Saturday, August 5, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-08-05

5 August 2017

News That Matters: Youtube doing the usual discrimination, that's the big story recently. It's almost funny how they quite drily write about all the nasty things they're going to videos that contravene their leftist standards? - to videos that comply with their standards. Essentially, the (((left))) wants to end comment sections. They are anti-semitic because they allow non-jews to talk to each other instead of listening to boss jew. One-way lectures called "dialogues" are the jewy way. Bring the Internet under control, like tv and radio. This is the goal. The jews sat back and watched something unexpected evolve in the Internet; now they're moving to crush it. Technically, legally, socially, politically. There are many ways to suppress without technically censoring. (As a side note, the distinction between suppression [private] and censorship [government] doesn't make sense any longer. It should all just be called censorship. ADL working with Google whether that is government or not is irrelevant.] Vox Day and others are saying that is just as bad a censor as youtube is bent on becoming. Not a valid option. But it opens the field to Gab - if Gab can take advantage of it. Gab has only two engineers, best I can tell. Three if you count the founder Torba. ... Illegal to run for office in France if you're not leftist. Someone at Google hints at reality. Who remembers Ralph Reed these days? He was young enough then, you'd think he'd still be around. He was a baby-faced chuckie-dollic waxy manlet; more significant than his corporeal little-creepiness was his total and complete jewcuckery.

On Crampus
White student wins - staff to be trained not to discriminate against white stoodents. Yayish? Top 60 schools for jews. Again on jews in Lakewood, N.J., which the greedy thieving kikes have done their best to destroy. Here on orthoyid arrested for jerking off at kids' movie.  Tucky handles an anti-white black-framer.

Verbal War: Reproduction
This is not so much a weaponized term as a term in commonly used leftist parlance. Leftists believe all bad things come from wrongly structured society. Identify the institutions or mechanisms perpetrating the hellscapes, usher in nirvana. One of these hellscapes, one of their mechanisms, as dreams were to Freddie Krueger, is kindergarten - and 'heteronormativity' (treating the 99% of sexually normal as, well, normal, i.e., men or women, with respectives lusts for pussy or dick, is all that stupid, pretentious, jargonicious term means). Yes, we must destroy heteronormativity in preschool - that evil is 'reproducing' Bad Attitudes, the source of all evil. Only a PhD education major is dumb enough to believe this sort of thing. And sure enough, that's who's pitching it. And by pitching I mean parroting. Systematically disabling 'mechanisms' always traces back to the mind and the sense organs. The only way to, say, stop 'racist' (propaganda term) attitudes from 'reproducing' themselves is to prevent whites from observing niggers - or discussing their behavior. And this is exactly what the left tries to do. They can't, yet, simply murder the human vectors carrying Badthink, as they did in the old Soviet Union, pardon (((USSR))), so they must content themselves with shaming and brainwashing, and pushing these mechanisms of dementation as far as they will go. Christ, they're about an inch from putting anti-racist, anti-homophobe posters on the wall of the birth canal.


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