Sunday, July 16, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-16

16 July 2017

Roundup: What happened to Canada. The usual. It got jewed. Sex deviants and aliens favored over normals. Rents and real estate prices driven through the roof in many areas by excessive immigration. Here from jew Makow's site on Protocols. Here Heartiste on Trump and Macron. Here on SSPX, and muzz-izzy resistance to any reconciliation with Bergoglio's leftist catholicism. Here on various marxist capital controls (one of his planks of communism) already operating in US. Here on stress of being a man, with a family. New Israel rule denies medical access to invaders. If a white nation did that... ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. Counter-exterminating jews is the only solution that solves. Cuckscreech allgeged-music video featuring Richard Spencer and beatdown of a 'hater.' Fuck the Sex Pistols / We're the Bollcucks, singin' about how life is so easy for the straight white man. Of course the ideology is reality-reversed and the assertions are counter-factual. This is communist, categorical, ideological hatred. Categories by ((( ))). Paddy Tarleton could turn this song around easily. Comments are great:

"Life's so easy when you're bent, You gargle spunk to pay the rent, Don't have to worry 'bout the HIV, Get my AIDS pills off the doctor for free.

Hamburg: Cops On Trial For Resisting Rage For the Machine Riots
They want everything the globalists do except, what?, nowier or faggier? Everything is upside down and inside out in Germany, thanks to whoever is ultimately responsible for Sau Merkel's decisions. Germans bad, niggers good. Rioters good, cops bad. This sick sad world must culminate in massive killings, I surthuse. Let's face it: modern indoors living is basically a German-British production. Once we murder these nations, we're going to be no better than some nigger sitting in the shell of an auto going vroom vroom, VROOM VROOM NIGGA. Thing about types. Like, your Anglo type, and American type is part of that, is all about Me Being Seen Doing Teh Good Thing. The German type is all about Me Doing Something Effective. Same politics result in preening on the first part, wearing a twatcap or such, versus blowing shit up or killing a banker or doing something else genuinely nasty-destructive on the second. Now I may have that wrong. The difference may be not Anglo-German but American-European. If it involves lit candles and teddy bears, it's ineffective quasi-religious symbolism, and I, for one, loathe it. But it is the AmeriKwan way, lo these last few decades. Imagine politics without personalities. It's not easy but you can try. It would be more like garbage management. Do people sit around talking about purity spiraling in garbage management?

Thought: So-called health care is based on the beautiful idea not of relieving misery and solving problems but of creating a second set of utility bills to charge you for living in your own body. Doctors and pharmcos as body landlords.

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