Friday, July 7, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-07

7 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville, Va.

Roundup: Transcript of Trump's speech in Poland. More here. "When you act like a jerk on the outside, you're mirroring their internal behavior" --Sandman on women. Here Rizoli interview with Rudolf, from his series, The League of Extraordinary Revisionists. Subject free speech. Same guy on jew holoists taking their lies on the road to scare children. One analogy for jews that is reasonably parallel is to old-time touring circuses. They'd be a family, real or constructed, of grifters, scammers, bearded ladies and assorted freaks. All of them living low and wild, but bound as carnies are against the rubes. Thousands of stupid little tricks they have to mulct and rook the goyim. Nigeria on pace to have larger population than USA by 2050.  The low character of discos quickly reflects in the state budget, see Illinois. Hadding Scott on the lies of the holo museum: ostensible museum on the Mall in Washington D.C. is in effect an agency of a foreign power, generating spurious credibility for propaganda designed to drag the United States into military action on behalf of the State of Israel. Here a video, Raising the Spirits in Rural White America.

Code of Conduct
What did Shakespeare say...? 'Direction by indirection find.' Like science, a code of conduct is a handy, respectable, neutral-sounding, necessary-business-thing that serves as an excellent potential in-port for the judeo-left to pass off their politics as (something else) without calling them such. People won't buy anti-white marxism. Unless it's called 'college education.' So call it 'science.' Yeah. People still respect that. Lump it in under 'respectable.' Or 'appropriate.' Imply your (foul, anti-white politics) is nothing but good manners. Decency. Anything that still has a good name, leftists flail about looking to steal, like an '80s heroin junkie after your VCR. The right way to combat the left is to call it exactly what it is, and name exactly what it's trying to do. The left is jews. They lead it. They set its agenda. They approve all commonly used political labels in the 'mainstream' media. The non-jews may be powerful, may be important, may be out front, may be the handsome faces and the plump tits - but they are not the ones calling the shots. Their agenda is white genocide. These facts must ever be kept at the forefront in our fellow-goyducation. Take out the jew, the rest of the associates fade away.

Niger Beat
Nigger niggering/England. Every time a nigger murders a white it claims mitigation, if not outright exoneration, by virtue of the white's having offended its negro dignity. He wuh shot by the white man's larynx-located air gun. Often enough the courts agree, and always the media agree: what a white man says (a white man's attitudes) is more important than an igobean's actions. Nigger niggering/church. Typical excuse-maker, a Swedish she-idiot. Assuming she's not a jew or in their pay, coming up with dumb ideas on their own. Europeans are guilty of a second imaginary holocaust because they won't facilitate the invasion of tens of millions of literal retards, who are holy because they have discolored skin. Do these idiots even grasp just how many Africans there actually are? There are practically 200 million Nigerians alone. Christ, I can remember a time there were well under 100 million.

Thought: 19 hours: ""The "holocaust" is over" say certain people. Hint, geniuses: if something appears in the papers (and classrooms) literally every single day of the year in every single white nation - it's not over. It's more like the opposite of over. But keep trying to think, you might get better at it."

Vox on Julian, Who Tried to Resuscitate the Old Religion
"There is only one solution, and that is the repentance and cleansing of the European churches leading to a Christian revival and a new Crusade." Isn't that more or less neo-julianism? (See Gore Vidal's novel, Julian, for an interesting treatment of the Roman's attempt to restore the old gods.) It didn't work for him, as your post shows. If whites created Greece and Rome without christianity, then christianity isn't essential to the production of civilization generally, only (maybe) christian civilization, You can claim it's white-race + christianity + Greco-Roman legacy, and those may matter if you define The West (tm) that way, which is circular, but all whites care about is a valid civilization, and christianity isn't necessary to that. Take a look around: What actually inspires people today, the few whites reacting in self-defense? Race. Not christianity.  On to a new god, a new way, a new inspiration, leading to a new civilization. Funny thing about Vox Day, which is his WND littleness, as I think of it. He hates midwits, which is fine, but he talks about them constantly when he could be taking on bigwits such as Nietzsche and Spengler. Who, after all, had very much something to say about christian values in relation to civilization. They had counterpoints for virtually everything Vox claims in this post, yet he doesn't address or even mention them. Secular socialism (and communism) are far more related to christianity than atheism, as Nietzsche and Spengler both observed. Religious simps never tire of comparing their cult with atheism, even though atheism is not a religion, and cannot be reasonably or usefully compared to one. Just rhetorically and dishonestly. Atheism is a rejection of a baseless assertion, and no matter how large a majority prefers the baseless assertion, the fact remains that truth is not a function of popularity. All the trouble begins when you try to pretend that "revelation" (ie opinion) is on a par with knowledge. It aint.

On Crampus
Karen Straughan on Trump, campuses, law and more...long video. Straughan is certainly in the top five intellects defending men and basic sense in Canada, as of 2017. She is not a racialist, but she has a pronounced ability to think and reason, and for that reason seems like a man. In fact, she is a married woman with multiple white children. The best thinkers in Canada are: Karen Straughan, Diana Davison, Paul Fromm...and a couple others not coming to mind at the moment. Apart from them, it's a wasteland, vast and increasingly non-white, thanks to mega-simp Trudeau, a real faggot's faggot, heterosexual though he may be.


  1. I very much admire Straughan.
    I think she is a single mom of sons now and possibly a lezzie.
    Whatever she is, she has a first-rate, laser mind.

    Davison is good too.
    For sure, she is a lezzie and also a jew.
    Not as smart as Straughan but still very insightful.
    I appreciate both of these women having the courage to stand up for men.


  2. No one better writing about the present situation than you , Linder . And a great quote from Hadding Scott.