Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 31, 2017

31 October 2017

Keep Halloween Hallowed
That means: Just say no to dressing like a Slutty Nurse (tm). It's the day when the barrier between worlds comes down. I watch Halloween 3 every year, at some point in October, as my celebration. ... Griffin adjudges his White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville.

Blacks will believe anything flattering about their race. We find it funny but it's also serious because they've been fed anti-white poison for decades now. Blacks murder whites because of lies told them by jews.

Gigantic White Demo Re Farm Murders in South Africa
Big, big, big... Let's hope it's the start of something great.

News: Poland doesn't want Spencer to speak there. Nor does Sweden: "It also said that there had been "a wide-spread campaign to prevent us from hiring venues in the Stockholm area..." U. Michigan thinking hard about whether to let Spencer speak there (or get sued). “I want to engage with them,” Spencer said. “My perspective, which is highly relevant, which has actually captured the imagination of millions of people around the country, is one that is suppressed at major universities.” Dirty tricks are all over the place these days, always on the left, now on the fake right. Interesting story on Martin Luther and beer and hops. Big Jew social media pass under the (((EU))) yoke. Debate between Parrott and Anglin, former's side here. I've expressed my view, which, of course, is the correct one. Operating under the American flag could work, but it's not the only way. Tying the racial cause to christianity is a non-starter, and tying it to crank economics is absurd. Hitler would look at the technology that exists today and consider what could be done with it. Whites will never agree on economics and religion. The white nationalist cause, which I use interchangeably with the racial cause, or racialism, is for white men and women who believe that race not only matters but is the most important thing, politically. Parrott and Heimbach are christians - first. And that doesn't work. Because christianity is spiritual liberalism, and it always ends up promoting antiracialism since jebooism is for all men, not just one race.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 30, 2017

30 October 2017

Story of (((Cape Coral))), AmeriKwa's Fastest Growing City
A reader sent this... Not a town or story I'm familiar with, but quite interesting. You can also pirate (torrent) John D. MacDonald novels, many of which are placed in roughly the same area.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 29, 2017

29 October 2017

Lexicon for Whites

Continues to grow: bugmen, soy boy, shitlibs. Pop-eyed scrawnies - leftists who emote in response to argument. Typical diurnal emission: "how do we feel about this?" It goes without saying we cultists must feel the same way about everything. Since we don't, we must decide on our feeling and then signal it. ... The alt-right has made inroads into jewstream media consciousness. There are fresh articles using the term daily. There's even a whole article on the term soy boy. There have already been two or three books written about the alt-right phenomenon; its development out of chans. As usual, these books, from what has been presented in for-goy-media, misinterpret the phenomenon. When you think there is only one legitimate position, how can you possibly tell if others are being serious. If you don't arguments seriously, because there's nothing, you think, to argue about, then all disagreement will be trolling. It's no joke to say the leftist believes there are real, serious, good arguments...and there is trolling. Disagreement isn't real. If it persists, then this is evil. The left never acknowledges facts that might tell against its position. A simple question is never entertained: why do they throw an 80-something German woman in prison for questioning Holocaust? They won't write about this. They are the opposite of open-minded, they are essentially an undeclared, semi-secular cult. Politics is witchhunting to them: identifying non-believers and destroying them. The System has been in place it has perverted every white-natural form out there. Indeed, darned little exists that isn't perversion. So few recognize it because only the old can remember anything different, and everything new that might arise that's different gets stigmatized in very short order. Articulating a white position, advocating for whites - these are inherently illegitimate. All whites are Hitlers in the bud. They're genetically afflicted with Authoritarian Personality. If they move toward their natural impulse, we must demonize and smash them immediately. While nourishing trends toward white-hate, white-non-breeding, and whiteworld-demographic-replacement. This is politics to the judeo-left. The new jewish bolsheviks.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 28, 2017

28 October 2017

Rallies. Shellybville and Murfreesboro today. No real incidents. Very cold. One arrested, an anti pretending to be a pro. Apparently. Very cold day. 150 to 300 pros, more antis. But you cant trust any of the numbers. Disagreement going in about association with swastikas, NSM in particular. Swastikas were banned. The cops overreacted to Charlottesville. There were loads of cops there but they were ordered to stand down. Indeed, they, at the behest of somebody, effectively precipitated the violence by throwing the permit-bearing White to the violent, feces-flinging anti-Whites. The cops in Tenneessee weren't going to let that happen. Attendees were forced to choose a side. No middle. Both sides were forced through man-by-man checkpoints, then herded into freedom cages. And the two cages were too far apart for anything but noise. Also, as said, it was a very cold day. After the rally in S-town, the plan was to proceed north to M-town, but the later rally was called off because, according to organizer Griffin, it was a lawsuit trap. According to his intelligence on the day. What is the use of rallies in 2017? Public visibility. Increased numbers. Increased numbers of effectives (in shape, intelligent looking). There's also great risk of violence, lawsuits, etc. The media lie about these rallies without pausing for breath. Nothing they report can be believed, and that is not an exaggeration. We will see what 2018 brings.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 27, 2017

27 October 2017

Audio:  Saki stories (pp. 17-30).

News: Think like we tell you or go to jail. That's pretty much the law in Britain, which is on the cutting edge of these things. You want to write about all the nasty crimes committed by the sand fleas let into Sweden? That's not acceptable. Charades are the order of the day. You will play along or ride the pine in ol' juggsy. You wanna write songs making fun of lying jews? UK has just one word for you: AS IF. British police arrested around 20 people per day in 2016 for the grave crime of saying unkind things on the internet. It brings to mind the ancient Chinese (or whatever) saying: it's later than you think. So it is in Britain. The time of talk has ended. The time to kill has arrived. British really are slaves: they can't say what they think, and they are taxed to support their owners. The very people who are jailing them while bringing in their replacements. It's like that all over the west. We are well past the point we are justified in killing our oppressors. Poland is nervous that Spencer will visit. Not clear if they have or are planning to ban him.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 26, 2017

26 October 2017

White News Now: Twitter added loads more rules. Disqus booted RoK and Altright.com. Reddit dumped a couple of pro-white subs and basically won't allow anything pro-white in future, if I'm reading it correctly. Can't have free discussion on the Internet. Trust authority. Obey, consume, sleep. Leftist sites like The Ringer (a sports/pop-culture cite whose writers are 100% leftist) shut down their own comment sections, where you could see one of my Linder's Laws in action - that the readers are always to the right of the writers. Where speech is truly free, anyone can see that the average white person is conservative. Leftists don't want to be reminded they live in a bubble. They want to believe everybody thinks as they do, though they must somehow push down hourly reminders it's not so. They're not content operating their own sites by their own rules, they must also go abroad in search of monsters to destroy - monsters being normal-looking and normal-thinking white people. So you can't comment on their site. And if they have their way, you can't comment on your site either. Or have a site at all, see Daily Stormer. In theory, a minority position could work to persuade people and thereby become the majority. In practice, we never see this. Judeo-leftism has always progressed via lies, defamation, physical intimidation and intellectual censorship. Judeo-leftism isn't accidentally but necessarily tyrannical. Meanwhile, over in Europe, leftist have shut down the ancient Frankfurt Book Fair because Finis Germania's publisher is there. We can't have one book honestly describing what's going on in Germany (if that indeed is what the book does; I haven't seen a copy). Swede returns to homeland and is legit shocked at transformation. We, including Swedes, are being charged big bucks to fund our own genocide. It's, as I've been saying for years now, time for an army. Talking on the Internet is fine, rallies are increasingly dangerous in all ways, the time to kill is plainly here. ... Deranged behavior of base Shtickman Kyle Chapman and Looney (((Loomer))), at the least a stalker, probably much more than that. Let them, jews like Millo and Loomer will suck all the air out of the racial nationalist room. Best to ignore them. That means not talk about them. Focus on our mission - #TeamWhite and sovereign white nation.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 25, 2017

25 October 2017

White News: Israel has assassinated numerous scientists involved with nuclear work in Iran. Now Iran has caught a treasonous mole and sentenced it to a wacking in full. What does all this mean to and for whites? The white perspective is this: Iran is the biggest power still standing out of the seven Israel wanted to destroy in order to make the middle east dominated by Israel. The better weapons Iran has, the better it is able to withstand threats or war from Israel and its cowardly christian ally, the United States. Fact check: Iran discovering a traitor helping Israel, and sentencing him to death, is Good For Whites (GFW). .. Meanwhile kooks in Charlottesville keep pushing bogus lawsuits on novel theories undermining the right to assemble. While up north, jew Toback ran around NYC leg-humping hundreds. Has a jew ever had normal sex? ... Sympathetic whine-piece for pro-white genocide Drexel prof, who affects to see no difference between a university forced by law to allow a man to rent a room to give a speech and employing someone who advocates white genocide. Once you start lying, it seems to be addictive. You pretty much have to turn everything you say into lies. As best I can tell, while caring very little, poor Chrissie Wop-Mick hasn't even been fired, just put on administrative leave. "All I want for Christmas is White Genocide." That's cool. Disqus has cut comments to alt-right.com following Florida speech. Same with Return of Kings. The entire point of a tool like Disqus is enabling comments for discussion. But if there's nothing to discuss because there's only one legitimate view... Why would leftists want to discuss anything? They're right. The only thing to discuss is witch locations. Trends in (((controlled media))) evident in later 2017: continual whining about ad blockers and shutting down comment sections willfully on the left. Leftists handle the fact that most people disagree with them by suppressing evidence of disagreement where they have control. So, to recap: rightists/whitists get their discussion sections shut down by leftist tech providers while leftist content providers close their own comment sections of their own free will.

Fucking Grub
Prison is a place for punishment, by Anglo theory, hence penitentiary. Go to our room and think about what you did! It's a place for private punishment too, as one Oz inmate decides to see if a pedo will substitute for a teabag. Science often progresses by means of experiments.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 24, 2017

24 October 2017

News: Gab drops suit against Google, appears to believe its app will be approved this time. Gab is identified with alt-right in MSM, though its founders and leaders identify themselves with free speech. It is true that Gab is for everyone, but it is also true and more important that the ones that need a service such as Gab are Whites / jew-critics. The rest can speak freely anywhere, including the patriotards, the alt-liberals. In other MSM lies, alt-right is "weaponizing" free speech and using deep-state psychological techniques to spread its message. Less like a terrorist group, more like CIA. Someone named Hemmer doesn't want the alt-right allowed on campus. That's not what openness to ideas means. There's only one legitimate view, after all, and we know what that is. Not links to these few articles because nothing new in them. The Atlantic article has people from left coast invading America in true and genuine interest in discovering what Real Trump Votin' People think. If you wade through the pleonasm, the leftists arrive where they started, as always. The minute you accept conflict is real and interests are irreconcilable, you become a right-winger. If you're a true believer who thinks conflict is misunderstanding born of bad communication, and that all possible positions can always be reconciled, then you're a whiteskin leftist. If you use leftism to obtain right-wing goals, you're a jew. ... In other news, Russians planning a moon base by 2050, and Chinese have learned to grow rice in seawater, enough to feed 200 million. Meanwhile, in the USA, our tax money is used to grow giant colonies of salty niggers.

Table Talk Can't Be Trusted
Its provenance is too iffy; the text traces back through too many hands, too many languages, too many unclear motives. There is no shortage of people who want to put their words in Hitler's mouth, so probably best to ignore this work. Its best use, looking back, is revealing how dishonest certain well known historians actually are, particularly Hugh Trevor-Roper. What we see in this particular instance is an example of a greater and great truth: once something is beyond the pale, Nazi or in some other way pro-White, accuracy ceases to matter. Or, the only accuracy that matters is that you denigrate the person in question. Whatever tends toward the bad is acceptable. Conformance to stereotype outweighs factual accuracy. You can see that in daily reporting about, say, the alt-right. To the judeo-leftist, they're all just hate group spinach and to hell with them. No one ever got in trouble for saying something bad about Hitler, after all. Every possible charge that could be dreamed up has been put in print. Since other right-wingers or Whitists are lesser variations of Hitler, they're open to scurrilous charges as well. Facts don't matter. Destroying anything White and preserving anything jewish matters. That's the unspoken rule that explains what we actually encounter in the real world where the left media write about Whites: excessive inaccuracy to outright fabrication, normally both in the same article.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 23, 2017

23 October 2017

Poison Culture
Even in some stupid movie about plastic snap blocks, -- yep, jews jewing jewily. The father is the bad guy. The mother is the saint. It's not that it's sometimes that way. It's that it's always that way. In everything. Lego movie. Alt-right has worked its way into minds of tv show creators. The problem at McGill is they haven't instituted enough Maoism. Peoplc can be confused by the language and arguments of the alt-right. Workshops called for to correct their minds. People go to college to do crap politics and get into debt, after all. Closed circuit, no external ideas need apply. “Anyone that says they believe in an ethno-state shouldn’t have the power to assemble,” said Savage. That's how they think in Canada, where progress disease has progressed beyond the USA, at least legally. Pass laws outlawing Whitethink, compile enemies lists, round up guilty whiteskins. At McGill, minoring in utopianism is mandatory. ... Coordination across media, across genres, across industries. Anything that might get in your head must be sanitized for jews' protection. While their lawyers worked thru middle decades of 20th century to remove obscenity laws in the name of freedom, their other lawyers worked in the name of fighting 'hate' to remove your right to hear criticism of jews. A particularly twisted manifestation of this latter drive is the whining-about- censorship-while-censoring. The American Library Association holds a Banned Books week. But only certain banned books qualify: those complained about for featuring sex, cursing and such. Those objections, though, are trivial, since those books are available 99 places for every one they're not. The real banning and censorship is of those critical of jews and their lies. Such as the Holocaust revisionists. Their works may not even be sold on Amazon! Michael Hoffman wrote a letter to the relevant AMA figure and he responded more or less like Nelson, Ha-ha! Where jews hold sway, everything is turned on its head. That's, indeed, how you recognize jewworld for what it is.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 22, 2017

22 October 2017

Audio: Final segment of Benjamin Garland's Merchants of Sin, on Jews in Porn and Conclusion (49m).

Among The Apes
Ape emeritus Robert Mugabe, recipient of eight honorary degrees from white-man colleges, some of which have been rescinded, is appointed goodwill ambassador by UN, which is an institution without shame or sense. Meanwhile, in Af-town, vampires are up to no good. As you would expect. Brave negroes, taking valuable time off from prospecting for gold inside bald men's skulls, pick up their boonga-boonga sticks and set off to track them down.

Just Plain Cool or Otherwise Worthy
Colorized photos of tanks in WWII.  Bunch of fakes having a katz fite. Don't waste your time if you have something better to do like eat pieces out of a mostly rotten banana. Good one on Waugh. Macdonald after Marantz, the kike who profiled Enoch, to retract his libel that Culture of Critique is debunked. Hitler and culture.   Long intelligent discussion based around Evergreen, if you remember that garbage from earlier this year. Karen Straughan and Benjamin Boyce. Here on Hoppe acknowledging bio-realities. Fellow jew calls Loral Loomper a "psychotic predator" and makes a strong case.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, October 21, 2017

21 October 2017

Notes: My general plan is to get through some personal matters by the end of the year, then I hope I can record and write daily, both audiobooks, posts on this blog, and Lindercasts, dealing with topical matters and their timeless centers. My only social medium is Gab, where I'm nearing 1500 followers. I post a good amount of links and observations there; I encourage you to join if you have not. Its founder, Andrew Torba, #KidScrapple as I call him, since he's from Scranton, Pa., plans to do a ICO, and this may be 2018's Big Investment Opportunity. ... I will be doing as much as I can through the end of the year, but I will certainly be away for stretches, as earlier.

Roundup: This week in white... Big news was (main VNNForum thread:) Spencer speaking at U. of Florida, in Gainesville. Here is the full video (142m) of speech and press interactions. He was largely shouted down, but got off a good press conference with Mike Enoch, who was recently profiled in the New Yorker, which naturally tried to trace his dysmentsia to skin problems and allergies. The other big news was the discovery of teeth in a Rhine bank - they are most similar to teeth of Lucy of the Olduvai set, yet several million years older. So...Out Of Europe rather than Africa grows in strength. The right position is everything is tentative until much more is known. But OOA was never a scientific theory, it was always a political claim. "This changes everything we know" is the archaeologist's mantra. The problem is, he merrily revises his theory in light of the new bits he discovered, and happily ignores that they aren't the last piece of the puzzle, he will be doing the same routine again within two years. It's kind of funny from the outside. Maybe say: here's the fossil and other evidence we have. Here are some theories that might explain these data. And that's all we can say. Since we know, from history, there are plenty of shards left to be discovered. But that would be modest claims for modest evidence, and that aint the way science rolls these days. As I mocked...
 · 19 hours · editedi found an eighth of a spavril of the third chink of a lemur coccyx. this totally proves that pterodactyls were cultivating vast pomegranate orchards in Mycenastrum 32 million years ago 
#muhFoundses #muhChangesEverthing
Reality and Reporting
Books burned in America? Innocent men stuck in camps? German-Americans in WWI, courtesy of Puddinhead Wilson and the "100% American" Anglo yahoos, the patriotards of their day. Great photos and story from Daily Mail, though it incorrectly puts the number of Americans of German descent at 100 million, practically the entire population of the USA at that time. Always remember and reread Mencken's classic essay on the Anglo-Saxon. In some ways an admirable white subset; in many other ways not. The Anglo/American can never be wrong. So if he is wrong, he can't correct it, which leads to the same mistake again. It is unthinkable in UK and USA that we helped the bad guys in WWII. Because that would make us bad guys too. And we can only be good guys. I mean, morality is our thing. We are christian civilization. That means what we do is civilized, and anyone opposed to us is a barbarian. We're too fragile and dishonest to see ourselves as the problem. That's just the cultural level we're stuck on. Communism came from jews. "Some call it communism, I call it Judaism," said the USA's #1 rabbi 1900-1950 period. Its initial iteration was in the Soviet Union, supposed to be the first eruption of a global revolution. (Unlike the Nazis, the judeo-bolsheviks really did intend a world revolution.) Jewish communists in the Soviet Union led the slaughter of 66,000,000 white christians, according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. A force arose to fight the Judeo-SSR. Not in England. Not in America. In Germany. But jews in UK paid off Churchill's debts so he'd toe their line and initiate civilian bombing in Germany. In the USA, they attacked our wise advisers such as Charles Lindbergh who urged us to stay out of the affair. We shipped endless material to the USSR, jailed for sedition honest men and women who told the public what was going on. Then we jumped in and helped the white-mass-murdering jew-communists triumph. Since (((we))) won, we call ourselves the good guys. More and more whites now realize we're not. The guys who aid and save the bad guys are not the good guys. The guys who fight the bad guys are the good guys. But that is a little too much for the race of George Bush and Woodrow Wilson to compass.

Occam and Ad Hominem
Been thinking about this a lot lately. I believe Occam's Razor is the most important thought a human ever had. Its power is underrated. People, particularly whites, prefer fantasy to reality. So when we're all "love your race," we ought to begin by knowing our race. Not just its good side but its bad side. The bad side of our comparative racial creativity is our taste for delusion, for fantasy, for religion - for things that aint true but whimsically amuse our childish side that is the rich creamy nougat in far too many of us. The milder form of this, the daily form, is preferring elaborate explanations to simple ones. See the reaction to Vegas or any other mass shooting. But Occam was correct: the simplest explanation that covers the given facts is usually correct. It's certainly the place to start. Only go elaborate if you need to - because in the vast majority of cases, we don't. ... Then the thought I had this week was that Ad Hominem is always cited as a logical fallacy, yet it's essentially the Occam's Razor of motive-spotting. Nine times out of ten the reason a man says something traces back to his personal interests or some other private motivation. So the use of AH is logical - because it's the shortest route to the truth, in most cases. It might not be purely logical, but it's "street logical." It's akin to the "Norwegian Way," in the crab boat skipper's delightful (from the tv show): "There's a right way, a wrong way, and the Norwegian Way." Ad Hominem is the Norwegian way: looking for a personal motive is the way to understand someone's argument most of the time. And, I, for one, will continue to celebrate Occam and apply his Razor because he came up with the single most powerful, or at least useful, thought any human will ever have.