Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-05

5 July 2017

Roundup: Austria might actually defend its borders. Why Austria would do that. But the real reason is the (((government))) fears a pro-Austrian political party, FPO. Anti-white fliers are mysterious, strange, anything but hate. So, again, "love your race" on a flier = hate. "We are going to genocide all whites" = mysterious. Got it.

CNN Blackmails 15-Year-Old Kid
The battle is on... Weev says:
CNN, this is your one singular chance to walk back this behavior of public blackmail. You have one week to fix this. 
Publicly fire the K-File team: Andrew Kaczynski, Nathan McDermott, Chris Massie, and Megan Apper with a denouncement of their threats against a private citizen and child. 
Make financial amends to HanAssholeSolo with a college scholarship in the amount of $50,000 USD as compensation for the emotional distress you have done to him. 
Assure the public he and his family will never be harmed by your organization.
If you do not do this, we are going to be tracking you down just like you tracked him down. 
You are fake news, and we are the real media. As journalists, we have the right to track people down and seek comment on your criminal associations. We now have jackboots on the ground in every major metro area in the world. 
We are going to track down your parents.
We are going to track down your siblings.
We are going to track down your spouses.
We are going to track down your children. Because hey, that’s what you guys get to do, right? We’re going to see how you like it when our reporters are hunting down your children.
As Al Davis (jew) said, my paraphrase, treat others the way their behavior shows you'd be wise to treat them. The media are lying jewscum, or employed by same, in line with same - the deserve the whip. Similar vein on campus: left refuses to play fair, whines when other side, eventually, responds in kind.

The cultists who normally deny that 'normal' exists tell each other not to "normalize" Trump. But normality cannot be conferred on someone or something, it simply is. What can be done is intimidate people out of criticizing or laughing at (see homosexual behavior).

De Benoist on America
More here, on independence. Here on Americanism, which is what catholicism calls it, and sees as an ideological threat to its own dangerous doctrines. Worshipping jews, killing innocent people and moralizing it = the AmeriKwan Way.

Niger Beat
Niggers get violent if you ask them to act civilized. Doesn't matter if you're a 90-year-old lady, they'll punch, shoot, always to a backdrop of retarded cursing. Whites allows niggers among them because they've been brainwashed by a jewish production called Christianity, which tells them that everything that can hover on ankles for ten seconds is an imperishable soul of inestimable worth and eternal value hand-crafted by God.  More anti-white, anti-cop nigging from Oakland. Good video to watch to see how niggers operate (south Philadelphia). Discussion of violence in Baltimore. Nigger "teachers" are something to stay far, far away from. More Philadelphia...a casket...with child-organs.

White Literature
50 white-man adventure stories. I think short stories are generally better if you want adventure. Few writers have enough ideas to sustain a novel worth reading.

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  1. Interesting from De Benoist. I wonder if he's ever applied his critical eye to the French Revolution and the consequent Afrabian caliphate France is rapidly becoming. Maybe he thinks that's due to adoption of Americanism too.