Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-11

11 July 2017

Action: 12 August Charlottesville. The big one.

Investments: Gab taking investments now.

Roundup: Feds use bad behavior of Chicago niggers to curtail your white rights. Here jewstream media on neoreaction. Bannon called Megyn Kelly "pure evil." Nah, too weak. Just a scrote-cunt.   "Every single day we're seeing a black person murdered by a white devil caucasoid." Anti-swirl nigress says avoid the noyd coons, no swirling. Blacks use 'coon' as an apeithet. It's not the easiest to define. It has element of uncle tom, but also an element of simple manners, as we whites see it. But again, we must not project our mindset onto these animals for they don't think like our species. To them, the way Bakari acted (obnoxious, grabby, insulty) that's just nigger normal. So they never draw the lesson a white man would: quit acting obnoxious, control yourself. To them, NIGGER IS NORMAL. NORMAL NIGGER BEHAVIOR (as we see it) is just NORMAL BEHAVIOR to them. They seriously dont see anything wrong with him grabbing all the white women, cursing them for not responding and getting violent toward security after not stopping when asked to stop. Blacks simply cannot conceive of themselves as behaving offensively in the eyes of others. Even though all they do is take offense, as they've been trained, when whites try to treat them like humans or hold them to standards. "They didnt lay a hand on his caucazoid friends." And the nigger relates this to race rather than behavior. They truly don't see it. Or pretend they don't. The guy's own friends (white) told him to quit behaving obxnoxously. In this dumb nigger bitch's eyes, the white female caucazoid led the nigger to its demise...by being hit on obnoxiously by the nigger and rejected. This is what makes the third world the third world: they can't perceive reality. Need more time in the evolution oven, mon.

Media Front
Trying to form a financial cartel with Congress' approval, to go along with their opinion cartel. If we actually had a free press they'd simply go out of business (and you could read more than one POV on tv or newsstand).

Nazis: Two Female Test Pilots
We've heard of Hanna Reitsch, but there was also La von Stauffenberg. 3rd edition, revised and expanded, debunking of the holocaust nonsense, by Germar Rudolf. Why not just call the book The Holohoax instead of some name no one can remember?

Niger Beat
This is why #HeroDylannRoof is a hero. Every time a white man kills a nigger, God gives an angel a watermelon. They're all criminals or criminal factories or criminal support systems or doting criminal grandmas and grandpas. There are no good niggers. Here's an example, a racially motivated gang rape, by niggers, in Clermont, Florida. Victim: white woman. You remember that nigger who got killed in Greece recently. Plenty of pictures of him with white girls in college, and white simps on camera wet-eyed about the coon's demise. Now, anyone reading this should know how to read this type of story. There is more than 90% chance this nigger initiated some kind of problem that led to his getting his ass beat. And you also know the media will do its damnedest to cover that up. So let's see. I have seen it claimed on Gab the coon punched a white woman in the bar, which led to his beating. I don't have a link to a story on that. The controlled media continue to use the passive voice. A fight just happened. Just broke out for no reason. You know how they roll. But the truth will come out in time, it always does. And when it does, it confirms our views 99% of the time. After all, we didn't form our views until we'd seen some things, man. We're not the left, pressing our ideology on reality till it goes away. ... Niggers bear God's image. They reflect qualities of Him. Valuable ones. Really, of inestimable worth, according to the assay experts within the catholic church, if you can pry them off their children long enough to run tests. Here is some rolling stock of God's Own brand special dark hominid punching a white man. Unlike God, the knockout game does not exist. Keep that in mind. ... "Bakari" Henderson. Do you suppose that nigger's parent was trying to name him after Captain Morgan? Ah, so the rapee was a mudshark: The victim says she thought the men were her friends and was hanging out with them late at night on June 22nd. Whites just seem to naturally anthropomorphize niggers, particularly naive white women, and of course this is reinforced by 'public education.' What they need to understand, if only the hard way, is that niggers don't think like whites because they're a different species. Well, I'm mixing these stories up but no matter. The truth is right here in our forum. Bakari was nigging all over white girls at the bar, who rejected him. Rejecting 'a black man' is racism, so he got righteously violent. Then he got his ass beat, and, as sometimes happens in these things, one party got knocked down and cracked his noggin. In this case, it was the uppity coon. Oh what a tragic loss. A real Greek tragedy. Bakari was a nigger acting like a nigger and got, for once, the deserved response. We'll miss you, McCoon! Enjoy your undergound nig-digs! Maybe in 10,000,000 years a scientist will excavate you as a coony coprolite. Here on nigger violence in New Orleans. Here a white tutors a black, the black refuses to pay, called the coon a nigger, the nigger murders him, the jew refuses to prosecute the nigger murderer. Calling someone a nigger is worse than murder, under the current de facto laws of the United States. Whites aren't second-class citizens, they have no rights at all. They're slaves.What this means is that every nigger suspect will claim it was called a nigger to justify its actions. Of course, many niggers already do that, this will just make it commoner. More here. It's a general problem: the jewsmedia, by sympathetic coverage of outrageous black behavior increase the crime rate.

Jews Lie Always
Reading this book, it's a cartoon history of the world. By Larry Gonick. I haven't looked him up but I'm sure he's a jew. It's something from the '70s or '80s. I expected it to be full of lies, like everything else jews write, and sure enough it is. In the first 150 pages are the lies: 1) women invented agriculture; 2) Egytians were blacks (Hittites were barbarians); one figure remarks how unthinkable it is that whites rule over blacks; 3) says the Aryans destroyed ancient Indian civilization. Just a side remark, the book hasn't got into Indian history yet. Jews know very well that the Egyptians who created the stuff that still strikes us today were not Nubians. They know that. They deliberately lie about it - as they do about everything else. All their lies follow a pattern to make a point: to diminish white achievements and denigrate the white race. And exalt the jews as some kind of noble, civilization-founding people. But that part is yet to come.

It was not a mistake, it just wasn't much. It was a symbolic victory that in practice means nothing unless followed up with 1000 other decisions, mostly reversals. Blaming it for killing British nationalism -- there never was much of that in the first place, and it was civic not racial. Because it's literally illegal to say what needs to be said in the UK, at least directly. So, Britons are reduced to slaves of jews and the muslims they let in to destroy British culture. So quit worrying about politics, it's just war-lite. Time to get to killing the people who took over the island. #HeroThomasMair.

On Crampus
Mizzou becomes Mizzoo when niggers rioted in recent years, and now the school is paying the price in dropping enrollment.

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