Friday, May 19, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-19

19 May 2017

Notes: Scheuer on Trump and FBI. Cernovich says guy named Johnny DeStefano is blocking Trump loyalists from employment, and "twenty three" people have confirmed this to him. Give him credit, he shows what's really going on, why what-should-happen never does. Roger Ailes dead. Chris Cornell too. Here FrontPage on fake news. That means you're reading a jew writing for a jew about how jews (he won't call them that, of course) produce fake news. I'm sure there's a pony somewhere in all that horseshit. The RussLie grows tiresome. It is hard even for us pro jew watchers to believe that such palpable absurdities can be maintained for so long based on nothing. These lies are spewed by the people who never end talking about McCarthyism and witchhunts, when in fact history revealed that not only were the communists the senator from Wisconsin talked about actually there, they were there in much larger numbers than anyone imagined. People, if you want to class jews suchly, flock to media precisely because without mass media, it is impossible to circulate massive lies. Which is exactly what the claims about Trump and Russia represent. It is classic Big Lying, produced 100% by #TeamJew. Roosh makes some darn good points, sort of like a modern dark Stoddard or Grant. We need to stop being consumerist faggots and start breeding and fighting and living, not just watching. Mike Jones would say we are all protestants now - we quit breeding, and instead focused on birth control to limit the demographic power of competitors, like catholics, but also third-worlders. The catholics were defeated easily, the third-worlders ignored us. People are power. Even shitty discolored people. That's the argument anyway, and there is much to it. I have one brother and sister, but I wish I had several others. There's much you can do with a lot of relatives that you can't without them. Some good contextual facts here about FBI funding. Author estimates only 1% of FBI-caught terrorists are the real thing: the other 99% are set-ups. Remember Hal Turner? He was a big name back in the day. The USA doesn't need a central government, and the states would be much better out without one. Most of the serious problems in our country are created or exacerbated by the feds, who are under the jews. These problems have easy solutions: in most cases, simply ceasing to subsidize things would end the problem. It's generally the feds who prevent states from solving problems based on some lie, some pretext like 'civil rights' that is every single time a misinterpretation or abuse of plain constitutional intent. Here on autonomous cars, so-called. More like controlled cars. So looking at big picture, smart guys see the controllers focusing on getting rid of cash and getting everybody into programmable cars. Since they wont do socialist buses. Here on Trump and NAFTA. Everywhere the talk is about automation, getting rid of jobs with robots, getting rid of women with sex dolls, getting rid of money with electronic blips, and universal basic income. We'll see. Stuff often takes longer to roll out than expected. Then every once in a while you have a new technology that goes much faster than projected, cell phones being an excellent example. Spencer and friends discuss Trump. Tranny is short for transmission problems. Here a good article on the practical meaning of Ailes. He wanted to go back to 1955 Midwest, but that's not possible today, jews chose a different direction. Quite right. Now we must choose a different direction for the jews, and that direction is straight down. VERTICAL EXPULSION NOW. New media: Thermidor, if you're into muh feudalism.

Guilt, Shame, Fear
Jews spread guilt in white nations (France). Because the only duty a nation has is to elevate jews legally and in every other way. Defending itself from jews must be unthinkable, for that is hate. Jews are made the touchstone of everything, all values. Nothing has any meaning except in relation to them and their concerns. This is absurd. Here on Germany. Guy wants to turn in his own daughter for viewing not-anti-German websites. Germans may well be the the psychologically tortured and propagandized people in human history. When it comes to jews, like Elie Wiesel, we waive the conventional distinctions our people make between truth and lies, between fiction and fact. Because not to would be anti-semitic. And on this earth, all that matters is not being anti-semitic, or racist, or any other things Our Holy Bosses say we mustn't be. Hadding Scott shows the Holohoax is a sort of central camp in the scared white mind, from which the jews relax by the pool, and order whiteskin bellhops and cabana boys around to bring them drinks, 90% of which they send back. Why we pay any attention to this race of liars instead of simply shooting them like mad dogs they are wherever they appear - there's only one reason. Our stupid fucking cult of the jebus. It has taken every worst genetic tendency in us an exacerbated it culturally. Very long article, full of latest Things We Must Do and Believe, as directed By Debrus Lipstadt et al. Latest PCROnce again democracy in American is proving to be powerless. There is no one in Washington who can help Trump. Those who could help him, such as myself, cannot be confirmed by the US Senate, which is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the military/security complex, Wall Street, and the Israel Lobby.

Fake Media
Jan goes off on punk editor of big African paper. Jews & Germans: My Furious Email to famous Author and Editor of BIG Newspaper!

What's the Cutting Edge for the White Movement?
Rallies have grown, and become better coordinated than in years past. That should continue. But ultimately, fine words butter no parsley. Alt-put, unapplied torches save no monuments. I believe the time for violence is here: Anders Breivik fired the starting gun for the Age of Killing the Enemy. There was a female libertarian, Claire something, back in the day who said: "It's too late to work within the System, too early to shoot the bastards." If that was correct then, it's wrong today. It's not too early to shoot the bastards. The Trump stuff is the final straw. The enemy simply will not allow peaceful disagreement, let alone reversing his anti-White policies. That leaves violence. But how and when and against whom are things to be very carefully considered, if one goes down that road. Because the point is not to be a martyr, though that may happen, the point is to be effective. ... That's the hard side. The soft side is educational, Creating material that can be used to turn young whiteskins into Aryans, knowledgeable, firm and directed. That's what I work on with audiobooks, such as Libido Dominandi, which is now completed. There are many good White news and analysis sites out there. There is one social medium, Gab, that doesn't discriminate against us.  Here on cutting-edge internet tools for the alt-right.

Leftists like to pre-whinge their holidays re their HRR (Horrible Racist Relatives) whose views are So Offensive They Can't Even (englutinate their tofookeys without sweating out great donkey-turd-sized tears). The difference is they can avoid these views on the other 360 days. For white-rightists, EVERY DAY IS THANKSGIVING. I know when I go to every "neutral" news source I will get stories slanted against everyone I like and everything I believe. Every single hour of every since day. SMOKE 'EM UP JOHNNY BOY. I'm like Hitler. I get a liked T-IRED of people selling me sky is green.

On Crampus
No room for second opinion on queers at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. More on this kill-the-white nigger Tommy Curry at Texas A&M. More on UCLA. Back at Yale, a gook deaness makes free with the whiteslur. Mizzou's town Columbia is feeling the burn of the BLM and antifa via economic downturn. More here on nigwhine at Harvard and elsewhere, from David Cole, yes that one. He says niggers in LA are whining about whites jogging and biking through their neighborhoods, no kidding.

Comment on Common Core
The thinking: we successfully messed up reading with Look Say (as opposed to proven, effective phonics), let's see if we can come up with an equivalent for math. Comment: "I am sitting here working on my granddaughter's 6th grade Common Core math, and finding it barely doable, and I have degrees in Public Administration / Finance and Law. I wondered, 'What would compel educators to create such a convoluted method of math that virtually guarantees lower classroom achievement?' I was so curious that I researched the logic rooted in the U.S. Department of Education's committee meeting notes and found this gem of a statement: "By making math problems more difficult at an earlier age, non-inner-city students can share the feelings and frustrations that many minority students feel under the current standards. Plus, it increases the application of logic needed to solve a given problem." So, it's not just about math, is it?" Gary North says: Tyler Cowan’s latest book, The Complacent Class, is one of the most important books in decades. It is well written, under 200 pages, and irrefutable. First I've heard of it, but sounds good. It's about public schools, and the way incompetence is protected by qualificationism, essentially. Nothing's open, you need a license to fart and look at women and cut your grass. Sneezing is probably going to be illegal in two (2) years. 

What Southerners Must Understand
No one cares about you but you. Your nothern allies (like me) don't threaten your culture, and are happy to let you go your own way, once we have worked together to achieve white sovereignty. We don't find your culture particularly attractive, given its anti-intellectual bent toward religious gooberism, which is something few of us acknowledge as a significant factor in the 20th century and today - supporting jews' wars, helping them defeat the one force that might have liberated us all. But we have no designs on it. As for the judeo-northrons who hate you, they hate you because you're white. Your Southern particularities are just mocking points. But the brunt of their campaign is aimed to wipe out the white racial stock, south, north, east or west. So going on about Muh Southron Cultur is politically irrelevant because neither friend nor foe give a flying shit. Above all, when what we need most is the clarity that leads to polarization between #TeamWhite and #TeamJew, it is important not muddy the water with irrelevance. And that is what "In the Saaaayooooth we pootz GAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD fuhhiiiiirrrrrst." That is literally all it achieves - confusing people. DONT BE THAT GUY. If you're a Southerner, have a big family, and teach your children what it means. That's where it matters. Turning Houston into a shit slurry. Itz the future. Inevitable. The future of America is violent retards from the seven sewers of the globe? Here from SBPDL on statues in New Orleans, the day after. Here's a real Confederate speaking, from 1947. Julius Howell enlisted at 16 to fight for the Confederacy in 1862. In this 1947 recording in DC, Howell at age 101, recalls his Civil War exploits as a cavalryman at Petersburg and Richmond and his memory of the assassination of President Lincoln from a Union POW camp.

Concepts: Organic
Organic is wrong on both left and right, similar to christianity in Civil War. What the right calls organic isn't. Origins can be traced to a man and place at a time for a reason. If not, it's only because those aren't known, but they could be. For left, organic means covered with sores and insects, otherwise small and mealy. Unpoisoned by industry! Altho shat on by chlamydiatic Guatemalan hill flea who pickered it. Organic, thus, is a marketing scam on both left and right.

Big Government
There are always more problems caused by it and bad aspects to it than you can ever list on paper. Over time, different circumstances bring them out. Look at Trump. I don't think he fully appreciated the unmitigated hostility he would face after being elected. Maybe that seems unlikely, since he saw how he was treated during the campaign. That's my impression, though, based in part on his reaction. And just the natural Aryan reaction - we had a fight, you lost, you're sore, ok, you get over it. That's how I would have been if I lost. That's the thinking. But (((these))) people have their teeth set on permagrind, and they feel they are so close to checkmate they just can't stand any interruption in the end-game. They make up most of the permacracy called deep state. They can leak and cover for and promote each other through their silent networks as well as their shouting ones. Even if Trump had known exactly what he was in for, the government is so large he would need at a minimum probably hundreds of loyalists. People completely devoted to him, understanding his intentions, and ready to go. An SS equivalent, I suppose. But he's just a businessman who styles himself King Negotiator. Nobody can have that kind of group these days except the System itself. The government is just too big. And the permacracy has an interest in keeping it that way and expanding it. It knows itself, and it knows what it's doing. Trump is the equivalent of a krill or plankton floating on its surface. Does he even have five people who are completely loyal to him? Not obvious he does. His own relatives don't agree with him on essential matters. And now he's talking about bringing in the kikiest kike in kikedom to run the FBI? Jesus. It's an odd situation. Trump seems trapped, unless he suddenly gets some racial clarity and clean the upper story of the house and tells appointees they are gone if they cross him in any way. Yet the System seems hell bent on trying to impeach based on a weightless basket of one-ply lies about Russia. The US doesn't need to go abroad in search of monsters to destroy, it can just look in the mirror and hopefully go the Chris Cornell route. Here is all the documentation you need that the USG is the terrorist of terrorists. The sooner the central government of the USA fractures and disappears, the better not just for the entire world but for Americans themselves.

Washington Post Headline Sampler (last 24 hours, all taken off Google news)
Trump blames everyone but himself for his problems. The Justice Department just blamed him.
Trump is totally delusional about what's happening to him right now
Special counsel Robert Mueller is bad news for Trump's embattled White House
The Latest: Pelosi says Trump needs thicker skin
Vice President Pence has a growing credibility problem
Trump can't stop talking about the Russia probe — even if doing so might hurt him
Trump angrily calls Russia investigation a 'witch hunt,' and denies charges of collusion

[They attack you nonstop through all mass media, you respond once, they shriek "You need thicker skin." You cite one fact about a special peanut belonging to one one of their Holy Hominid Categories, they shriek racist! hate crime! safe space!]


  1. Joseph McCarthy was a White man's man.
    Time to clear his name once and for all.
    Not a syphilitic, mentally deformed drunk but a diligent, fearless warrior.
    Venona Papers
    Blacklisted by History--Evans

  2. The USG is the terrorist of the terrorists link does not open.

  3. About Common Core math, the methods and concepts the kids are being taught are correct regarding learning higher math than simple arithmetic. The 'old way' rural whites are talking about and praising as the only way, turns out to be limited, as anyone who advances above elementary Algebra learns. Learning the number line and some of the strategies of rapid arithmetic at an early age is a net plus. They are also learning some basic matrix algebra methods, I Notice. Again, in this case the critics are wrong. They themselves do not know any math, as so many of the "can you solve this" or " what is the value" Facebook posts are demonstrating of the majority of the adult population. Almost none of them, evidently, learned about order of operations, for example.

  4. Trump allowed himself to be surrounded by kikes because 1. he's got them in his own family and 2. he's a New York goy who's spent his adult life wheeling & dealing with them & admires them for their big money-accumulating, get-it-done-no-matter-who-you-step-on chutzpah; this gave him the illusion that he really knew them, so he could work with them to successfully impose his agenda. But overhauling D.C. isn't erecting a skyscraper: the god damned kikes will not allow him or any other White to derail or even slow their freight train of White genocide. So he's the target of their Total War of non-stop judenpresse lies & leak-attacks from the thwarting Deep State.

    The bottom line for us is that while our upset at the polls infuriated the jews & their whores, in the end our votes mean less than nothing. They must be physically destroyed. Nothing else will ever do; they've seen to that.

  5. Good comment, I tend to agree re Trump. He certainly has extensive experience with jews - but this alone does not produce understanding. Some reading is required, and I'm sure he has not done that.