Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-26

26 July 2017

Nazi-Germany-Approved Movie about Anglo-Boer War
Not something you see every day, this perspective.

What Jews Do
Continually create new bogus ideas and double standards and spread them thru the media and eventually educational system. Whites either stupidly accept them or chat in outrage about them. Jews are well aware these double standards are ridiculous and unfair. Have no doubt about that. They serve their purpose, though, which is to keep the dull-witted whiteskins forever on their back foot, jaws a-gapin'. So jews will just keep on keeping on bullshitting and winning. For our side, there's nothing left to discuss. Jews are what they are - which is what they always have been: a genocidal genetic clan of criminals. Jews aren't going to change. The only thing to do with them is exterminate them. Which is counter-exterminate, since they initiated genocidal hostilities against our kind. Grasping this is peak jew understanding. (((They))) are trying to white-genocide us, they've even reached the point they can admit that openly. At least their dumber use-group members can (niggers, etc). This is not a complex matter. Yet "we" (unclear antecedent) get caught up in christian religion, political positions and so on. None of that is relevant. The white nationalist/white racial cause is for whites who want to continue to exist as a group - without being controlled by other groups. How we live amongst ourselves is a distant, secondary matter. Trying to bundle in these other various social matters ON WHICH WHITES ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL DISAGREE is useless and counterproductive. They always say, how can jews, a 2% minority, possibly boss around the 98% majority. The answer is: because jews are a group, and the people they fight are just individuals. They win easily. The way to defeat them is to form a counter group.

What CIA-Special Forces Actually Do
They work for the jews. They train terrorists. Jews call these terrorists moderates in mass media. The boots on the ground are aware of this. They passively resist by refusing to train obvious radicals (ISIS and suchlike). Quite a System we have, aint it? Only a conscious group can defeat the jews. Building that group is the white priority, the groundwork is spreading and understanding of what jews actually are and what that means for non-jews, specifically for whites. Jews are so powerful, create such fear in people, that even when they attack people directly and by name, those people, in this case Gavin McInnes, refuse to blame the jews themselves, but blame their actual enemies. Now that is power. A great article by Eric Striker.

Not the article but the video at the bottom: golf traditionally teaches a straight-arm swing; Spieth great champion, doesn't do it that way. So what is the value of tradition? There is no way around it: thinking > tradition. "We don't have enough time to think about everything." True. But we certainly have enough time to think about everything that matters.


  1. Intelligence , talent and time / thought = hitting it.

  2. "Brennan was the one who breathed life into the Syrian Task Force, which was able to draw upon resources from CTC/SI. “John Brennan loved that regime-change bullshit,” a former CIA officer commented."

    The cunt still does, calling for a de facto coup if Trump fires Mueller.

    The CIA ought to be re-acronymed CYA: just a glorified gang of arrogant, callous bureaucrats that ought to be disbanded because all they ever do is fuck shit up.

  3. Exceptional post, Alex. Especially, "jews are a group, and the people they fight are just individuals." Catastrophically true.

  4. "How we live amongst ourselves is a distant, secondary matter."

    Because social, political and economic precepts are, save for doctrinaire partisans, speculative matters - our genocide is not.