Saturday, July 8, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-07-08

8 July 2017

Action: 12 August, Charlottesville, Va.

Roundup: Feminism fail (Yale study). Of course, they don't exactly put it that way. Jew Milo sues Simon & Schuster. The jew extortionist with the SPLC hand up her ass can't find Anglin to serve him, too funny. Trump met Putin. PCR analysis hereThe Muslim threat, the Russian threat, and the lies used to destroy Iraq, Libya, and parts of Syria are all orchestrations to serve Israeli and neoconservative aspirations. Correct. The problem is the jews. Whether it's foreign policy or domestic, jews always advocate whatever is bad for America and genocidal for Whites. Re Trump-Putin, no translator was needed for they both speak the universal language of jewsmedia-hate. To me, it's obvious that sans jews (on either side and in the media), Putin and Trump could pretty quickly work out good plans for ISIS, Syria, Ukraine, environment, etc. Really, the problem is and remains jews, and always has been. Like they said about Versailles, all these nations meeting was in reality a roundtable of jews - almost every nation had jew ambassadors as representatives and of course the journalists covering things were jews to, as were the lawyers writing up the agreements. Donald Day is one who talked about European coverage 100 YEARS AGO being a complete jew racket. He talked about how jews fucked Poland in the name of the United States. This is part of what it means to have a nation under the nose of the jew. The people in Washington, D.C., are on the same side. I can personally vouch for Durden's conclusion. My old boss was probably at the party he mentions, because he was a friend of Lally Weymouth, who most of you have probably never heard of. This shocked me, when I was young, that D.C. is on the same side. I thought I was joining people who actually wanted to fight the left, and I thought my technique of actually criticizing jews and niggers not in veiled terms but with open hostile black laughing satire was something new in the world, and would show them the way. It was possible to think like that before the Internet (1988, to be specific). No one could think like that today (2017) because it's all laid out online in multiple places. Either you fight the jews or you serve them. There's no neutrality. #TeamWhite and #TeamJew is the only real political division, whether TW exists or not. Playing a rigged game like democratic politics as though it's serious and real, whether out of deference to authority, custom or out of manners is the wrong way to go. Whites must force the issue by talking about the reality of the situation, overtly organize as Whites, and ultimately destroy the jews and their left. And it's useless and wrong to believe that anything short of counter-extermination is worth bothering about. If you want to kid yourself like the catholics do about jewish nature and reality, then you will meet with their fate. You'll end up a bunch of sad faggots and pedophiles leading a bunch of one-balled sheepmen. Catholicism isn't serious. Racialism is. Hitler's people showed the birth of the 'new religion.' Whites were happy, excited, thrilled, and they bred. All that is still there. Race alone can inspire whites. If catholicism is the answer, then the whiteskin can have no objection to invasion and displacement by tens of millions of hominids of bean.

Thought: Dogs are basically faggotized wolves. They are properly classed with Muzak and Thomas Kinkade paintings - pathetic and unaesthetic - deballed. Their owners are on a level with patch collectors. Truly, as was said in Poland of old, The dog owner cries out in pain as his cur bites you. Dogs are basically a pussy's way of taking revenge on the world. Just slide open the back door, let Rex go shit on the neighbor's fescue and rip up his rhododendrons. What is the one phrase every dog owner must know (because every owner must use)? "Oh, he never does that." (Bites the neighbor, destroys neighbor property, yodels all night.) There is one and only one proper location for a dog on God's blue earth, and that is between the teeth of a slant-eyed Chinaman. We criticize Chinese for eating dogs and cats when what we should be doing is encouraging them to extend their menu to tasty owners. I think it is eminently fair to proclaim, in 2017, that one of the very worst things about AmeriKwa in 2017 is its pet veneration. Here's a story about Lena Dunham, jewess who hates whites, lying about her own dog. Jews do know the difference between lies and truth, it's just they generally find lies more useful, and actually seem to get real tobacco pleasure from lying. If not, they wouldn't celebrate chutzpah as their primary cultural value. Look at the facts: dogs are very dirty creatures. Most of them are oily and hairy. They stink a place up. The owner gets used to it, doesn't realize just dirty the things actually are. The owner doesn't give a shit if the nasty cur sticks its ass-licking nose on other people's knees. Dogs really are prized for their ability to offend other people passive-aggressively more than for any other. Dogs are awful; dog owners are worse. Dog owners should be shamed and looked down on the way cigarette smokers are. It's a disgusting habit.

Verbal War: Obsession
It's a term used by jews and the left for anyone who resists and refuses to accept the unnatural conditions they create. But if a significant problem can be solved, and isn't solved, and continues to cause heaps of miseries, then continuing to talk and think about it is rational, normal and good. Which is why the jew-left smears it as "obsession": the product of an unhealthy mind. It's a variation on the NEA technique of telling a parent who complains about a the crap they pass off as 'education': "You're the only one." That is quite literally what they instruct teachers to tell parents. You should just shut up and accept whatever abuse they choose to heap on you because, after all, you're white and you deserve it. And they are "degreed" "professionals"; "experts" who know better. An 'obsessive' might be someone who engages in heavy rather than light reading, who thinks rather than feels, who observes rather than parrots. These are not the drones we seek, says the System. Another name for an obsessive is an amateur specialist. It's always interesting to talk to someone who knows a great deal about something, no matter what it is, and who has a great enthusiasm and interest in it. Because most people don't qualify here. Most people are stuck on the level of spouting tard-pretations of the Bible, more specifically their favorite imaginary book, Revelations (sic).


Someone says Diana Davison is a jew. I would like to see confirmation in a link. A brief search revealed to me that...too many people are named that. As for Straughan being divorced and a lesbian, not really surprised. It's hard to live with people who are that relentlessly analytical, man, woman or mannish woman. She is a rare talent in any case. You can hear her reading a laundry list, in a neutral tone, of her partner's defects and failures. All women who are logical and have emotional control seem like men - Florence King and Camille Paglia are two. And they are part-time and full lesbians. What matters to me is the quality of information I get from a source, and from both of these it's quite good regardless of their backgrounds.

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  1. Alex, I'm with you 99% of the time but dogs are awesome. Only dirty fucking muslims don't love dogs...and assholes.