Friday, August 11, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-11-07

11 August 2017

Update: Charlottesville,

Listen: Gab's Andrew Torba interviewed on what Gab can do to beat Twitter. Jew Molyneux has interview with James Damore, the Google memo writer. He's a very mild, friendly person you can instantly tell. As well as being a witch. Black Pigeon on Google cult.

Roundup: Review of Dunkirk.

Comprehensive Propaganda
Over time you come to see that all branches of learning can be perverted to serve The Agenda (always anti-White) and The End (White Genocide). One of those branches is anthropology. The Useful Lie is Out of Africa - that all humanoids ultimately trace to Africa.
The problem with this paradigm is that, using the same set of criteria proposed by those scholars pushing for an African origin for modern behavior, it seems to have originally appeared in Europe instead, when modern humans first arrived there and replaced Neanderthals. Furthermore, the so-called modern behavior in the African Stone Age is not qualitatively different from that of Neanderthals, who were supposedly replaced by cognitively-advanced modern humans.
Cultural Marxists = jews. True, not all CM are jews, but jews stand for CM as mankind includes women. Jews created marxism, all its variants, and are the drivers and users of it. That sick and deviant whiteskins and discoloreds join them should never be used to conceal this most basic and most important fact. 

What Happened In This Country
Essentially, the jews fused with the remnants of the worst sort of post-Puritans, the northeasterners who created the public school system and pushed the insanity of abolitionism. So you get a jewish agenda with a Puritan ambiance. Snarky moralizing combined with no-platforming. The judyleft says you have two options: join our cult or be crushed by us. There's no space for normal whites. This is currently engendering a revolution. Human things don't move at light speed. Just as with the 'civil war,' this new war shaping up has been building for decades. The left simply cannot tolerate any different way of thinking. It refuses to make any provision for those who reject it and would go their own. No, says the left, you can't do that. You must play ball or go under. War seems inevitable, given the mentality of the (((left))).

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