Monday, May 22, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-22

22 May 2017

Notes:  Some resistance to oppression in Germany. This "Carol Christine Fair" (no proof she is a jew, though she acts like one) who went after Spencer has a history of unprovoked aggression against basically anyone who disagrees with her. She whiffs dishonest and incompetent, basically a liar along lines of Nuland and Powers. She may in fact be a jew but her name isn't jewy and I have not seen it stated she is. C. Christine Fair, a previously “friendly colleague,” went on a 31-day screed against Nomani spanning across Twitter and Facebook. Certainly jew type behavior. Here video on net censorship campaign. The point of Russia yammer is just to keep Trump occupied. Those behind it know they have no evidence. Confeds easily handle Arkansas antifa. More here on New Orleans, as it devolves into wasteland created by Africans. In 'schools' whites are told they have no culture; outside, politicians destroy their culture, at the behest of the jews.

Liars Call It Suicide
It is murder by jew. Call it what it is. The libertarians won't. The Takimag twinks won't. White Nationalists must. Between 1997 and 2010, for example, the last Labour government allowed a staggering 2.2 million people to settle in this country, the equivalent of two Birminghams. Under David Cameron, the Tories promised to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands. Yet the latest figures show that annual net migration is about 273,000, roughly a city the size of Hull arriving every year. He observes immigration has always been "immensely unpopular." Then why are you using the term suicide instead of murder? Someone directs this. Someone the political leaders are afraid of. They're not really leaders, are they? They're cucks doing the bidding of a superior force - Soros, Rothschild, et al. The solution is to exterminate jews and all who serve them. And that's the bottom line. No one can gainsay that argument and conclusion. It is pure White gold truth.

Three Girls NOT PC?
Here on Three Girls, the BBC show on "grooming." For three consecutive nights the BBC showed a politically correct free drama portraying the brutal realities of multiculturalism, grooming, neglect of the white working class, the idiocy of the liberal left, the general rot brought about by Cultural Marxism, and they used their most treasured TV slot (21.00 – 22,00) to do it, why? Darned hard to believe, but I haven't seen it. Then you've got Katy Perry taking the nigwhore baton pass from Miley Cyrus. White culture has fallen to level of jailing people for dog crimes (teaching dogs BADPAW). Marrying yourself, sologamy, because if it has a name it's a real thing, as most people think, like HATE. Corporations and jews are always promoting new forms of meretricious me-ism, it's profitable and good politics too. Waste your money! Waste your life! Be a veal! Be a clown! Be a sex deviant! So many wonderful opportunities for you to spend money and waste time destroying yourself. Tattoos were just the opener.

How It Works
What the jews at the top have realized, and centuries ago, is that most people are abysmally stupid. They will buy horseshit and stuff themselves with it. They are easily sold the lie that everything divides into the tard binary of HATE vs love. And any kind of distinction is invidious DISCRIMINATION. Public schools were the 19th century version of mass media. They propagate the views of those at the top. They teach the moronic masses what the controllers want them to believe. Public schooling became noxious and widespread from 1850-1900. It meshes perfectly with the new media that arose in the 20th century. So by the 21st, you have a perfect control system for brainwashing the tardic masses around the clock. Feeding them the same lines from dusk to dawn, from Djibouti to Detroit. WHITE LIBERATION is technically indistinguishable from destroying the "public school" system and the mass media.

Financial System Collapse
Watch or read The Big Short (2015). Complete collapse of the system was staved off by the bank bailouts combined with the easiest monetary policy in human history. But the system was not fixed. Far from it.The new stock market highs we are seeing today are not the result of a strong economy, but rather, a perilously fragile one that is subject to the very same catastrophic failure that was narrowly averted in 2008. That's Vox Day. I share his opinion. The libertarian view of these things is right: the Fed is the ultimate cause of these bubbles and collapses. Legitimate economic development follows frugality, wisdom, prescience, hard work, savings - reinvestment for return. Not a bunch of kikes counterfeiting money, giving it to biggest banks, and passing it on to worthless fake students and uncreditworthy 'minorities.' And then bailing out those banks when they fail. That's coerced malinvestment, and it's antiWhite because whites are the ones who play by the rules, compared to jews cheating at the top and discoloreds cheating at the bottom. One of the best points was made by somebody, I forget who, that when you get away from hard money, you force everyone to be a speculator because their money is continually losing value. This has moral effects that are not easily undone. When you can't trust the most basic things, it leads to cynicism and hopelessness. A feeling that money, like everything else, is rigged against you. This is indeed how it is in 2017.

Women and Agency
Great thread, demonstrating the point that no one, not traditionalists nor feminists, thinks women can (or will make women) take responsibility for their actions. Feminists advocate for creating laws that assign men all agency, all responsibility, while giving women perfect freedom to do whatever they want. Women should always have it both ways. If they mess up, blame is to be attached to the nearest man. This largely is what is encoded in law as I type in 2017. Certainly it is what is encoded in family law. As for criminal law, it is known that women get significantly, like 60%, lighter sentences for committing the same crimes men do. They are also, despite the stereotype perpetrated in the (((media))) likelier to be domestically violent. Some women can and will take responsibility for their actions. But they are the minority, and not a large minority, a pretty small one. Most women do not want to take responsibility for their actions, and will leap to embrace any court- or media- or socially-provided out. Every man who conflicts with a woman, if it ends up in court, will find the woman accusing him of verbal abuse if not physical or both. All men do is abuse women verbally, mentally and physically, if you listen to women/feminists. And at this point there is little difference because although many women do not like to call themselves feminists because of the extreme and ridiculous actions of many of those who do, yet still feminist assumptions are in the law, and have been for a very long time. So are they in the media and its portrayals of sex interactions. The default is feminist. To challenge it is akin to a salmon swimming upstream. Some will make it but the vast majority will fail.

On Crampus
Bush-league douchebags, or 'catholics' as they're commonly called, walk out on Pence at Notre Dame graduation. White-on-black stabbing at Maryland, cops trying to make the most of it. No recall for this yearbook with pro-Trump-beheading statement. June Chu, anti-White Yale dean, keeps her job after using 'white trash' (brief Tucker segment).

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  1. It's true that people are abysmally stupid. They take great pride in their stupidity. I doubt Team White is ever going to wake up.

    But their genocide is our genocide. And that's the nightmare!

  2. That review of the hebeBC's "Three Girls" was excellent. Astonishing that they'd broadcast it. But as the writer concluded, the jewed shitlibs can't be allowed to just make a showy mea culpa while continuing with their White genocide campaign. Those atomized Whites mustn't imagine that voting for the scumbag Tories will do anything - or that voting for any of the parties allowed over there will. Ironically, their jew/government whore-planned atomization may enable the only form of resistance their rulers fear.