Monday, July 17, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-17

17 July 2017

Notes: I'm out this week. Daily posting will resume on 25 July. I plan also to be out one week in August, and then one week in September. I will be posting daily when I'm here. I will give you my investment tip in early September, before the 10th. ... The NOI book on Leo Frank is on the way, I will be doing an audiobook on that. And I promise, and this time I mean it, I will begin Lindercast-ing when I get back. That's free-range commentary many have asked me for (since we quit doing Goyfire) on passing/permanent issues.  Apart from those, I should be posting and taping daily, and adminning the forum, through the end of the year. ... Varg tells me the app that facilitated our Newsbot is no longer, due to corporate changes. He will find a new solution.

Roundup:  A patriarchal society is one that demands a rape occur before arrest, charge, conviction be made. Very old-school way of thinking: a criminal is someone who commits a crime, not someone who falls afoul of a woman's feelings. Like something out of a dinosaur museum, eh? To feminists, the accusation is the proof. But really, demanding proof itself is misogyny. My characterization of the feminist position and mentality is in no way an exaggeration - just read Jezebel on any one of these campus cases. Google up Jezebel Nungesser Columbia, and watch how Jez has treated the innocent man over the years vs the stupid broad who carried around the mattress. The woman in every one of these cases is referred to by 99% of the commentariat as the victim, even when her story has been completely destroyed, as in the case of gal whose lies formed the basis of the hoax perpetrated by the jewess Sabrina Rubin Erdely and the Rolling Stone. Those who believe in education should study feminism. These people cannot recognize a pattern to save their lives. Duke after Virginia after Columbia, the next hoax down the pike they'll have exactly the same reaction. This is putting ideology, or faith, over reality. The reality is that women do lie. Often. For various reaons. The reality is that rape is one of the most lied about crimes, not one of the least. ... Review of old movie Giant. There's no persuasive reason to believe jesus existed. Bible accounts are every bit as contradictory and bullshit-based as accounts of the so-called Holocaust. Casey on jew Yellen and quantitative easing. The key is not learning from your own mistakes, that's tard stuff. It's learning from others' mistakes so you can avoid them. If not, the cost could be your life.

I grasp the concepts of fun, of vice. But buying lottery tickets.... How is that fun?  The secret to understanding poor people is that they believe things happen randomly. They believe in luck. Anyone doing better than them is luckier. That's why if you loan poor person money, you probably won't see it again. After all, you did nothing to earn it. You just got lucky. If you didn't deserve it in the first place, you don't deserve it back.

Big-Tentism Doesn't Work
You let anyone in, you let in people who aren't big-tentists. People with principles they stick to, and once enough of them are let in by your non-existent doormen, they will take over your joint and refurbish it you to their taste. They'll redefine you right out of existence while using your name. This will confuse the stupid people, i.e., the vast majority. Although catholicism was jewed from day one, there were elements of it that were less jew-helpful than others. Namely, the desire for stable families led to the promotion of sexual control (1) and the cute little story, true or untrue, that jews killed christ and then, with typical chutzpah, said His blood be on us and our children (2). So there was some cathy-content that was less than jew-positive, let's say. But all that could be changed if, via some clownage like interfaith dialogue be instituted. So of course it was. Dialogue is a jewish propaganda term that appears to mean let's talk but actually means let me browbeat you until you sign off on this new policy I've written for you. Catholics opened the door to this type of bilge with Vatican II in 1964, now the jews are trying to force the church to change its theology to something jew acceptable. They already got the church to dump the jews-killed-Son-of-God charge, but nothing is ever enough for jews. They are now working to pretending any healing of rift with SSPX, a traditionalist catholicish sect. Because that might bring some jew-truthing back into the fold. So with typical chutzpathic effrontery, the jews respond "No" to the question is the pope catholic? No, the real catholic is whoever writes the lettesr and position papers for the catholics to sign, some functionary at Big Jew.

Niger Beat
All nigger problems are caused by witchcraft. That's not politics, that's science. Why are blacks fat? Your racism? Why are blacks stupid? Again, racism. There is no point of black failure that isn't explained by white racism. What whites think about blacks comes before the facts. White attitudes are never responses to black behavior. You should know that by now. Why do roses smell sweet? Because we think they do.

Kevin Kervick on his motivations. Rational, mild, right-wing stuff. But I haven't watched enough to taxonomize him completely. Says the hatred of whites has led him to gravitate to the alt-right, but he's worried about its anti-jew aspects. He's not about hate and racism, eh. Not our KK. There's no third K there, altho two is suspicious enough. Smells like a scared, awakening older white man. Believes white erasure and white genocide are real things. Race makes a better basis for society than religion. It's humiliating to the religious cultists to accept that. They prefer to deny it to preserve their pride.

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