Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-08-02

2 August 2017

Notes: Been under it lately after getting back from trip. August will be full of turmoil, I will post what I can. Plans are to record the NOI Leo Frank book, then most like the Kevin MacDonald trilogy. I will be Lindercasting. Short, free-range commentaries on usual suspects and subjects.

Piling on Whites
Corporations follow academia. It becomes popular to shit on whites, corporations see which way the wind's blowing, turn the same way. In this instance it's Procter & Gamble. Shitting on whites isn't just morally correct, it's good business. Isn't it great when all motives come together? We can do well by doing good, the Anglo's highest ideal. That's win-win for everybody except humans.

Science Fiction About Black Nation in America
Why believe  your own eyes when you let jews to tell you what is and could be going on?

Youtube Says Yes to Jewish Censorship
When people search for sensitive keywords on YouTube, they will be redirected towards a playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages.
So instead of getting what you want, you get what (((jew))) want. So the you in youtube is actually a jew. Literally every single comment (that I read) disagrees with youtube's get-jewed position. So if businesses pursue maximum profit, it's odd that that always seems to to entail doing the opposite of what most of their customers prefer, at least wherever politics or culture pops up. An explanation closer to the truth would be the truth: corporations put jewish politics ahead of profits. Few things are as repugnant to me as people who occlude or reverse reality - liars. Gaslighters. In actual reality, Antifa formed to shut down the free speech of Nazis. We remember that article about the SA originally being called the meeting hall protection detachment (or similar). Why did the meeting hall need protection? Because COMMUNIST JEWS sought to physically beat up attendees and prevent the pro-Germans from being heard. SAME AS IT EVER WAS. Also SAIEW is Peej and the boys pretending the people who fought communists -- certainly a lot harder than any American conservatives ever did -- actually are communists themselves. The Germans had a plan to conquer America in WWII. It was mostly pull Uboots up on sand at Myryle Beach and scream take me to your sauerkraut at the golfers. Youtube = google = ADL = "trusted flaggers." With their announcement ADL will be allowed to censor all posted videos, "youtube" has turned its name into a gaslight. As the internet matures, as in any industry, there's consolidation at the top. All the main utilities enforce the same (anti-white) code in pursuit of the same (anti-white) agenda. But so long as we retain legal freedom, this opens/locks in a market serving the actual desires of the white population. is taking investments, and plans, over time, a rollout of the same video capabilities jewtube has.

They dummied a door number with peanut butter and were gone in a jiffy. Sweet home Alabama, where the prison wards are rubes.

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  1. If the Jews do what they are planning on doing to youtube it will be a serious blow. Your idea about using a service like gab honestly sounds like the best solution I've heard. I get the feeling this was always the plan. Like the frog in the pan of water. Just look at what they did to Julius Streicher.