Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-04

4 July 2017

Action: Daily Stormer Book Clubs. The "Unite the Right" rally in August figures to be the largest pro-white rally in last 15 years. Whites desperately try to break away from vibrantly enriched disco leeches, criminals, whiners and all around losers.

Media Front
Reality makes rightists. Leftistm is synthetic, manufactured. Has to be pushed by authority to have a chance. Which means leftists have to get power by any means, then oppress, suppress, censor and jail to preserve their regime sustained by brainwashing.

Hezbollah and Israel
With ISIS defeated, and they're down to a few hundred meters in Mosul, Hez can turn its attention back to the original ISIS - the Kikistanis“Since we went into Syria, we became much stronger,” the older officer says. “What was Hezbollah before? We were defenders. Now, we’ve learned how to attack offensively.”

Illinois Overspending
Interview with Doug Casey. What he says can be reduced to 'the state is outmoded.' I mean, if your interest is in doing something reasonably and effectively. If your interest is in living off others as a parasite, the state will continue to be a solid means of doing that. At least until the pensions can't be paid.

Niger Beat
Niggers ruin everything. No fireworks in N.C. town cuz niggy might get excited and start nigging. What is nigging? It's what niggers do. What's a nigger? An erect cat turd. Niggers steal and FBI car full of military-grade weapons. That's more of a comment on FBI than niggers, of course. All shitskins want is free stuff, and what they can't get for free they will steal. And christianity tells us that we are these brothers' zookeepers. Itz in the bible and shit (along with other shit).

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