Saturday, July 29, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-29

29 July 2017

Do Jews Stop Lying When They Kahn-Kocht a Bible?
The bible isn't reliable history. Modern Lebanese = ancient Canaanites, if you believe in DNA rather than the bibble. I mean, the bibble is muh godd's word...and the DNA is fact. So...(this is me shrugging at jewed pewed you). ... Now, you show this good word to a religious chap...this is why we atheists loathe them: this duppery-do will have fifteen evasion excuses for God's First Book and why it doesn't square with reality. A christian making excuses for God is the forerunner of the liberal making excuses for niggers. The reason atheists feel contempt for christians is they will not hold to any standard. All they do is run away and make shit up and demand respect for their claims and hallucinations.

I Love McGregor's Swagger
In general I like men with swagger, they make life delightful by making me laugh. So CM wears NBA jersey of guy who texted lil May-nig's wife, which led to beating. Jersey now occupied by phresh nigballer who nigsults CM. He responds: "That's C.J. Watson mate. I don't know who the f--- you are. No disrespect tho kid. Keep hustling and stay in school." "Stay in school" lol. Rekt! as they say. Everything but condescending pat on fuzzy-wuzzy's raisinhead. ... Thinking of swagger, it really is a male thing, per biology. Sometimes you see it in females, though. One example is in Kingpin, a great movie, in which the very attractive woman responds to the clown's "you're not his type" with "Oh I'm every guy's type." TRUST ME BRO, I KNOWS WHAT THE PECKERIANS ARE AFTER, nod 'n' wink.

"Shark Attacks Female Tourist While Snorkeling In Bahamas"
Good news, sharks now breathe air, ocean may become safer. Bad news, land sharks may become a real thing. Fucking retarded urinalists.                           

The Rise of the White Hot Thot
She'll cause a your jorts, you trailer-park-dwelling racist scumbag!

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