Saturday, July 1, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-01

1 July 2017

Notes: 'Notes' will always refer to in-house stuff. What I was calling notes will now be Roundup. I have had many requests for free-commentary podcasts (versus audiobooks), and I will be starting what I will call Lindercast soon. Of course, audiobooks will continue. I plan Mein Kampf, Culture of Critique, and the NOI book on Leo Frank. And America's Decline by Revilo Oliver.

Roundup: If you're like me, you're biased against unions. I loved the Hodgkinson story because it confirmed all my biases: union shitheads are incompetent, often hotheads, they can't think for shit, and in general they're just subpar people. To top it off, the cunt was from Illinois, the worst state in the union, and that includes Arizona. That's what was so remarkable about #HeroAndersBreivik - his competence. Hodgy faced a similar low level of difficulty (fish-in-barrel level), and produced the equivalent of a wet fart after eating an eight-course meal twenty hours earlier. Weak. I mean, this 'white man' was taken out by two nigger cops, one of them a sex deviant. Pathetic. Here on alt-right.

"Put every bit of Etherium you have into the XTZ ICO. Tezos is the next Nazi currency, and it is going to kill Etherium."
That's Weev saying that (on Gab). Is he right? I have no idea, have never heard of Tezos. What I know is: BitCoin has exploded last six months. Etherium is the Chinese-favored one behind it in the rankings. And I just now heard of Tezos from Weev (Auernheimer). Pax Dickinson who I criticize below says all his CounterFund people are long on BitCoin, and that Etherium has seized money from unpopular people (so not a good risk for anything alt-right/racial). Meanwhile, gold and silver are at 1240 and 16.56. 

Invasion Front
Sweden being destroyed.

Eventually the platform will be forkable so any truly unresolvable schism could be resolved by Exit to a forked platform.

[IF he can make his platform work. IF he keeps his word. HUGE ifs.]

  1. Let this sink in. Understand this! Wars are not won by proclaiming oneself so virtuous that allies are unnecessary.
  2.   Retweeted
    Dear Alt-Lite, Calling antifa "the real fascists" will be as effective as calling Democrats "the real racists". Love,

That would be VD blaming leftists for doing a variation of what he does himself - calling jews nazis.
Neither Pax nor Vox grasp the role/meaning of Alt-Lite. It's a fresh jew cooptation and stage-hogging front created and promoted by Big Jew to mislead awakening whites. But they take it at face value, like aLite stand for something good. But what do they stand for other than the right to criticize muslims? They're not racialists. But these guys are too smart to start and stick with the obvious. No, there must be some deeper meaning. Nope. Just another judeo-front. The jews see that fewer than ever buy their National Review horseshit, so they send in fresh clowns. With dildos! And chest balloons! They hate muslims! Ooh, that's new. But they lubs dem some niggers, just like Eggo McMuffin & Rodly Dreher. ... PD is putting at least one jew on his 'court' for his new CounterFund. Per the law observed long ago, you can expect in time that jews will take over CounterFund, and you can also expect that, altho he claims all rightist ideologies will be able to use his platform, we will see that only semitically safe crap gets funded. The mistake here is the belief that alt-lite and alt-right are on the same side. No. Alt-lite are the enemy. It is an objective fact that the people who are publicly known as alt-lite are ANTI-white-nationalist, PRO-jew-nationalist and ANTI-goy-racialist. In translated words, the (((alt-LITE))) takes exactly the inconsistent, jew-poz position that every other "mainstream" conservative branch does. Now, the people they are trying to appeal to are indeed part of the market for alt-right. The alt-lite actually rejects association with the alt-right, refusing to supports its speakers and counter-demonstrating its rallies. Alt-Lite actually is principled. Whereas alt-right, at least per VD and PD, is just stupid, with its clownish impurity spiraling. When someone shows you what he really is, said Oprah's pal, BELIEVE HIM. But Pax and Vox are too smart for that. No, alt-light is alt-judeoSystem. It is a COMPETITOR for the minds of whites increasingly disturbed into the reality that the System is falling apart, and just starting to look for answers. The SYSTEM wants to make sure the first, last and middle things this whiteskins sees are GAVIN McDILDO, LAURA JEW LOOMER. or some JEWFAGGOT like YIANNOPOULOS. The Alt-Lite doesn't need funding. If you notice, its avatars at REBBE MEDIA are able to fly from coast to coast on a whim. It's the alt-right alone that needs funding. But Daffy Pax is going to play as his higher wisdom that somehow anti-racialists and racialists are on the same side, part of the same movement. It all reduces to a white koan: can a thing be cohen-opted from the start? He says his CF is inspired by three men: Thiel of paypal is the first. Well, paypal has kept more money from pro-Whites than any other common utility. Second, by Moldbug. This is a kike who does the classic paleocon blame-shifting: NEVER BLAME THE JEW. Always and only blame 99.9% on the managerial state and/or Big Prot, WASPs. And make your symbol of the ruling elite THE SYNAGOGUE. Well, to be fair, that makes sense. Oh, excuse me, I got that wrong. Jew Pillbug calls it THE CATHEDRAL. And his third inspiration is a buffoon named Taleb, a Lebanese valued far beyond his actual merit, if you go by his posted thoughts.

And again...

Ideology aside, called me liar & fraud to his 200K followers, admitted in DMs I was factually correct, yet refused to apologize.

Read Pax Dickinson's tweets here.

PD is wrong about a number of things, but not this: Cernovich is a classic snake-oil salesman, a natural-born charlatan. Vox Day, despite having an IQ only one standard deviation below God Himself, is foolish to associate with him. Pax's association with him also shows he's less than stellar at evaluating people. You literally only have to watch seconds of Cernovich to see that he's a mountebank. The fellows entire being can be summed up in one word: shifty. Pax thought Cernie was his friend, now sees he's his enemy. One day he will realize the same about his court jew and Alt-Lite in general. That they are competing for the same minds and support the alt-right or white nationalists are does not mean they are on the same side or part of the same movement. Spencer was right when he said we must "crush" the alt-right. And for once he didn't sound languid. He's right. The alt-right is not a friend, it is the enemy. If you participate with those who have money and organizational networks that you don't, guess who's going to dominate that scene every single time? Yeah. Alt-Lite is a torrential flush of afterbirth the jews disvagged to try to drown the beautiful new white baby Al T. Right before it could draw strong breaths.

This means what jews no-platform as hate could be not only platformed but catered to, specifically tailored for...
  1. The red pill is a journey. Don't hate the people who aren't as far along as you are, help them instead.
Are these people (Gavin McInnes? (((Laura Bloomer)))?) headed the same direction? They are not. In Bloomer's case by definition. Maybe you should think harder and question your assumption. You'll find not only are the headed in the opposite direction, they have a very loud microphone to mislead those who still haven't decided on their direction. Pretending your enemy is your friend is not a good success strategy. If the Alt-Lite didn't exist, would it be better for the alt-Right? The answer is obviously yes. Because people thinking anew would see alt-right as the only alternative to the System. But alt-Lite does exist, and it leaps between whiteskins and the white nationalists (alt-right) who would lead them in the right direction. It confuses and misleads the people. It seduces them.

Enough of this buffoonery, I will cover alt-lite in my first Lindercast, which I promise you I will tape on Sunday.

If you watch a bunch of these nigger-on-human attack videos, stuff Flaherty collects, notice how many times the niggers mugging the white guys are wearing more expensive clothes. These niggers live off us legally and illegally. Why do we put up with this? Christianity. Otherwise, our sense organs operated by our brains would draw the logical conclusion: just kill them as a pest, that's what they're worth. That is the logical way to deal with niggers - as a group, to be dismissed. Certainly not to be allowed to roam in our areas. And the idea that we not only tolerate them, we allow this alien tribe jews to sic them on us and then gloat when they attack us? How have we not counter-exterminated the jews already? Again, there's a simple, true answer: christ-insanity. Christ lunacy. The christ cult. Killing us, itz.

On "Transgression" Online
One of those words that is immediate eye-roll to me. Something is either true or it's not. Arguing about which adjective to apply to it is typical of leftism, which is alt-bourgeois 'how we look to others.'

Niger Beat
World Star Hip Hop fight you know it's quality.  Nigger "doctor" shoots a bunch of people and then itself, which is thoughtful. It has credentials? So what. The fact it's a nigger is the calling card that matters. The M.D. is adventitious; the monkey is in the marrow. Only seventeen people injured in a shooting in Little Rock club. I'm going to go ahead and lump that in the nigger file. But only because I'm a bigot.

Verbal Wars: So
Someone actually wrote an article about this. I've wondered where it originated. People weren't starting every other sentence with it a few years ago. The wannabe cool people always have to keep up with the latest shift-for-no-reason. Examples: metrics for measures (old one); optics (really stupid newfie for 'looks bad'). I don't agree with the writer's interepretation. As I said when I mentioned this some days ago or weeks ago, it's just my life as the neverending story. But I don't think it's intentionally insulting to the interlocutor. It's just a sort of affected in media res. An irritating and needless device. Absorb yourself already, Ms Brawny. ...Pax Dickinson of CounterFund makes the point that only Jame O'Keefe's videos are described as "edited," which you are supposed to translate to falsified.


  1. Its a man called Jeffrey fairwater from the right stuff, he has started a recording of CoC already.

  2. I look forward to listening. I heard you mentioned on Nordic frontier podcast only yesterday.

  3. Re Nagle: To her kind, transgression is legit when kikes, commies, fags & feminists do it - but beyond the pale when Whites do. Because defiant, laughing mockery WORKS.

    There's been no "taboo on racial politics" since WWjew: the kikes & muds have gleefully been ganging up on Whites for 75 years; an effective White self-defense is what's been forbidden.

    Those days are OVER.