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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-30

30 June 2017

Action: Further review of alt-right v alt-kike rallies. White dude grabs shark.

Audio: Penultimate segment(s) of SIEGE by James Mason. His address to Tom Metzger's W.A.R., from the mid-80s. Statements by Perry Warthan, George Lincoln Rockwell, NSDAP's 25 Points, and more. And finally, the last segment of SIEGE. Includes "The Crazy Men of Destiny" and a timeline of GLR's life.

Roundup: Frankfurt now majority non-German. Facebook to delete 66,000 posts per week. Why that number? I don't know. Media control means you can turn truth into lies, and push those lies so hard you yourself begin to lose the distinction. All White Nationalists are salmon who made it uphill; we are tested; we are qualified. Leftists - you're that, these days, be default. There's nothing challenging about it. You have only to parrot whatever you hear from the teacher or television.  But, now, let's enjoy this graphic....

Nothing better than seeing old jewish whores sent to the glue factory. Per the altright piece linked above, the term gaslighting is essential to understanding. The media don't just lie, they tell you the reverse of the truth. And when they make accusations against our side, it is inevitably a projection of what they are doing themselves. That's straight (((Alinsky))) tactics. Christian "golden rule" bullshit is the perfect loser-foil to jewish aggression...almost like it was planned that way, eh? Jews never allow good motives (anyone opposed us is hate-filled anti-semite) while christians never question bad motives. Christianity in effect if not by intention is set up to lose. It's a milder version of the Amish saying outright "We won't fight." Our side has floundered for decades because our wise elders assured us there was some other strategy than simply identifying and killing our opponents that could work. Not the time! Not the time! they never stopped saying. Well look at you now. You just got your ass kicked by a bunch of goddam nerds. NEEEEERRRRRRDDDDSSSS! And then you tell me I'm wrong to praise #HeroAndersBreivik, #HeroThomasMair and #HeroDylannRoof. But're wrong. How many things am I wrong about, looking back the last fifteen years? These men reviewed the information, decided to act, acted, and stood behind their acts. They killed numerous enemies, and in return they gave away their lives' liberty. That's the definition of heroic. ... Apparently there's something called Hatreon. Haven't examined it. If you think, you can figure out what it might be. ... Interview with Paddy TarletonAlmost every traditional old-time or bluegrass song is just a slight variation of an old Scots or Anglo-Irish melody.  I use many of these melodies for my own songs because that is the folk tradition. That's what E. Michael Jones does, and recommends: take traditional melodies and make your own lyrics, and play and sing the songs yourself. I want to take the opportunity to say that it is important to realize what I do is not “parody”.  All traditional folk melodies are borrowed.  That’s why its traditional.  To give one example known to most, the “Horst Wessel Lied” [national anthem of the Third Reich] is based on an old German folk melody that goes back at least two hundred years before Horst Wessel’s own time.  For many in the Alt Right, this is something not well known but I see my place within this movement as an opportunity to help others gain that sense of traditionalism back through music. The Atlantic holds anti-alt-right a synagogue. Review of jew Milo's book. (((Zucker))) (topkike at CNN) flees from O'Keefe. Germany passes law further restricting criticism of The Anti-White Agenda. Canada is as bad as Germany.

The Idea of the State
This is where Nazis and libertarians disagree. Even if you have honest men who are not in it for the money (Hitler), and even if you manage to build a good-sized group of those people, it is still pretty much 100% inevitable your government is, over time, going to be filled with careerists rather than political saints. That's just how people are. Just because someone says he is doing something for "the good of the race" doesn't mean he is. And it certainly doesn't mean that the fifth guy down the line succeeding him is. The Nazis themselves talked about all the people who joined the party when it was on the verge of winning, or after it had effectively won. Those are the bourgeois self-regarders, and they are always going to be the majority of the technical, competent class. This is not a problem that can be solved, in my opinion. You can create a culture of eugenics, and breed the best blood, and perhaps in time that will breed a race of true Guardians (Plato), true Supermen (Nietzsche), but, the wise bet would be against it. The state almost inevitably becomes a gang, and it uses its power to enrich itself and reduce the opportunities of honest men who aren't part of it. That's as true in Mexico, as the linked article shows, as anywhere else. So while it would be better to have a Nazi state than what we have now, because it would give us the room and milieu to be white again, it would not by any means eliminate ordinary mean human motives that all whiteskins have, even the saints. Dare to doubt the efficacy of the almighty state. A white man can't and shouldn't be reduced to either for he is both.

Pedro Ruiz III and the Big Thick Book That Couldn't
Mexicans dumb enough to be niggers. The point is not that this refried retard got his gravid sow to shoot him to death, it's that there were LITERALLY DOZENS OF ONLOOKERS who apparently shared the reasoning. This is the kind of garbage that pours into AmeriKwa daily thanks to our having no border. I don't really believe this story cuz Country Slicker told me beaners are just as smart as whiteskins, and he's never wrong. Funny he had her shoot from a foot away. He was smart enough to know that if it were more than two feet she'd hit him in the head. Ah, but it all evens out in the end.

Trump Considers Shifting Shitskin Injection Under DHS
So says "Refugee Resettlement Watch," the single best tracker of this nation-wrecking mess. Ten states, at least, are sick of paying for illegal criminal shitskins. The secede mentality is alive in Texas at Boys State.

"We white people are the worst," said the Jew
Whether jews conspire in any particular case or not, they all think and act the same way. One of their notorious behaviors is jiting: pretending to be white in order to shame, discredit, blame, mock, harass and otherwise discomfit and discredit white people and the white race. WHITE GENOCIDE IS (((THEIR))) PLAN, (((COUNTER)))-EXTERMINATION IS OUR RESPONSE. The people who like Israel the most are those who know the least about it. Because they're Bible-reading retards. Niggy so fragile a drama critic (probably a kike) must be banned because she pointed out vast majority of shotted niggers are beshotten by fellow coons.

Invasion Front
Loads of shitskin gangs, thriving in the 'Kwa, where quality is not job #1.

Niger Beat
Niggers make every area unlivable - by white standards. To niggers, it's just nigger normal. Like many, many parts of Florida. One of them is Martin Country. Here on alleged female Mrs. SHEEEEITMAN, Leslie Jones. They share teef and your bicycle. Even Penis Williams guilty of crime. Police say she was responsible for death of 78-year-old in some car thing. Let's hope the old man was a jew. Comparative racial costs of blacks, whites and browns. Whites are tax slaves of the jew-led coloreds. Black bum kills white woman, dumps body in lake.

Media Front
“I really believe that the fact that I have such power in terms of numbers with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera, I think it helped me win all of these races where they’re spending much more money than I spent,” he told CBS News’s Lesley Stahl a week after the election. “I think that social media has more power than the money they spent, and I think maybe, to a certain extent, I proved that.” I don't get fooled much these days. Not that I should, understanding the media and its agenda, which give 100% predictability as to how any individual news story will be treated. But I can be fooled, as can anyone, and the Daniel Holtzclaw case did fool me. Diana Davison gives you the facts.

Parade (of Lies) Put on By Finger Lakes Musical Theater Festival
"We're ready to bring people in and say, 'Don't judge. Sit down, and let us move you,'" he said. "Let us put this in front of you and let us move you. Come in with an open mind and an open heart, the same way you do to a TV show. If you're doing it to Netflix, why won't you do it to live theater?" Smock said once a year the festival makes "a point of finding a piece that fosters dialogue," and identified "Parade" as that show this year. Fostering dialogue is another of those typically jewish terms, deliberately open, ambiguous. It could mean anything. But it always ends up meaning the same thing: be "open" to whites being eternally guilty for everything. Even when jews rape and murder white children who refuse their adult sexual advances, we need to have a dialogue about how bringing this jew to duly adjudicated justice displays and reflects the hatred of jews that is, honestly, the only reason whites exist.

Throw the Jew down the Well, Throw the Faggoo Off the Roof (Throw the Buttista in the Bog)
A story about the foremost jebus cult organization and the predilections of its prelates. Anglin correctly points out how the controlled, covering-for (((media))) turn fag priests' love of sucking off altar boys into pedophilia - which is lexical abuse to cover sexual abuse. These priests are mostly genuine faggots. They like teens. Not little kids. But the jewsmedia, trying to preserve the ground they've won -- public acceptance of homosexuality fostered over the last two-three decades -- before they can make a big push to normalize pedophilia. Yeah, we can't "normalize" Trump or white nationalism, God forbid, but we can normalize morbid sexual deviance. That's the game. What's normal is normal, no matter what anyone calls it. You can fight nature, as the Roman observed, but it will return with a vengeance. Look how much is forced on us: we're forced to pretend we love homos in public, or the jewsmedia will get us fired from our job, even if it's ditch digging. We're forced to subsidize research for the specialist diseases they incubate, while non-behavior-caused diseases fell infinitely larger numbers. We're even forced to bake cakes for these faggots because we have no right to refuse service to someone because of his immutable characteristics. There are lot of rights in this world, jews tell us, but all of them are against whites. For coloreds, rights; for whites, responsibilities. Yes, fags always network. They always have their private agenda, even if they agree with an organization's ostensible mission. They are always bitchy, catty and querulous. They're not honest and manly and direct - they're faggots. They're male women. They have the virtues of neither sex and the vices of both. They need to go back in the closet, because after all, no one knows for sure. But if they want to parade around in public and demand public respect, yet call it a hate crime to discuss their actual, documented behavior openly, then it is perfectly fair, reasonable and just to throw them off the roof. Curse them, Father McFeely, for they are roofworthies. And bogsworths. Bogsworth would make a great Dickens character, wouldn't he? More here. As I've said, Catholicism produces weak people, men and women. Watch The Keepers. Wolves realize that the jebus "sheep," as they call themselves, are for shearing. Take the money, fuck their children, tell them the holy spirit moves through you (through your penis, to be precise). <----------(That last is not something I made up.)

"Gay is a propaganda term. They should only be called queers, deviants, degenerates, or fuckheads, gluticians, poostabbers, shiteaters, cloacalists, bungstons, etc. Just as AIDS should be called Q-RID, or GRIDs if you prefer the kiddie pool. ... Trump is crass, rude and mean when he returns insults for insults. It's beneath his office say the liars. Well, it's beneath your office when you call his health care plan "mean." You can't have it both ways. If the president stops taking cheap shots at the media, will the media stop taking cheap shots at him? stop lying about him? stop characterizing literally every move he makes as hateful, ridiculous and dangerous? To ask is to answer. Tweet away, prez. Make 'em feel the burn. I for one like the idea of a president fuming the pre-dawn hours. He's called more people psycho and low IQ before 9am than the rest of the prezzim combined. I love how all these little faggot-ass twentysomething snarksters get all schoomarmy with pearl-clutching horrah when Trump burps around. You're only allowed to criticize Approved Categories in Approved Ways. Today's urinalists are the hothousiest flowers in the history of typing. Contempible effeminacy in leftism: how should we feel about X? Like you can decide your feelings. It's kind of the point you can't. "What front should we put up?" What color should our facade appear today? Leftists don't look both ways for cars when they cross the street but to see what other people are doing. More on faggotry, what it is, here. Here on youtube doubling down after failure of #MoreThanARefugee, promoting faggoo pride.

Here on traditionalist Catholic regionalism, or LeFebvrism, growing in France...Traditionalist Catholics are one of, if not the, most fecund groups in all of France. As they tend to marry young and place a high emphasis on bearing kids, one can expect these families to have upward of eight or nine children. I’m not even kidding, this is the norm in many Traditionalist communities. More on similar here.

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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-29

29 June 2017

Action: review of dueling rallies, says good guys kicked ass. These all dropped out of alt-lite rally when Spencer was invited to speak: Lucian Wintrich, Jack Posobiec, Cassandra Fairbanks, and Laura Loomer. The alt-right should be doing that: actively disassociating, rejecting and attacking all jews/alt-like clowns, not working with them or acting as though they are on TeamWhite when they are on TeamJew. This group included Jews, mixed-race couples with their offspring, cultural libertarians, minorities who voted for Trump, boomers, and generally anyone uncomfortable with the realities of race. I.e., clowns. More from Striker, who attended, hereThis event was originally going to be headlined by Mike Cernovich and various Rabbi Media personalities (professional liar Jackass Posobiec, Jewish scammer Laura Loomer, et al). These figures – who have been dubbed “Alt-Lite,” and are now apparently referring to themselves as such – pulled out of the free speech rally because so-called “anti-Semites” were going to be allowed to exercise their free speech. They told their followers to boycott our event and join a competing “Rally For Peace” as a way to polarize the people against us. It's good to attack these alt-lite clowns, and Spencer is right that they must be "crushed." Always remember what even Patrick Buchanan knows: rising causes are intolerant. Not relaxed, genial big-tentists. Either you stand for something and demand change or get off the stage. What's new and needed in the world is something PRO-WHITE and ANTI-JEW, and neither of those is negotiable or optional. ALT-LITE IS ALT-KIKE.

Says Striker: We had 400 people in DC, let’s get 1,000 to Charlottesville! 

At the rally...(video).

Audio: SIEGE end ch9, (9.28-9.35), pp467-488. Here "Norse News" on genocide of Swedes. Gloria Steinem talks about her time with CIA (3m). Mason's address to Tom Metzger's group, from mid-1980s.

Roundup: The Gregr "Browntrout" Johnson and Daniel "Glugger" Friberg bif-flappe continues. Who's right? Who's wrong? Fuck if I know. Anyone with an IQ over a certain level can make himself the heroic victim of any contretemps. Now, to twist Simpsons, I want to say "Can't we all just get along?", but in my heart, I do not feel it. We should get along with those who are get-along-with-able. And avoid those who aren't. We should figure out the right principles and stick to them like a pitbull. Australia disarming white men. Here on a true crime conference. The Manson Family chronicle Helter Skelter is still the best-selling true-crime book of all time. Tulsi Gabbard is trying, anyway. More on illegals voting against Trump. Ignore the real problem, focus on the imaginary one. Good advice if you plan a career in System journalism. Here on H1-B and STEM jobs, 25% of which are filled by discos, most of them boscos. SPLC pressures to no-platform pro-White sitesDonately changed its TOS after being contacted by the SPLC in order to specifically “no-platform” Occidental Dissent and Stormfront. This came in the aftermath of banning Kyle Chapman aka Based Stickman for being a “violent hate group.” Which race should jews claim to be to obtain maximum advantage? In 1917, it was to their advantage to call themselves white, and take on names like Murray, LLewelyn, Irving and such. In 2017, it was to their advantage to claim themselves non-white, real mensches of color. Today (see bottom) jews claim they're non-white and only pretend to be white in order to encourage whites to hate themselves and condemn their race. In reality, jews are a hybrid race of purebred liars. Doesn't matter which century you check in. Facebook hiring 3000 thoughtcrime expungers. There's little reason to be on Facebook; I used to be, for 90% non-political reasons, but I deleted my account. It used to be useful for commenting on mainstream articles, but then if you say 'niggers,' Facebook bans you. Just not worth wasting time on. Only social media I'm on now is Gab. The other day some new lefty forwarded my message that We must kill all jews" to founder Torba...and nothing happened. His attempt to get me banned failed. Perhaps Torba knows the actual law. Perhaps he really does believe in free speech. Perhaps he figures I say what I say under my own name and take responsibility for it. Heartiste on the evolving shitlib.

Media Front
Claim PewDiePie has redpilled more than anyone else in the world. Canadian court pushes censorship.

Winnie the Actual Poo and the German-Genocidal Jews
Churchill, the First Cuck of Britain, essentially wanted what happened to those broiled, baked and burned at Dresden to happen to every single German man, woman, child, pet, house and building. And you can rest assured, if or his backing jews could have pressed a button and done it, they would have. As it was, they had to be content with torture-murdering millions.

Thought: A secondary reason why there is so much more murder these days is the focus on collecting experiences. Skydiving, going in shark cage, killing someone, visiting Machu Pichu...all the same kinda. Experience equality, you know. You're the star of your own movie. You live in the now. You make your own rules. You

Why I Hate Democracy
If the average person is an idiot, why should he be allowed to screw up my life instead of just his own? I see no valid answer to that. It's not that dictatorship offers any guarantees, of course it does not. But the very fact someone is able to get on top of a system indicates skill of some kind. Whereas in democracy, the average person will always fall for some kind of horesehit like "Trumps Healthcare Plan Will Kill Millions." No rights for tards, is my motto. Tards should never be allowed to get in the way of competent people, but democracy allows criminals to use their weight of numbers to do just that. Why is health care so costly? Can you answer that? The answer is simple. If you can think. But if you're the average turnip brain, you think it's because insurance companies are greedy. Which is what you've been told by the jewsmedia. The same people you have learned not to trust on anything racial. Yet you still believe them on the rest. Hint: (((they))) lie about EVERYTHING. They even lie about the weather, and you still believe them. Atkins mentioned this in one of his diet books: people trusted an (obviously wrong) weather report more than their own goddam eyes. Told there was a blizzard (that never came) they stayed off the road, even though they could obviously see there was not. Most things are like that. Trust authority - that's a big christian teaching. Well, see how that works out in real life. About as well as democracy. Watch "The Keepers" and see how easy it is to intimate, murders, sexually abuse and in general take advantage of Catholics - precisely because they've been turned from real humans into prey animals. If you're white and you act like a nigger - stop.

Thought: Re agency shifting: it's gotten to where no one is responsible for his actions except the white man - and he's responsible for everyone else's.

Invasion Front
Paris no-go for human women.

Niger Beat
Is there any nigger that will take responsibility for anything? Not Susan Rice. It may be taken as an absolute that wherever niggers are allowed political power, they will use it to silence the facts of black behavior. Yes, statistics are racist. Reality is racist. Whites who cite those statistics exhibit white privilege. There's no end with monkey madness. Blacks cannot be allowed any political rights or power whatsoever in white countries; and the fact they are even in white countries is a potentially lethal mistake. But of course, we go into the adult end of the pool, not just the kiddie pool sponsored by AmRen. Jews are the real problem. They not only brought the niggers into Whitopia America, they passed the laws elevating them over the natives. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. The biggest joke in the world is that niggers are victims and that whites have privilege. The truth is the reverse. And the truth reversers are the jews.

On Crampus
Summer is when these colleges really load up on the SJW anti-white bs masquerading as academics. UNC in this instance. This is overt politics masquerading as education, as teaching, as knowledge, as learning. It is not. It is political position that lives off the money taken from the very set it attacks.

What ever happened to cars powered by compressed natural gas, asks Peters, probably the best automotive writer (as his politics are mostly sound, or sound as pertains to the direct matter in question). I had never heard of CNG cars, only electric. I've driven electric carts, when I worked groundscrew decades ago. They are fun. Similar to a golf cart. They're creepy in how quiet they are. Peters makes points the infrastructure is already there for CNG cars - unlike for electric ones. And they run just as clean or cleaner. So why aren't they ever talked about these days? I do not know.

Sex Front
..."she has found that women rarely question whether there are better alternatives to the products they grew up using"... Oh, it's more than that. Women rarely question anything at all. They assume what exists is All and Best. And...lest you think, like most women, I'm attacking women. MOST MEN ARE WOMEN. Have I said that before? Many times. It remains correct. It is not a criticism, but an observation. This article about women products and entrepreneurs and 'feminists' in corporate world makes a point against traditioanlism. Many to most things, or practices, exist not because they are superior but because they don't kill people obviously, and so they were accepted as good enough. The minute someone tries to come up with something better, they very often can. So how valuable can 'traditionalism' actually be? Far less than is considered by those on our side. “I always say, ‘I didn’t know I hated tampons until Lauren told me I did,’” her cofounder, Jensen, wrote in a Medium post last year. Translation: women are basically brainless herd creatures. True dat. And if you don't like it, you can "walk that dingo to Perth," as I'm told very people actually say. But I like to think they do.

Classic Jiting

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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-28

28 June 2017

Audio: James Mason's SIEGE ch 9 (9.1-9.15), pp427-447. And (9.16-9.27), pp447-467. Concept of family discussed.

Roundup: Black Pigeon on Grenfell. So basically these turdskins are getting free housing in richest part of London, and many of them are subletting illegally to more shitskins. But no one should be held to the law, says shitskin mayor Khan. Whites get screwed every possible way. Why do we tolerate being ruled by jews? Why don't we rise up and kill them all, which is the logical thing to do? The powers that be are rewarding these criminal incompetent illegal shitskin firestarters like they're goddam Amerinigger criminals. Sandman on Elon Musk and his dealings with his women. Attempt to leftize Pepe. Whites urged to abort white babies. That's how we solve the imaginary problem of racism. A bogus concept invented by jews, who actually murdered tens of millions of living white men and women in the 20th century, never apologized for it, and continue their racial campaign of hatred against whites with the stated goal of genociding them. Latest from Alison Chaboz, prosecuted for jew-critical song. The sort of thing the free-speech lovers of the alt-kike will never talk about. Just like it was under Gingrich back around 1994: Republicans are uncomfortable with power; they are Washington Generals in heart and soul. Funny one on Goatqueefer threatening violence if you say niggers are violent.

On Crampus
Fairfield, Conn., highjinks from the usual nuts, crusaders and discos. Evils of public schooling.

Niger Beat
Flaherty on Steppenwolf in Chicago. Racism is a popular, jew-spread, pseudo-explanation for black failure (and white success). The real problem is blacks are stupid, violent and nasty, which is why every other race detests them. Yeah. The only thing jews like about blacks is how useful they are in intimidating whites and destroying their communities. Cop candidates are forced to 'study' 'black history' if they want to join the force. Biker niggering in and around D.C. North Philadelphia is a dangerous black area. One of the most dangerous. It's called Brewerytown. It's gentrifying (read: humans moving back into black areas). One expert says 25% of malls may close in next five years. Not just because of online options but because of mall aping. Here's a story that trips all the "worsts." Disco zombies doing they thing in France. Here nig niggering at Quik Chik (sp?) in easy sweet peachy Georgia.

The Tribe Lies Eternal: Leo Frank and the Reality-Reversing Musical Called 'Parade'
I have a news alert for Leo Frank. Two more stories popped up. Of course they concern the bullshit musical called Parade, the Walter Uhry vehicle based on a true story. Uhry took the truth and turned it upside down and inside out and from black to white. Uhry turns a jewish pedophile-murderer into the victim. That's some mighty fine chutzpah, isn't it? Wherever jews flee, it's the same old story: they lie about the land they left; and soon they're concocting the exact same lies against the land they lighted in. Times of Israel blatantly lies that Leo Frank was "falsely accused." While Forward talks about fresh tensions with blacks over the case. The kikes foist a crime committed by one of their own off on a black. In fact, the jews behind Frank tried to frame two different blacks for the crime they KNEW their non-goy boy committed. That's jew honesty for you. Jews will tell any lie that benefits them. They know the truth, but it isn't of any particular interest to them unless they can use it for their group advantage. And if you are so foolish as to believe there are "good" jews, then this story ought to disabuse you. Dishonest jew reviewers write about dishonest jews writing plays full of non-facts and lies made up by jewish media liars and academic charlatans. Jewish lineage and history is an unbroken chain of lies, stretching across the generations. Jewish culture is lying. I mean, it's certainly not art or architecture or literature. No, the jewish arts are lying and financial swindling (which after all is a variant of lying). Lying is their art, their culture, their tradition, their culture - their civilization. It's who they are, it's what they are - it defines them. It's their essence. They are Tribe of Liars.

Media Front
What kind of people work for jewsmedia? Jews and liars. Since jews are a tribe of liars, we could say liars and be done with it. As I said many years ago, the media will come to you and say "we just want to get your side of the story." Like they're neutral and honest and objective. They aren't. They're just liars. They want you for a reason - to provide the appearance of objectivity. If they get a quote from you, it shows they talked to both sides. But they can just quote you on something mundane-factual or use any quote you give them they think paints you dark - and that's it. You've helped them but not yourself. I recommend you choose one of these two options: dont talk to media. Or tell them you'll allow them to defame you, but you want $10,000 up front in exchange for a half hour of your time talking to them. If you don't value yourself, who will? Them? They see you as hateful idiot and loser, and they intend to convey that impression in print. Female reporters may seem nice, but they are liars to the marrow. If you're easily flattered, you're going to be in serious trouble in White Nationalism. That's for sure. When you talk to the jewsmedia, you confirm, for their readers, that you see them as legitimate. Otherwise, why would you talk to them? You undermine your own words about them being a bunch of controlled liars. While they use your words to portray you as evil. And even if you don't give them something, they will make it up, quote you on something neutral (to prove you participated in your own beshitting, showing you to be a hypocrite and/or fool), or, if you're like most, you're not skillful enough to avoid teeing them up for some easy home runs off your ill-chosen words. And don't be stupid: even the most articulate among you can't get everything right, and the one out of one hundred statements you're a little off on - that's precisely the one they'll use. Talking to the (((media))) is like playing a carny game at the county fair - but with worse odds. CNN will always be "warm cup of spermatazoa," an actual phrase I heard from one of the faggots in the control room, speaking to one of his buddies, while my boss was taping his show. That was 1989. Has anything there changed? It has not. CNN is a nasty nest of faggots, jews and liars.

Hoppe's solution. When you buy a government solution, what you get is incompetence at an almost incalculably high price. Law: any "safety" or "security" government sells you is safety and security for government bureaucrats. For you, all you get is higher taxes and reduced choice. "Regulation" doesn't provide security for customers (see list of side effects on approved drugs) it locks in monopolies or near-monopolies for doctors and vendors. The only regulation that works is the market, but the government system, including schools, and the professional interest groups don't want you to understand that. I want you all to read what Hoppe says. The idea of competition within and among providers is more in line with the supposed ethos of National Socialism than government-run health-care system, but I don't expect any Nazi to actually grasp this, so in love with top-down autocracy they are.

Appears they retain DNA from every man they've had sex with.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-27

27 June 2017

Audio:  SIEGE, ch8. on Leaders. Part one and part two. Adolph Hitler, Charles Manson. Also, Matt Koehl's Words of Hitler. Hitler quotations topically arranged.

Roundup: The left has no arguments, just lies and suppression, has no appeal except "we'll give you stuff you didn't earn." Judeo-Canada trying to force white men to play along with sex charades. US going way of Illinois and Puerto Rico. Third-world gibs produce third-world problems. Land of the free morphed into land of gimme-something-for-nothing in the 20th century. CNN full of fags, jews and lies. Just as it was back in the late '80s, when I was in there a few times.
 · 39 minutesIn Russia, the Jews led a Communist Revolution then fled to America.
In Germany, the Jews led a Communist Revolution then fled to America.  
Huh. I wonder what they did in America? 
Racial Science
Races have different oral bacteria.

Niger Beat
Nig asks Flaherty what black people should do? A well captured mugging of two white guys. And other nigger dreck. Flaherty pushes people to Jesse Lee Peterson (black) if they want solutions. Which is a cop out. Christianity won't make gold out of nigger dross. What's needed is simply to round up and slaughter or at least expel niggers from all white living areas. But that will have to be preceded by rounding up the whiteskin sellouts and jews who run "our" governments and elevate these monkeycoons over humans.

On Crampus
Blacks or standards - pick one.  Anti-White nigger Lisa Durden now free to find a job elsewhere. St. Louis gives larval nigger criminals points. No punishment until the youngnig gets 10 of them. More on Evergreen, if you can stand it. A warped, jewed country, where no one can speak the truth about anything that matters. That's what the jews have built. And we let them. Huge number of colleges have social justice degrees. Complete, overt leftist politicization of academia.

Media Front
How they played the Gary Webb revelations.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-26

26 June 2017

Action:  Spencer recaps D.C. rally. More here. “This is the just the beginning for us,” Spencer said. “I think it would be possible to have a rally on the mall for tens of thousands of people.” “I want to have rallies all across the country, we are organizing and growing by leaps and bounds,” Posobiec told The Daily Beast. And sometimes, they’ll just end up happening at the same exact time. More here. You defend free speech by USING it. Or if you weren't going to actually use it for something the speech-haters hate, (as the alt-lite are jew-pozzed anti-racialists), then you would at least have plausible claim to defend it if you denounced those opposed to it by naming them. But the alt-lite, as with all other jew-controlled leftist movements presented as "conservatives" or "patriots" or "civic nationalists," will only criticize muslims and liberals, never the jews who are the actual creators of the legally and logically bogus concept of hate speech, as well as the ones who write the actual codes and laws that curtail it. You'll never hear a whisper of any of that from any alt-lite character, and that's one way you can identify the alt-lite as cuckservative career girls / (((controlled opposition))). Alt-light aren't heading this way or that, they're just out for their personal career interests. They will take whatever line the jews direct them to. Is someone serious? Then he is pro-white and anti-jew. Litmus test. Alt-lite fails this test on both counts.

Damigo and Spencer at D.C. rally (June 25, 2017)
Audio: James Mason's SIEGE, end of ch7, 7.17-7.27, p359-382.

Roundup: Alt-lite, ie new generation of kikes trying to sidetrack white anger into jew-safe positions, tried to upstage-coopt-drown out alt-right at the latter's Washington rally. As Richard Spencer says, the "alt-lite must be crushed." Canada is completely anti-White. Britishness as a way to suppress Englishness. Melbourne not getting better. Bernie Sanders and wife, jew and jew, under investigation for fraud. Video: World War 3 for Zionism. US is falling apart. It could easily be accommodated politically but the totalitarian cultists insist on forcing others under their control. That's why the war will eventually heat up. Here on MK Ultra.

Alt-Lite is a Clown Concept, Bro
Jews invent as many front groups as they need. jews back all horses. Take on all names, all forms, don all masks. If you won't buy christianity from them, they'll sell you satanism. If you won't buy Democrats, they'll sell you Republicans. If you quit buying National Review, they'll sell you Rebel media (girls with tits, we have! men who stick dildoes up their Irish side!) If you won't buy their secular humanism, they'll sell you christ-lunacy. Yes, christianity is a cuckcult. The cross is the sign of the cuck. Origins of jew specialness, from Carolyn Yeager.

The Jew Point of View
"Oh shit, shmuel, Trump, may his name be blotted, has stirred up the whiteskin goyim. They see they are getting screwed. They are with anger. What do we do?" SAME POSITIONS (NR/REBBE MEDIA) NEW FACES. SAME SONGS, NEW DANCERS. Jews mimic others in order to dominate them and consume them, eventually.

 · a few secondsat the Berkeley Free Speech rallies, no Alt Righters were allowed to speak - but Damigo and the Identity Europa guys still went and supported it - and fought back Antifa to help protect the Alt Liters
Alt Lite never returns the favor
worse - they actively try to sabotage Alt Right events
not cool
 · the Alt Lite literally did everything they could to sabotage the Alt Right rally today
they tried to Shut It Down, they tried to ruin it
they failed miserably - but they tried
the Alt Right never tries to interfere with or ruin Alt Lite events
often they've happily supported them
InfoSys Screwing Whites
Favoring Indians.

Media Front
All these System media sites begging you not to ad-block them. Give it up! These are the same mentality that go after anyone advertising on a white site. They'll report on that with horror to get the ads pulled. Fuck them.

Niger Beat
Jamaican nigger hates O Block coons in Chiraq. Niggers be grappin? Yes. They be. "we need you Jesus. God our men running around in purple talking bout they fruity." One quarter of the population but responsible for 93% of the violence in Pittsburgh, our discos.

On Campus
Have kids write suicide notes, in London. College can be a serious threat to your long-term prospects.

How To
Garny North on how to interview with a company, what to look for and ask, how to lay out your path upward.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-25

25 June 2017

Audio: Latest SIEGE 7.6-7.16 here. On loyalty, discipline and leadership. Alt-right on alt lite here.

Roundup:  Lew Rockwell on US wanting war with Russia. SoBas just keep getting better, telling their collection of mental runts to stop waving their Confederate flags.

SPLC Terrorists Getting Sued by Muslim
THIS is what is worth doing, worth funding, worth supporting in all ways. Not defending against these criminal jews but going after them with pen, in courts, and any other way that works. Here on WeSearchR.

Jew Psychology
Personally, I do not believe Jews even “lie” in the normal sense of knowing deceit. I think they have the same ability that women and psychopaths have to believe that whatever they think in their minds is reality. It's tempting to believe that, but you try lying to them (jews or a woman). You try being inconsistent in a hypocritical sense, the way they are 24/7/365. Then get into an argument. They will bring out your lying/hypocrisy/inconsistency every single time. So they are well aware of the difference between lying and truth. Whether jews are born that way or learn that way, doesn't really matter. It's all they know and all they do. They don't change. What can change is our attitude toward them. Jews are parasites, and they come with a justifying ideology. If leeches and ticks could speak, they would sound exactly like jews. Termites would take polls and talk with a straight face about "anti-Termitism." An office in the State Department would be set up to "monitor" "global anti-Termitism." Here on Piccolini, some former skinhead now working the lucrative side of the aisle, with help from ADL and "your" federal government. Striker shows that the left is almost wholly artificial - it's funded by money taken from normies, normal white people, and used to pay maloccs to grind their teeth in public and attack those who dare to advocate for white normals. We truly do need a revolution, because reform is not possible. A few months ago, a GOP Congressman uncovered a Department of Justice slush fund that was injecting $3 billion into extreme leftist groups. I mean, that's billion. Not million. BILLION. If you want to go to a white rally, that's money directly out of your pocket. Gas, lodging, food, time away from work, etc. But the left is all funded by (you) through government or by superrich like Soros. WE NEED A REVOLUTION. The psychology of the jew is simple: a profound hatred of all non-jews. They, as a political tactic, project that onto us. But very few Aryans are actually driven by hatred. I have stated and I'm honest when I say it, often wished I had a hotter hate in me, a true jew-level  hatred of the enemy. It creates a tremendous drive, along with other good things. Christians call what they do love. All they really care about is how they feel about themselves -  yet another way in which, contrary to what right-buffoons refuse to acknowledge: christianity is liberalism. They don't care about the results of their love. They don't want to hear about outcomes, evidence, results, likely consequences. Flat don't care. They're doing good. They're monomaniacal retards. Or at least that is the only way to treat them. Their promiscuous spiritual love destroys everything it touches. Christianity exists to make losers feel good about themselves. It's a loser association, and it has been since day one. Whites must work to synthesize hate within themselves. Because contrary to what jews say, it truly doesn't not spring naturally in the Aryan breast, not at the same levels. Just as the niggeroons have evolved extrafat backsides, I suppose for reasons akin to the noble camel, so jews have steatopygia of the hate gland. Name any jew you like - Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher, Alan Dershowitz, any neocon warmonger-yid - which of these nasty kikes is not fairly characterized as driven by hate? And it's in their books - read Portnoy's Complaint. All the guy does is jerk off and spew shit about blondes he wants to fuck to get back for his daddyjew having a goy boss. To us Aryans this is wackotic behavior, almost inexplicable. To jews, this is par for the course. That's a recherche golfing terms that means THE AVERAGE JEW HAS THE SAME MENTALITY AS PHILIP ROTH AND HIS CHARACTER PORTNOY. They all truly think like that. The simplest explanation that covers the given facts is that jews hate non-jews, not that they don't understand lying and deception. And oh yeah, if you want another book to read to see the jew mentality in action read the MOTHERFUCKING OLD TESTAMENT, NIGGER. If goyim Aryan weren't so congenitally tone deaf, they would NEVER have accepted this crap book as their north star. It is completely un-Aryan in tone and content. It's just a load of jewshit, every bit as much as the New York Times or Washington Post. Really, our race needs to grow up, more than anything. Start hating, start noticing, start caring, start refusing to accept dishonor, stop being pussies, start being fanatical, determined, clever, cunning, book-smart, street-smart, tough, resilient. Quit being christians and start being something deserving of the title White Men.

Technology Facilitates and Obviates Centralization
This spintro sparked by points Brad Griffin made on recent podcast with Spencer and the Grinning Trimmer re SoBa convention. The US up until, let's just say 1900 to make a nice round number, was a LOCAL country. Government was small. Roads weren't that common or great. There were no interstates. As someone said, the average person had little contact with the federal government outside letters delivered by the Post Office. There was no Federal Reserve (banking was a private matter, or at least a state and not a federal matter). There was no income tax. There was no Department of Education, etc etc., as none of that was written in the Constitution, and some people paid attention to the law back then. The country legitimately was pretty free, de facto, if not de jure, given that whole 'Civil War' breech of contract. All this would change in the twentieth century. Loads of jews arrived in the US right at the same time our industrialization was hitting full stride. Soon we had not just the lowly telegraph but telephone, radio, then tv. These technical developments facilitated the centralization of power. They made it easier to create vast administrative networks. Not just the federal government but the 'public schools.' Those nasty things metastasized after the civil war, as 'progressives' realized they were a powerful tool for sucking money and power away from solid parents to useless bureaucrats teaching destructive nostrums. The new technology and transportation (mass automobiles) allowed the creation of national brands. Instead of just staples they couldn't get or make on their own, people started buying processed food, readymade. For which they heard ads on radio. The jews dominated the stage first - see Henry Ford's The International Jew. Naturally they went into early radio, got their noses on early movie technology, set up Hollywood on the opposite coast (away from inventor Edison). They were set for tv, after a goy invented that. They dominated the retailers and grocers who could afford to advertise on the new media. Everything was in place for a tiny, hostile, alien minority to change the nation's idea of itself - and following that, the nation itself. And that is precisely what happened and still is happening. The 21st century technology of the internet, which hit the big time around 1995, allows global control and decentralization. The tech goes either way. So the battle goes to the laws. Freedom to hear non-jew views from white peers has obviously had a huge effect on white minds. From the jew perspective, this must be curtailed, whatever it takes to do that. From the white perspective, we learn what we didn't learn in school: that we are part of a race, and that that race has an implacable enemy. We learn that we must counter-exterminate that enemy before it exterminates us. And what we're going to learn, to end on an anticlimactic because nonracial note is that...we dont need government. Competent people don't need central government. Central government needs competent people, to feed off.

On Crampus
Even a few years ago you would have thought this was satire: White Person Accountability Group at MIT. AKA a Bible study group for secular people. Always got to be some kind of a cult, it seems like. Muh Ah Hab Sind be with us always. It seems. Are you really so sick you want to pretend you owe something to niggers? Then let you perish from the face of the earth, because you're even worse than a nigger, pathetic whiteskin.

It seems like a pretty simple concept. But it's been made into a very slippery and useful scam by leftists and hysterics. PCR observes: ...only 3% of felony cases go to trial, and in these cases, prosecutors are able to bribe and to pay witnesses for false testimony against the accused and to withhold exculpatory evidence that would clear the defendant of the charges. In other words, conviction regardless of the evidence is almost always obtained.

Blacks Are Human?
Bullshit. Watch the video. The claim that niggers and whites are the same species is semitism, not science. Here a 5m drone video tour of Baltimore's niggerhoods. Niggers responsible for yeah basically all violence in New Orleans.

Media Front
Confederates portrayed as evil, worse than niggers, in every single shitfilm out of Hollywood. If you're paying for cable, or tv, or movies, you're underwriting your race's demise. Stop it already.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-24

24 June 2017

Audio: Will resume Mason tomorrow and finish it in coming week.

Roundup:  Uncool Depp went Madonna re Trump. When your life is based on coolness and lying and your cool fades, you're the male equivalent of a middle-aged woman dressing like a young teen. Here's to Israel - the cause of  - but not the solution to - all of the world's problems. That shooting up in Minnesota, you can almost feel bad for a nigger. I mean, of course it's good the nigger is dead. We all know that. But the fucking pig who killed him - what a pussy. Cops are scarcely better than niggers. They should NEVER be called heroes. Never. That pumps them even fuller of their basic attitude, which is: doan give no fux, i'm going home alive tonight. That is the most basic cop attitude of all. "Protect and serve" is bullshit political sloganeering, like everything that comes from government. Cops serve themselves. When you call them heroes, you increase the chance they'll shoot citizens just like you. For no reason, justified by, well, any old excuse. Police create Safe Spaces for Donut Heroes by shooting anyone who makes them the slightest bit uncomfortable. In the end, the correct attitude toward cops is this: FUCK THA POLICE. And that goes for Security Guards too.

Media Front
Certainly interested in alt-right. PDF of actual paper here. Interview with Paul Fromm. A video on the Frankfurt School. Alt-right discussion of Southern Baptist Convention and race. Government is theft and indoctrination. The broad is probably right that eventually these 'public schools' are going to be whole-life dormitory-schools. Right now they just give them breakfast, lunch, etc, but there's no stopping point until the government directly manages the alleged hominid through its entire life-cycle. It takes care of everything except paying for it. That's up to white you. Son-of-commie (no jewmo) Hamilton Nolan, a good fighter writer, at least, on why most columnists suck. Here CODOH on censorship by proxy, think Germany/Facebook. This Holocaust scholarship (admittedly of a minority persuasion) is now tracelessly missing from Amazon for the entire Anglosphere that includes the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States... 

Organizing Front
Brad Griffin gropes his way toward what I've called the White Paradox. The things that make us worth defending make it hard to defend, our race. Our individualism, our competition, our fractiousness. Then you throw in jews working against us behind the scenes and supplying social pressure through authority in public. . . . It's why I've said we need a White Liberation Army. That's ARMY. What do armies do? They kill people. Disloyal people, not just enemies. People who backslide, who tattle, etc. We can't perceive or keep pretending this 'thing' is a matter of degree rather than a divide around a giant gap. Our struggle is vital, life and death, not democratic. But we only seem to think in terms of Republican and Democratic politics. Then there's the point that advocates of big-tentism aka The Impuritans don't seem to grasp or accept that, yeah, as some of us have explained to you for many, many years, the cost of that position. When you say loyalty doesnt matter, which is a fair alt-definition of big-tentism, then you can't not expect people to be disloyal, nor can you blame them for it. You approved it going in! This is why white nationalism is the solution: it doesn't PRETEND that we agree on anything other than the absolute essentials: we are white, our enemy is the jew. We demand a WHITE RACIAL STATE, and we will kill anyone who denies it to us. Or tries to subvert it after we've established it. THAT is our cause. Mixing our thing with 'mere' economics and lower-level political matters doesn't help, it just confuses people. See...that's what the WHITE means - it's a PROXY for all those other good things we all want. And if we don't believe that it is, that those things truly aren't racially correlated or caused, then white nationalism isn't the tent for us, and we should go eat pickled eels with the jesus cult, or celebrate diversity under the System teepee, You can pretend to define the 'alt-right' as sixteen (christ!) different points, and translate them into Tocharian and Finno-Ugaric, but that doesn't do anything. What about the principle of KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID (KISS)? We re WHITE. We demand our own NATION. Cut and dried. So simple a public-school educated special needs retard can grasp it. But not clever enough for the purblind intellectuals who must have intricacy and pseudo-sophistication at all costs. And I'll tell you people again, though you refuse to perceive how pollyannish you are, that hating niggers and jews is a much firmer basis for opposition than loving whites. Much. Firmer. DEFENDING our people (like an old woman in a nasty neighborhood) is a much stronger feeling to people than love of generations past and future whom they never even knew. Of course the people at the top need to grasp the biggest picture, but all the average and lower people need to understand is COME WITH US IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, and "getting" that THEY are part of the racial defense, the new thing in town, the turned table, and THEY MATTER. Because they do. And not for any theoretical reason, their help is needed to win the victory. Another thing people on our side don't understand is that whiteskins are NOT a traditional race. They are interested in history the same way they are interested in everything but keeping to the old ways is for Hottentots, not White men. In a phrase, a Guns N' Roses phrase, " nothing for me." Whites quest, whites dare, whites conquer. They don't cry about what was, just drink beers and get nostalgic now and then. Anything more is a disease. Traditionalism is as bad an idea as tenure. Justify yourself, white nigger. Prove it every single fucking time, like an athlete.

John Wilkes Booth, a Spintro Inspired by Johnny "Step Right Up" Depp
Having already assassinated a well loved figure, Esquire William Wonka, chocolatier extraordinaire, a certain Johnsy Deep turned his ambitions to the political sphere... On road much of Friday, my car radio played me jew Medved talking about Depp talking about assassinating Trump. He compared Depp, a sort of Flatucky carny by way of background, jes so you know what we're dealing with here, with the good-looking John Wilkes Booth. Both are small men. Booth, he said, is one assassin in US history who was successful, indeed famous: the actor of his times. Booth also had some oddish jewiness in his background, which of course Medved did not mention. I only learned that a few years ago, and found it hard to believe until I researched it. Certainly doesn't sound jewish, the name. Forward, a jew source, says the father, Junius Brutus Booth, hung out in synagogues, read Talmud and spoke Hebrew - at least two of his ten kids considered him jewish.
Asia Booth Clarke, the sister of acclaimed actor John Wilkes Booth who shot Lincoln, stated in her 1882 memoir that their father, Junius Brutus Booth, attended synagogues along with other houses of worship: “In the synagogue, he was known as a Jew, because he conversed with rabbis and learned doctors, and joined their worship in the Hebraic tongue. He read the Talmud, also, and strictly adhered to many of its laws." Asia Booth Clarke is not the only source for this; her other brother Edwin Booth, also an actor, reportedly told Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise that his father was Jewish. It’s not at all clear how accurate the Booths’ statements are, but it’s certainly interesting that Junius Brutus Booth wanted it to be thought that he descended from Jews, and that two of his children believed him. 
Still, he didn't raise his children that way. Overall, no certain conclusion can be drawn. There's not a lot of evidence, at least that I know of. Here on his sister, the main source of info about all this stuff and JWB in particular. The Booths had raised their children to be spiritual without directing them to any one church... The sister, closest to JWB, converted to catholicism and moved to London. Where she said “I hate fat, greasy-voiced, fair-whiskered Britons with all my heart," which is totally understandable.

a very groovy image

Lenin: Jew or Not a Jew?
Says the site Jew or Not Jew:
Here's what we know: Lenin's great-grandfather was a Jew. Therefore, his maternal grandfather, Israel Blank, was a Jew — a Jew who got baptized in his teens and was renamed Alexander. So there was Jewish blood in Lenin, at least a quarter; and that quarter was large enough for his successors to adamantly try to conceal it. However, if you look at the list of Old Bolsheviks pseudonyms aside, it reads like the guest list for a bar mitzvah: Rosenfeld, Bronstein, Kaganovich. So Lenin was actually a minority! There is even evidence that he was definitely more proud of his Jewish roots than future generations of communists would ever let on. So much for trying to hide it.
So Lenin was at least 1/4 jew. Jew enough to get an ear cookie stepping off the plane in Haifa. Yeah, Lenin and Stalin weren't jews in the sense Eminem isn't a nigger. They were both extremely jewlike. Stalin was even more paranoid than most jews, that's how he got to the top. Whites are the best at everything - the jewiest jews, the niggiest niggers. It's a racial thing. Still, it's best to call jews only those who are 1/4 or more blooded. So Lenin, yes, it's fair. But should include he wasn't raised jewish.

Invasion Front
They don't pay their bills but they're going to pay your pension. The statement has only one meaning: we, your rulers, have a bottomless contempt for you little whiteskin people. You're too stupid to see what we're doing to you let alone do anything about it. As someone, I think Joseph Tomassi said, "Violence is the only thing they understand." Kill 'em all and let lubricus terrestris sort 'em out. Here on changing demographics of USA.

I don't find Wikipedia that dishonest. It's more what they chose to leave out or emphasise that is the problem. It's obviously pro Jew but then again so is Day. 
Oh no, Wikipedia is extremely dishonest in that it is 100% slanted while pretending to be neutral and objective. Lying by omission, or Catholic lying, is just as vile and dishonest as lying by commission, or jewish lying. The general rule, which should be treated as an absolute rule (I defy you to find an exception): Any matter that touches ever so slightly on politics (or where there is any leftist political advantage to be gained) will be handled with great judeo-leftist bias by Wikipedia. I have seen, as I repeat, no exceptions to this rule. Feel free to test this 'theory' lol: For example - I know that, without having looked it up, if I go to the page for Michael Brown, it will call him an "unarmed" black teen. If you don't understand why his being without a gun has literally no relevance to anything in question, since he was attacking a cop, who did have a gun, then you're not well equipped mentally to make judgments about bias. The entry won't mention how tall he is, or how much he weighs. It won't mention that he attacked the cop, that he had shortly before robbed a convenience store before that,  and strongarmed the clerk. It won't mention that hands up don't shoot was revealed to be a lie...when the report came out...long after the fact, after the seven-figure rioting. And if it does mention any of these, it will be in the usual oblique way. They may emerge in the words, but they are not the focus of them. The proper facts, even if eventually seeping out, are shorn of context - you the researcher are denied the proper context. The article will be slanted so that the impression is made on the unwary that Brown was a victim rather than the criminal responsible for his own demise. That's an objective fact, not an opinion, but it won't be presented that way at Wikipedia. Leftists cant put facts in the proper framework. They admit them only when forced to, and never without trying to hide them or spin them. Thus, in an ordinary crime story, you don't get the race if the perp is a nigger. Not till days later, or way down the page. As I have said, many years ago, before cabin boys Ann Coulter or Steve Sailer steal it, the second-to-last paragraph is the traditional place for the jewsmedia to stick something that hints at the ACTUAL story. Ie, they admit a few things the intelligent consumer of leftist jewshit could guess from the top. They let a little of the stink come through, before going back to the parfum de Nigro in the last paragraph. To them, SHEEEITMAN will always be Rosenberg's special dark chocolate. The man who can analyze things would notice that wiki links are usually at the very top or certainly in the top few of page 1 of Google results. Knowing that Google is jewed, he would also know that there's no way Google would put anything anti-leftist or pro-white OR EVEN NEUTRAL in the dominant position. No way. Not to understand this is not to grasp the jewish MO that obtains literally everywhere it matters in the online world and off-. For a theory, like mine, to have real value, it must be able to predict, not just explain after the fact. So I will say that if InfoGalactic ever gets anywhere near Wikipedia in popularity, as it well may, since it's neutral rather than leftist, Google will refuse to place its links above Wikipedia links. See? That's how men do it. I've given you something falsifiable, something that can be tested (granted, it will take a few years for IG to grow). Even in my own case: Alex Linder: objectively, I am writer and an activist. But my Wikipedia page said nothing about my writing, or me being a writer, it said or says I am an "anti-Semite" and I operate a forum. What gave me a name to make me worth making a page about was my writing, but an "objective" jew-leftist source doesn't even grant the most basic thing: that I'm a writer. That's what made whatever public name I have. If I were a nigger or some other elevated, privileged class, they'd say I was being "marginalized." And in that case, they'd actually be right - be accurate. Which is why they would never say it. In their world, the only thing of significance about me is that I'm opposed to Them and (((Them))) and Their Agenda. Wikipedia is not a neutral source, and if you aren't able to figure that out on your own, you'd better stick to the jacuzzi and stay out of the ocean. Is the claim one is "neutral" useful to an honest man or a liar? How about the term "science"? Well, this is why leftists gravitate toward these things - anything 'neutral,' 'scientific' or 'authoritative' (ie, coming from authority, lends the faker, the liar, the jew, the leftist a credibility he cannot earn on his own by honest arguments. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-23

23 June 2017

Audio: Very good discussion of Russia, same link as other day, from

Roundup: Trump wants to keep invaders off welfare. It's an idea. So is breaking up Illinois. The jew toesucker Morris has ideas about how to destroy Democratic party, starting in, yes, Illinois. UN webpage promotes "Replacement Migration." Denmark smart enough to be careful.

What's Wrong With the Above Cartoon
It implies the civic nats don't know or care about the other things. That may be true for some, but it is not true of any of their leaders. They embrace a false vision of America and a falsified historical 'narrative,' as the liars of the left always say. America always had to do with race. It is a deliberately concocted jewish lie that "we" are "a nation of immigrants." What actually matters that must be understood is that as the jews see the rise of Trump, and more important, the racially aware and angry whites behind him, and the rise of the 'alt-right,' which is either white nationalism or nothing, a neo-civic nationalism, or alt-lite as some call it, is their response. What do jews do? They deceive. Always. What does deceptional entail? Bogus concepts like hate crimes. But mainly, the creation and subsidy of front groups. The alt-right has successfully put across the concept of CUCKSERVATIVE. The jew tacitly admits this, and move to position new people and groups from under its death-shadow of laughter. Rebel media, Ezra Levant, are the most prominent examples of this. "We need to people to pretend to love America and represents whiteskins," you can almost hear the jewish boss back at command central shouting to his team." The true and proper divide in politics is TeamWhite and TeamJew. It is a polarization we must insist on analytically and a polarization we must push. The civic nats and alt-lite are on TeamJew. They are not some third independent force. Laura Loomer is a jew and our enemy, as is Prosemite Sham McInnes, aka the Merry Dildo. ... As a side note, the very concept of Jewish Question (JQ) belongs to the 19th century, not the 21st. What is the question? There is none. It is a known fact that jews control "our" countries, "our" money, "our immigration policies. There is no question that jews write "our" policies, domestically and abroad. They are the most of the diplomats, most of the money-suppliers, most of the writers in the media. There is no jewish question, just facts about jewish power and control. To pretend there is, or use JQ unthinkingly, is to adopt the position of Belloc in the 1930s, falsely thinking the goyim are still on top and looking down like lords, deciding how much influence this peculiar people shall have. That's not how it is by any stretch. JQ should be retired. For there is no question. They are in power, and white genocide is their plan. If there's any question involved it's the White Question: What do we Whites do in response to the reality of white-genocidal jewish power? And you came to the right place because this guy has two thumbs and the answer: (((COUNTER)))-EXTERMINATION IS OUR RESPONSE.

How It Is, See
You're fighting the jews, the enemy of your people. The alt-lite is fighting you, for you're getting between them and the mass of lucractive suckers. Loomer who interrupted Shakespeare is a jew. Loomer already had her funding mechanism set up before her illegal action. She's funded by Coulter and others. Conservatives, to keep the shekels flowing, must appear edgy and daring to their audience of halfwits. If the real thing comes along, it threatens their status and income. Here on blaming boomers. Personally I don't see much value in separating people by generations because I don't think those divisions mean much. Mason's point in SIEGE is correct: the System has to be destroyed. You can go back every generation and find 'progressives' and jews working to create the changes that turned the USA upside down and made it into a multi-disfunctional, bankrupt, criminal shithole. The images that are accorded to these generations are jew-generated fakes, just like their social identity types - queers, rednecks, thugs, squares, etc. Most people at the time were NOT hippies. For every hippie you could probably find ten Lawrence Welk fans - yet the hippie is the image that is made to stand for the entire generation. Jew chronological labels are as ideological as their political-social pigeonholes. The "greatest generation" - 88% wanted to stay out of European war in the last poll taken before we got in. So the instincts were absolutely right. It's a matter of finding leadership, not a generational problem. And even there, it's a matter of figuring out how to defeat the jew's stopping us from organizing and jailing our leaders - more than any lack of leaders or inability to organize - a fact we overlook in the typical white-christian-conservative race to the false safety of "we're doing it to ourselves." We are not. It is being done to us. That has always been the fact, though many white nationalists, even, refuse to face it.

The Race Front
Bone marrow hard to find when you're a diverse mixie. Alt Lite trying to coopt alt-right. “The Alt-Light is a collection of outright liars (Posobiec and Cerno), perverts (Milo, Wintrich), and Zionist fanatics (Loomer).”

Responses: How to Look at Muslims
Muslims in white countries must be seen as unalloyed bad. Their religion is based on jihad. It demands deception until open control can be taken. It's like judaism for idiots, but violent, stupid idiots who are nevertheless smart enough to mess things up. Muslims are no more honest than jews. They are equally aggressive swindlers, just not on the same level as jews. They're in between jews and niggers on the violence/white collar criminal scale. Now, from their POV, they are justified in attacking the West because the West keeps meddling in their business. That's undeniably true. It just leads back to our White claim and cause: we allowed the jews to take over our land and conduct global warfare in our name while opening our borders to the third world. That's on us. And the guilty party is the jew. Muslims in whites nations are another symptom of jewish political control.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-06-22

22 June 2017

Action: Unite the Right, Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12. Will rogue Proud Boys (anti-racialists) be there? Mixing up race and religion doesn't work. Nor does mixing literal, overt and public ANTI-racialists. That just helps Rebbe Media mislead whiteskins back into the same old cul-de-sac of failure. OVERTLY PRO-WHITE. OVERTLY ANTI-JEW. That's the litmus test for winning.

Audio: SIEGE 7.1-7.5, on religion (62m). Christianity is anti-White, and it's not a matter of opinion.

Roundup: So (why does everyone start 1/3 of all sentences in 2017 with a superfluous "so," as if we're in some neverending conversation. Stop alreadystein.) the closest elders related to nigger criminal Michael Brown (one hesitates to say parents) get paid off, the amount under wraps. There's never been a better time or place to be a nigger criminal (dept of redundancy department) than AmeriKwa 2017. Everybody lies for you! You steal shit and attack a police officer, your oldnigs get millions of dollars. Your homies get to riot and loot and burn OPS (other people's shit) to the ground - completely uncharged, wholly jewsmedia-excused. It's wrong to call Cernovich some kind of weirdo. He's many kinds of weirdo. On US, Russia and Iran fighting it out in Syria. Germany stages 36 break-ins assaults to stop people from criticizing Sau Merkel's Soros-approved invasion policy. Like all good people, I detest Illinois. A lot of Missourians dislike Iowa, but I cannot find it in my heart. Their boxy women and delicious corn have delighted all eight of my senses, at one time or another. (Though they do throw a black kernel now and then - I allude to yous, Beirich and Lenz). Wheresoas Illinois-hate I can find in my very hair, where it will no doubt linger until I'm deader than three Tocharians. Very few things are as depressing as the low-rent areas around Chicago, it's like all the overpopulation of Southern California with absolutely no redeeming features like beautiful sunshine and pleasant weather. I'm not even talking about the nigger crime and the presence of mexicans, which now extends well out into the cornfields. Yes, downtown Chi can be hella fun if someone else is paying and you're into nightlife. But that American Loser Union Man was from Belleville, a shitberg somewhat past East St. Louis, one of the shitholiest meccas of the nigger religion. Illinois is a good flat place to grow corn. That's about all that can be said for it. Wisconsin is better. Iowa is better. Missouri is much better. Even Indiana is better. City of Houston isn't doing much better than Illinois, which is no doubt unrelated to its large populations of swarthy criminals. It is thinking about selling streets and easements to make up its nine-figure deficit. Meanwhile, over in UK, Grenfell sooties are movin' on up. Failing upward. Bourgeois Biedermeier obtains, in Britain and elsewhere. If you can't do anything about things, then go inward and just pretend they don't exist. Look up Biedermeier (literature) if you would learn its meaning. Altright podcast. We can't do anything about blacks until we admit they're niggers. That's the first step to recovery.  The reason i'm not a christian is (besides its central claims being lies) is I don't get off on blaming myself for things I didn't do. I'm not a spiritual pervert like the jebusites. The political ramification of this is I have no trouble calling things what they are. Most blacks are niggers. Nigger is a fair term to describe the vast majority of blacks. That you feel it's morally wrong to describe a race accurately is your hangup, man. It says not a goddam thing about my mind or my character, but it says a hell of a lot about you. I'm an intellectual straight; you're an intellectual pervert, a real queer daddy-o. Look me in the eye and tell me the majority of blacks -- the large majority -- aren't niggers. You can't do it. They're niggers.  ... Still more on Seth Rich. Where do the Democrats go from here? Anglin has some ideas. He's correct in his description of their problems, or proximate problem, to find new leadership and direction, and his suggestion of Jon Leibowitz is solid, but all the Democrats have to is let things continue as they are. Time is on their side - unless-until Trump or some other force can push through its agenda. All Trump has done is arrest their momentum on some fronts. But losing elections doesn't matter that much when you have the unmoving, unelected permanent bureaucracy on your side and the lying press too. What ties Democrats together is the same thing that ties mosquitos. They draw their blood from the same source. They must keep on feeding or die. They don't need to win elections so long as they enjoy budgets. Their real threat is less political than financial - bankruptcy. But we've been hearing about that financial destruction for decades and somehow the System keeps going.

I Always Detested Diana Spencer
She had no German blood in her like the wonk-nosed uglies who stupidly married into her. Just pure English posturing & lack of character.

Truth: Whites can't elevate blacks (a lie that christianity is responsible for making plausible, with its pernicious doctrine of soul equality before god), but blacks can drag whites to the bottom. The ruling jews know this. It's why they sic blacks on whites in America and give them involuntary birth control in Israel. I mean, to the ones they don't simply deport.

Line: Racism is a term invented by (communist) jews to turn black genetic problem into white mental illness.

Truth: Hatred of Whites is a hatred of their superiority, as much as anything. It results in the intense, hate-filled desire to deny that superiority and degrade its culture and destroy its genetic base.

The One-Graphic Truth About Jew-Feminism's Purpose and Real, Functional Meaning

All of you with daughters - explain the above to them. Show them how it relates to what they see on tv and hear in the classroom. People lack imagination. Particularly women lack imagination. They assume, it literally never rises to the level of consciousness (and the enemy knows this), that what IS is the only possibility. It is authority. It is right. That it is coming to them from on high PROVES it is not only the right way but the only way. Women MUST have it explained to them because very few of them will figure it out by themselves. Probably not even 1/100, and she only after the damage has been done (say when she's 55, and sitting on her recliner, stroking her cat). Always ask yourself the angel's question: what is the opposite of what i'm hearing? Why isn't that true? In jewed times, it almost always is. Here Striker on a white man facing life in prison for having sex with a drunk thot.

Thought: Communion is half-assed cannibalism. Cult of posers.

What Is the Narrowest-Minded Human on Earth?
For my money, it's the public school teacher. I know there are intelligent ones, but not many. Most of them are average and lazy. The AVERAGE public school teacher believes past religious faith, that is it never rises to the level of doubt, that she is open minded. But let her hear a view that is one degree different from what she has been taught she will freeze like a headlit doe. She cannot compute something that's out of line with The Force. It's not even like ideological response of hatred or lack of agility or flexibility. It's just complete bereftness. As far as she knows, everybody thinks the same way, and they agree their position is open-minded. It's not even a position at all. It's just how things are. There is no parrot as rote as a public school teacher, female version. Not that male teachers are much better, maybe 10%. Men generally have an inkling of reality, at least enough to be cynical, but among women, the vast majority are clueless, and the ones that aren't are hard-core power players. There's something particularly horrible about the limited female mindset equipped with a dimestore ideology yet real administrative power. These fat-assed society-wreckers are everywhere these days, they are the iron-butted stanchions of the System. Why are they teachers? Because they love kids. Loving kids qualifies you to be a pedophile, not a teacher.

Theresa May, God Almighty
What a horrible woman. Looks like a five-day-old Danish with a hell portal in the middle. Her head and face and horrible features are like a whirlpool of character-detritus made by a sinking ship.

Exterminate All Grackles
I don't like the way they strut around, in their scintillating black purple suit, cocking their malevolent eye, displacing milder, more attractive birds, hogging all the ground-grass goodies for themselves. It's time to dismiss them from this thing called life, as the Prince put it. Grackles, oh yeah and jews, must go. MUST GO. Even their fucking name, it sounds like the verb for nigger littering. Look at that fucking nigger over there, it just grackled three Popeye bags and a 40 to be named later.

The White Front
Cops pull out of Jarva completely. That's a Swedish section full of sandy dindus and other members of the fun bunch. Whites disappearing from film, at least in manly roles. Sad that only someone into comic books can speak about movies generally these days.

The Media Front
Jews lie, intimidate and murder. That's the long and short of it. They are a race of liars. They must be put to sleep before they white-genocide us. That's the bottom line, whether it meets with your irrelevant personal approval (or religious ideology) or not. Here on (((Bezos))) and his Amazon. Here Wired writes a shitty article on Wikipedia replacement, Vox Day's InfoGalactic With the notion of facts under siege, they are taking aim at the documents that most closely resemble a holy text of mainstream consensus reality: Wikipedia. Leftists refuse to admit theirs is a position, they simply define their views as normal and good, and all who disagree are extremist weirdos. Thus, they can't admit what is plain to everyone semi-honest: Wikipedia is no netural place, its politics are tendentious, totalitarian left in EVERY SINGLE CASE. The conceit of this stupid dishonest article is that somehow something close to the truth comes out thru a battle of editors is absurd since only one political position is allowed to furnish editors. You can't even edit your own page, if you're a rightist, let alone a racialist. ... And LOL at idea that reality is determined by consensus. That means the majority can never be wrong. Truth is a matter of numbers. ... Someone emailed me this 'free speech' site, based on traditional British speaker's corner:  They're calling this authoress Nagle of new book the "anthropologist of the alt-right." Here Anglin on future of youtube and social media. Not sure why he says Gab sucks. Gab has enough people who aren't alt-right that one tried to get me banned for saying "We must kill all jews" yesterday.

The Financial Front
Another player rises, Bancor. A few days ago, a startup called Bancor raised around $153 million in two hours and twenty-five minutes. The ICO, short for initial coin offering, followed several similar, equally successful funding events, and the numbers are rising. Prediction market Augur raised around $5.2 million over two months in 2015; this year, its competitor Gnosis raised $12 million in just 15 minutes.

On Crampus
Jew David Cole on the nigger mentality behind discriminating against whites. Subhuman calls humans inhuman. Notice Lew Rockwell paying more and more attention to racial stuff. Another idiotic she-professor, at Northwestern, argues that discos should be protected from critical speech, because we already limit speech.

The Appeal of David Lynch's Twin Peaks
It's not like it's great stuff. I don't think. It's that it's pleasant, odd stuff. But I think a lot of the implicit appeal of Lynch must be the whiteskin diversity he puts in his weird stories. There really aren't many discos in them, and I think that is a greater part of the appeal of Twin Peaks than its genuine fans would admit to. It's just like laying down a burden, not having to pretend blacks, browns, etc, are interesting. They're not. No other race is half as interesting as just a handful of whites. You see how our various coloring is mirrored in our brains. There's more diversity in a few of us than all niggers or mexicans combined. ... The Keepers is about the murder of a nun in Baltimore. Or is it about the murder of Baltimore, the changes downward since 1969. I suppose it's just a typical hit piece on Catholic church, but...why does this church people who cannot act when action is called for? It must be the downside of hierarachy. Just complete inability to stand against authority, no matter what kind of nasty action it's involved in. Catholicism produces men and women who are afraid of priests. For christ's fucking pathetic is that? You truly see why the church is so big on getting kids before they're six: anyone older would see them for the laughable perverts far too many of them are.