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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-12

12 May 2017

Notes:  Gab is open to all. It's perfect for people who like Twitter and hate being censored. Gold 1230, silver 16, BitCoin around 1800. Discussion on New Orleans, talk radio clip. More here, from Griffin. Griffin is growing up mentally. Yes, the enemy only respects power. They are the real haters. They are allowed to get away with crimes the good guys called haters would be arrested for. Sobering stuff. ICE busts a bunch of scumbags. Jews go nuts as Trump signs off on a commission to investigate illegal voting. Realize that jews always play the victim while ignoring the law. While the jews love to cry about a ship of kikes being denied entry, the reality is that jews streamed into the US unmarked for decades. Nothing jews do is honest. They are not whites, and they do not think like us. Lying is "how you got through life," as Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton's special wet friend, said. Where is activism headed?

Absolutely Disgusting
If you don't think the USA is in the pocket of Kikistan, read the words of Comey to ADL a few days ago. No slave in the South of old scraped so servilely as our FBI do to the snipdick criminals. More here from Carolyn Yeager, including fair amount of Comey's text. Then we have just one of Hilly's pay-per-play crimes, involving Bangladesh. It really is funny how the whiteskins who make the top of the judeo-System resemble the kikes in their effrontery, lying and self-dealing. There is no way the US government, aka ZOG can be reformed, it simply must be destroyed. The states can handle things on their own, and easily. America is being murdered. Against the will of the majority, it is being forcibly changed from a civilized White nation to a mongrelized brown mess ruled by King Jew. The racial destruction of the US started in earnest in 1965, as jew Celler got an immigration reversal act passed. Before that, immigration was white and controlled; after it, it was colored and uncontrolled. If jews had their way, this would have happened in 1924, but back then the majority was still strong enough to protect itself - just barely. But really, the destruction of America occurred as soon as jews were admitted as equal citizens, which was more or less from the start. As soon as massive numbers of jews showed up after 1880, they were soon dominating areas of culture like theater and stage, before TV, then liquor and clothes manufacturing, then NYC politics. To protect their proto-communist radicals, the jews got the US to change Russia policy before 1800. The point is this: any organized group that is loyal to its members and mission can dominate a giant group. The US as a loose collection of individuals, no matter how impressive many of them were, was never, not for one day, a match for tribal jews. And so it continues today. Until whites form a team to destroy the jews, down to the last atom, they will continue to be ruled by them. With the turn of 1900, jews expanded their power rapidly until it was scarcely possible to criticize them in the media, something Lothrop Stoddard or Madison Grant stated explicitly in the 1920s, that it was nearly impossible to get a word in edgewise against them in the press, even then. They dominated the media in Europe too, see Donald Day. They created the income tax and the federal reserve in 1913. This gave their bankers the chance to legally counterfeit, which is the power to enslave working men, i.e.,, whites. America's #1 businessman had his researchers investigate the race thoroughly, and he concluded that the "International Jews" were the "World's Foremost Problem." They are an even greater problem and threat today, in 2017, one hundred years later. We must wipe them out physically if we are to save ourselves and the kind of culture we want to live in. WHITE GENOCIDE IS (((THEIR))) PLAN, COUNTER-(((EXTERMINATION))) IS OURS. God has really blessed us for standing with Israel. He has given us the gift of faggotry, trillions in debt, wars that never end, feminism, hush crimes. How pleased with us He must be.

Jews Shvitz Themselves Over Imaginary Russian Bug
Good takedown of their CT bilge. You may remember, or not, that a couple decades ago, in a story that went down the memory hole, a guy at Fox reported on jew spies running around the country pretending to be art students. It came out around that time that basically the entire telephone infrastructure in the white house was supplied and installed by Israeli companies. So anytime you hear jews say something, anytime you hear them speculate, they are basically expressing their fears that someone else will do what they already have done, and in all likelihood are still doing! They are a paranoid tribe, and they think or fear that all other people think like they do, or will learn to. The psych-scamsters have a word for it: projection. As the French supposedly say, and I like to repeat, you look under the bed you hide under. Maxine Waters has proof of's on meekrofilm...hidden in a watermelon...guarded by a buzzing phalanx of prothonotary warblers.

Richmon wa it sla name. Now it poo. And it violet too, cuz niggers need more why man money and  yall be wiholdin da shit.

On Crampus
Daily Stormer on Santa Cruz. Special privilege confirmed for negroes at American U. It's becoming routine that blacks are given blacks-only spaces at public institutions. Apart from black affletes, rape culture on campus is a myth.

Mengele, Shmengele
It's all lies. Just like soap, lampshades, and gas chambers - the Holocaust itself. All a big myth, concocted to fool the stupid goyim, to make them cough up billions and cry stupid tears over lying jews. Are people who call this their "religious" "culture" really better described as people than hominids?

Barnes Review
Kicked off Amazon, kicked off Paypal, can't even find a credit card processor. "Land of the free." Christian bakers must serve deviants, but mainstream utilities can deny anyone they like. Sexual disorders are protected by law, you see, whereas political views are not.

(((Controllled))) Media: Trevor Noah
There's a jew in the woodpile and it's screwing the nigger! Jan goes into the Daily Show host's jewish roots... Politics > profits gets Tim Allen's show canceled.

Faggots: They Spread Disease, Lies, Misery - and Cost NORMAL YOU Billions
These alt-women have a hugely disproportionate amount of money spent on them, and for diseases that are easily avoided. There's nothing cute, funny or charming about faggotry, it's about as destructive as a practice can get.

The Time for Violence Is Here
Whites have devolved into a pie-throwing race instead of a never-shall-be-slaves race. The point at which there should have been violent White response was when free association turned into forced association, via the gaslit term 'integration.' It means making whole, if used correctly, but jews used it laughing up their sleeve to mean the destruction of what already was whole -- white neighborhoods -- via federally enforced negro insertion. Which these innocent white men had to pay for as well. Then they had to endure mocking and smears in the media for making criticisms of this jew-induced misery. Because they tolerated this new arrangement, this reversal of plain Constitutional law and meaning, whites have shown the enemy you can do anything to us, you can do anything to our kids, we will cringe out of fear of being called racist. That cowardice breeds contempt in jews and the niggers they use to attack us. They double down in their efforts to abuse and steal from us. Violence is the only thing that will cause the jews to step back. This is what activists are now learning.

Verbal War: Lügenpresse
I would assume the only reason this term is used in Germany instead of the original Judenpresse (jewish press) is that Judenpresse would be illegal. Perhaps I am wrong. The concept of lying press is subsumed within Jewish Press, I would certainly say.

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