Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-25

25 July 2017

Creating New Double Standards to Apply to Whites
There's crime - the usual, normal, obvious stuff. But crime becomes politicized where jews are given political existence. Leftists (jews) invent hate crime. Hate crime is a bogus catetory that includes real crimes treated differently for political reasons and non-crimes made into crimes. Jew politics operates by way of categories. Special punishment and special preference and privilege are awarded according to the group in question, and its jew-determined relation to other groups. It's never hate speech or a hate crime when jews attack some group they're trying to destroy (whites), but always a hate crime when a member of a targeted group (whites) criticizes a group jews use (muslims, blacks) to accomplish their anti-white mission. In this instance, a white dared criticize muslims. So the cops show up at his door and arrest him. That's not white culture, that's jew culture. We lived in a jewed world - until we do something about it. There is nothing to do about it except exterminate jews. No other 'solution' deserves the name because no other solution solves the problem.

Jews Lie About Everything
"It is not enough to cover up - we must reverse." This is the chutzpah mentality applied to crimes, whether committed by jews (Jack the Ripper, Leo Frank, for two) or  members of groups jews are currently using (nigs, mexes, homos, feminists, etc.).

Media Coverage of Mayfield-McGregor
Thing I dislike about McGregor-Mayfield coverage/reaction most is the snarksharts pretending that the difference between boxing and MMA is as between tiddlywinks and rock climbing or chess or painting. Just completely different and unthinkably incompatible disciplines. Then why is McGregor taking fight? Why is he training extremely hard? If he thinks he can win, as he does, why is his view and behavior ridiculous and this vast army of ant-level experts correct? The fact is, punching is an element of MMA, and boxing is a variant of punching. They're not the same, but they're hardly unrelated or wildly different.

This Style I Cannot Stand
I don't know how long it's been around or where it started. I'd guess ESPN. This "what did we learn"...or "things we learned." Straight from kindergarten to the (((ass media))). Maybe natural evolution of Letterman calling his audience kids, a polite term for retards. Democracy produces people who don't want to be adults; for whom the idea of adulthood is horrifying.

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