Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-23

23 May 2017

Notes:  Bitcoin going insane, over 2250. Gold back to 1260s and silver back over 17. Weev on yids trying to steal his name. In 2016, after three years of an entire team of people working fulltime, a few million dollars in funding wasted, dozens of physical events they threw in meatspace, and repeated humiliation at the hands of a single neo-Nazi blogger, the Weev app closed up shop forever. I, like the children of Durga in Andhra Pradesh, outlasted them. I bought up their domain, weev.net, sometime after their implosion. Seen this "Medium"? What a load of shit. Leftist-tained garbage, 99%. It never gets less amazing to me, though it should, how every mass-accessible nooz site pushes exactly the same line. More Seth Rich, like I said, judeo-left is spitting in wind. They're so used to lying they don't have any other way, or way of thinking. It's reflexive. A fool can see their lie will come undone, and sooner rather than later. Foreigners handle 100% of the 90% of Sweden shootings natives won't do. ...vast majority having roots in the Middle East and North Africa. That is some serious fork in toaster shockery there, boy. SF minimum wage hike to fifteen has put dozens of restaurants out of business. Businesses are not cash cows, many of them, just because they're portrayed like that on televitz. Government is a cash cow because it steals from the productive and also counterfeits. Yet it's never greedy government on tv, is it? Only greedy "corporations." I, for one, am surprised the jews don't stop lying when the subject turns from race. I, for one-point-two (1.2) assumed they told the truth about everything else. Spencer's (audio) round table, post gym mess. He sees 50% chance Trump is impeached first-term. "He has brought all of the foxes into the hen house." Weird thing down in Florida. Stay away from people who can't figure out if they're Muslims or Nazis. Here more on cunt "Fair." Slate on Spencer. You can't trust banks or governments, not in Greece, and probably not in your country. The alt-right is weaponizing irony to spread fascism, warns the Grauniad. Oh noes.

The Latest Terror Attack: Manchester
What's the point? To terrorize people so routinely they give up and accede to a world government in order to end the terror. It says this in the Protocols. The governments letting these 'people' in know exactly what will happen. They intend it. They seek an outcome. Until jews are exterminated, there will be more of these attacks. The jewish media are on the same side as the terrorists, and so are the jew-controlled nominally Western governments.

USS Liberty: Israel Is Our Enemy
New book about it here. Trump showed up at the wail wall and did the pretend to be sad and thoughtful routine, like all presidents. Has Trump even heard of the attack on the USS Liberty? Israel murdered many Americans, then lied about it. And LBJ and Congress covered it up. So don't listen to any conspiracy theories about US being controlled by jews. All of Trump’s predecessors – Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama – have refused to address the ugly reality and/or covered up the attack on the Liberty. The good news is that Lew Rockwell features this story on his site. His portion of libertarianism tracks white-nationalist concerns surprisingly closely, and his boys take the same side in most cases. Whereas the conservatives are basically out of the closet kiked leftists. Israel is not only the US's enemy, it's pretty much our only enemy. Israel wants Iran destroyed, and Trump is down with that.

Trump and Jewsmedia
See, it's Russia. But it could as easily be something else. There's nothing to Russia did it claims. Literally no evidence at all. And the media don't care. It's all they talk about. So even if a commission is hired and plays mariachi music for 284 days, when it's done, the media can just concoct a fresh lie. We know what the (((media))) will do. The only wildcard is what Trump will do. The judeo-left doesn't acknowledge the rules. Rules are just for browbeating normal whites with, in their eyes. What is there to do with the jew-left but jail it or execute it? It's just a bunch of criminals that will not allow any disagreement with its anti-white, genocidal agenda.

Time Runs Out for "Out of Africa" Big Lie
Game over, man. Game over. At least until the next fossil is found. ...two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and Greece, dating to 7.2 million years ago. The discovery of the creature, named Graecopithecus freybergi, and nicknameded ‘El Graeco' by scientists, is at least 200,000 years older the oldest hominid found in Africa...

Women Are Not Equal to Men
Itz true. Pretending otherwise works about as well that other kind 'equality' we're supposed to pretend to believe in? Don't even think about getting involved with women until you've watched a couple hundred MGTOW videos so you understand what's going on in this society, its rules and repercussions for men who think they have ANY rights, let alone equal rights. Check out Sandman, Howard Dare, MGTOW is FREEDOM, for three, on youtube. Anglin says: The family is the prime unit of any civilization. Correct. And echoing Edmund Burke, the 'father of modern conservatism.' The family, NOT THE INDIVIDUAL, is the basic unit society, what Burke called the LITTLE PLATOON. This is why jews promote porn, promote masturbation and endless talk of it, sex toys, go-girl-ism, "strong" women that are actually weak, no-fault divorce, feminism (which means, in practical terms, double standards favoring women in every case, or female legal superiority).

On Crampus
Franklin & Marshall uses Klan to make Points.

Washington Post Headline Sampler
What scandal? So far on his foreign tour, Trump has escaped 'that Russia thing.'
The media is taking a beating on Trump's foreign trip

It's "media bashing" when you criticize them. But they're just being "critical," i.e., fulfilling the press's responsibility, when they attack you with lies and made-up stories every hour of the day. What a smarmy curpack the media in general are, but the Washington Post in specific particular.

The Daily 202: Trump hypocrisy continues at home and abroad

I don't know if this column "Daily 202" existed before Trump or if it was set up to bash him daily after he won.

The Post Recommends

Wall Street grows bearish on Trump economic agenda as scandals swirl
President Trump says he’s ‘very active.’ His schedule doesn’t.
Jeffrey Toobin went ballistic about Trump and Comey. It was great TV.

Every single story negative, every single day.

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