Monday, July 31, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-31

31 July 2017

Thought: If most people didn't believe in luck-fate-chance as opposed to causality, a lot of the bullshit explanations we see wouldn't be spread. I.e., we're doing it to ourselves. Or, popular with convervative cowards from time immemorial, it's just something in the ether (the zeitgeist explanation). All this shit just comes from somewhere, never nailed down, for no reason. Versus the explanation that satisifes Occam: itz da joos.

You Must Never Notice the Jew
White liberation means giant heaping piles of dead jews. Guy gets fired for pointing out two jews are top presenters on BBC.

Paranoia Privilege
Margaret Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale. I picked this book up decades ago. It was so boring I quit reading, which is unusual. Nothing but juiceless feminist paranoia. Nothing funny, plausible or thought-provoking. But because her type controls the media, or the type that controls the media is sympathetic to her nuttiness, finds it useful, this dry as Death Valley tortoise dung novel is made into a movie. A better example of far more plausible paranoia would be novel about a future in which jew pseudoscientists claim to have located racism in the brain -- pardon me, the white brain (only) -- and lobby supine Congress to pass a law forcing all whites to have political lobotomies. Now there's some rational and filmable paranoia! Call it Schnarffman's Tale. ... another example of PP is the Russia horseshit. There's literally no evidence of any crime. Yet the media harp on the no-it-there for months. Jews don't need evidence, reason, anything - because they control the press. They can fill it with whichever lies seem most useful. There's no cost to their lying, most of the time. Until the Internet, others could just grumble. But Trump used the Internet to win, and how the majority recognizes itself. Other people think the way I do! Self-recognition. Like a cow waking up and realizing it can stomp a mudhole in the herdsman. Other limelight experts (Kid Rock) with majority views realize they might well duplicate Trump's accomplishment, and act accordingly.


  1. I don't think it's about them believing in fate but instead them not wanting to deal with the simplicity of it. If you keep something vague and complex then you minimise your own agency.

  2. I once skimmed Handmaid's Tale and, maybe, saw the TV movie they made (though it could just have been the previews and this was before the current show). It seemed to be just liberal paranoia towards religious conservatives. The book described how Jews weren't welcome in the US and were encouraged to move to Israel. Those that flew made it while those that went by ship were dumped in the ocean as a cost saving move by the corporation responsible. Considering that US Christianity is Zionist in that the Jews have to return to Israel (the in-gathering) to rebuild the Temple to fulfill prophecy, the above scenario didn't make sense. At the very least, Israel would have barred American Christians from visiting the holy sites resulting in bad things happening to the firm. Another snippet that I recall, this time from the film, was a cattle car with blank arms sticking out taking blacks somewhere out west. Black churches tend to be conservative and unless this involved a Mark of Cain thing, not sure why this would occur. The story seems more about the fears of the author than how a US theocracy would function.