Friday, July 28, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-28

28 July 2017

Roundup: Free speech in UK? Yr kidn m8. Yr dugs a nasee - courts n jails 4 trainr. In Canada, they don't like library allowing memorial for woman Kulaszka (sp?) who assisted Christie and Zundel trial, at which the holocaust was exposed as a the holoHoax all honest men know it to be. That ain't nothing. That's an echt life achievement. Immigration policy is yet another tool the jews can use to torture the white community, like "diversity" and "integration." These are all laughing-up-(((their)))-sleeves terms for jews, who must find it difficult to believe whites are as gullible as history proves them to be.

On Crampus
Columbia promoting anti-whitism. As usual. Columbia is where bad ideas in what is wrongly called education get started. It has been a hotbed of kikes for 100+ years. Columbia trains the people who train teachers. It's the ultimate source of much bad stuff. In 2017, that means anti-white crap about privilege (whites earned nothing/stole everything), microaggressions (the nigger rapes and murders? why, that's nothing compared to your innocent question), challenging European pedogogical approaches (i.e., eliminating standards so niggers feel comfortable - dragging white children who can learn to the level of blacks who can't). Columbia takes the dumbest, most easily brainwashed segment of the white community (the type that becomes K-12 teachers) and tells the lemmings they're a change agents for a new world order. Very exciting to numbskulls. Muh Ahm on da cuttin edge. Public schools should be eliminated because they have no legitimate mission; rather, they are all about controlling people for the benefit of whichever party controls the state, and that's all they ever have been or can be. Force children to attend. Force parents to pay for them. Force teachers to use books and lesson plans devised by the central controllers, produced by their guidelines. It may be taken as an absolute rule: wherever blacks deviate from white standards (everywhere), jews will invent bogus deficits on white parts to counterbalance and restore the equality lie. For every black deficiency, the jew is profuse in explanations, extenuations, denials - but in the end he blames it all on the white and his rotten attitude. Yes, always it is the white man's attitude that is the real problem, not the black's behavior. So a white kid asking a nigger if she can touch her hair (typical sort of microagression these doltcogs are being Columbia-trained to sign papers saying they will boldly fight against) is worse than black kids daily attacking white boys and girls in the hall. Actual violence is overlooked - as any -- literally any -- white kid who went to school with large numbers of blacks and was attacked by them. Every single one will tell you the teachers/administrators refused to act on it, and most of them will say the same about their very own parents. This is the actual state of things, and has been for a long time. Reinforcing this anti-white System with fresh shit-memes like privilege and microaggressions is what teacher training is all about. And the big-grinning blonde-simps that become K-12 teachers just eat it up, because they're brainless parrots. If you think from the jew's POV, it's easy to figure out, in the abstract, what jews will do. They invent racism as a catchcall, general explanation for the white-black civilizational gap. Every other invention covers a particular subset of this general problem. But racism is imaginary. There are racial differences. There are people who observe these. Jews conflate these and turn them into the highest crime. Literally worse than murder - many blacks have gotten loose from a murder charge because they said the white they murdered called them a nigger. We simply cannot allow jews to live among us. They hate us, and they work as a team. They take over our mass media, which is the media that tells people what everyone else thinks. They use this to poison our minds. They also move into the schools. Teaching teachers lies, always anti-white. After decades of this garbage, indeed nearly a century, the culture has been destroyed by sexualization, and anti-whitism is everywhere and growing increasingly violent and openly genocideal. WHITE GENOCIDE IS (((THEIR))) PLAN, COUNTER-(((EXTERMINATION))) IS OUR RESPONSE.

Whites Were In America Thousands of Years Ago
I believe that is the most that can be affirmed with factual certainty. Certainly, evidence of whites being here before Asians is talked down and hushed up, but that in itself does not prove whites were in the Americas first.

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  1. Whites, due to their "religion" are anxious to protect jew interests rather than protect their own interests .