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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-09

9 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville. The big one.

Roundup: CNN-lol underdrawing Yogi Bear reruns. WP on KKK and Birth of a Nation, touches on Leo Frank. Evidence was thin. Yeah. He was last person to see her and there was only one other person around. The jury believed the black janitor over the bigshot jew (head of local B'nai). Here on Alfred Schaefer, victim of thought 'n' theft police in Germany. Jew Molyneux on Canada, a land without identity. Yeager says Copernicus was German, not Polish, though in Poland. Hating faggots is more natural than faggotry, after all, since it's found in a far greater percentage of hominids than tropism toward same-sex buggery. A Salon whinepiece on alt-right from some broad who actually thinks Facebook suppresses leftists more than rightists. I mean, is she lying or does she believe that? I think she actually believes it. It's demonstrably untrue, and ludicrous, but the deeper meaning is what I always say: these fuckers are so far in time and distance removed from any sort of opposition that they have evolved strange new forms, like potatoes etiolated and groping under the kitchen sink. The metaphors I always use are hothouse flowers or bubble boys. I mean, how in the world can you seriously contend that leftists are censored compared to rightists? Only in the delusional world of all-leftism all the time (i.e., academia and mass media) could you say that without being looked at like you had two heads. The white-right is 'winning' at least enough to disturb the cultists purely on the power of ideas. VNN did everything purely with words. We got into the top 10,000 on alexa purely on WORDS from basically just one man - ENTIRELY WITHOUT MEMES. Slogans, wit and truth sufficed. Slogans and memes share something, and that is simplicity. Simplicity and repetition are key. Overall, the essential are 1) the right ideas; 2) laughter (irony, mocking, etc). From that point, it's talent. Memes are great, though, as they simplify things, and they are visual for an age in which people prefer to watch rather than read. But it is factually wrong to claim memes are necessary, rather they're just popular. It is the fact that the white-racial position is the actual majority view among whites, and that it is artificially being repressed by the System (the jews and their lackeys) that accounts for its success. Individual talents and forms matter, but anyone pushing these ideas will have success, because it's the ideas themselves that are what's popular. I mean, we have gotten to a position where literally wanting national borders and men kept out of the women's restroom are extreme right-wing positions. The left has gotten insaner over the years because no one is allowed to check its insanity with rational argument, laughter, or even just eye-rolls because these are all interrupting-the-service hate crimes. Driven underground, white  young men simply shake their heads at an insane world they didn't create (but seems to hate them for no obvious reason) and play video games. A fraction of those get online and into graphics and politics. And all of a sudden they mock the System, and find great purchase because they point out obvious facts. They have fun, they make graphics, their arguments are, to people who think, more compelling than the Stuff We're Supposed to Believe coming down from on high, the Official Sources like CNN etc. The content, the ideas, denied by the left, suppressed by the left, made literally criminal by the left, yet they can't be squashed because they represent the views of the white majority. That's what's going on. It's been the same for decades. It simply wasn't clear until the Internet made it possible to break the famous cycle whereby people suppress their true views because propaganda brainwashes them that their neighbors don't share their views (on race, etc) when actually they do. On the Internet, we can see that we normals are the actual majority. (As I said first in one of my three media laws, before Sailer or Coulter tried to steal it, a look at the comments below any jew-System-organ 'official' news article will confirm: the readers are always to the white-rightside of the editors-reporters.) The left has gone unopposed for so many decades it thinks its own farts are fresh air. It truly believes anyone opposed to it is a dangerous "hater." The left is a cult. The leaders are rational jewish racists. The mass of its members, though, are cultists - the average reporters and academics like the woman in question. All these mental women ever do, because it's all they can do, is parrot what they hear. It's not only all they know, it's all they can conceive. Witchhunting is their natural 'political' activity. Every authority she has ever known has pushed the same nostrums, and she is biologically incapable of escaping that mental box. But white men aren't limited the way these women stuffed into slots they're unfit for are, and they can laugh at her. She may have the power and the income, but we have the best of it, when it comes to argument and spectacle. And that's why people gravitate toward White sources - where they are legally allowed to! White amateurs -- mere children, in many cases -- are smarter, more coherent and undeniably funnier than all the Official Women (of either sex) artificially elevated above them. It's not memes that make the difference, it's not even men, it's that the content, the actual ideas, ideals and positions correspond to the innermost desires of the normal white majority. Already this truth has found political representation by proxy in Trump, and one day it will find representation in a genuinely new Hitler. Except this new leader will recognize what I harp on today, which is that the only solution to this mess is to counter-exterminate jews, and that certainly goes for any goycucks who serve them. No more expelling. That's played. No more conversions. We have 2000 years of proof that doesn't work. Jews underground is the solution. When jews are gone, broads like this loopy dipship won't be hired in the first place, they'll be mothers and housewives, not idiots who think calling grass green is right-wing extremism. ... Another broad, same place, calls Trump a white nationalist, from his Poland speech. Ojala! as the Spanish say. After two years of flirting with overt white nationalism, Trump jumps the alt-right shark in his Warsaw speech... So this broad doesn't understand what "jump the shark" means. (Note, this is yet another horrible page layout, making it hard for the reader to read in a new and disturbing way. Just run fucking conventional text, and pictures, you designer faggots.) I guess in her typical leftist mind, where everybody in the cult really knows that everybody on the outside is racist and trying to hide it, the distinction makes sense. The right says to the left: you're wrong, I can prove it. Or it says, you're lying. The left says to the right: You're evil. This, that and the other subdivision. (In practice, since none of these categories make sense (evil/racist, evil/sexist, evil/homophobe, evil/Islamophobe), the left use them all at the same time, more or less interchangeably, and don't really believe you can be one without the other. And in any case, the point is to attack the person, not describe him accurately, so any bullet fired might hit the target, so why be stingy on the trigger?). Here on SPLC barratry re Anglin, very interesting. Do the terrorist criminals at SPLC have their clit caught in a wringer? The controlled media lie about everything. Here on Aztec gold. On Revilo Oliver and frontman Robert Welch of the jew-committee-run John Birch Society. Since that sickening afternoon, I have been unable to think of the little shyster without revulsion and a feeling that I have been contaminated by association with him. How Ian Smith betrayed Rhodesia. Here on the cops and White and anti-white confrontations in Virginia. Israel objects to Hungary defending its nation against kike Soros. Haaretz claims there are 100,000 jews in Hungary. ISIS driven to jumping into Tigris as they face complete defeat.

There's nothing wrong with this post in one sense, its claims are correct. But it avoids the real point about conservatism: it's about providing the ruling jews with a fake opposition to waste the time, money and energy of their one potential racial competitor. That's the role and function of judeo-Conservatism Inc. For the individual conservatives WN and alt-right love to mock, the cuckservatives or career girls, it's about an individual's status and compensation. The cuck view is essentially that of the employee: whatever (((Boss))) says goes. He poses as an independent man of letters who has reached his profound position after decades of lucubration, but the reality is he's someone who sold his soul and moves his pen as Boss Jew tells him. In fact, he doesn't even need to be told. Anyone at a respectable publication knows What Can't Be Said Or You'll Be Fired. The cuck is an employee, exactly the same mentality as a New Jersey gas-station attendant. Honor and all the other high terms are the stuff of his columns, but that's cuz he's in that business. He knows they're just marketing pablum for the public babies, not real things. The cucks are essentially cynics. That's what makes them so contemptible. Their existence is proof that most people have no ideals - yet all those highest terms are the stuff of their columns. We all instinctively sense this perversion, and it curls our lips and makes us rightly despise them. To them, they gets paid yo. It's all about the benajamins. They get paid, you don't. That's proof they're better and higher than you. This is not just how they think, it is how most white American middle-class people think. Money is the god of the Anglo,  Anyone on tv or in the prestige printed press Matters. Anyone outside does not. Ideas, contradictions don't matter to these people. The right analogy is to imitation-flavoring in food. It may taste like the real thing but it's not. It's just fake crap to make money and forestall resistance. We control the opposition by creating and leading it, as Lenin said. The right way to view professional conservatism and the profoundest criticism of it is as a necessary pillar of the ruling (((System))). As James Mason would say, the whole thing has to be destroyed, and to get caught up in criticizing parts of it is to ignore that fact. It is good to see that finally the white-right does attack the conservatives -- as I argued long before anyone was actually doing it. And the minute people started doing it, huge success ensued. In fact, the attack on the conservatives is not comprehensive enough. The ones deriding purity spiraling are the ones who were against attacking conservatives in the first place. They like to think these people are wrong and can be won over but to believe that is to misunderstand the System and the actual game being played. The same mistake is made with the so-called alt-Lite. Of course these people aren't serious intellectually or politically. But they are serious in ways that matter: they have public profiles, they have real talents, and they have access to networks of influential people with money. Therefore they are well positioned to steal the spotlight hence undermine a burgeoning white-racial movement. They are the political solution the jew-left has come up with to confuse the public and suck money and attention away from a genuinely pro-White movement that might be developing since their main controlled organs (National Review and its ilk) outed and destroyed themselves by their opposition to Trump. Fresh fake-opp needed! Ah, Rebbe Media, we love your application! That alt-lite are intellectually incoherent clowns isn't the point. THEY'RE NOT TRYING TO BE INTELLECTUALLY SOLID. What they're trying to do is a limited hangout, in CIA terms - use some valid points, minor points (minor = doesn't threaten Jewpower) so the average white reader falsely concludes they're on his side, while their main ingredient remains the disease-causing semitic sugar of liberalism. When a man sticks a dildo up his ass, he's trying to tell you he's not serious. I really wish I didn't need to point that out.  But while their positions are a joke (and they know they are a joke, but again, they are cynics lying for money), their institutional support is serious. The alt-lite is positioned to destroy or outcompete the alt-right by virtue of their (((network)) and (((production values))) -- and you'd better believe that is a dead-serious threat and intention of The System. Alt-Lite is not a way station it is a competitor for white potentially White minds. Richard Spencer said something intelligent when he said the alt-lite must be "crushed." That is exactly right. And the way to crush it is to point out its ACTUAL function and the ACTUAL powers it serves. As I have here.

The Black African Problem
There's one solution that works: killing every nigger that tries to get into a white country. And ending all aid to the continent. What really should be done is recolonize Africa and kill the blacks or at least prevent them from breeding. Thanks to christ-insanity and jewsmedia brainwashing, people don't have the stomach for these actual solutions. Violent retards are not good for civilization. That much should be obvious. Also obvious should be the fact that violent retardation is not a problem that can be fixed. Except by killing or spaying. "What you subsidize you get more of." In almost every country in the white world, violent retardation is subsidized. People of value, people who can actually run their lives and participate usefully in an actual civilization are enslaved by the authorities, forced to pay taxes to subsidize the incompetent, and particularly the colored incompetent. This situation cannot last forever. What must be done is destroy all blacks in white areas, and destroy all whites who foist this violent retardation on us in the name of morality. MONEY IS NOT A CURE FOR NIGGER. BULLET IS A CURE FOR NIGGER. If money turned niggers into humans, that would have been discovered somewhere in the first few trillions "we" wasted on the welfare state. It does not. Nor does education. The popular solutions are revealed as lies by 2017 because if they were honest beliefs then the holders have for decades had the honest evidence to reject them as honest mistakes. But they continue with the same claims. It's a power and morality play from the jews and christians, with the obvious and now open end of producing white genocide. Here on King Douche of Wop Mountain, Pope Greaseball Primus Inter Faggus. We must psychologically untie ourselves from coloreds, and this means taking a direct look at the rottenness of christianity, not just the obvious jewlies called liberalism. Christianity is a universalist, egalitarian mentality and morality, and it lays the psychological and moral basis for thinking that all people are really the same, and the miserable anti-white politics that grow in that soil. It primes people to accept that whitekind have anything at all to do with the diseased, degenerate discos that are 90+ percent of the world, and that the only true measure of a whiteskin is how he "helps" the discolored "man." Christianity is bad for whites and good for jews - and how many white-rightists can perceive that, let alone will tell you that? Christ-insanity is a dream doctrine for jews, for it not only pacifies whites, teaches them a taste for illusion over reality, it protects jews, by doctrine, from the only solution that can end their problem: counter-exterminating them. Just as people resisted forever my correct call to ATTACK conservatives, not fraternize them, so they make the same mistake today with christianity.

Posobiec appears to be a sort of neo-Bill White (currently in Marion). Making up lies about people he doesn't like, pretending to have inside sources. Claiming he knows shit he doesn't to get attention and trick others into revealing things. Being dishonest as a standard practice and calculated tactic. Mixed with some undeniably genuine intelligence, shrewd analysis and plain guts, this M.O. can befuddle people effectively. It's the admixture of the good stuff that makes the bad stuff harder to identify. Because most people are either liars or basically honest, and it's pretty easy to tell. Few who aren't jews lie strategically and coldly, most lie to save face. I can say from long experience, as I always have, that what should happen is that pollutants such as Posobiec are ostracized. But most won't. They enjoy seeing people they don't like attacked. Malicious lying may be politically destructive but they find such lying enhances their entertainment experience. And since we can't really win, as many to most actually think, then the quality of the online entertainment becomes the true bottom line. This is why, despite all its defenders, anonymity is mostly a bad thing, not a good thing. Anonymity encourages people to act tough, run their mouths, and then run away the minute anything gets real. It may be necessary faggotry, but it's undeniable that faggotry is the blood brother of anonymity.

Verbal war: Adjectives
...are for women and liars. Men mainly use them for comedy, since they don't mean anything, the ones covering anything that isn't bare description. 'Edgy' is perfect example.

Snake Front
Some guy in Thousand Oaks has dozens of alligators, cobras, rattlesnakes, etc. I don't know. I guess laws against this make sense. But I'd rather swim in a home pool of young alligators than a hotel pool full of niggers. There is something viscerally repellent about dark niggers in a bright blue pool. Inescapably it treads on the mind's toilet nerve. Like the candybar scene in Caddyshack times one hundred.


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