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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-15

15 July 2017

Roundup: Remember kids, when you're buying or selling illegal drugs, it's important to be polite and keep up your end of the bargain. Otherwise a kinky-haired Nardo might turn your head into a bowling ball. And bury your pins under twelve feet God's own Pennsylvania loam. Trump removes fed control of K-12. That's a real mitzvah. Historically education was a local thing. That changed under LBJ. For the usual reason: let's have only Washington, D.C., make decisions about everything for everybody. That's what centralization means. That's why centralization is always popular with pinheads and people pushing an anti-majority or anti-normal agenda (same thing). Christians are the type of people who yawp about #Gawd #Faith n #Family and then they stand by sucking their thumbs when Important Jews tell them they aren't allowed to have their christian ideals in schools. Something found nowhere in the constitution. Of course, neither is gunpoint-tax-enforced public education.  Strange that our braniest generation arose when public school system didn't exist. Private tutors is the older way, and the better way. If people want to learn, nothing in the world can stop them, especially with the Internet. If people don't want to learn, forcing them to attend school won't make them. But that's what public school is: forcing competent people to subsidize double-titted nitwits (public school teachers). The dumbest parrots on two wheels. Trump's move might kill Common Core; it's also pro-white, because white men dont need central government to wipe their ass or tell them what to teach their children. And if they do, they're just white niggerspinach, and to hell with them. Something is going on in Australia. Sobran on Islam. We are viewing the prime-time murder of Germany, unless some unseen force rises up to change things. Tucker and kike Boot, another useless warmonger, like the shabbos goy Peters, a jew turd-eater sans pareil. Vox Day on Clooney and the different way the very rich think. Video of (((Weinstein))) getting the white male treatment at Evergreen. Meanwhile, back in God's Country (Penn.), rich diversity, specifically alt-Romanians, is fertilizing a small town to no thanks from the hate-filled yokels who haven't been backhoed to double-dog-dig depth by DiNardo. Alt-same based coon (proud boi) threatens Unite the Right rally.

Unite The Right Isn't What's Needed
What's needed is Unite the White - but only around the right principles: pro-white, anti-jew. If it's about identity, if it's about race, why is the rally focused on some political position? Whites don't agree on politics, or economics. The White cause is for those who value race as the basis of a new nation. So there is no unity except for a brief time and place. Big tentism doesn't work. It's not "our" job to appeal to people but to figure out what we want, declare for it openly, and let people come to us who want it too. What will win the vast majority of people to the white-racial cause is seeing that it will back its words with actions. Brave leadership fronting for white racial defense and sexual normality. Whether this comes from a Hitler, Franco, whatever - the average white person won't care.

"Alt-Lite" is Dangerously Confused Misnomer
It should be called what it is: Alt-Same. Same old anti-racial (hence anti-white) professional (cuck 'n' jive) conservatism by jews (Rebel [read: Rebbe] Media) for whiteskins (suckers). It's not a lite version of the real thing, it's directly opposed to the real thing. IT SAYS THIS PUBLICLY. Christ, the alt-same is MORE principled than the alt-right! How pathetically ironically sad is that? What's new and needed in American politics is something overtly pro-white. That excludes jews and identifies them as the enemy. Not Washington Generals 2.0. Christ...why do you people continually make me feel like a cross-combo between Mr. Hand in Fast Times and the principal in Breakfast Club. What am I saying that is neither true nor easy to understand? REJECTING RACE = LIGHT VERSION OF RACIALISM...HOW? Are you that fucking stupid you need a black scholarship? NOT DECLARING JEWS THE ENEMY BUT ACTUALLY TAKING MONEY FROM THEM TO PROMOTE LIES IS NOT ANTI-WHITE HOW?? Do you even realize that jews operate by front groups? Do you not see that as National Review and the rest were mocked into oblivion by righteous contempt a new generation of Shekelberg's simp-foolers has been summoned into existence, as if by magic. CALL THINGS WHAT THEY ARE. The 'Alt-Lite' is the ALT-MOTHERFUCKING-SAME-OLD-SCAM. Ooh wow. The man stuck a dildo up his ass on camera. That changes everything.

Russia and Trump
All the claims amount to a ball of boring, paranoid jewish lying. This neverending cavalcade of jewcrap is exactly why politics and news in general are inherently boring. It's just jewish lies. There's no substance. Once you get "the trick," (i.e., you grasp that jews simply reverse reality -- and once you grasp their agenda (always anti-White). there isn't anything left to grasp. It's a matter of how to oppose it. When you research the history of the jews and their behavior across time, and the weak, wrong catholic/christian response to them that guarantees whites will always succumb and lose to them, you eventually come to the correct conclusion: only counter-exterminating them as a mass, just like the collective mad dogs they are, as reflected in that Russia story, will get the job done. Whites aren't willing to think that unthinkable (yet) because they've been brainwashed by christ-lunacy to think that turning off their sense organs is higher morality. Sunday School and jewish Monday School have tag teamed to turn them into unseeing dolts who parrot whatever they're told. White liberation begins in the head: seeing what jews are doing to us, understanding how we'd b wise to treat them; figuing out how to organize and do it.

Trump's Win
Has given a lot of people ideas, from jew Zuckerberg to, now, Kid Rock. And why not? Most politicians are lawyers. It's practically the defining feature of changed America, this excess of lawyers. Shows the new mentality. In my generation, practically anyone of serious brains who wasn't into science became a lawyer. That's not a good thing. At best lawyers protect things, but all too often they mainly try to steal things.

US Government Actual Departments
Endless Wars
Funny Money
Putting Land Off Limits

The Jewing of Lakewood
Jews simply ignore goy-law. It's always been this way. Keep it in mind when they whine about immigration and such - they never followed the laws they accused of being biased against them. Jews are always willing to cheat and lie to advance their own. Just as they are always willing to steal from goyim (you). In fact, it's mandatory, according to their Talmud. Judaism, as Yeager says, is not a religion, it's a composite fruit of dozens of ongoing criminal conspiracies.

Conor McGregor is Like Adolf Hitler
Hitler is not really remarkable to look at. He's not huge or muscular, and while attractive enough, not a matinee idol. So what is the there there? It's will. Conor McGregor has it too. Of course he has physical gifts in his line, as Hitler had gifts in his (oratory and leadership) but perhaps most significantly he had the will to see, to feel, what he could become, and the will to make that feeling into reality. So yes, there is a chance he can beat Mayweather. The left keeps clucking how he hasn't a chance in hell, but that's ideology talking more than genuine analysis. It has the feeling of spitting in the wind to me. They don't sound like they actually believe it themselves, they're just doing their usual asserting opp-reality and madly looking around at each other for nod-confirmations. If this were any other form of fighting, Mayweather would be taken out in round one, most likely. Mayweather has much more on the line, is an old guy and retired for two years, and he has to be very, very careful. That's how I see it. I would not bet on either side. The good odds on McGregor are already gone (because the public prefers to bet a little to win a lot, rather than let someone hold its money for a hour and get it back with dozens of times more interest than any bank will pay you [ie, bet the favorite]). They said a lot of shit about the greatness of MMA's Aldo before he lost to McGregor in basically the time it took him to get within punching distance. Of course McGregor can beat Mayweather. Odds are the spritey nig can dance around and outpoint the non-boxer fighter, but if McGregor can corral the shrimpy coon, he can certainly punch through his cajun drywall. McGregor is someone who, for all his 'narcissism,' pays extremely close attention to the man he's fighting. (Very similar to Donald Trump in this regard.) In the case of Aldo, McGregor stated exactly what he was going to do, and did it. Very rare, that. I personally lean McGregor because I think the black is going to feel the pressure not to run, and this will lead him to mix it up a little more than he might, and this might cause a knockout. I would certainly not bet Mayweather because if he were to lose, he could almost certainly make the same amount again in a rematch, whereas I don't think that would be the case if McGregor lost. To me, as a pure fight-for-money, it makes more sense for Mayweather than McGregor. Mayweather has continual tax problems. It's an interesting topic for analysis; there are very many ways to look at it - it's good for instructing someone on how to think. Which is: think like a jew. They're on top, in part, because they look at things from all angles. It's goyish naivete to look at things only as they are supposed to be (i.e., by the rules). I would not at all be surprised if McGregor knocked out Mayweather. He certainly believes in himself, all his background shows this, if you read up on him. He truly is a self-made man, very similar to Hitler. He did it by his will. Everyone has talents, but not everyone has will. It's easy to say will is a talent too, but will can certainly be developed by exercising it, and that's the parallel between these otherwise dissimilar cases. What I really believe will happen is either Mayweather cracks and gets busted in short order, knocked out. Or he does his usual dancing and jabbing, outpoints McGregor, who is forced to walk the line of illegality to corral him into the punching zone. That would be a very dirty, messy fight. I can see McGregor, who is very used to using his legs, finding it irresistible to lift his knees to slow down Mayweather's escapes. He'll also use his arms a lot and even his head.

Verbal War: Word Febreeze to Perfume Coontown
From a Gab poster: I hypothesized years ago that any older neighborhood containing the words "terrace", "gardens", or "heights" was ghetto. I excluded ones in newer communities like my current one. However, thanks to HUD, the neighborhoods like that here are now the source of the shootings, stabbings, and assaults

Thought: Your speech is violence (or hate); their violence is speech. Link.

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