Friday, July 14, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-14

14 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville, Va.

Roundup:  Attempting to redefine West as what we have now, anti-White jewism. The west is disappearing because it doesn't believe, it lacks confidence, etc. Maybe it's just being murdered. When you define all opposition to yourself as extreme and uncivilized, it makes it hard to understand. All criticism of alt-right reads the same because -- just as it was for decades with white nationalist criticism -- the reviewer/critic is unwilling to seriously consider his own assumptions. This type of review has the form of intellectualism but not the content. Try it. I dare you. Why do whites, normal white people, have any political interest in forced association with jews and other non-whites? Try to answer that question. Here on CounterFundDickinson explained that he sees CounterFund as the linchpin of a parallel far-right economy. The alt-right movement shouldn't fund or depend on platforms that are hostile to their goals, he believes. CounterFund's website sports endorsements from Richard Spencer, the suit-wearing white supremacist who went viral after being punched in the face, and comedian Sam Hyde, whose divisive show Million Dollar Extreme was kicked off the air by Adult SwimDickinson is pitching CounterFund itself as a new kind of political party, one that cares for its community rather than pouring money into candidates' campaigns. It's hard to overstate the degree to which he's willing to take this project beyond mainstream acceptability. Dickinson compared CounterFund to Hezbollah: "Hezbollah is a government within a government. They collect garbage, they operate hospitals, they're an economy within an economy, and a government within a government."
Ron Paul says: The real unemployment rate is at least 50 percent higher than the manipulated “official” rate. Jewing the economy. Promoting violence against Whites. Tucker Carlson with Max Boot, jew. Joshua Bonehill languishes in prison for posting a cartoon on the Internet. You've probably heard the Proud Boys talk about it, them being defenders of free speech and all. NOT apologizing is WHITE. THINKING BEFORE YOU SPEAK is WHITE. Saying shit offhand then retracting it with grovels is conservative. Brave new world ushered in by jew pornographers, results in wrecked anuses of young girls, since jews heavily promote anal sex within their heavy promotion of pornography. The simplest solution to this problem is what I've been recommending for years: KILL ALL JEWS. There really isn't another way. Christianity is simply too weak to cope with judaism. That's obvious. Only an angry racial cause can defeat it, and that's why the jews, who do have most power in the west, tolerate christianity while execrating Nazism.

See, The Thing About Moslemism that jihad is mainstream in it. Except that implies it could be, from some event, sidelined or extremized. Not so. Jihad is a tenet of Islam. There might be slightly varying interpretations of it, but that's all they are - slightly varying. No one in Islam denies that holy war against the infidel is the heart and soul of the religion. Therefore muslimism is incompatible with...any group that doesn't want to be muslim. This is ignored by diversity promoters. Their ideology makes less sense than Islam. Either differences in beliefs and behavior among human groups are trivial (in which case why celebrate them or pretend they form the basis of society) or they are substantial, in which case bloody conflict is unavoidable. Multiculturalism is intellectually incoherent, and the jews who created it know this. It's put out to fool the ones who don't think, which certainly includes most whiteskins / public-school victims.

Parade of Lies
America is a horrible place where a jew can't rape and strangle a 13-year-old white girl without someone getting upset about it. Thank god somebody wrote a gorgeous play vindicating the truth.

Holidays - What They Mean to Leftists
Thanksgiving is about hating your relatives.
Christmas is about eating Chinese food and going to movies.
Halloween is about dressing up as your sex-deviant of choice and getting drunk.
Easter is called Passover, it's about celebrating the murder of non-jew babies.

On Crampus
Diversity scam pays wellAlthough the average salary for a diversity officer was approximately $175,000, at 15 universities the position offers remuneration in excess of $200,000, while in two cases the salary tops $300,000 per annum.


  1. Boy, Hyde sure rolled over for that Hymiewood Reporter jewfag: so apologetic, with the assurance that he's a Decent Guy....

  2. The Rainbow of Tolerance and Die-versity sits firmly in mass graves.