Sunday, July 2, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-02

2 July 2017

Binky Shapiro
Jews need safety. So do whites? No. That's anti-semitism. Let me tell you, very little friend: if whites were anti-semitic, there wouldn't be a jew on earth. They'd all be underground. And that is what is coming. For we now understand semitism for the anti-White, genocidal cult that it is.  Bunkmaster Binky needs to give up two-faced political analysis and do what nature intended: oversee a jew-larvae summer camp, teaching the yung yids basic nosecraft: how to make false-bottomed briefcases out of leather, twigs and vines.

Invasion Front
This is why I can't wait till people just starting killings urinalists openly. They endlessly make up lies to defend these alleged people, while this is the shit they do every goddam day of the year. And that's why people voted for Trump. And its why the illegals Hillary used voted against him. Mexicans like killing and torturing people, always have.

Jew Is a Synonym for Thief
Lakewood jews do nothing but steal and scam and live off humans, just like niggers. The problem with the court treating these jews individually is it makes no sense. They're a batch. They should be batch processed. Individual trials only make sense for Anglo-Saxons. jews are a tribe and a criminal genetic clan. If one's doing something, they all are. It is yet another example of our foolish universalism, begun with the christian cult. Set up by jews. Like the ones...and the snake's tail goes into his mouth until he chokes to death.

Some Echt Spicolidacious Reasoning from Trump

"I figure if I'm here and you're here that makes it our time. And surely there's nothing wrong with a little tweeting on our time!"

Making Excuses for Retarded Mexicans is What Journalism Means, Says Kate "Komissar" Knibbs
Seriously, only a young stupid liberal cunt would even try to play it that .50-calibered Mexican was anything other than a retard. And of course she avoids my point from yesterday that apparently none of the dozens of stupid mexican onlookers was any smarter.

On Crampus
Fewer people. I mean, 44k a year to go to Ohio Wesleyan? What could you possibly learn there worth 44k times 4? Who could you possibly rub shoulders with worth same?

Niger Beat
London, daylight, nigger and old white woman. Can you guess what happens? You can! You're all over it! Behavior like this is why they're called niggers. And there are only two types of people: people who hate niggers (normal). And people who hate people who call niggers niggers (abnormals). On 'rapper,' whatever that is, associated with that club shooting in Arkansas. More here on coons discharging their white-man metal flinger in da club an' shit. Oh an they big niggin on July fo weekend.

Media Front
On Brian Stelter. The average media person, not the elite but the average and lower level or local, believes what she is saying. It's not just acting. But in terms of serious, considered, reflective belief, this type is on the level of a public schoolteacher. It's just repeating something it's heard. It has no idea of the intellectual background of its own ideas, let alone any concept of competing schools. It just assumes, as seems to be the case, that this is how all people. In fact, it never even rises to that level of consciousness. The idea there is anything opposed to the-way-all-good-people-think is neatly summed up by hate. Of course there are some who disagree - but they are obviously haters and extremists. They don't count. Media people are social animals and sideways lookers par excellence. Their actual aptitude is less for words than for gossip and social climbing. They just don't have anything to do with actual, serious, deep thought. That's not the business they're in. ... The ones at the top are jews, or people who are smart enough to grasp the game, and they are conscious sellouts (goys), alt-cultists (goys) or jews who know they are lying to push an agenda. Goyim just don't seem inherently to grasp there is a 180-degree way of looking at everything, and their stupid religious cult confirms them in this by telling them to assume everyone is well motivated, which is the practical meaning of various common popular xtian bromides, such as "treat others the way you want to be treated yourself." That's a veiled way of asserting equality. We are all the same, really. Think about how pernicious that seemingly simple, reasonable but actually wacky, self- and society-endangering extremist nuttery that platitude actually is.

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