadernos and Mundo Nuevo in Latin America, among many others. So the CIA funded LEFTIST mags that were neverthless anti-communist. They also had the mission of asserting American cultural sophistication as a way of showing Europe America was fit to lead the 'free' world against the commies.

Concept: 'Conspiracy Theory'
PCR says: "As I previously reported, Lance deHaven-Smith in his book, Conspiracy Theory in America, shows that the CIA introduced “conspiracy theory” into the political lexicon as a technique to discredit skepticism of the Warren Commission’s cover-up report. He provides the CIA document that describes how the agency used its media friends to control the explanation. The term “conspiracy theory” has been used ever since to validate false explanations by discrediting true explanations." It's getting a little old now, but I used to ask people back around 1990 about America before the JFK assassination. I never met a single one who was alive and conscious back then who didn't think the USA was a better place before... The idea that the 50s was a dark age is a staple of jewish fiction, not to be found off the printed page.

South Africa: Coligny
Multiple videos, link is to second. Blacks lie about the death of a young nog, blaming racist white farmers, as always. Facts say otherwise, but blacks don't care about facts, and nogpols use lies to incite hatred of and violence against whites - as always. Blacks steal. Whites call cops. Cops do nothing. Whites do something. Niggers get violent.

On Crampus
More and more nogs and other discolored subsets are demanding separation. That is "good for Whites." We are not you, say boos. No. You aren't. Go away. You've heard of student-athletes, which is mostly a euphemism for niggers. The new rage is stooden-kommissars: students paid to be commie snitches. They're called "Social Justice Activists." Paid by UCLA, ASU and perhaps others.  Abolition of Whiteness class at Hunter "College."

Getting Along
Dale Carnegie's strategies. Probably better than being ego-oblivious to others, and excessively selfish, and attention-whoring but will tend to work against the development of a strong personality.
Anyone who has a hand in helping jews admit muslims to western countries deserves to be slaughtered in their beds. As do the jews and muslims themselves. It is the christian belief that niggers are humans created by God that led to this poor 10-year-old girl being raped and impregnated. Christians are cowards and monsters. Delusion is their default mode of mentation.

Christianity: The Faggot Mentality Par Excellence
There really is no end to the bad bang-ons of this crank cult. It's easy to be fooled by new forms and miss they contain old essences. So these stupid cunts, whoever they are, whine about a couple women who sell burritos modeled on methods used by women in Mexico. Cultural appropriation! Stealing the "intellectual property" of flourtwats! Whites living off colored labor! Where does this kind of shitbrainery come from? Answer: the christian mentality. Back in the very old days, these cranks used to wear hairshirts and scourge themselves. Endless breastbeating and public displays of I-hate-me-some-me. And of course, you've got your inquisitions: going after others who are Worshipping-The-Wrong-Way down Muh-One-Way-Praer-Street. This horrible cult needs to disappear. Let it die with you.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-25

25 May 2017

Notes: Recorded new podcast yesterday with the men of The West's Darkest Hour. It won't be up this week, but will be posted here when it is. There is demand for more free-range commentary, as opposed to audiobooks, so I'll be doing it (as well as continuing audiobooks, of course). Hopefully Kim Dotcom has the goods.  Buchanan nails WP as real leaker and endangerer, calls for Trump to appoint special prosecutor. Months of lying led by WP and its tinfoil hat claims about Russia will come to naught if it can be proved (((Seth Rich))) gave material to Wikileaks, as appears likeliest. Rewrite the Bible to support Israel, Christians will gulp it down, as unconcerned about ingredients as traditional four-legged dogs. Gold 1255, Silver 17, BitCoin to 2768! Not all muslims are terrorists in the same sense that not all people in NFL stands are football players. It is clear that a very large percentage of muslims has no problem whatsoever with their co-cultists mass murdering innocent whiteskins. Interesting on cars (and tractors) as licensed software you have no right to alter just because you purchased. The jewish swastika brigade at work in central Florida park. Get used to Muslims murdering your kids, whiteskin haters. Or you could get used to lynching the jews who let them in. Anglin explains reality to a boomer, re women. MGTOW is, in my opinion, best described as an increasingly common male response to a legal situation - laws as they actually are and function in relation to men and women and children and families. Jews have taken every subsection of traditional man-woman relations and 'problematized' then. Everything a man needs to do to run a family has been taken away from him and turned into a social evil and/or made literally illegal. The power was taken from the man and given to the woman, and massive social upheaval and family destruction followed. That was the intent. Jews are rational. What happens is what they intend, where they make the rules. So it is with the destruction of white families via overturned family law; so it is with muslims mass murdering whites with the inversion of immigration law. All of it is by rational design. What I hate most about conservatism, and what is possibly the worst thing about it, is its dog-returning-to-sick penchant for mystagoguery: for choosing mystical religious explanations over rational ones. We are not committing suicide, we are BEING MURDERED. Unwanted, undesirable changes in immigration and family law are just two examples of knife stabs into the white body politic. 

Every Day Is Like Scumday (in Muslimed UK)
“In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private,” the singer wrote on his Facebook page. “Politicians tell us they are unafraid, but they are never the victims. How easy to be unafraid when one is protected from the line of fire. The people have no such protections. More than half of Britons believe their culture is threatened by ethnic minorities.

Opening new mosque in Whitechapel

What do we call a government that ignores the wishes of its people and in fact pursues the exact opposite? "Democracy"? Correct. But also: illegitimate. The governments of the west are illegitimate. A government that so far from protecting its citizens imports barbarians to rape and murder them has set the precondition for a revolution. Subtle point: you ever notice how OFTEN jewsmedia depicts scenes like the above: teeming masses of coloreds? And how studiously it avoids doing same for white masses?

Enemy Concepts: 'Human Rights'
Is everything with a face human? That's the catholic position. Does every hominid have 'rights'? If so, who vindicates those rights? In practice, this term amounts to a fake-neutral-sounding assertion that the colored beggar and barbarian has rights to white property and money. That's the only way the term is ever applied, after all. It's always rafts full of non-citizen invaders who have "human rights" to live in your land on your dime. Your human rights are to pay for them. Again, this is a bogus but widely promoted universalism, and it ultimately anchors in the christian lunacy that God created everything that hops and shits on planet earth. Jews use this sort of absurd claim to discover new ways to promote their anti-White agenda. The correct way to look at it is that humans aren't even the same species. The claim they are is a lie. It's a typical example of the jew-left using bogus science to back a narrative. In any other animal species, things as different as aborigines and Europeans would never be considered part of the same species, and that is self-evident. By falsely lumping them into the same group, the jew 'educational' (read: propaganda & brainwashing) System prepares whites to be undiscriminating and imperceptive. He prepares the ground for making claims against whites. Christianity chirps that we have a "moral duty" to help our little brown bros in christ. Jews quickly add, "And a tax burden too." By way of deception and lying, then, which includes bogus political concepts and coinages like 'human rights, whites are persuaded they have something in common with racial competitors - and a moral duty to waste their lives paying for them. Duterte has the right idea in the Philippines: "I will not just simply allow my people to be slaughtered for the sake of human rights; that’s bullshit"... Yep. 'Human rights' in this case is used by Muslim terrorists the way communists use free speech: to gain time to gain power, after which they cancel same for their opponents. 'Human rights,' we understand, is a cover for anti-White activity and privileges and claims on unearned property and undeserved money. That is its function, which is what matters. Notice that no one ever talks about 'human responsibilities.' The African allegedly human nigger has the human responsibility not to invade other countries and to pay his own bills. Have you ever heard anyone say such a thing? No. All you have ever heard is some moralizing twerp lecture you about your responsibilities to the allegedly human nigger. The correct response to that lecturing is laughter. Laughter is the correct response to most 'public' notices, these days.

Niggers in Minntown 
Ok nobody calls it Minntown but that's not the point. Black on human violence is. The war on using your brain begins with Christ-insanity's insistence it is better to see with your heart than your eyes. You call them God's creation. You call them God's image bearers. What they actually are is niggers.

Hitler's Second Speech
Second, Jews, Leftists, and Communists were well-organized in advance to use violence to suppress a speech targeting only 130 people, the content of which would not be circulated to a larger audience via newspapers or magazines (the mass media of the day). Their intention was to stop the meeting and intimidate the participants so that even a tiny audience could not hear Hitler’s message, knowing few would risk doing so ever again. This pattern persists today. The judeo-left has always tried to no platform Whites, and the ultimate platform is earth. This is why we say: WHITE GENOCIDE IS THEIR PLAN, COUNTER-(((EXTERMINATION))) IS OURS.

On Crampus
Blacks need blackspace. Leftists mock idea of "free speech" space at UW.

Black QBs: Colin Kaepernick
Some have it, some don't. The ones that have it act and think like white QBs, most of them. Russell Wilson is the prime example. The ones that are dumb and rely on running rather than accuracy and judgment end up failing.

Albee Estate Says No to Nogwashing
Attempt to turn blond blue-eyed white into negro rejected at the rim.

Weird So White
Lynch Twin Peaks premier review. Lynch mostly avoids the 'minorities' because they aren't interesting. That's part of his appeal. He doesn't explain everything. What isn't explained is for you to intuit, or reflect on. His stories involve weird whites. There's enough diversity there for a film career, no 'minorities' necessary, other than stray Indian or two.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-24

24 May 2017

Notes:  It's disgusting how no normal white male adult with two testicles a functioning brain and scintilla of honesty will stand up to lying, murderous rats of Israel, and that list of dishonor was most certainly applied to and joined by Donald John Trump at the Paling Wall recently. Iran doesn't attack people or fund terrorism or draw up policy papers calling for the reordering of the middle east and taking out seven different governments. Israel does. Jews do. Iran allows inspections, doesn't have any nuclear weapons; Israel does not, and does have hundreds of nuclear weapons. None of this matters - the jewsmedia lie and back the jews, unsurprisingly, the politicians are all scared of them and reliant on billionaire jews for funding. One hoped Trump was independent of the kippah killers, for he said as much in front of them, but in the end it was the one thing the Donger reliably produces: bullshit. Let's be absolutely clear: Israel and jews are the chief source of misery and evil in the modern world. All these seemingly disparate unrelated problems in fact trace back to jews and israel. As Henry Ford said in 1920, international jews are "the world's foremost problem." 100 YEARS AGO, HE SAID THAT. ONE HUNDRED. BEFORE ISRAEL EVEN EXISTED. ... Houston is Nigston. Rally on June 10, both sides will be there. Excellent backgrounder on Christine Fair. No one's complaining about the (((Judah Benjamin))) monument just outside New Orleans. Breivik is a hero, as Vox Day agrees. I said it from day one, and I was virtually alone, though others came around to it. More on Seth Rich, being "Panda." Long past the time for revolution against the governments that let these muslims terrorists in. Pigs can't find anything to do in monoracial Japan. Crime as make-work for blueniggers. And social workers. Gibsmedats always have 'unmet needs,' that take a seven-nation army of bureaucrats and social workers (a euphemism for obese women) to provide. The funding for which always sources from your white-taxpayer wallet. Poland is perhaps the European country most similar to Japan when it comes to homogeneity, and for that reason King Jew Soros and his EU have declared war on it. Islam is an ideology that justifies what the shitskins who believe it want to do anyway: rape and steal from superior cultures. So even if the sons of Libyan immigrants to England lose their religion, they're still low-IQ shitskins, with all the proclivities that implies. What needs to be done is exterminate the jews and their lackeys who opened our borders, while at the same time rounding up and deporting or executing the Third Worlders they let in. Instead we will get jewsblather about "not dividing us," which is the politicized version of the grammatical mistake of the unclear antecedent. Who is "us"? "Whoever we say it is," says the jew. "We alone determine and speak for the community." But no, "us" is Whites. That must be our answer. Until we understand who "we" are, we can't defend ourselves. We must promote the conceptual and real polarization of #TeamWhite v #TeamJew.

Remember: You can't "step over" or "move on" from the Holohoax because it isn't history, it's propaganda, and as the link above shows, it's in the news daily.

Inspirational Thought For the Day: No string of words is so dumb it cannot aspire one day to be a headline at Salon.

Concepts: Waking Up
Manchester... They still talk about waking up in South Africa, where whites are murdered, heavily taxed and discriminated against, and only 9% of the population. But if the society that gave way to one-man one-vote was defined by apartheid, it seems undeniable that the population was already "woke." Did it go from woke to asleep? Is the problem perhaps not one of perception but one of character or will? If eating makes appetite, perhaps physical resistance operates the same way. Think of the reaction to Based Stickman. People aren't so much asleep as scared and without imagination. They can't imagine that things can be different, they have to SEE it. And when they do, it puts new and unusual thoughts in their heads. If that Swedish broad could wake up to jew, maybe Katie Hopkins can too.

Breivik: he's never going to get a cubicle job at Dinklestrom & Fosby with optics like that. Point: there is a non-small percentage of whiteskins that is genetically incapable of conceiving of politics as anything other than "appealing" to middle-class respectables, which are functionally cowards, unfortunately. "How we look" to these people is irrelevant.

Washington Post Joins the Cavalcade of Jewish Lies About Leo Frank, Murderer of Mary Phagan
It is most telling - in a case in which the proof is 100% established beyond any doubt, jews continue to lie that their kike was innocent. They know it is a lie, yet they proceed - 100 years after thet fact. Which is very good for Whites, because more will accept what I say: jews are a race of liars. And there is no way to stop them except to exterminate them. Writer is (((Jason Bogage))) on twitter. Perfect example of gaslighing: jews have engaged in a cross-generational conspiracy to lie about their man and present him as innocent when they know for a fact he is guilty. They cite each other. One jew academic will write a book of lies about the Leo Frank case, claiming he was innocent. That book will be cited by numerous jews in the media. Anyone who researches will find that jewish google or jewed Wikipedia or some other kikestream source is agreed on the 'fact.' Then another jew will write a musical play about his innocence. Pretty soon the truth is completely buried, save for those who read the actual records of the trial, or listen to the audiobooks I've recorded. Then a fourth jew comes along, and gaslights that "neo-Nazis" are trying to cover up the truth. The key is that you see that jews work together not just now but literally across FIVE GENERATIONS to LIE to smear the white race, the South, Georgia, the honorable men who saw that Frank's sentence was carried out. All to protect a married jew who punched, raped and strangled a 13-year-old white girl because she refused to let him debauch her. If you truly don't believe that jews deserve a racial death sentence, then 1) you are a fool, 2) you are endangering your own kind by your refusal to face reality.

Basic Reasoning
The muzz didn't let themselves in, they don't control immigration in any Western country. That means someone else did. I mean, if you're into logical reasoning. So who let these Muslim jihadi terrorists in? Who? Isn't it strange that basic logical reasoning can only be found at "Nazi" sites? The point of continual government-aided terrorism is to get the people exhausted, fearful and ready to accede to world government. So it says in The Protocols.

Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lies
In two days, two pillars of leftism have been destroyed. I mean, two of their most basic lies: that intelligence has nothing to do with genes, and that "humankind" lol emerged from Africa. Of course, the left was never honest. Brazenly lying and pretending to honest intellectual doubt are simply poses among them, if you've ever argued with some leftist who demands that you explain how black violence or IQ, say, are tied to genes. Well how is violence tied to tiger genes? I have no idea. But it obviously is. What isn't genetic? Damn little. Anyone can see that at a glance. Do smart parents have dumb kids? Sometimes, but not often. All people can do is reproduce what their genes carry. Not all genes are expressed in every generation, so you get some variety. But generally, as the expression has it, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Things reproduce themselves, and that goes for the mental as well as the physical since, after all, they're the same thing.

New Judeo-Leftist Book on Alt-White
We get to a point, after decades of macerating in rotten media and absurd schools, where People Allowed To Talk can't figure out if those opposed to their cult of Things All Good People Believe are serious or not. What William F. Buckley called "the prevailing structure of taboos" has been in place so long that many properly socialized people don't even realize there are other ways of thinking, let alone tolerate them. This is ideal for the conditioners. So if anything unusual occurs, our supersized pseudo-academic political population pops up to explain it. But all its works are superficial because they are written by folks who don't just SAY that (for one of literally a million examples) anyone who believes in national borders is a right-wing extremist, they actually BELIEVE it. They are normal. Their views are normality itself. Anything different is bizarre, insane, unaccountable, must-be-joking,-right? This is how it is in 2017. Is there something difficult to understand about a race defending its interests? Indeed, not even its positive interests, but its base physical existence? This would not seem to be a major intellectual for the fact that the marxist academy, politics having taken over for actual study, has 'problematized' everything from the existence of the white race on down. The garden-weasel conceptual scam of racism can explain or explain away every colored failure and every apparent White success. Besides, how can a race that DOESN'T EXIST have interests? By the alternate token, how can a race that doesn't exist be responsible for all human misery? the existing whiteskin could fire back. But he can't because anyone with white-positive views isn't allowed to earn money writing articles in common newspapers or lecturing in college classrooms. So he goes into some non-political area, or hides his views, and then he shows up where his views are, for a time and space, tolerated. Maybe a discussion board, or a forum, or a blog, or the comments section under an article written by a Card-Carrying Cultist (aka journalist).

Kill All Normies, by Angela Nagle (can read some pages through link)

Coonquote: Notions of white hegemony—of the idea that white Americans have a stronger claim on national resources, that they are somehow more legitimate citizens—have never left our politics. But for most of the past four decades, they’ve been expressed in coded terms, with a degree of deniability. (“Welfare queens,” the “47 percent,” etc.) The ascent of Donald Trump, propelled by a message of white anxiety and white anger, has cleared space in our political landscape for the explicit articulation of that view. It has been bolstered by a media that gives its greatest attention to the president’s supporters and treats their resentments—against Muslims, immigrants, and black Americans—as legitimate expressions, worthy of attention and political consideration. [link]

Jamelle Boie. Slate's chief political correspondent. 

Again, as the other day, notice the implicit argument always used by liars, whether leftist whiteskins, niggers or jews: "national resources" are just sitting there, growing on trees, part of the environment, some independent, neutral, preexisting thing that evil white men dass-racistly hogged for themselves before othercoloreds could get to them. What was the infrastructure when whites showed up in 1492? There was none. It was forests and marshes and Indian fauna. There were no buildings. Resources were in the ground and trees, unimproved. White minds and white backs turned them into civilization in a way no blacks ever have turned "resources" to advantage anywhere or any time in history. Some people think white interests are "worthy of attention and political consideration," he says. The black population lives off the white, if by "resources" he merely means money, but it's a sign of hate and extremism that the people paying for everything might have a politician giving them political "consideration." This is the world turned upside down. The tacit premise is whites should shut up and pay for everyone else, and consent to be the Butt Bearing the Burden (of mocking and taxation), while every other subset of simian, sodomite and semite parties on their dime. Anyone opposed to this scheme is a racist and should be no-platformed, no-countried, no Paypal-ed, and ultimately no-gened. We need a revolution, a blind man can see that. Whites don't need coloreds or jews. This fundamental fact has been lost. Jews and coloreds need whites - to feed off. To produce the goods and services and culture they can't produce on their own. Whites have every interest in throwing off colored domination and going their own way. This becomes ever clearer over time. The more the discoloreds grow in demographic power, the more hostile, violent and demanding they become. Whites must pay for everything. Not just money, they must assume moral and criminal-legal guilt for every transgression. White attitudes are the real problem, black crime and civilizational incapacity may be laid to the racist white mindset. This drumbeat of white-abuse is kept up for decades, reality rendered unrecognizable. Nothing publicly spoken corresponds to anything, after a point long ago reached. This is what always happens in societies dominated by jews: anyone who contradicts their Official Public Lies is abused, tortured, starved, jailed, executed, whatever.

Genes Linked to Intelligence
...and mankind did not come out of Africa. Dark days for lying left. ...a new study of nearly 80,000 people, published in Nature Genetics, has managed to identify a number of genes that seem to be involved in intelligence... Another study shows pornography leads to impotence (erectile dysfunction): ...a statistical link between the amount of porn they watched and sexual dysfunction... Timeless truth: if jews say it's good for you, it's bad. If jews say it's true, it's false. Key here is what Striker says: the numbers are undoubtedly worse than the jew docs admit, because this is an area people don't want to be straight about (patients). No one wants to admit he can't get it up when he's a twenty- or thirty-something. It's kind of like the saying "the fool you flatter is the fool you become." Or the other saying, "you are who you pretend to be." If you focus on porn, you become porn-addled. Reality fades, along with erections. So stay away from porn. And remember the Greek saying, "moderation in all things." Anyone who says watching graphic sexual images every day since you’re 11-years-old does nothing to your mind or sexual life is a liar who wants to hurt you. Exactly. No need to adduce xtian morality. When you watch lots of porn, you're training yourself to respond to that sort of stimuli rather than to flesh women. Bad idea.

Enemy Concepts: Human Rights
What does human rights mean? It's not obvious. As with the bogus concept of racism, it involves deception. Answer tomorrow.

Doesn't understand that PC is Semitical Correctness, but he does understand that even in the early seventies jews were race-reversing to avoid stereotypes, i.e., reality. Turning black muggers in Charles Bronson's "Death Wish" into whites. Reality convicts niggers. Therefor reality must be reversed. It is good for jews. It is telling that Eastwood believes his "Gran Torino" isn't politically correct.

Enemy Concept: Mushrikin
Means those who don't believe in Allah. Attendees at "shameless" Ariana Grande concert, for example off the top of my head, are mushrikin, and shriekingmush too.

On Crampus
Look at this garbage around Duke. Dig into this trash looking shit - oh christ, it's a literal Israeli green card professor; this guy named Williams is another kike. Another kikess is from Latvia. What a mess this country has become. These neo-communist garbage are completely employable by the System, paid by your taxes, the same taxes that fund jews persecuting 110-year-old "concentration camp guards" and like jests. Part II of the Raleigh-Durham commies.

Washington Post Headline Sampler
Trump budget seeks huge cuts to science and medical research, disease prevention

Trump wants to starve the poor, kill the sick, and retard medical research.

5 moments that show Trump isn't about to get any help from the intelligence community

WP finds it harder to come up with anti-Trump stories when he's out of the country