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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-08-06

6 August 2017

National Socialism
Decent Anglin article. Some points:

1) Hitler underestimated the danger posed by christianity (and to call him a practicing catholic approaches eyeroll). To respect Hitler is not the same as ignoring his mistakes, and his underestimate of the danger of organized christianity was one of his larger ones. I think real history proves that. The church superficially tipped their hat to the power that be'ed, but under the surface was hiding jews and working to undermine NS every way it could. You can't pretend xtianity is neutral to racialism when the church put out Mit Brennender Sorge, and denounced racism/nazism publicly - and also denounces racialism in its very catechism. The church isn't neutral toward white racialism, it is actively hostile to it - and it was back then every bit as much as it is today. WN today must not make the same mistake Hitler did - it must acknowledge the church is its enemy. Average christians live at their levels of dupe- and dopedom; church leaders are necessarily hostile to racial worldview because it's competitive with their doctrinal (unchangeable) universalism. The church can't be a racial organization because racialism supersedes universalism.

2) Historically, enemy activity/inability to thwart it is #1 organizational obstacle for WN. It is a very common mistake among 'our kind' to think we are different, either by personality, principle or organization. There's not much new in the world, and the alt-right isn't 10% different or better than what came before. What's different, more than any other factor, is the political situation has ripened. The anti-White shriek and discrimination and media mistreatment has grown louder and stronger, the violence more common. You really think new you have hit on something George Lincoln Rockwell didn't? Or that you're smarter, better read historically, or face less opposition? White nationalist orgs did take off in the 20th century. Then they were thwarted by jews working with the federal government. See the revived Klan (1920s). See National Alliance and Chester Doles. The NA was growing pretty well when Pierce went down (some think by foul play; that he was poisoned by his last girlfriend, a woman of unknown provenance). Most importantly, the US political situation was far less ripe fifteen years ago than it is in 2017. That's the open and shut of it. All the concern about infighting etc, what Anglin says is correct, it's not good, but it's not the real problem - the real problem is external, and always has been. How do we prevent the jews/feds from destroying our men and organizations? That's the problem. Not that we somehow organized incorrectly. I mean, organizing isn't that hard - without interference. The only thing that makes it hard is that the central government and the lol-private communist-kike groups are trying to destroy it the minute they become aware of it. True history of WN is that VNN and others struggled in the 2000 to 2005 period simply to stay online. VNN got to 10,000 on Alexa in short order - with one writer. Then it got a second, a real talent, and a monied backer. Then the (((media))) went to work, drove out the backer, drove out the funding for the second writer. Then blogs appeared... Etc. The point is, every threat DS has faced VNN faced first. Anglin simply ignores this. There is nothing unique about the treatment Stormer has received, every single attack the jews carry out today they carried out back in 2000 when we started. Back then, the main focus of attacks was denying pro-Whites common utilities, particularly servers. But we had our paypal cut within six months...well more than a decade ago. There is nothing new about leftist strategy and tactics. They shame, smear, isolate, cut off funding. If there's any real-world activity, they infiltrate, set-up, sometimes even murder or put people in position to be murdered (see FBI in '60s and later with COINTELPRO, see Rounder's history of what happened in Greensboro, where the feds set up nationalists to be murdered by communists - even though the nationalists ended up killing the communists). The technical environment changes (blogs, then social media) but the same dirty game remains eternal.

3) Ok, a third point. I have to say again, I don't get this incredible hostility to principles. Principles protect people. They're not a luxury in work like this, they're a necessity, like a backbone. Somehow they've become associated with cuckservatives. Well, cuckservatives may use the term but they aren't principled. Or, their principle, one and only, is doing what their boss jew tells them in order to preserve their paychecks. But principle itself is a good thing, not a bad. It's big-tentism that doesn't work. Rising movements are intolerant not open to all comers. Pragmatism is for the non-essentials, not the basics. If you say, sure jews can be alt-right, as Vox Day (a redskin) does, then you're going to get burned. As history shows, if you'll listen to it. It is absolutely essential to figure out who WE are, and who are THEY. Right-wing movements featuring christianity can't do this. I advocate the dual litmus test: jews MUST be recognized and named as the enemy, and our CAUSE is RACIAL. Only. Not a political position, and economic doctrine or a religion. Otherwise we let the enemy in the door, and he controls the organization, and either subverts it or destroys it for white-positive purposes (see Republican Party, etc etc). The only thing xtians have that our cause should embrace, because it doesn't belong to them and its right, it serves our race, is sexual normality. No need to define it closer than that. Anyone who can produce that social good will get the vast majority of the white 'vote,' whether that vote is cast in a ballot box or via spinning axe, aka Billy Butcher style. ... Realize also, the political situation has matured. The numbers have gotten white-worse. The left has gotten more aggressive, much more aggressive. It openly promotes white genocide and black murder. There comes a "we are the new majority soon" feeling. Same time, the natural numbers change has been augmented by extremes of invasion injections, featuring dark hominids from the furthest reaches of the planet injected all over America, until no one can miss what's going on. All these things have produced an awareness among average whites that wasn't there even ten years ago. This accounts for the rising success of alt-right more than any individual genius or great new plan. As I said back in 2000, ITZ COMING. Well, in some measure it is now here, at least the beginning of the war for racial control of North America (and Europe). Our labors have not been for nothing, as far and white the youngsters identify our position with the Red Pill (reality), vindicating that our analysis is fundamentally correct: jews are THE problem, everything else is symptoms. Jew understanding is virtually ubiquitous on the Internet, and pretty much any MAINSTREAM still-free comment section will bear this out. We achieved, thus, probably the most important thing we could have, we who are of the VNN generation. The understanding is there, among a wider number than ever before. And that number will and must keep growing, and we will keep helping that to happen. Thanks to all the nameless people who have helped grow the circle of knowledge, or provided support in any way. It is not for naught, the fight continues. We must win - and we will win.

Charlottesville, August 12th: Operational Security
Good advice from Weev, and it pertains to any rally.

How Things Have Changed in Last 15 Years
Different climate, as Dave Chappelle learns. How dare you mock trannies, they are to be worshipped and celebrated. They're not freaks, freaks are normal. People who mock them are freaks, but not in a good way.

The Response to the Polite, Rational Google-Engineer Piece
Notice the way reality ceases to exist for these people. Facts are hate. Opinions are violence. when you 'think' like that, your only option for dealing with dissenters is censorship. the original piece bends over backward to be polite and factual - but it reaps the same response as if he'd proposed torturing and killing every wimmin and minority at google. there is no reasoning with these people, they are childish, effeminate totalitarians. these are high-IQ people comfortable with dismissing factual arguments as hate and garbage. no need to 'engage,' the other guys proves he is wrong and morally evil because he disagrees with sainted us. we're the only ones with a 'human soul.' Google is a jew company, but this mode of thinking is protestant, puritan: we are the good, the elect, the pure - anyone who opposes us is evil and must be stamped out. judeo-puritanism is an ugly, destructive thing. ... It would be nice if someone wrote a comprehensive piece on how a utility like Google can fuck with people. There have to be fifty different ways. Google can't simply admit what it's doing: censoring in service of a cult. It wants the illusion that it supports freedom, free speech, openness, honesty...but the reality is that it actively censors and discriminates against those who don't share the ideology of its cult. It wants to be one thing, while enjoying the reputation of another. You find this mentality in many women. They want to be cheap with money, while appearing generous and liberal. Essentially, Google and its ilk feel profound irritation that their services are most useful to those who disagree with the other mass media (((orthodoxy))). They can't stand seeing nonbelievers (enemies) use their service and thrive on it. So they move to shut them down. This is all that's going on. Censorship masquerading as free speech, doing bad masquerading as "doing no evil." Google's reaction to the world in general, as well as the employee's anti-PC document, exhibit its fear and frustration at the puncturing of the charade of the left: that all good people agree with us; those who don't are a tiny minority. To keep this illusion on life support requires eliminating free speech, and google does this many ways, but one of them is simply by mass-disappearing comments. Metocur talks about this around 9:45 in his video thru this link. Youtube (and all jews/leftists) are engaged in foisting a false-majority view on the actual majority. Trump's election, like nothing else, has exposed this sham, tho Trump nor nobody but me calls it by its real name. Jews have always affected to speak for the community. The jew says "We (sic: jews) love diversity! Everybody is welcome!" as he stuffs a bunch of (Somalis into Minnesota, for typical example), against the will of the majority, which is never consulted. The comment section, as I observed in Linder's Media Laws (three of them) is ALWAYS to the right of the System writer/editor/producer who posted the piece. The majority (white) view is never represented. The comment section pretty much everywhere shows the charade. There is a wild, crazy-huge canyon between what hte people who write the papers and produce the TV shows believe and what normal white American majority believes. Now the race is on to see which of these will prevail. Can the jews silence the majority long enough for it to become a weak minority? Or will the majority identify jews as the enemy and crush them and their anti-white genocidal endgame? Stay tuned.

Self-Esteem vs Self-Criticism
Niggers don't keep it real when it comes to their opinion of their monkey selves. They are delusional.

Verbal War: Reporters
Typical gaslighting. What reporters actually do is conceal. You can conceal things various ways. By not mentioning them. Or by misrepresenting them. Good example here. Neutral, objective journalism is a great cover for leftist political activism. Just as 'science' is a great cover for 'socialism.' (Global warming cum climate change.)

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  1. It's amazing to me that the alt right has managed to maintain such a cordial relationship with these different religious sub groups but articles like that(anglin's) really highlight the cracks. In this case he seems to be directing his criticism at the pagans but as you write there is just as much ideological conflict from the opposite Christian side. I hope the truce can last(at least until more have joined).