Monday, July 10, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-10

10 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville, Virginia. The big one.

Notes: I merged our two main Hush Crime threads, took Pamela Ross's name off, hoping she will reappear. They are now simply #1 Hush Crime thread here. 225 pages and counting.

Roundup: This african has complete contempt for Germany for its people having no balls. Everything he says is correct. The solution is to kill all niggers and the jews and cucks and christians who let them in. No other solution will work. Gab founder Torba talks about free speech. As Jobbik turns cuckward, Force and Determination rises behind it. Balázs László, one of the movement’s leaders, told the crowd of mostly black-clad muscular, tattooed men that Europe showed an ill-conceived tolerance in the face of peril from its existing minorities and the influx of millions more people. “Tens of millions are added to the ranks of the Arabs, Africans and gypsies who will show no tolerance once they realise the power that their demographic significance lends them,” he said. “Our ethnic community must come first … there is no equality.” Zsolt Tyirityán, another leader of the movement, used the Nazi ideology of lebensraum, or living space, to paint a stark picture of Europe’s present. “World history is made and lost on population, the fight for living space and the fight to hold on to living space,” he said. “Anyone who says different is either delusional or lying. Any way you look at it, the strongest always wins.” He added: “I have race awareness. I am proud to be a white European … And I reserve the right to defend that.”  That's Hungary, nigger! Stuff's going on... In Chicago too, where a precocious niglet has learned to rob people at six years old. That mah nigger! That old-school niggin'. And pre-school. Hey, not fair. He's a gentle midget. He be turning he life around befo he learn to walk. New Yorker stuff on alt-right. The controlled media/left will misrepresent anything actually pro-white as alt-right, no matter what the figures themselves say. Perfect example of my dictum: if you want the truth about a man, ask his enemy: you'll get the worst in considered relief:
Cernovich said recently, in a text message to me. “He fancies himself an outlaw intellectual when he's a soft-faced fame whore who’d be performing in off-Broadway shows if he had the musical talent.” (Spencer, for his part, has called Cernovich and his cohort “liars and freaks.”)
It's like a free consultant's report, eh? Yeah, fuck those "soft faced" fame whores, they should be more like us manly faced tranny-chasing fame whores. McDildo overtly states he's pro-Western, not about race. Hence, not alt-right. It's not socially dangerous to be pro-West, but it is socially dangerous to be pro-White. Most people don't look any deeper than that. They haven't actually thought about the central question: if the West doesn't have anything to do with whiteness, then what is the west? South America? Yet another interview with Nagle. The nonjew left has lost all ability to consider anything objectively. Why would whites want a white nation? To the left, it's obvious such a desire is motivated by something immoral, hence the question is unthinkable. There's no way of compromising with people who think like this. They are lockstep totalitarians who simply cannot conceive that other points of view are possible, just bad characters who need to be put down. Here a history of doxxing. On the deeper meaning of the childish G20 riots.

Big Lies: Christianity. If it put forward its story as a myth, we could cool story, bro and keep going. But it doesn't. So we -- must -- take it head it on. Absolutely essential. Did God turn into a man, die, then return from death? The question answers itself. But if you swallow this big lie, then why would you balk at swallowing any other? Your very soul is at risk when you accede in obvious lies. This is what Semitical Correctness has proved, in later versions of communism. A man who will repeat the lies the jews of the christian cult created for their Jesus character is not a man you can rely on for anything. Jesus turned water into wine? Do you believe that? Jesus walked on water? Do you believe that? Go to a mirror right and look yourself in the eye, and answer that questions. Because it does matter. It's not a light thing in any way, it's as heavy as things get.

Alt-Lite = Alt-Same
Isn't serious, just plausible. Which is all it needs to be. Is all any 'conservatism' needs to be. Because it's enough to fool the masses of whiteskin middle-class goyim, who take appearances for reality. From the white-racial perspective, alt-lite is a serious threat. There's a big market for near-truth. The way it works is, the professionals go up to the wall of off limits ideas. They peer over. They see what's going on, what people are saying. They take whatever they can use. They deball it. They turn it into Muzak. Or Thomas Kinkadery. They put it in their columns. They get reaction. They make money. They sell books. They get invited to give high-priced speeches. "It was all a game, a way of making a living." Which is all well and good except - it leads to where we are now. No genuine opposition to the jews. Just fake opposition that serves individual interests but does nothing for our collective race. Business as usual conduces to White Genocide. The way to break the cycle is to attack not just the jews who set up and run and benefit from the System, but the whiteskin fake opposition (usually called conservatives) who keep it propped up. That has always been my thesis, and it has proved correct. But the attacks should be stronger than they are, and they should be directed at all guilty parties. We should be simultaneously attacking not just the cucks but the church. Not just the jews but the christians. Any competitor for the mindshare of whiteskins is our enemy, Most dangerous are the ones plausibly seem to represent the interests, implicit or explicit, of same. Alt-Lite is dangerous because its people have talent and profile. They SEEM to be pro-white, or at least not anti-white, which feels like the same thing to the average white person in 2017. But we must destroy alt-lite. Our goal must be that the white population sees that we white nationalists are the only true opposition to the ruling System that all the fakes and pretenders are part of. The public must see the alt-lite is just another cell in the judeo-System dungeon for white folks. We must polarize the public between #TeamWhite and #TeamJew. Force them to choose, they'll choose us. Any other group that provides false hope, like the church or the alt-right, must be understood to be our enemy - and attacked. In a purely political sense, alt-lite is more serious than alt-right because the alt-light kicks racialists out of its ranks and overtly identifies them as the enemy, whereas many on the alt-right can't figure out whether alt-lite are their enemies or their friends. That you're competing for mindshare among a population and using some overlapping points does not mean white nationalism and alt-lite are on the same side, it means they are competitors. Rather, alt-lite is your enemy, using your pro-white talking points to push their anti-white, jewish agenda.

Thought: The purpose of propaganda is not to change what you think, but to change what you think your neighbor thinks. People all think they are special and unique but actually even the outliers are 99% like everyone else. So if they harbor reservations about obvious lies, they should be able to realize that so does everyone else. But they don't. Because they're different. They unthinkingly think. This is why propaganda actually works. So when you hear "Diversity is our greatest strength," you say "that's absurd" to yourself inwardly. Nevertheless, you assume that there must be a lot of people who actually do believe this, so you'd better keep quiet about it. And that's where they get you. Actually, almost no one believes this except the retarded portion of the community (public school teachers). Everyone else feels the way you do. Thus is a large-majority view stifled, dominated and politically extinguished by a tiny-minority view. A related conception is that the purpose of propaganda is not to get you to believe its obvious lies but to prevent you from publicly opposing them. They don't need your support, (((they))) need your lack of open resistance.

Plagiarism, An Explainer
This is an interesting subject, one I've never really seen written up properly. Maybe it is somewhere, but if so I'm not aware of it. It's not like these are earth-shattering observations but they are subtle points, yet valuable. It's kind of like street crime like white-collar crime, what I'm going to talk about. The one is visible, the other has to be tracked down carefully over many hours. Plagiarism breaks into two kinds. People only think of the first, because they are mostly oblivious. The first is overt copying of words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and more. Simple theft. Copying someone's words without attribution. Something the meanest intelligence can understand. MLK's Ph.D. thesis is a good example. It was about 1/3 simple copied from another student at the same school, as I recall. That's tard plagiarism. A nigger can do it. The second kind is the interesting kind. Those of higher intelligence essentially prospect for ideas. As few can think, this minority stands out. The clever will read them, steal their concepts, but work subtle emendations to hide the provenance. And this will fool 99% of the population, which is brainless and tone deaf. People who specialize in this kind of thievery, to name two, are Ann Coulter and Steve Sailer. I will write more about this in future days. This kind of dishonest to honest plagiarism is quite an interesting subject, and it ties in with originality. In my opinion, it is unethical to take ideas and phrases from others without accrediting them. I consider it dishonorable and unAryan and worst of all - it's just small. It's a stinky, shrimpy, ugly little thing to do. Don't do it.

Niger Beat
Dawg was a peacemaker an' shit.  He all about bringing people together...with weed. They havin a har time wrapping they head aroun his death and basic math. "A drunken bar brawl broke out" (passive voice indicates nigger guilt). Well, if you watch the news, that's one line of mulattos shut down before it got started. War in.

Bogus Concepts: Edgy
There's the truth, there's euphemisms and there's lies. The truth has undeniable power. It attracts people. People are where the money is. But if you can't tell the truth, and you want the money, what do you do? You hint at it. Wink at it. Talk in codes. Example of (((Laci Green))) (correction: Laci Green is apparently the union of an Iranian and a white Mormon, not a jew). Pretending to be red-pilled to make money once her marxist shtick grew stale and less profitable. Professional conservatism works along her lines. If you look at it objectively, it's the same thing as official leftism: anti-white masquerading as race-neutral. But the truth lies with the racialists: race exists, race matters. Anyone who denies that is not a conservative, no matter what he calls himself. Conservatism by definition is not ideological, it has no problem with facts of any kind, and is against denying them. It's a good label for jews to use, and this has been its professional reality since William F. Buckley justified the ways of Big State Central to Flover Man. As Willmoore Kendall said, "just another liberal rag." Which would make William F. Buckley and all his mini-mes "just another bunch of usless jew-fearing Semitically Correct leftists."

White Literature
What Mary McCarthy said about Lillian Hellman stands for the entire jew race. Every word they write is a lie, including 'and' and 'the.'  The Education of Henry Adams should be read. A man from the top, sharp mind, intellectual, with a genuine American pedigree. That's a perspective worth paying attention to. He knew what America was (had begun as) and he saw in front of his nose what America was becoming.  On Housman as maybe even a Thomas Kinkade of sorrow. Good background on Luther. Here on Evelyn Waugh.


  1. "Thought: The purpose of propaganda is not to change what you think, but to change what you think your neighbor thinks."

    Precisely. An example of this was seen during the Trump campaign when the enemyedia steadfastly refused to televise the audiences at Trump rallies. They didn't fear people seeing Trump nearly as much as they feared people seeing people seeing Trump.

  2. Get a load of the Austin whyboi friends of Bakari: "fell down" with grief when they learned of the sooty paragon's death at the hands of "Eurotrash racists", they did. Why, he didn't start anything - because, like, hooched-up niggers in bars NEVER get aggressive!

    Most kwallige-edjewmacated 'Murcan white males - shit, "Western" ones, period - make you want to puke: nigger-lovers, commies or fags.