Monday, July 3, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-03

3 July 2017

(((Media))) Front
First they say you're thin skinned. You're just supposed to absorb their lies. Fighting back is unthinkable, undignified. What was the traditional line: don't get in fights with men who buy their ink by the barrel? The tables have turned in the age of the Internet. As the same jewbitch media used to talk about Reagan going over the heads of the media directly to the people, so the new technology facilitates that. Why should Trump invest any time with the professional liars, smearers, distorters and just plain anti-white communists who are the bulk of the self-styled serious press? He shouldn't. All he should have for them is contempt and middle fingers. Trump's doing a great job of showing them the level of respect they deserve: none. Much better than the Leslie Nielsen intoning System platitudes they want him to be. Gosh, what a thin-skinned media we have. These lying jews sure are touchy when you point out they're lying. About everything. It seems kind of anti-semitic. I, for one, am bothered by it. Here on getting rid of writers all over the place.

Won't Somebody Please, Please Think of the Government Employees
People exist to serve the government (reality principle). Government exists to serve the people (fantasyland).

Parade of Lies: NOI Addresses Lying Forward Article
Far as we can tell, no jew has ever written an honest article about Leo Frank. A new book by the Nation of Islam titled The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 3--the first book about the case written by Black scholars--compellingly argues that a true analysis of the evidence shows that Frank was in fact guilty and that Jewish leaders know this but are exploiting the case to claim a victimhood in America for their own political advantage. Thus, Uhry's musical Parade is a flagrant example of Jews playing the "Jew Card." That is precisely correct. I have ordered this book and will be making an audiobook from it. In fewest words, jews are a race of liars - genocidally hostile to all others.

Jew Front
Jews put out fake fliers to distract attention from the fact that Lakewood kikes are robbing America blind, and have been for decades. THEY'RE DOING IT TO OURSELVES.

Niger Beat
Some your-biking and broken nose, courtesy of gang of Topeka niggers. Venus Williams smashes into a car, kills someone. I don't know the family, but I have read things from people who do, who are not racialists, who absolutely detest them and say they are scum. They are the definition of recipients of black privilege. They think they're owed everything. They're anti-white. They act like snots. Maybe some comeuppance after this manslaughter. Note this: Williams has not been charged with any crime in lieu of the crash. 'In lieu of'... I don't even know what the guy thinks he's saying.

The World We Live In
Which has me wondering if Hitler ever personally killed anyone. I’d google it, but I don’t really want “did Hitler actually kill anyone” in my search history. Predict THAT, Orwell! 

Dear Sir, 
I would be honored if you would check out my recently published children's books for the cause.
Thank you and happy July 4th! 
Cain Andrew Bell

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