Thursday, July 6, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-06

6 July 2017

Roundup: 101 shot in Chicago over 4th of July weekend... I think I read in Rolling Stone magazine story on drug wars in Mexico, that some 200,000 have been killed there in drug wars in last (couple decades). Pretty sure that's what I read. Can that be right?  Basic argument from paleos (Buchanan) and libertarians ( is that USA is now an empire, not a nation. Empires crack up. The sooner the better. We are the land of the free to agree.

Battles rages against CNN.
A revolution is coming: TEAM WHITE (your side) vs TEAM JEW (their side). Our generation(s) has the chance to vindicate all lost causes in one glorious victory. DEATH TO THE JEWS. The man who leads the Aryan race to victory over the jews will be the greatest man the white race has ever produced. More here.

CNN Advertisers

King Jew (Soros) Tracker: He's funding muzzwhine re travel ban.

Orthodox Jews Are Crooks by Definition
Some of the dumbest things Joe Sobran ever said concerened orthodox jews. He considered them conservative. They are, but what are they conserving? Traditions of hating all others and ripping them off wherever possible. Sobran's mind was warped on jews because of his christian religion. As he himself said, it took him 20+ years to apply conservative principles to America's relationship with Israel. That was when he got in hot water with Ur-Cuck Buckley. He never did go the rest of the way, being hounded into uncomfortable private life by those same jews. Really, his experience is proof of what I've maintained: you cannot successfully oppose jews and judaism from a christian point of view. It's almost like the x-cult was planned that way. Anyway, this link is Carolyn Yeager talking about those jew-ortho thieves in New Jersey who made the news recently. But even when they're out of the news, they're up to the same crimes. Year in and year out, all jews do is steal from goyim and lie about them. Here's the key: you cant stop jews from committing crimes by throwing these or those kikeles in jail: THEY'RE ALL CRIMINALS. THEIR CULTURE IS LITERALLY CRIMINAL. It's exactly as useful as making distinctions between lice or termites. No. They're all the same thing. What they do is what they do. They should all be fumigated. It's the only way to end the problem. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Understand that judaism is a criminal milieu. Just as niggers in the hood won't talk to the cops, neither will jews talk about other jews. They are thick as thieves because they are thieves. Thiefism or murderism or hateism are synonyms for judaism.

Parade of Lies Comes to Syracuse
Everything jews do is a lie. Whether it's claiming to be poor in Lakewood so they can rip off the taxpayers, or portraying their own guilty jew pedo-murderer as the victim, as in Uhry's Parade (of Lies). The goyish or jew reporter simply repeats the lie that the trial was conducted in a tainted atmosphere. This is not the case. Everything jews claim about this trial is a lie, and no reporter yet, as we watch these articles, dares to dig up the truth. They all recite the myth, which was concocted by jews around the time of the actual trial, then burnished with extra false facts as the decades went by.

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