Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-12

12 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville, Virginia. Why Unite the Right instead of Unite the White? A goup made up xtians, ptards and racialists will fracture on those lines. Group must pro-white/anti-jew, neither negotiable, both public. Otherwise it will go the way of conservatardism.

Truth: Whites retain an immense amount of energy waiting to expend in something actually useful. But it must be overtly racial and overtly anti-jew or the white man knows it will be for nothing. It will either be coopted or sidetracked. The age of euphemisms, codes and proxies must end. We are #TeamWhite. Our enemy is #TeamJew.

Roundup: Sex robots are here and making money for their owners. Anti-White billboard in Saskatoon. We'll have a movement when people start setting fire to crap like this. Daily Stormer moves increasingly toward 100% ironic articles, which is a natural evolution of laying out the incredible, anti-white stupidity year after year. Time for a White Liberation Army. PCR on Russia. Why doesn't Trump fire the streetshitter for publicly contradicting him re Putin? Jews have to be destroyed, and the first step is to treat them as a class. National Review on Nagle's book on alt-rightNagle quotes Marxist critic Mark Fischer’s observation that the online Left is “driven by a priest’s desire to excommunicate and condemn, an academic-pedant’s desire to be the first to be seen to spot a mistake, and a hipster’s desire to be one of the in-crowd.” Forward calls jewess Loomer alt-right. Mike Peinovich divested himself of his jew wife, and he apparently checks out on the Geige counter. Weev was right about Etherium, tanking. Meanwhile gold dipped near 1200 and silver back down to 15. BitCoin around 2400. Here on Hungary, Orban and (((Soros))).

Riots by the bored and the clueless. What we see in Germany, among the non jews, is a stick-up-the-ass people/culture that has been been brainwashed for decades that it must obey the delusion - and has tried to do so, to the best of its very high abilities. That this leads to manifest insanities and absurdities - those are not things that Germans culture so easily recognizes. Europe simply has to have a racial army start fighting back, there's no point in pretending this can be done legally - not, at least, until the army is built and proven effective.

Media Front
Politics > profits. Jew organs will go out of business rather than cease publishing anti-White propaganda. This is true in movies, newspapers and comic books. Jewsmedia organs discriminate against whites. Every time you hear the (((media))) complain about old white men in the media, investigate how many of those shown are actually jews. It will always be most.

On Crampus
Standards are racist because niggers can meet them. You can have standards (civilization) or niggers. Not both. It's always people who are literally part of the System telling us how institutionally racist the System is. Words lose all meaning in mouths of leftists, it's why they're neither credible nor interesting. I mean if, like me, you've watched and dealt with them for four decades. They're simply liars (jews) and fools (whiteskins) and retards (niggers etc.). Where they can control anything, they're totalitarian. In the end, there's nothing to do but stomp them into the dirt.

Niger Beat
Withhold video because people might get the wrong idea about niggers. It how BART do. The reaction is the problem, you see, not the rhesus action. To the state, your safety doesn't matter. Your attitude toward niggers does.

Acting like an adult is anti-semitic.

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